The Importance of Sleep in Your Beauty Routine

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We know we're supposed to get our beauty sleep every night. But we all live such busy lives and when we have to juggle sleep, a social life, a full-time job, and trying to balance a healthy, active lifestyle somewhere in there, more times than not it's our Zs that get the boot. In fact, the CDC proved that over a third of American's don't get adequate sleep for their health. How important is sleep, though? And how much is "enough"? We're diving into all things sleep-related and how it affects our health both physically and mentally.

Sleep is Vital.

Just as we need oxygen, food, and water, sleep is equally as crucial to our health and survival. The difference is, we would never claim to be "too busy" to breathe or drink water when we're thirsty. So, why is it that we take pride in being too busy to sleep as a status symbol when it is just as detrimental to our bodies as skipping meals or holding our breath? Society has created a very serious problem by demanding so much work, play, and general time-spent doing from us as humans, creating a stigma that "sleep is for the weak". More like sleep creates the weak. We are experiencing an awakening in this health and wellness movement and slowing realizing the impact of this mindset on our bodies and brains. It is our job to turn this around and encourage restfulness, not a busy schedule.

What happens when we don't get enough sleep?

From your immune system function to your appetite, to your heart, hormone, and mental health, the amount of rest your body gets has a direct impact. While you are sleeping, your body is able to perform a self-evaluation and ensure all systems get the restoration needed. During this time, it resets and restores muscles and cells, heals and repairs areas of the body that are in need, and "cleans house" by clearing away toxins (both physically and mentally) that may otherwise cause problems in the body's optimal function. Skipping out on this nightly reboot could be detrimental to your well-being and start to interfere with your body's ability to fight off illnesses, increase risk of more serious diseases, induce chronic brain fog, and promote weight gain and compromised skin. This is just to name a few!

How to prioritize rest.

- Turn off your smartphone (or put it away) one hour before you go to bed giving your brain time to relax and shut down for the day. Try a caffeine-free herbal tea and reading a book in bed to slow your brain waves and energy level.

- Create a sleep sanctuary out of your bedroom. This means putting a little extra effort into this room in your house. Try adding elements like plush, cozy bedding, essential oils, and plants!

- Eat dinner earlier. Eating a big, heavy dinner right before bed puts enormous strain on your digestive system, putting it to work when your whole body is trying to rest. This takes away from restful sleep and restoration because your energy is now focusing on digestion instead of healing and repair.

- Try incorporating pre-bedtime yoga stretches into your nighttime routine to help wind-down the mind and body. This will help promote a deep, restful sleep all night long to get the most out of your shut-eye!

Help change the mindset of sleep, starting with YOU! Shop for holistic solutions to assist your body's ability to achieve the most adequate sleep possible.


Beauty Hacks From the Osmosis Experts

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We all have our "secret weapons" when it comes to our beauty routine. Here at Osmosis, we love to pass our hacks around HQ as everyone is always coming up with different creative ways to mix, enhance, or apply products that create new and improved results! So, we decided to share them with you! Tune in as Team Osmosis shares some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to get creative with your Osmosis products for unique, multi-purpose results.

Founder/Formulator & CEO, Dr. Ben Johnson - Serum Cocktail

"My latest routine is that I try to get in at least 3 pumps of Renew and 3 pumps of Catalyst AC-11 every day. Since Renew is not sensitizing and Catalyst is dark, this combo works so well to maximize my skin's rejuvenation efforts."

Osmosis President, Robin McGee - Conceal, don't Peel

"One of my favorite tricks is to utilize the moisture stick from our Age-Defying Treatment Concealer on my lips for a supple, hydrated look. Then, I apply the concealer itself before adding Lip Liner or Lipstick to keep it from running into any fine lines! This is my secret weapon for a perfect pucker every day!"

Director of Sales, Claudia - A Walk Through the Tropics

"I love putting Tropical Mango Mask on my feet at night, then sleeping with socks on. I wake up with the most silky-soft feet! If you have a job where you're on your feet all day, this is a must-try treatment, it works like a charm!"

Director of Education, Kristin - Fill the Fine Lines

"I always use Refresh PM on my lips before applying color. It conditions them and feels sooo good! Plus, it's liquid crystal component adds a lovely shimmer to a matte lipstick! I also like to pat the eye serum over my makeup on my orbital bone and upper cheeks to soften the appearance of crows feet and deliver a subtle highlight."

Director of Web & Social Media, Diane - Multi-Tasking Heroes

"As a busy mom, runner, and working professional, multi-tasking and efficiency are the tricks of my trade. I love when I can knock out two birds with one stone to help shave a few minutes off my morning routine. One of my favorites is mixing CC Cream with a bit of Quench for light coverage and moisture. And I rarely leave the house without a touch of concealer under my eyes and Mascara to help me look and feel more refreshed and put-together."

Graphic Designer, Elle - Super-Supplements

"I don't go a day without taking Environmental Detox, it's my saving grace! I love taking it in the morning with breakfast and right after my afternoon yoga. It helps control my oily skin and keeps me feeling healthy and energized!"

We'd love to hear your own beauty hacks, too! Post your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms!


Your Complete Skincare Guide During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful miracle. However, it can come with many highs and lows and so many uncertainties, especially for first-time moms. All kinds of changes are happening to your skin and body, but you want to ensure you are keeping you and your baby safe. So, we are digging deep into all your beauty-related pregnancy questions to reveal the safest way to skincare during this exciting, scary, emotional, and cherished time in a woman's life!

While there is not necessarily a specific set of "rules" to follow in regards to skincare during pregnancy, there are some wise general guidelines that can help you navigate this magical journey and lead you to the products that will benefit you and your body best, all while keeping sweet baby safe and undisturbed in there. Here is what we suggest:

Go as natural as possible.

This is best practice for any stage of life, not just during pregnancy. However, when you are pregnant, the choices you make for your body don't affect just you. Steer clear of products that flaunt heavy fragrances or perfumes, skin-irritants (often hidden in cosmetics as chemical preservatives), and artificial coloring. These components, when absorbed through the skin, can disrupt the natural function of the cells in your body. Check out this list of top 10 ingredients to avoid during pregnancy for specifics on what to look for on the labels and why they could be harmful to you and your baby.
Here at Osmosis, we pride ourselves on providing clean beauty and skincare products with the highest quality ingredients that are safe for you and your baby! Even our Vitamin As are safe to use throughout your pregnancy and during breastfeeding because the percentage of retinaldehyde does not exceed the recommended dosage for safety.

Treating common pregnancy skin conditions.

Melasma: Hyperpigmentation is a frequently-occurring condition both during and after pregnancy. This is due to a surge of hormones that your body is trying to adjust to when you're growing a new little human! Extra sun protection is important to help prevent further damage from sun exposure. Keep a bottle of unscented, mineral-based sunscreen in your bag at all times and reapply frequently throughout the day.

Stretch Marks: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Daily application of an intensive moisturizer or a hydrating face mask will help repair the skin's barrier as it stretches with the growth of your baby! Look for products that contain shea butter, jojoba seed oil, or even hyaluronic acid as a healing component.

Itchy Skin: There is a multitude of reasons your skin might feel uncomfortably itchy during pregnancy. One of the most common conditions is called PUPP, or pruritic urticarial papules and plaques, (try saying that three times fast) which is a rash in the form of small red bumps and hives appearing in large patches on the body. Tend to this condition by avoiding heat, keeping it moisturized, and applying a nourishing mask weekly or as needed.

While getting sucked into the vortex of the internet with your endless questions can consume the 9 months of your pregnancy, try to remember to give yourself some slack. You are growing a human, it's the most magical thing your body can do! And when it comes to skincare, choose clean beauty products to treat conditions as needed, and let your body sort out the rest.
Always be sure to consult your physician if you start to experience any sensitivities to any beauty product or supplement.


Foolproof Tips for Lavish Lashes

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Luscious lashes are the icing on the cake of every makeup look. Whether you're going for simple, "no-makeup" makeup in the daytime, or dramatic and glamorous for a night out, without a touch of mascara, the look just isn't complete. We spoke with our very own in-office cosmetic queen, Global Educator, Ami Mallon, about the tips and tricks she has up her sleeve to ensure your most lavish lashes every time.

When in Doubt, Leave it Open.

Sometimes when mascara is new, the formulation can be a bit too "wet" and could have less of an impact on the lashes. Leaving the tube of mascara open for a couple hours may allow enough oxygen to get in so that the formula is stickier and adheres to the lashes better for a more luxurious look!

The Stamping Technique.

Press the applicator into the base of the lashes. This will create more volume and transfer a bit of the color into the upper waterline making the lashes appear more full.

Reach New Heights.

Using the tip of the mascara wand, lightly place product on the ends of the lashes. This will create length that is oh-so-glamorous!

Wiggle It!

Place the mascara wand at the base of the lashes (both top and bottom) and shimmy it toward the ends. This will help to separate and elongate the lashes while removing any clumps. We're calling it the wiggle technique!

The Thicker the Better.

Apply mascara to the top and bottom of the upper eyelashes in order to create the illusion of a thicker and more fluttery look. This adds alluring drama and an irresistible flirty flare!

Want to see what we mean? Check out our Tips and Tricks Page for a visual on executing these techniques!


Telomeres: The Secret to Radiance

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We live in an exciting era where science is charging full-speed ahead, busting myths and misconceptions left and right, and unveiling new discoveries all the time. We've now reached a time in which what we see and know to be true about aging can actually be reshaped when looking at the process with a holistic lense. Say hello to telomeres! An on-the-rise trend in scientific research that could be transforming our health and longevity as we know it. It's not some magic potion that is our key to the fountain of youth; however, with some healthy habits, lifestyle adjustments, and key Osmosis super-stars, you could see a significant difference in your quality of life and possibly even add some years to your lifespan. Not to mention, slow the appearance of aging on the skin - sign us up! We're cracking the code to the latest scientific discovery and learning what it might mean for our aging, health, and longevity. Let's talk telomeres!

So, what exactly are they?

Telomeres are a section of DNA at the end of each chromosome, protecting it from deterioration or merging with neighboring strands, and are responsible for healthy cell function. Think the plastic tips on your shoelaces that keep them from fraying! As your telomeres shorten inevitably over time, your cells start to lose their "gusto" and ability to function properly. This is where we start to see aging and disease as the cells lose their ability to perform what they were meant to do for our bodies.

The average human telomere declines significantly over the course of a lifetime becoming shorter and shorter (and this process typically happens faster in men than women). So, the longer the telomere, the slower we age, and the higher quality of life you will have!

What can we do about it?

Our holistic line is rooted in science and goes the extra mile to ensure it is creating permanent change from the inside out. This includes your DNA! "Osmosis' unique and patented DNA repair strategy is a necessary part of preventing further deterioration of our telomeres." says Dr. Ben Johnson. The ingredient AC-11, found in our Catalyst Serum as well as our internal supplement, Elevate, works to increase the repair of your skin's DNA by 33%, while Elevate provides benefits to DNA internally by giving your cells the ATP needed in DNA repair activity. Our AC-11 and Zinc Finger Technology combines with AC-11's ability to maintain the optimal health of our DNA.

Boost results from your skincare and supplements by leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Making healthy lifestyle choices not only boosts your energy, fitness level, and brain function, it also keeps those telomeres long and thriving. A healthy, balanced diet, plenty of sleep, adequate exercise, and managing stress levels all contribute to the maintenance of your cells, which will in turn significantly reduce signs of aging. Long live your telomeres!

It's up to us to nourish and fuel our bodies with healthy choices in our day-to-day living. Shop more holistic wellness supplements here to help contribute to your routine!