How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle After Summer Ends

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Summer fitness is easy. We work hard all summer long to look good in that swimsuit, and then as soon as fall comes, we throw our sweatpants on, toss our workout routine out the window, and hunker down until next summer when we send our bodies into hyperdrive once again. But why would we throw our physical health and wellness to the wayside for over half the year? We believe in total body wellness year-round! Learn how to start within to maintain your summer momentum and keep to your fitness goals with some of our favorite methods as fall and winter settle in.

1. Go in the morning or straight from work!
This is rule number one and totally key to keeping up with your workouts during the fall and winter months. It is much harder to get back out once you go home - your couch and sweatpants are way too close! Start your day with an early morning workout or pack your activewear with you to work so you can ride your momentum from the day and head straight to the gym when you get off!

2. Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is great in-and-of itself any time of the year. But there's just something about an invigorating sweat in a 98-degree room when there's a brisk chill outside! It will feel so great on your muscles that can tighten up as the weather gets colder and once you get nice and sweaty from the class, the crisp outside air feels amazing when you leave!

3. Create a Fall-Fitness Challenge with a Pal.
Working out with others is easier than doing it alone. Get creative with your friends on how to hold each other accountable all season long! This will promote motivation and encouragement to prioritize your fitness and heart health throughout the fall and winter.

4. Hit the Trails.
The outdoors are mesmerizing this time of year! Put on a light jacket and some ear warmers and hop on your bike or hit the trails by foot! Relish that crisp, cool air and head out amongst the autumn leaves! Even just a short walk will get your blood pumping and metabolism moving, plus you'll get to enjoy a beautiful view of the trees and have some one-on-one time with nature! Always good for the soul. Find a trail near you!

5. Get Moving During Commercial Breaks.
Your fall fitness routine does not have to be running a marathon. Keep yourself active in your own home with small challenges such as jumping jacks during commercial breaks until the show comes back on, or 10 push-ups before you hop in the shower. Keep it simple and attainable and you will be more likely to follow through!

6. Osmosis +Sculpt.
Struggling to tighten and tone those stubborn areas? Osmosis +Sculpt is a safe and holistic way to target those difficult areas of the body by detoxing the fat cells while exercising the muscle! Advanced technology utilizes nano-currents to target specific areas that you want to slim and shrinks the fat cells by releasing their toxins. Contact us to find an Osmosis +Sculpt Professional near you!

Keeping up with your healthy lifestyle in the fall is totally doable if you tackle it the right way! You can also check out our Wellness Line for an extra boost to add to your routine.


Think Pink! Oncology Friendly Beauty & What it Means To Us

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With the welcoming of October and the fall season, comes the opportunity to help bring awareness all month long to the strength of breast cancer warriors out there! Though there are many who are diagnosed or battling year-round, we are proud to come together as a community to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and help offer support and empower confidence to those who are courageously fighting. We are with you every step of the way! Let's do this!

What does oncology friendly beauty mean?
Skin that is undergoing treatment can become sensitive and compromised. Osmosis offers an array of oncology friendly products from makeup to skincare that provides a different kind of "treatment" to the skin, empowering nourishment and protection as the body goes through these medical processes. Enhance beauty and confidence in a safe and healthy way throughout this journey.

It is important while going through treatments to know the best way to take care of the skin so that it is provided with nourishment, not additional change (i.e. staying away from products that promote anti-aging, lightening, etc.).
What to focus on:
1. Clean. The skin will have low immunity during some of this time and can be prone to sensitivity and infection. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day to thoroughly remove makeup and debris while maintaining the health of the skin’s barrier. Do not use exfoliating products that can damage skin putting it at risk for infections.
2. Moisturize. Combat dryness with a safe and natural moisturizer that will fortify the skin and replenish moisture that is lost during therapy.
3. Protect. Provide the skin with additional defenses against harmful UVA/UVB rays, as it may be hypersensitive to the sun during this process so a safe and effective SPF should be worn daily.

Oncology Friendly Skincare.

Our skincare line consists of many products that are safe to use on skin undergoing chemo-treatments. From cleansers to moisturizers, sunscreen to masks, you can be confident in what you are feeding your skin.
Add a boost of moisture and hydration with our Tropical Mango Mask! It consists of natural fruit and nut butters to help restore moisture and nutrients back to the skin.

Oncology Friendly Makeup.

Our mineral makeup contains natural, skin-nourishing ingredients that promote both enhanced beauty and healthy, protected skin!
Think Pink! Rock First Kiss Lipstick or Pink Sapphire Lip Gloss all month long to help show your support to breast cancer patients and survivors!

Check out our full list of Oncology Friendly products:

Visit our partners, Oncology Training International and Oncology Spa Solutions for more information on oncology esthetics, to find oncology trained skin professionals and ways you can learn and support!

If you or someone you know is bravely battling breast cancer, find a Skincare Professional near you that carries our Oncology Friendly products for advanced health, beauty, and confidence.

Be you. Be beautiful.

**Always be sure to consult your trained oncology esthetics professional before use of products to ensure safe and effective care. Some products may not be recommended during certain stages.**


Osmosis ABC's: Trioxolane

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It's time again for our monthly ingredient investigation! We have approached the letter T, and could not be more excited to dig deep into the miraculous wonders of Trioxolane! This powerful ingredient contains many benefits for the skin, and when ingested, can transform internal health and functionality as well. Let's dive in!

What is it and how does it work?
Our patented Trioxolane is created through a proprietary process that allows it to become stable and extremely potent. It creates a bioidentical molecule to what is found naturally in the body, making this ingredient easily recognized by the skin and absorbed into your system. Oxidative damage is what ravages the epidermis, causing what is known as free-radical damage, or wrinkles. You need a powerful oxygen repair tool, like Trioxolane, to promote long-term healing and repair.

Osmosis to the Rescue!
Osmosis carries both a topical and an internal form of Trioxolane.
Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum has proven to be one of the most successful tools in effectively and permanently treating skin concerns such as wounds and inflammation, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and skin texture changes.
Restore delivers Trioxolane internally, which is utilized by the body to fight pathogens, repair internal oxidative damage, and improve overall immunity. We have seen remarkable results for many auto-immune deficiencies, viral infections, inflammation, and more!

Treat your body to total wellness inside and out!


Robin's Fall Colour Must-Haves

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Fall is in the air! We love all that autumn brings. The cool, crisp air, the changes of color in the leaves, all pumpkin everything, and of course, fall makeup! Osmosis President and Colour Formulator, Robin McGee, shares with us her favorite fall makeup must-haves to provide cooler, deeper tones for the perfect sultry, fall look.

Pewter Water Color.
We just love what our Water Colors can do for your eyes. Smudge this romantic color along the lash line, or apply to the full lid for an irresistible, autumn look.
Why it made her list:
"Fall romance for the eyes is easy with the perfect smoky plum Water Color. A simple swoosh over your lid, and bam! Your eyes will speak for themselves."

Brazilian Nut Long Wear Lipstick.
Sultry and intense lip colors are one of our favorite fall trends! This dark, nutty shade is perfect for the change of seasons as we welcome the cooler weather.
Why it made her list
"Dare to be bold with intense lips. Brazilian Nut will add a bit of mystery to your smile."

Berry Lip Gloss.
You can never go wrong with berry lips in the fall. Top your Lipstick with this perfect seasonal shimmer.
Why it made her list:
"Plum gloss can be the perfect way to bring fall into your look while keeping it delicate and shimmery."

Contour Duo.
There's nothing like a good contour and highlight to bring your fall look full circle. This convenient duo offers both in one chic compact!
Why it made her list:
"This fall, be sure to define your look with deeper cheekbones and glowing cheeks. Contouring and highlighting add dimension and brightness to any look."

Brow Gel.
Keep those brows on fleek all season. Bold, brows are in and aren't going anywhere. This Brow Gel will fill in sparse areas and won't smear or fade until you take it off!
Why it made her list:
"As fall arrives, often our hair gets darker. Be sure to define your brow with the color that can take you into the season."

Shop your fall beauty collection here.


5 Ways to Boost Results from Your Skincare Routine

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Effective skincare requires consistency. But sometimes, even when we are diligent with our routine, stubborn conditions can seem to linger longer than expected. The Osmosis philosophy is based on the fact that what we see on our skin is a direct reflection of the goings-on inside our body. So, to help speed up the results you're looking for, it might be time to take your regimen up a notch. We are diving inside the body and targeting the internal source of your skin concerns, paired with your twice-daily skincare routine, to help you get those results you're looking for, faster!

Many skin concerns such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea are visual reactions of digestive imbalances. Though you may have all the right products to treat such conditions topically, you will significantly boost effectiveness and long-term healing by examining your food choices. Candida is a yeast overgrowth caused by certain foods that contain a high sugar content such as fruits, wine, and even some grains. This can negatively alter your gut microbiome and can cause a multitude of digestive disturbances resulting in a break-out. Choose foods such as leafy greens, salmon, citrus, and ginger to help combat candida overgrowth.

Osmosis offers several all-natural supplements to help boost clear skin through products that work in congruence with the natural processes of our bodies. Complete is a digestive enzyme supplement that matches our own pancreatic enzymes to help break down food more effectively, increase nutrient absorption, and ease digestion. Take with meals to increase results when conquering rosacea and acne on the forehead and cheeks. Environmental Detox is another great supplement that works to detox the gut and cells with natural ingredients like raw cacao, DIM, and charcoal. Take daily along with your regular skincare routine to help fight melasma or rosacea near the nose.

Seek a Professional.
If you have skin concerns that are just not going away, it may be time to find an aesthetician. The skin is the largest organ, and it deserves to be cared for! Just as you feed your body and brush your teeth everyday, it is so important that we cleanse and tend to our skin daily as well. That being said, everyone's skin is unique and should be treated as such. We do not believe in a one-size fits all routine. Seek a Skincare Professional to get a tailored protocol special to YOU and your unique concerns for maximized results and effectiveness.

Masks can enhance your results in a big way. They are like an extra boost of nutrients and nourishment to your skin, enabling it to heal itself overtime. Choose a Mask with specific benefits based on your main concern to take your skincare routine to the next level. Apply your mask and take about five to ten minutes to yourself. While it goes to work to heal and repair for beautiful skin, you can take a warm bath, read a book, or just take those few minutes to enjoy a quiet room. Do you really need more of an excuse to get away from it all?

Ensuring proper hydration from the inside out is key to healthy, beautiful skin. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water will help promote nourished skin and boost its ability to repair itself. Don't forget a Moisturizer in your routine! This should be applied as the last step in your twice-daily regimen to enable collagen and elastin production. Dry skin is prone to wrinkles and fine lines and a quality moisturizer is one of the easiest ways to keep them at bay! Finally, top it all off with an Activating Mist. Not only do they hydrate, but they will also ensure optimal product penetration. We want our products reaching deep into the skin, past the epidermal barrier to increase their effectiveness. Just another easy way to boost those skincare results!

Check out our Face Mapping chart to pin-point the internal causes of your skin concerns based on the location on your face! From here you can most accurately target the root cause of the skin condition, and when paired with your favorite Osmosis topical treatments, you can speed up those results for radiant, youthful skin!


Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for the Fast-Paced Morning

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Mornings can be crazy. After attempting to wake up, get yourself ready, get your kids ready, get out the door with all books, projects, and lunch boxes, breakfast can be an after-thought to say the least. We get it, we are guilty of the "half a pop-tart on the way out the door" too. But, as cliche as it sounds, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! It kick-starts our metabolism, prepares our digestive system, and fuels us for the day.  We have prepared a list of quick, easy, and healthy breakfasts you can prepare in a flash to get you on your feet and out the door with a little extra pep in your step!

1. Overnight oats. 
Oats are an excellent source of fiber and a great breakfast option to keep you full and satisfied until lunch time. But, who has the time or patience to monitor a boiling pot in the midst of the usual morning chaos? Overnight oats are prepared the night before and steep in the refrigerator all night long so you don't have to do a thing except eat!

Here's how: Take a bowl or jar and add oats, a milk of your choice (we are loving cashew milk right now), chia, flax, sunflower, or pumpkin seeds, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, and your favorite nut butter. Give it a stir, slap on the lid, and pop it in the fridge! In the morning you can top with your favorite fruit, or enjoy as is.

2. Smoothie Bowls.
We are all about the smoothie bowl trend! Chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants, these fruity concoctions add a fresh flare to your morning routine. We love how you can customize each bowl for a different taste every day! Plus, you can multi-task while you whip these bad boys up in the kitchen to maximize your time in the morning while still leaving the house with a full and happy belly.

Check it out: Stock up on fresh fruits at the grocery store so you have options for variety and flavor (be sure to include a banana for each day)! Separate your fruits by day, being sure to cut off all stems and peels, then toss them in a baggie and into the freezer, labeling each day for convenience. In the morning, throw your fruits for that day into the blender with a splash of milk of your choice, your favorite nut butter, and a drizzle of honey (feel free to add vitamins or proteins in their powder-form here for an extra boost of nutrients). Top with more fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and shaved coconut, and be on your way! You can also peep these recipes for slightly more detailed options.

3. Meal-Prep Breakfast Burritos.
Who doesn't love a delicious breakfast burrito? The ultimate feel-good breakfast that seems to fuel the heart and soul. The best part about burritos is that there really are no rules. You can pretty much put anything you want in a tortilla and call it a meal. But, in effort to keep us fueled and healthy all day, we're loving tofu black bean breakfast burritos!

How to make it happen: Meal prepping is key here. Make your burritos over the weekend, wrap 'em up, and stick them in the freezer for ready-made breakfast all week long for the whole family! Cook your tofu (or buy it ready-made, we won't tell), scramble some eggs, boil the black beans, and quickly sauteé some onions (and any other veggie you like). Wrap it all up in a tortilla of your choice, roll it into some foil, and pop in the freezer! In the morning, unwrap the foil and throw it in the microwave, and voilà! A tasty and nutritious breakfast in a jiffy.

4. Get creative with toast!
This is one of our very favorite breakfasts because it gives us a chance to express originality through our food first thing in the morning! From savory to fruity to sweet, and everywhere in between, you can create toasts with enough variety and flare for weeks. Keep it simple, or go crazy with toppings! Either way, you'll boost your metabolism and be out the door in a flash.

Some of our faves: We have an undeniable sweet tooth, so we love coming up with toasts that satisfy that sugar craving, but are still healthy and filled with body-nourishing benefits. Try a slice of whole wheat bread, spread with almond butter, top with sliced bananas, drizzle with wildflower honey, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Who says you can't have dessert for breakfast when it's filled with vitamins and minerals?! Are you more of a savory-seeker? We also love 9 grain toast, spread with goat cheese, topped with heirloom tomatoes and an egg, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Tap into your toast inspiration here.

No matter what your palate craves, there is a healthy breakfast option for you that will have you looking forward to your morning meals instead of skimping out on them! Empower your mornings for yourself and the whole family starting with breakfast. Tell us your favorite healthy breakfast go-to's in the comments below!


Understanding Melasma & Holistic Solutions to Healing

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Melasma is an increasingly common skin condition, predominantly in women, where we start to see dark spots of pigmentation on our skin. If you are experiencing this frustrating symptom, you're not alone! Though it is a challenging condition to treat, there is hope. We are exploring the root cause of this hyperpigmentation and how to treat it both topically and at its source for permanent change and long-term results! Stay tuned to learn all you need to know about melasma and the tools for a safe and effective protocol.

Learn the causes.
Research proves that melasma is connected to damage of the liver which can result in pigmented spots appearing on the forehead, upper cheeks and temples, lower cheeks and jawline, or around the mouth. Hormone imbalances can cause strain on the liver as well, a reason this condition is more prevalent in women, especially those who take birth control pills or who are pregnant or new mothers.

Treating at the source.
The best first step in tackling melasma is taking an internal approach with natural supplements, wellness products, diet, and lifestyle changes. We have seen great success with an anti-fungal diet, meaning it is best to steer clear of heavy yeasts and fungal foods like bread and mushrooms. We also recommend Restore, a top-selling Osmosis supplement containing a patented oxygen molecule that the body utilizes to fight off infections and repair oxidative damage, one of the key factors in healing melasma.

Holistic topical treatments.
There are many mainstream topical treatments available that offer only temporary lightening of pigmented spots, while inflicting long-term damage to the skin. These short term results do not outweigh the long-term devastation. Here at Osmosis, we pride ourselves in safe, effective, and holistic products containing natural ingredients that work with our skin.

Start with a Vitamin A: Our Vitamin A Serums utilize retinaldehyde to improve the overall health of the skin by creating an environment for remodeling through increased nutrient supply and collagen and elastin production. This helps inhibit skin pigmentation.

Repair the DNA: Catalyst AC-11 is our advanced serum that activates your natural zinc finger remodeling process. This process will bring healing to your skin and reduce pigmentation without irritation.

Reinforce with Epidermal Repair: Our revolutionary patented serum, Rescue, contains a highly active ingredient called Trioxolane which delivers a boost of immunity to the skin. This will help dramatically improve texture and appearance of age spots.

Top it off: Don't forget to top off your protocol with a spritz of your favorite Activating Mist, Clear or Clear Plus+, to ensure optimal product penetration, light hydration, and boosted results!

Protect from further damage: Lather up with SPF (during all seasons) to prevent further damage from UVA and UVB rays that can cause severe hyperpigmentation.
Though melasma can be challenging to treat, if you have patience and treat from the inside out, you will start to see permanent change and results throughout your journey! Regain your youthful, radiant glow with the full protocol here


Rosé All Day Makeup Tutorial

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Fill up your glass and join us on the patio as we share one of our favorite makeup trends, the chic and fashion-forward monochromatic look! Tune in for a fab tutorial on getting a look that's perfect for patio talk, *and sip*, with the gal-pals as we enjoy the crisp change of seasons with an equally as crisp glass of Rosé! Cheers, beauties!


Beauty Brains: Toners & Activating Mists and When To Use Them

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Today we're talking toners! Sometimes referred to as astringents, we call them Activating Mists, but no matter what name you give it, know that it plays an important role in your skincare routine when used correctly. We're breaking down everything you need to know about toners and how to use them!

What Toners do for your skin.
A toner is typically a water or alcohol-based (although we steer clear of this harsh stimulant) liquid that can be comprised of essential oils or plant extracts used for the purpose of balancing the skin's pH after cleansing. They can provide additional hydration, soothe the skin, and serve as an antibacterial agent as well.

What is an Activating Mist?
We often get asked if we carry a toner, or 'what is an Activating Mist?'. Well, if you're wondering, you've come to the right place! Osmosis takes a slightly different approach to a toner, but all in all, our Activating Mists are toners in essence. Instead of harsh alcohols or stimulants, our Mists are completely Harmonized Water based which uses scalar wave technology to promote healthy skin while stabilizing bacteria levels and empowering rejuvenation. The frequencies in these Mists work synergistically with the skin and your serums to optimize absorption so you get what you signed up for...results! We recommend utilizing our Activating Mists in a traditional toner fashion by spritzing after cleansing, or use it as a penetration tool in the last step of your routine to drive serums and other products deep into the dermal layer of the skin.

Clear & Clear Plus+
Clear Activating Mist promotes healthy rejuvenation through product penetration and antibacterial frequencies. Spritz 5-7 times as the last step in your daily regimen.
Clear Plus+ Activating Mist contains all the same great qualities of Clear, but with an extra boost of benefits! It is formulated with active ingredients that firm, smooth, and hydrate the skin, ensuring extra nourishment to top off your routine.

Activating Mists are a game-changer in your skincare lineup, and serve as a gentle, skin-nourishing alternative with natural ingredients as opposed to harsh irritants that many toners contain. Rejuvenate your skin with just a spritz and a splash!


Self Care Awareness Month

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September is Self Care Awareness Month and this is a topic we take very seriously here at Osmosis! So many of us live such busy lives, especially as summer's leisure ends and the hustle and bustle of the coming seasons quickly approach without warning, we can easily forget about our own health and wellness (and sanity). This month, we are going to challenge every one of you to take small moments each day to take care of YOU! Whether you take two minutes here and there throughout the day to breathe and be present, or a full hour once a day to focus your mind and energy on yourself, we want to help bring awareness to the importance of self care in the midst of a fast-paced life. Read on to discover 10 small steps you can take to empower your own self care and wellness.

1. Create a morning routine.
Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Take advantage of small moments to yourself at breakfast, in the shower, or two minutes on the porch to get your mind right and prepare your body, thoughts, and energies for the day ahead. Try these quick morning stretches and yoga poses to help get you up and at 'em!

2. Get lost in a book.
Reading not only helps exercise the mind, but it also serves as a simple activity that gives you some quiet time to spend with yourself. Diving into a good book offers a moment's escape from reality so you can recharge and temporarily withdraw into your own mind.

3. Cook a meal.
If you love to cook, it can serve as a creative outlet for you. If you're like some of us, who are on the "take-out is way easier" game plan, we encourage you to give it a shot! Follow a simple recipe like one of these, and challenge yourself in the kitchen to gain a sense of accomplishment and a tasty meal to enjoy!

4. Get serious about skincare.
Your skincare routine is important. You know that. But, when you prioritize this piece of your self-care regimen, you're actually doing more than just washing your face. Set this time aside to spend with yourself and make the most of it! Turn on your favorite jams, apply a mask, and treat yourself to a daily at-home spa. You and your skin put up with a lot, you deserve it.

5. Utilize your time in the car.
Whether you commute to work or have a quick five minute drive to drop the kids off at school, utilize your time alone in the car to decompress, breathe, and center yourself for just that moment, or rock out to your favorite songs!

6. Meditate.
Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting in silence and trying to focus for hours at time. Meditation is achieving mindfulness between the physical and the spiritual and allowing yourself to reboot mentally in small moments. Not sure how to start? Find a meditation method that's right for you.

7. Treat yourself once a week.
You deserve it. Life is short. Treat yo' self. What more reason do you need? We need to stop trying to convince ourselves that we don't have time, don't "need" it, or "probably shouldn't". Within reason, give yourself one treat a week to pamper and reward yourself! We love Jennifer Anniston's Sunday routine!

8. Make time for "me time".
Prioritize your me-time in any way you can. Take a moment to yourself to walk the dog, fold the laundry, or watch your favorite TV show. Me-time can be found in the simplest tasks and will do wonders for your self care and stamina.

9. Create an evening ritual.
Just as your morning routine kick-starts your day, it is essential to create a nighttime ritual to help wind down your mind and body to prepare it for adequate rest. Try a soothing, caffeine-free tea, lavender essential oils, or an evening meditation or prayer to soothe and settle.

10. Allow expression.
One of the most important self-care practices is to allow yourself to feel and express. Society teaches us to "be tough" and that emotions equal weakness. This could not be farther from the truth. Tend to your feelings and emotions, express them freely!

Start small, and start within. Take these steps one at a time where you can and build up to all ten! Don't overlook yourself and your needs, you're important and you're worth it!


Osmosis Match-Maker: Find your Foundation

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As summer comes to an end and we welcome fall with open arms, we start thinking about how to transition our makeup in order to keep up with the trends, climate, and skin tone changes that come along with the autumn weather. We're getting back to basics in celebration of our latest Colour launch of the new Performance Wear Satin Foundation! In order to successfully shift your full look from summer to fall, you'll need to start with a good foundation (pun intended!) and we've just made it simpler than ever to achieve your best Base.

Whether you're looking for a translucent finish to set your look in place or maximum coverage to stick with you all day long, you can find a variety of coverage and finishes to set the tone for the rest of your makeup look this fall!

Shop for for your flawless foundations here!