Ingredient Spotlight :: Niacinamide

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When was the last time you sat down and really began to understand the function of your skin? Have you ever understood it? Did you know that your skin has it’s own metabolism? Yes, it sure does. Just like the metabolic system we know of systemically that regulates our cellular energy for proper weight distribution, our skin has a native metabolic system with an equally as fascinating and vitally important function. 

Niacinamide, one of the powerhouse ingredients seen throughout our line, effectively increases the skin’s metabolism, allowing your cells to properly communicate with each other for repair, support barrier function, and regulate desquamation. That’s right, when your skin’s metabolic rate is performing at it’s most optimum level via Niacinamide application – cells naturally exfoliate, UV damage and oxidative stress is repaired, and your skin’s first line of defense, your barrier, is intact and ready to defend your largest organ. Unfortunately, like all biological systems, our skin metabolism slows down as we age – this is the reason we begin to form fine lines and wrinkles, and we tend to pack on that weight a bit easier! The metabolic rate can slow even further by extrinsic and intrinsic factors, such as sun exposure, smoking and poor, sugar rich diets. Fret not though, as Niacinamide is here to come to the rescue.

Niacinamide is the biologically active form of Vitamin B3 (Niacin), and it’s reduced form NAD, is by far one of the most important components of proper cellular function, acting as a precursor in over 300 chemical and enzymatic reactions in the skin and body. It has several proposed medicinal applications including anti-inflammation, reversal of photo immunosuppression, and an increase in cellular lipid synthesis. Topically, our patented liposomal Niacinamide will increase ceramide production for improved barrier function, repair photo aged skin, regulate unwanted pigmentation, decrease sebum production, and return your cellular turnover rate to normal. Systemically, it’s involvement in the energy cycle of your cells, known as the Krebs or Citric Acid cycle, will allow free fatty acids and glucose to be more efficiently used and burned as fuel, versus being stored as fat, all while increasing your own native energy without artificial central nervous system stimulation. A win on both ends!

Find Niacinamide topically in our Vitamin A serums, Replenish, Enlighten, Refresh, Refresh PM, Repair, Facial Infusion, and in multiple PowderBlends and Actives. Try Elevate, our natural energy supplement, for a healthy dose of this all-important vitamin.



Spring Style Trends 2014

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Alejandro Falcon, LE
Artistic Directory, Corporate Educator
Tips from Alejandro Falcon for this year’s Spring makeup trends.


Keeping the skin fresh looking, without adding heavy foundations, is the way to go. Light mineral makeup can minimize flaws and add protection from the environment. Apply your mineral foundation as light as possible to make the skin look fresh and healthy. Increase hydration and give skin a natural glow with hyaluronic acid, found in Colour's Mineral Hydration Mist.


The colors chosen for lips and cheeks should be the same shade and should not contain any mixtures or other colors added to them. If wearing a red lipstick you would not add a pink or silver gloss to it, but rather stick with the boldness of the color. Blushes should complement your natural blush tone. If you are going to go with a bolder lip color, then add a subtle shade of blush to blend with it. The look for the blush is to accentuate the cheeks without utilizing a contouring effect when applying them.


Since eyes and lips have become a focus for Spring, mascaras and eyeliners play a big part in enhancing the eyes. Solid eye shadow colors applied all over the eye area and using a wet eyeliner can add a subtle yet defined look. Pick a shade that would be the opposite of your eye color so that it can bring out the color of your eyes. For instance if you have blue eyes use a shade that has brown, copper, yellow, bronze, plum or terracotta tones. For brown eyes you can use blues, purples, greens or mahoganies to enhance them. Use a good eye shadow base such as our Age Defying Concealer to cover any discoloration on the eyelids and noticeable capillaries. With an oval shadow brush, apply the shadow to the top of the lash line and sweep it back on the rest of the eye area. Try to keep the tear duct light in color and add a soft lighter shadow tone below the brow area, just as a finish.


Brows can be defined in their natural shapes but a square-type appearance is what's in for
Spring. Use the Brow Gel to help fill in the brows. Lashes should be enhanced and built up. Use the Defining Mascara and reapply to add volume, coating both upper and lower lashes. Wet liners, such as the Liquid Eye Definer, will further define eyes. Apply a wing tip at the end of the lash line for the perfect “Cat’s Eye", giving your eyes the appearance that they are open and almond shaped. Use a regular pencil liner for the bottom lash line and apply to the inside rim of the eyes for a more defined and dramatic effect.


Keeping it as simple as possible is the best natural way for this year’s Spring style.


Defrost Your Winter Skin

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Great tips to remember as winter starts coming to a close.


Have you noticed your foundation doesn't seem to cover as well?  This is especially the case if you use mineral makeup in the winter which adheres best when the skin is hydrated. If you are not achieving coverage with the minerals during application, most likely your skin needs more moisture. For a quick fix, use the Mineral Hydration Mist for an extra boost of hydration in seconds.


The cold can decrease circulation in the skin and therefore can cause dry, sallow skin. Certain ingredients like "liposomal niacinamide" found in all of our Vitamin A Serums are designed to enhance the skin's circulation which restores its nutrition levels. This will not only improve your overall health, but enhance that natural luminosity for fresh, lively skin.


Forcing exfoliation removes your lipid barrier which makes your skin even drier than it may normally be, especially in the cold winter. Make sure to use products that will encourage the skin to naturally turnover its cells to keep your skin radiant.


During the winter time we often notice more "dry patches" on our body. What shows up on your skin can be due to a connection in the health of your gut. Make sure you’re taking care of your digestion by taking internal supplements such as Harmonized H20, that will tend to your sensitive gut and treat your skin from the inside out.


Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean the sun can’t get to you. Make sure that you’re still wearing sun protection when you go outside especially here in Colorado and most appropriately when skiing as the elevation increases your exposure level. So keep your skin protected by using holistic internal sun protection (UV Neutralizer H20), great all natural SPFs (Shade) and/or a full coverage mineral makeup powder.


With snowfall and icy days we tend to cover up more and let our skin turn dull and even pale. Stay vibrant during the winter and war m up your skin by dusting a beautiful bronzer to give you a natural sun kissed glow.


Product Diversion :: Why It Matters

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What IS product diversion?

Product diversion is one of the biggest challenges in the professional beauty industry and it is BIG business in the United States with annual sales of diverted products in the tens of billions of dollars. 

What is product diversion?  It is a term used to refer to products and merchandise that are being sold outside the intended distribution channel or simply put, in "unauthorized places".

How does product diversion occur?  With a market this hot and few to no laws to prevent it, there are many, many ways.  A wholesaler orders product and fails to sell it all.  They then drop the product on eBay or Amazon or sell the product to a third party without the manufacturer's consent.    Diverted product may have been stolen or "collected" from multiple sources before being sold to a third party or end-user.  In some cases, diverted product can be the result of illegal fraud as was the case with Dina Wein Reis who diverted millions of dollars of product away from huge corporations including Proctor and Gamble, Roche, and Unilever.   To read more on this story, click here.

So why does it matter to you?

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted and/or altered formulas, old, or expired products that may not be safe to use.   There could even be a completely different product inside the bottle than what is listed on the label. 

Are diverted products dangerous?

They could be depending on what is actually in that product you purchased.  Using a diverted product could result in irritation, infection or worse. 

But if the product turns out to be real, who does it really hurt?

Diverted product hurts the independent businesses (your aesthetician, spa/salon owner, and doctors offices), the professional manufacturer, and ultimately you, the consumer, who trusts a professional brand to deliver the highest quality ingredients and results.

Product Diversion and Osmosis Skincare

Osmosis Skincare products are formulated with the most advanced ingredients in the world.   Our products produce optimum results when chosen and sold by trained skincare professionals who understand their clients' skincare needs and objectives.   Osmosis Skincare can not guarantee the authenticity, efficacy or condition of products sold outside legitimate distribution channels.  Genuine Osmosis Skincare products are sold exclusively through authorized skincare professionals or online retailers.  Osmosis Skincare products found outside of these places are considered to be diverted product.  Click here or call our offices for authorized skincare professionals near you.

Why It Matters

By purchasing diverted product you are contributing to a major problem that affects both consumers and the entire skincare industry.  But if that doesn't convince you, before you decide to save a dollar or two buying product from an unauthorized seller, please first consider your health and safety.   You wouldn't purchase "discounted" medication online just to save $5, would you?    Your skin is your body's largest and fastest-growing organ. Skin is your body's protection.  It helps you stay warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. Your skin protects everything inside you from your heart and lungs to your blood and muscles.  Don't endanger the health of your skin with diverted product.  It's just not worth the risk.