Stem Cell & Growth Factor FAQ

11/16/2011 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

What types of stem cells do you use in StemFactor?

Are these donors screened?

We use an FDA approved facility that screens all donors to ensure that our donors are healthy.

Are all human stem cells equal? 

No. The health of the stem cells selected/used determines how well they produce growth factors and there are always significant differences in their size and health.  Osmosis selects the most healthy stem cells from the group and then makes another separates ut the bad ones one more time after they have been growing for a while.

Are human Growth Factors identical or do they vary with the individual? 
Growth Factors are identical. The number and activity level of someone's growth factors may vary from individual to individual. 

Does Osmosis use a selection process in choosing "the best" human stem cells for your Growth Factor? 
Yes, we select the best of the best for Osmosis. We continue to isolate on the most healthy and active growth factors throughout the growing process.

Once Growth Factors are applied to the skin how long do they last?

The growth factors that make it into the skin can last months to years from what I understand. The ones that are stuck outside the skin deteriorate within 24 hours in most cases.

Are stem cells are they comprised of many cells or are they a single cell? 
Stem cells are single cells with all of the components of a normal cell including DNA, RNA, mitochondria, etc. Their ability to transform their properties to mimic certain cells is what is unique about them.   

Are Growth Factors comprised of cells? 
No, growth factors are chains of amino acids, also known as proteins. They are manufactured by the stem cells and fibroblasts. The growth factors activate receptors in the skin that start wound healing and other activities in the skin. They can also trigger the recruitment of other cells and cytokines.