Wellness Wednesday - Elevate Your Health

1/06/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Unless you live under a rock, we are sure that all you've heard this week is "New Year, New You" "Time to join a gym" "Time to eat more veggies," so on and so forth. Yes, the new year is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your lifestyle, choices, and goals, but resolutions can be a bit daunting and intimidating. We tend to make huge resolutions that fizzle within the first month of the year. We all want to lose weight, work out more, start a new career, become a better person, learn a new skill etc. and these are BIG goals that take time, strategy and commitment that won't accomplish themselves over night. Personal wellness is a goal we all strive for and there is no shortage of ways to achieve it. We want to help you on your wellness journey, so today marks the first post of our new blog column Wellness Wednesday. Each week we will provide you with tips and information to better your holistic lifestyle and all around health. This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on a perfect New Years "New You" conduit. Elevate.
Our Elevate supplement is the perfect tool to aid in your 2016 wellness goals. From weight loss to immune deficiencies and hormone health, this little gem of a pill helps boost your ATP and DNA repair abilities making your body a well oiled machine, capable of anything! Cat's Claw, Amino Acids, and B Vitamins boost your body's immunity and cell repair. Pyruvate and Ganoderma detox the body and aid in converting fat into energy. CoQ10 aids in protection against free radicals to better protect your body while you work towards your wellness goals. Elevate is the perfect addition to your daily health routine. Combined with clean eating and proper hydration, Elevate can help you loose weight, obtain more energy, AND most important, regulate better sleep! Elevate helps harmonize a number of different symptoms our bodies face in the way of hormonal and adrenal health. When your adrenal glands are balanced, your body can better regulate hormone production and snuff symptoms that come from adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance thus aiding in a better metabolism, higher energy, and an end to brain fog.

We all know that every New Year brings a flurry of resolutions and goals. Most of them tend to be body focused. Elevate is a wonderful supplement to help you meet those goals. More important, Elevate will help you feel balance. When our hormones are in balance, the task of self improvement is more manageable.

The journey to wellness doesn't have to be a long hard path. It can be enjoyable, rewarding work. Elevate is a great place to start your wellness journey.

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**Always consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen**

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