Stay Warm Cider: A Holistic Treat!

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The weather outside is officially cold, and we just want something warm, healthy, and down-right tasty! When a sweet craving hits,  we make our wellness cider! Homemade cider is a perfect pick for curbing your sweet tooth and will keep your health in peak shape. Here is our go-to, healthy cider recipe.

Apples - Full of fiber and antioxidants, this sweet fruit is a perfect co-pilot to your daily fruit intake needs. Apples also help lower your cholesterol and are a heart healthy fruit.

Cloves - These spicy little treats pack a powerful punch. Packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese, cloves provide the body with the tools it needs to detox daily pollutants plus they perk up the immune system! 

Cinnamon - This metabolism boosting spice not only adds great flavor to this cider, but it also has anti-microbial properties and helps control blood sugar.

Cardamom - This naturally detoxifying herb helps jump-start your digestive system. This is the perfect, sweet and spicy herb to use in the morning to wake up your body.

Tarragon - This wonderful herb is a powerhouse. It's light licorice taste will not only add a subtle something special to this recipe, it will also help your body fight free radicals with it's high antioxidant properties. This herb also helps soothe mouth pain, anxiety, and supports cardiovascular health. Rich in vitamin A, C and B-6, your body will be thanking you for adding this to your daily intake.

Ginger - This stomach soother adds a spicy freshness to any beverage or meal. This root provides the body with cancer fighting properties, soothes inflammation, and helps boost your immune system.

Lemon and Orange - High in Vitamin C, these citrus fruits give your body the power it needs to fight free radicals.

4 cups freshly made apple juice (for a tart taste use granny smith, for a sweeter taste use gala). Keep the pulp from the juicer for the cider.
5 whole cloves
4 cinnamon sticks
4 whole cardamom pods
2 sprigs of tarragon
1-inch piece of fresh ginger
½ teaspoon fresh lemon zest
½ orange, thinly sliced

Juice apples setting juice and pulp in a medium sauce pan. On medium-low heat warm juice, adding the cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, tarragon, ginger, and lemon zest.

Cover and let warm for 20 minutes. Add orange slices near the end. Strain and serve immediately. Sip and enjoy!


New Year Flush: Your Detox Jump Start!

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We've nogged, binged, celebrated, and eaten way more sugar and junk than we probably wanted to for the holiday season (totally worth it), so now that we have renewed energy and a new year to look forward to, we want to give our bodies a little nudge in a healthy direction and let our organs and spirit recuperate from the holidays. Jump starting your New Year Detox is easy and you'll love the results.

1. Say bye bye to sugar! Start taking your Sugar Detox Harmonized Water to help your pancreas re-balance and your liver get to removing excess sugar from your body.

2. Melt toxins AND fat! Our newest trendsetter to our wellness line, Melt will not only help slim you down, but it helps release toxins that store in your fat cells. Using Melt with these mentioned supplements will do way more than just shrink your waste line!

3. Elevate your life. If you haven't heard, taking our star-supplement Elevate does more for your body, wellness, and metabolism than you could possibly imagine! Learn all about this miracle worker here.

4. Complete your Digestion! Ahhhhh, how did we live without Complete? This digestive enzyme matches our own pancreatic enzymes which effectively breaks down food easing digestion, improving mood, and increasing nutrition for a healthier you. Think of Complete as your detox referee!

Use these supplements daily in conjunction with our favorite detox. Take this detox easy, treat yourself kindly, and be ready to feel empowered and ready to take on 2017 without toxins weighing you down!

Learn where to shop for your detox here.


Empower 2017!

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It's officially a new year! We love the invigorating sense we feel once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. We also LOVE our stance on NOT partaking in New Year's resolutions this year. Instead (in case you missed it) we are giving you, ourselves, and well... everyone permission to go easy on themselves this year asking that instead of a list of large goals, we are making small changes in our daily activities to better our health, wellness, and spirit.  Find out more about our #StartWithin - Empower campaign here.

Now that the New Year is here, we just wanted to check in with you dear readers, and see how everyone is doing with their daily adjustments?

We wanted to give you a few more tools to make this year, your most powerful yet!

1. Journal! Take note of your feelings, daily happenings, and thoughts written in your stream of conscious. Read every entry at the end of each week and revel in how creative, smart, and wonderful your brain is.

2. Move! Take daily walks for as long or as short as you want, just move! Put on your favorite tune and walk your block, dance around, or moonwalk down your driveway. Simply giving your body a little love by letting it move freely is all you need to feel empowered.

3. Be Well! Obviously we want your health and wellness to be as important to you as it is to us. Make an effort to get in your twice daily Elevate and DIM. If you have trouble remembering to take your supplements, don't be hard on yourself (trust us, we don't make our always daily doses either). Simply leave a cute sticky note in your bathroom as a reminder or set an alarm on your phone and assign the label Power Up to the alarm... then you'll know to down your supplements and maybe get a little giggle.

4. Talk to us! Go here, or here and use our 2017 hashtag #StartWithin and let us know what efforts you are making! We are here for you and can't wait to read about all of your healthy 2017 choices so far! 


Winter Body Treatment

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Cracked heels, cut hands, bumpy dry winter skin... Do those sound like any winter body problems you've experienced? Us too. That is why we have put together a winter body treatment for you to treat yourself to weekly to keep your body moisturized, toned, and flake free.

Dry Brushing - A few times a week, use a dry brush to help gently exfoliate your skin. This technique also helps your lymphatic system push out toxins, and gets your circulation moving. We suggest dry brushing in the morning, before you shower. Starting at your feet, use very gentle strokes with a soft bristle body brush (be sure not to use a hard bristle brush, soft brushes keep the integrity of your skin intact). Follow your strokes up one leg at a time, towards your heart. Once both legs have been brushed, move onto your arms. Hold your arm above your head and follow with soft strokes down towards your heart. Gently brush your abdomen (up towards your heart) and your bum.

Water Oiling - Keep your favorite body oil (we love using Immerse and Coconut Oil) in the shower. Once you are done showering, apply your body oil to your skin while it is still wet. This helps the oil absorb and gives instant hydration to your skin after a hot shower.

Moisturize - While your oil is still damp, apply a body butter or lotion all over. Then walk around (or dance) in your birthday suit while it soaks in (maybe even take a look at your self in the mirror and say thank you to your incredible body)!

Do your oiling and moisturizing every day. Then once a week, follow these steps:

Multi Mask your Bod! Use our favorite enzyme mask Polish to treat your heels, hands, elbows, and knees. Apply to damp skin and massage with a few sprays of Clear or Clear Plus+. While that settles, apply Hydralift Firming Gel Mask to your upper arms and thighs for a toning, hydrating treatment your body will thank you for. Leave both on for 5 minutes, then shower off and follow with oiling and moisturizing.

Keep your Mineral Hydration Mist handy. We love using this mist to finish our makeup application, but it also makes for a great hydrator for the body. Just a few sprays during the day will keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Don't forget to use Immerse for your hair, nails, and heels. This Emu Oil-based hydration booster is multi-tasking wonder!

Learn where to shop for your body here.


Osmosis ABC's: Jojoba

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It's that time again: our monthly dive into ingredients that keep your skin healthy and happy! This month we have landed on the letter J! We are so excited to explore this month's ingredient, Jojoba oil. This magical oil is a long used ingredient in skincare and makeup and we totally get why! Read on to find out why our love for this ingredient is so strong:

Woah! That is a long list of powerful benefits! Jojoba Oil is an important ingredient in many products at Osmosis, let's see the all-stars that hold this powerhouse!

These babies are all packed with the almighty Jojoba!

At the Spa, ask for these treatments: Tropical Mango Mask (perfect for those with irritated or dehydrated skin) Orange Zest Mask (great for skin lacking luster) and Cucumber Mint Mask (great for all skin types needing a pick-me-up).

At Home:  Quench and Quench Plus+ both feature this hydrating and protecting ingredient.
What's better is that you can get the benefit of Jojoba in our Colour line as well. Pressed Base not only gives you the coverage you crave, but nourishes the skin all day. Our Blush, Eye Shadow Trios, and Lip and Eye Pencils also contain this wonderful ingredient. Get ready to get your Jojoba on with all the basics you need to glam your day!

Learn where to shop these all-stars here.



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Is it that time of year already? 2017 is just over the horizon and as it gets closer, we start reflecting on the past year - everything we accomplished, our highlights and every hurdle we jumped. The other thoughts that pop into our minds are the goals that may have fallen by the wayside. That's typically where the New Year's Resolutions start manifesting. While we love setting goals (crossing things off lists is, after all, a great feeling)... but how many of your New Year's Resolutions are re-do's from the past year, past two years or a re-run for the last decade? Yeah, us too! Don't fret, because this year, instead of making a list of goals most of us will forget about, we're choosing to ring in 2017 with one word in mind: EMPOWER. With this word, we're making a commitment to ourselves, to you, and to our well-being to be the best we can be without a list of New Year's Resolutions, because change starts within, not with a list. So join us in our #startwithin movement and say goodbye to New Year's Resolutions and say hello to the new, always improving and always fabulous you! 

Here are some ways, to start your New Year off right without the stress! 

1. Make small daily adjustments to better your internal, spiritual and emotional health. These adjustments should be small, building up momentum as the year (and you) move forward. Try meditating or journal every morning. Keep the thoughts positive. Try our Body Talk Meditation and start seeing results in the way you think of yourself.

2. Look at the past. That's right, take a long, hard look at all you accomplished in 2016. Make a list and revisit that list every time you are feeling stuck.

3. Say goodbye to the negative. While you look at your past years accomplishments, take note of the losses, misgivings and negative impacts from 2016. Once that list is complete give yourself an hour (no more and no less) to grieve, mourn, and accept the bad. Next, step outside and set that list on fire. In the words of Elsa, "let it go, let it go." Accepting the negative, letting it go and moving forward is an ideal task to complete before 2017 rolls in. Start fresh without having past "boo's" cloud your momentum and #StartWithin.

4. Positive affirmations. Write down, in one to two words on multiple sticky notes how you want to FEEL this coming year. Use our word, Empowered or Joyous, Content, Productive, Courage, Strength, Gratitude... the list goes on. Tape them up in places you will see everyday to remind yourself that every action you take should invoke one of those feelings.

5. Take small steps. Be sure to pay a little focus to small things that can impact your health in big ways. These steps should be easy to obtain, and should be taken day by day. It can be as small as flossing daily. Set a note up in your bathroom as a reminder. (DYK that flossing daily can decrease your risk for heart disease)? Keep the focus simple, unclouded and meaningful.

6. Gain gratitude. Let your grateful heart shine through your every pore. No matter what trials and wins you go through this coming year, know that they are stepping stones to personal growth. Throw shame out the window and hit your ups and downs head on. Share your gratitude with strangers. Tell someone at the coffee shop you like their hair, or that they look great today. Giving, after-all is the best way to make your heart sing.

Be empowered this coming year. Your life is in your hands alone and we want to help guide you to optimal wellness, inside and out. We are all in this together and we can't wait to see how you soar in 2017!

Let us know what you are doing to Empower yourself by using our 2017 hashtag: #startwithin.

Happy New Year to All from team Osmosis!


Gifted: What's in your Stocking?

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 Is there anything better than digging into your stocking on Christmas Morning? No, there isn't, which is why we are so excited to offer you these perfect, pint size stuffers for your loved ones. Receiving the gift of wellness, beauty and healthy skin is simply the tops! Without further adieu here are our stocking stuffer super stars:

For the makeup-maven:

Cinnamon Kiss and Lilac Lip Gloss
Amethyst Water Color Eye Shadow
Sangria Lip Pencil
Charcoal Eye Pencil

For the Wellness Wizard:

Hangover Helper Mini
Digestive Health Mini
Relax Mini

These little gems will feel nice and cozy in your loved ones stocking, learn where to shop here.


Gifted: Gifts for the Adventure Lover

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Do you have an adventure seeker in your life? Sometimes gifting for those who are more interested in travel and seeking can be difficult, but don't worry we've got you covered. Give your thrill seeker items that will keep their adventurous spirit alive.


1 & 2. Modern Maps: Every adventure seeker wants to remember their escapades. Gift them with maps of where they have been or where they want to go. Not only do these make for great decor, but they help keep memories and wishes alive!

3. Compass Necklace: This beauty is the perfect gift for those on the go! Not only is it the perfect gift for those who find themselves on countless camping trips, it also looks great! Bonus? You can customize your astrological sign onto the necklace. It's the perfect reminder of where you have been and where you are going.

4. COFFEE: Who doesn't love (need) coffee? Any adventurer needs a little liquid energy in the morning to jump start their day. Gift them with coffee local to your city. Corvus Coffee offers a great monthly membership with fresh ground coffee delivered straight to your door at the beginning of each month... Yes, please!

5. Osmosis Adventure: Gift your seeker with all they need to stay well and healthy on their outings. Elevate will keep them alert with B-Vitamins while AC-11 will keep their skin healthy and protect them from the environment. Replenish will rejuvenate their skin after a long hard day of exploring and keep it protected from free radicals.  Energize Me is the perfect Harmonized Water to keep on their person at all times. It makes for a great pick-me-up in the middle of a slump! The last (and most important) thing they need for their thrill seeking is Protect. Shielding your skin from the sun's harmful rays is SO important no matter what time of year it is. Protect is the perfect mineral based SPF that works on even the most sensitive of skin. It also happens to moisturize and smells divine!

Learn where to shop for your adventurer here.


Gifted: What to get the Glamorous Gal!

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Let's face it, gifting can be difficult. Finding that perfect gift to show your friends and family just how much you care about them sometimes feels like a quest of Harry Potter proportions. We have scoured the web and we think we have found the perfect gift ideas for the glamour gal in your life.

1. Alex and Ani: Choose a personality-fitting bracelet set from Alex and Ani. We love this brand for the spiritual well-being they promote through fashion. These bracelets are the perfect accessory for daily wear.

2. Osmosis Water Color: Topaz Water Color shadow is the perfect metallic shimmer for any makeup loving glamour gal. Gift your girl with gilded lids.

3. Kate Spade Pencil Bag: We LOVE this pencil set from the one and only Kate Spade. This will make any office space feel more glamorous and girly! It's perfect.

4. Objects with Purpose: Gift the wonderful scent of the holidays with this coconut wax based candle. These babies give off glorious scents that please any sniffer. The best part? They double as a wearable solid perfume or body oil... yep, you read that right. Simply light, allowing the coconut wax too turn into oil, then (carefully) pour some into your hand and get to applying! (We love the Twas' The Scent Before Christmas).

5. Osmosis Lip Glaze: What glamazon doesn't have lip products at the ready, at all times? It's not a riddle, they always have a 'lippy' ready to go! Our Lip Glaze's provide rich color and lasting hydration with a glossy finish. We say buy her the whole line up so she can switch up her look anytime.

6. Osmosis Catalyst AC-11: Skin is always in and this DNA repairing serum is a glamorous secret to glowing, healthy skin that defies aging. Every glamour goddess needs this serum in her repertoire and it makes for the perfect gift.

7. Hydralift Firming Gel Mask: This luxe mask will soothe, plump, firm, and hydrate winter skin. This is the perfect gift for any woman who loves a good mask night (maybe include some popcorn and a movie with this one)?

8. Contour Duo: Can you say sculpt and glow? This duo is the perfect makeup accessory for the beauty lover. Pair it with the dome brush for the perfect gift of contour!

There we have it! The perfect gift ideas for those glamorous ladies in your life. We hope this peaked inspiration for giving! Learn where to shop for her here.


8 Ways to Winterize your Beauty Routine

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"Winter is coming!" Actually, winter is already here (but we'll use a GOT reference every chance we get). With the changing of the seasons, it is important to adjust your beauty, wellness, and skincare routine. Colder weather brings on a flurry of skincare concerns that are easy to combat with the right tools. Winter is also be a great time to pay mind to your emotional and mental health too, gloomy days and longer nights can make for a total a change in mood and behavior. Lucky for you, we've got you covered with 8 easy swaps to add into your daily routine to boost your winter health inside and out.

1. Add moisture! Immerse is one of our favorite products to use in conjunction with Quench or Quench Plus. Adding just half a pump of Immerse to your daily/nightly moisturizer will give your skin a huge boost of hydration and moisture. The emu oil is your winter skin superhero, which also makes for a great hair treatment as well.

2. Gently exfoliate. Adding in a treatment that safely sweeps away dead skin build up will keep your winter skin from flaking, and keep it in tip-top health. We love using our Polish mask once a week to gently exfoliate with the use of enzymes. We don't suggest using a harsh scrub as it can compromise the surface and health of the skin, that's why we love this cranberry enzyme mask which gives us a fresh, hydrated complexion.

3. Slather with Refresh PM. This thick, balmy eye treatment will keep your sensitive eye area flake free. It also makes for an incredible lip and cuticle treatment. Load your lips, cuticles, and gently pat a bit around your eye orbital for a deep, moisturizing treatment.

4. Keep your spirit up! Seasonal depression tends to rear it's ugly head this time of year and we want you to know that you are not alone. We are so grateful that we have Body Talk Harmonized Water and Elevate to keep your mental health in shape for the long winter months. Body Talk neutralizes emotional effects on the body and Elevate will pump you full of B Vitamins giving you higher energy (without harmful stimulants), which will help keep your brain happy and healthy.

5. Up your water intake. Yep, it's that easy to calm inflammation inside and out. Increasing your water intake during these long, cold months will help keep your body functioning. It is important to flush out those toxins we tend to take in during the holiday season so our skin can stay healthy. Water is your perfect detoxing supplement!

6. Switch foundations. During the hot months, powder foundations tend to be the bee's knees. But once winter hits, it is smart to try switching your formula. Our CC Cream delivers coverage, protection, and more moisture than its powder sister, making it the perfect swap for winter.

7. Get your Clear on! Many of us at Osmosis have multiple bottles of Clear or Clear Plus in multiple places. From our purse or car to our desk drawer, we love using this refreshing spray to revive tired mid-day skin. Clear and Clear Plus will give your complexion a nice re-up of hydration. Use it during the day to help your skin combat dryness.

8. Use a sleep pack. For those with extra dry, extra sensitive skin, use our Hydralift Mask as a sleep pack. Pat a small amount all over your face, then hit the pillow. Once a week give your skin a treat with this overnight, hydration hack.

Learn where to shop for winter here.


Gifted: Men's Edition

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 It's no secret, shopping for the men in your life is maybe, the hardest thing to accomplish. Don't worry, we have your back! Osmosis has great products for men AND the state of Colorado has great local gifts that look great under the tree. Let's check out our favorite gifts for those men in your life:

1. Winter Session Billfold: These local treasures are hand made and quality crafted in Denver, CO. This billfold will hold your man's necessities in style.

2. Breckenridge Bourbon: Gift a warm, soothing bottle of high end, local bourbon. This bottle not only looks classy on your liquor cart, it provides a perfect base to any holiday beverage.

3. iPhone docking station: This Etsy gift is perfect for any man on the go. The best part about this gift? You can get this handmade, rustic station engraved!

4. We may be a little bias, but Immerse and Vigor are the perfect products to treat your guy to health and wellness. Immerse makes for a great shaving oil, or post-shave treatment during these dry months. Vigor will boost your man's vitality and inner wellness. What better way to give this holiday season than gifting longevity, wellness, and health.

Learn where to shop for your man's health here.


Cozy Up with this Warm Makeup Look

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The cold weather is upon us, but not to worry, we have a stunning makeup look that'll warm you right up. Get this bold look with the steps below:

Mineral Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: Apply the bronze shade from the Gingersnap Eye Shadow Trio to eyelid using your Crease Brush.

Step 2: Line your upper lash line with Black Eye Pencil and smudge using the Smudge Brush. Then, using the black shade from your Midnight Jade Eye Shadow Trio blend in to crease with your Contour Shadow Brush.

Step 3: With the Blender Brush, highlight your brow bone using the highlighter shade from the Misty Blue Eye Shadow Trio.

Step 4: Fill in brows using your shade from our Brow Gel collection with the Eye Liner/Brow Brush.

Step 5: For a more dramatic look, line the under eye with  both the bronze shade from the Gingersnap Eye Shadow Trio and Black Eye Pencil. With the Liquid Eye Definer, add more definition to the upper lash line.

Step 6: Build lashes with Mascara. 

Shop this look.