How to Celebrate Global Wellness Month!

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June is Global Wellness Month and we couldn't be more excited to help you celebrate! We love being a part of the wellness community, mainly because the term wellness, is all encompassing to your life. The act of being well relates to so many aspects of who you are. From your spiritual well-being, to your internal health, to your mental health, your strength and wholeness fully relies on your ability to be, you guessed it... Well. We are thrilled to have put together a few tips on how you can celebrate this global month of wellness!

1.  GIVE! Being charitable has such a huge, positive effect on your life and your health. Gifting those with your light and positive personality releases good-for-you endorphins and spikes happiness in your brain, which in turn soothes your organs and cells. Isn't science just the most fascinating? We love giving back in little ways throughout our day-to-day lives. Simply paying for someone's coffee, complimenting another human, or throwing a smile their way are all great things you can do to impact and empower someone else in a positive way.

2. Get Moving! A big part of feeling well is making sure your body stays active. One of the best things you can do for your body and mind is exercise... and if you do it outside in the wild, even better! Being around nature while working up a sweat not only helps your cells and organs get all that delicious oxygen, it keeps your spirit connected to this big, beautiful world, which is an important factor in your wellness lifestyle. Don't forget to stretch once you have worked it out and be sure to check out our favorite yoga routine to get those muscles in shape.

3. Detox! Your body is so amazing and it deserves to be treated like the beautiful temple that it is! Give your bod a boost by taking proper supplements to help power through daily detoxing. We love using Environmental Detox with Elevate or Melt. These precious pills kick-start your body's detox abilities and help push daily toxins out of your organs, fat cells and overall system.  If your body is Batman, these babies are your Robin. While you take these supplements, don't forget that what you put in your body is incredibly important. We love eating fresh veggies, lean proteins, and high fiber grains.

4. Join a Community! Share your love with those around you. Joining a community initiative or group that works towards a common goal is an incredibly powerful and healing action. The NextDoor app is a great tool to reach out to neighbors. Use it to start a book club, dog walking club, or anything your heart desires! You can also find great initiatives here, thanks to the Global Wellness Website, you can now find those with like-minds that want to take action in their lives. Sharing is caring, after-all!

5. Relax! Ahhhh, relaxing. We think that is something we could all use a little bit more of.  Pull out your phone and go to your calendar. Pick two days out of the week and schedule one full hour to yourself. Use this time to unplug from the world. Put away your devices, turn off your television and bask in an hour of quiet meditation. Being with yourself is so important to keep your wellness journey moving. During this time, feel free to talk to yourself; check-in and see how you are doing. This is the perfect time to work through personal hurdles and putting a one hour limit on that task makes it far less daunting. Once your hour is up, do a little stretching and give yourself a big, fat hug!

These are a few tips we utilize in our day-to-day lives to keep our journey moving at full speed. There is so much you can do to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Living a life of wellness can do so much more for you than prolong your health, it can settle your mind and manifest things you never thought were possible.

Live well out there and find your wellness needs here. 


Father's Day: Our Favorite Dad and Me Activities!

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Father's Day is almost here and we are so excited to celebrate all of our wacky, loving, incredible fathers out there! We know just as much as you, that gifting the men in our lives can sometimes be a bit difficult which is why we came up with a list of experiences you can treat your dad to. Because Father's Day falls within the warm summer months, what better way to gift dad than with some fun activities that you two can share together.

1. Day Hike: Find a nature hike nearby and lace up those shoes! Doing mobile activities with dad not only gets you moving, but it lets you and your father share fitness and health. Let dad know you want him around for a long time, hiking and moving is the perfect way to do so.

2. Fishing: Grab your flies and hit the river. Fishing is not only a soothing activity, it's an opportunity for some uninterrupted, quiet time with dad. Google the nearest catch and release spot near you and get to casting!

3. Picnic time! Plan a picnic with your dad's favorite foods (even if that means pizza, burgers and hot dogs) and treat him to a foodie dream. You could even combine this with your day hike (for the sake of the burgers)!

4. Use your hands: I can remember vividly, working with my dad in the garage on weekend projects like building a porch, painting, and general home work activities. Go to your local craft supply store and purchase birdhouse supplies! Nothing is more fun than building a home for your neighborhood birds. Build one for yourself and one for your father, so you can both think of each other when you sit and enjoy the chirps (you could even Tweet your progress...hardy-har)!

5. Take a Woodworking or Whittling Class: Learn how to build or carve a keepsake from nature! Whittling is a rather soothing activity that is not only fun, but you get to hold on to your finished product and think of dad every time you look at it.

For all the fathers out there, we thank you for your support, love and understanding! Now let's hit the road and go on an adventure fit for the finest father! *Don't forget to wear your SPF while you are enjoying the outdoors!*


Makeup: Finding Balance with your Summer Foundation

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Makeup is such a treat! Every morning when you put your face on, you are essentially putting your best self forward. We love how makeup can spark instant confidence and self love, and we absolutely love breaking all the makeup rules to fit our true authentic selves. With that said, we know that summer can feel a bit tricky when trying to update your foundation to match your sun-kissed (protected) skin. We have a few hacks to share with you to find the perfect summer match!

1. CC Cream: If you are one to get a little bit of color on your face, but not enough to warrant purchasing a new base in a deeper shade, use our CC Cream one shade darker than your skin, then top it with your current base for the perfect, warm summer match.

2. Age Defying Treatment Concealer and Loose Base: If you are looking to achieve the perfect, dewy summer glow, we love combining our Age Defying Treatment Concealer (one shade lighter) as a flat highlighter, then topping it with our full coverage, dewy finish loose base for the perfect, multi-dimensional complexion.

3. Pressed Base: If you tend to get quite a bit of color during the summer months, you can certainly switch up the shade of your Pressed Base. If you tend to get deep caramel colored, switch to a shade in the Golden family, if you tend to get more peach go for a shade in the Natural family and if you get more of a pink/red tan, stick with a shade in the Beige family. You can also use Honey or Olive to warm up your winter base!

 4. Bronzer: Bronzer is the oldest, and most popular go-to to adjust the warmth of your foundation. Use the Full Face Brush and sweep a light dusting of bronzer all over, or use the rule of 3 (tune in here to learn all about it)!

Find all your summer base essentials here. 


Makeup: the Bold and the Bronzed!

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Have you guys heard that bronzer is like, a thing now? We suppose that bronzer has always been a thing but man-oh-man, has it ever evolved. With summer approaching, we wanted to show you our favorite bronze, bold summer look. Tune in below to learn about application techniques and how to pair bright summer colors with your new, faux bronze glow (don't forget your SPF)!

Products used:

Pink Champagne Water Color
Nude Bliss Blush 
Spring Crush Blush 
Brown Eye Pencil 
Volume Mascara
Brow Gel 
Topaz Water Color
Crushed Coral Blush 
Show Stopper Lip Stick

We love a good bronze look for the summer time, find out where to shop this look here. 


Osmosis ABC's: Olive Leaf Extract

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Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! This month we are featuring the letter O! We can't wait to enlighten you on the wondrous Olive Leaf Extract. This ancient medicinal leaf packs a powerful healing punch in more ways than one. Olive Leaf Extract is an all-around treatment for internal and external health. Its anti-viral, microbial, and inflammation properties aid in healing the skin, the gut, and so much more! Let's take a closer look at this powerful ingredient.

So, which Osmosis products harbor this favorite ingredient?

Clarify: Our acne-busting, skin-healing vitamin A serum, Clarify, boasts this powerful plant ingredient which helps clear up skin and keep it clean and ageless.

Replenish: Due to Olive Leaf Extract's powerful punch of antioxidants, it's no surprise that Replenish antioxidant serum contains this miracle worker.

Soothing Gel Herbal Mask: Find a professional near you and get a calming, detoxing facial where Olive Leaf is the star! Let this mask soothe and clarify the skin in the most gentle of ways.

Melt: Yep, not only is Olive Leaf a great topical ingredient, it's an awesome internal treatment as well! Let the Olive Leaf Extract in Melt aid in detoxing fat cells all while providing your body with a great dose of antioxidants.

WOW! Olive Leaf Extract packs a serious punch of skin and body loving power! Learn where to get your dose here.


May Day: Spring into Floral Goodness!

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We don't know about you, but when spring pops up, our little hearts begin to palpitate with joy. Flower blooms are, simply put, the best! There is nothing better then anchoring your home with gorgeous spring flowers which help brighten any mood and bring about a feeling of recharged energy. We wanted to take this opportunity on May Day (the celebration of spring) to give you a dose of flower power! Let's see which flowers are seasonally in bloom and just waiting to become fresh cuts in your home.

Ranunculus: These flowers not only have a funny name, they bring so much joy and beauty into your home. Their whimsical stems and bright, textured blooms make for a great stand-alone statement. Stick these beauties in different colored bud vases with a sprig of greenery to add a pop of color to any room in your home.

Peony: The queen of spring blooms! These flowers give you the feeling of bold beauty with their giant blooms and hearty green stems. Peonies bloom in an assortment of color, but if you ask us, it's the pink shades that ring supreme! Peonies don't need any accents, greenery, or stalks, just simply place them in a vase and enjoy the view. *FUN TIP* if you purchase peonies that are still in their pre-bloom ball, stick them in a cup of ice water and watch them open right up!

Anemone: These poppy look-a-likes come in the most pleasing colors! Their dainty stems and wide petals make for a whimsical look, perfect for any boho home!

Daffodils: You can't go through spring without seeing these joy-inducing, yellow cups of wonder. Add stems of daffodils to your home in bud vases or one giant vase. These babies don't need any filler as they stand alone perfectly! 

Hydrangeas: Oh man! These boisterous flowers add drama and beauty to any spring bouquet. Their large heads and strong stems make for a great arrangement! With a wide variety of unique colors, these flowers will make a statement on your counter.

Did you know that looking at pieces of nature (like flowers) increases the production of serotonin to the brain? Treat yourself this May Day and welcome spring and summer with in-season blooms! After all, you deserve to be surrounded by something as beautiful as you are!