Redness Relief

1/29/2016 Osmosis Skincare 6 Comments

Seeing red? There is nothing more irritating than red, inflamed skin whether it is coming from rosacea, psoriasis, acne, or dry skin. Redness can be difficult to cover and treat but luckily we've got the perfect routine to help squash your inflamed skin.

In the AM

1. In the morning, slam a glass of water with our Skin Perfection Harmonized Water.
2. Rise and Shine, wash your face with Cleanse, our gentle cleanser.
3. Slather your skin with Rescue for the ultimate treatment. The epidermal repair you receive from this soothing serum will help with inflammation and the redness that comes from it.
4. Give your skin a spritz of Clear and massage it in.
5. Quench your skin with moisture.
6. Use our Pressed Base to help cover your redness.

In the PM

1. Gulp down another serving of Skin Perfection Harmonized Water
2. Remove your makeup and wash your face with Cleanse.
3. Swish around some Restore after your brush your teeth to help with your red skin on an internal level.
4. Give your skin a treatment of antioxidants and repair with Stem Factor.
5. Spritz your face with Clear + and massage in.
6. Catch some zzzzzz's. Give your body ample time to restore itself, don't skimp on sleep!

Redness really can be a bummer, but it's not the end-all. Try this routine to help calm and soothe your skin, you deserve it!

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Wellness Wednesday: Your Body on Water

1/27/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Why-oh-why is it so hard to stay hydrated? We know we have to, you know... to stay alive, but many of us just drink the bare minimum to get by. Over the years the rule of water drinking has gone from 6 - 8 glasses a day, to half a gallon, to an ocean's worth. Well, we think the best rule of thumb is half your weight in ounces per day. What happens to your body when you drink the right amount of water?
In order to get in the right amount of water per day, it's nice to set reminders for yourself. Leave a sticky note labeled H20 on your desktop, set an alarm on your phone for every hour as a reminder, hire a carrier pigeon to fly to your desk at lunch time, grab a buddy to get on a water schedule with you. Another easy way to get your fill for the day is to add one of our Harmonized Waters to your glass morning and night. Adding a supplement into your water drinking routine provides a bit more accountability AND adds even more benefits to your water wellness. Stay ahead of dehydration and keep your body hydrated and healthy and when you start reaching for the can of soda, or second cup of coffee think about what your body really needs... Water!

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Cat Eye - The Easy Way

1/22/2016 Osmosis Skincare 3 Comments

Ohhhh the elusive cat eye. For many makeup artists, it's a go-to look, but if you don't happen to have a makeup artist in your back pocket, achieving such a look can be, well... hairy, not to mention terrifying, if you don't trust in your own artistry skills. But with a little simplifying and practice, you can nail this look! A cat eye is feminine, a little vintage, classy, and can really make your eyes look larger than they are. There are many adjustments you can make to the cat eye application to fit any eye shape. Follow along to perfect this coveted look:

1. Start with a simple natural lid. We LOVE using the Matte Collection Shadows for a classy, natural look.
2. Using the Liquid Eye Definer draw a thin, crisp line starting from the outer corner of your eye and pull the line up at an angle towards the tip of your brow. (You can choose how long or short you want the "tail" to be).
3. Starting from the middle of your line, create a small triangle which expands onto your lash line. This will keep the point of the tail sharp.
4. Fill in the triangle and begin to pull the rest of your line into the inner corner of your eye.
5. Randomly "meow" at people while you walk down the street with your bad self!

*For close set eyes - add Opal Water Color Eye Shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of space.
*For hooded eyes, start the "tail" closer to the mid-section of your eye (before you reach the outer corner) and extend the tail upwards towards the tip of your brow.
*For mature lids - Follow the same steps but make a "kitten" tail. Meaning, make the tail smaller, and shorter in length.

Products used:
Matte Eye Shadow Collection
Eye Definer Liner in Black
Volumizing Mascara
Opal Water Color Eye Shadow

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Wellness Wednesday: Your Skin on Broccoli

1/20/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Ask any kid what their least favorite food is, and they are bound to state proudly... Broccoli! Well, we're not kids any more and we have a responsibility to keep up our health, aka Adulting. Broccoli can no longer be food enemy number one. It's just to darn healthy for us! Your skin takes on wonderful benefits when you eat broccoli as a part of your normal daily diet. Our wellness journey relies heavily on our diets, and Cruciferous Veggies can have a huge impact on our health. Let's break down the Broccoli barrier and start eating!

Now you know why Broccoli should be your go to veggie on your wellness journey. Blanch it, steam it, bake it, roast it, boil it. No matter how you prepare it, make sure you eat it weekly. And if you are feeling creative, make your own treatment with Broccoli extract. Just add a drop into our Hydratlift Firming Mask for added benefits!

Now get to adulting, and get your Broccoli on! Your skin will be SO thankful!


Find the Right Cleanser For Your Skin!

1/15/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Finding the right cleanser for your skin can be tough. There are so many lines out there, with SO many options, it leaves you with your head spinning. We like to think of our skin care routine as simple, easy to manage, and easy to build. Cleanser is the most important part of any skin care routine. It removes dirt, makeup and the daily grime from our skin, preparing it for treatments and hydration. But which cleanser is right for you? We have 3 cleansers, each of which provide different qualities for different skin types. Look at our chart to see where you fit!

When to choose Deep Clean: Your skin gets oily by noon, you have consistent acne break outs, you have acne scarring. This citrus cleanser removes dirt and deep impurities without disrupting the skin's natural lipid barrier. Your skin will be clean, refreshed and bacteria free!

When to choose Cleanse: Your skin is sensitive, you have redness or inflamed skin, your skin is dry, dull, and/or aging. The subtle peppermint scent will refresh your spirit while the SLS FREE formula keeps your skin healthy, hydrated, and radiant.

When to choose Purify: Your skin is discolored, you have both oily and dry skin, you need a detox, you need a gentle exfoliation. This enzymatic cleanser gently exfoliates rough skin and dead skin cells for better treatment penetration.

With only three to choose from your choice is simplified, and easy to make. The results are stellar and your skin will feel and BE clean and ready for action. Each cleanser is created with specific skin types in mind, so take a moment and give your face a long hard look and decide what your skin needs. Then get to cleansing!

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Wellness Wednesday: Hormone Health

1/13/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Oh Hormones... we HAVE to live with them, they are apart of us and our inner "mechanics." But let's get real, once they start doing their own thing and become imbalanced... life can get a little hairy... or lack of hair...or make us feel simply wacky. As nice as it would be able to control our hormones with positive thinking and brain power alone, we just can't. Diet, hydration, sleep and supplements are the top 4 natural remedies to aid hormonal balance.

We know when we are out of whack; lack of sleep, change in appetite, hair loss, hair growth in areas where hair simply shouldn't grow, mood shifts, changes in body temperature... the list goes on and on and none of the symptoms are fun. Hormonal imbalance is the pits. Luckily there are small changes you can make to your daily routine to help shift your hormones into balance.

1. Elevate your day - Using our Elevate supplement will help your adrenal glands function properly. Your adrenal glands are your bodies hormone "hub" when they are working right, your body is balanced.
2. Hormone Health Harmonized Water: Our Harmonized Water helps with Thyroid deficiencies and also aids in balancing symptoms of menopause, "man-o-pause," hair loss, libido and fertility.
3. Scheduled Meals - You MUST eat breakfast, everyday. Having a high protein breakfast helps your adrenal glands trigger the production of cortisol which aids in healthy stress reaction and helps your metabolism function properly.  Lunch and Dinner should be heavier on the complex carbs, which helps shut cortisol down for the night, so you can get a good nights rest.
4. Hydration - Why is it so hard to drink water? We know, you get busy and forget to hydrate. Boy is that detrimental! You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If this step is new for you, get ready to be running to the bathroom often. But don't worry, your body will adjust and the results of balance will be worth the continuous trips to the loo.

There you have it. Four easy steps to give your hormones a much needed wellness check. Wellness starts and ends with YOU. Our hormonal health is without question, an important pillar on our wellness journey. When your hormones are imbalanced, your body can wreak havoc on its self, causing a number of symptoms that can make you feel extremely out of place. Luckily you now have four easy shifts to make on your path to hormonal wellness. We hope you utilize our supplements and tips this year as you continue your wellness journey!

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Testimonial Tuesday :: Catalyst AC-11

1/12/2016 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

We're very excited to share this Catalyst AC-11 testimonial from Dr. Safari Appearance Medical Clinic located in New Zealand.

"Osmosis has been a godsend for my clients with sun damage. The traditional treatments for sun damage and actinic keratosis (the flaky pink patches on the skin that have the potential to turn nasty) are usually very invasive e.g. liquid nitrogen, creams that burn the skin, and surgery. My clients understand that even surgery is not 100% effective as sometimes larger portions of damaged skin have to be excised or the lesion may grow back. Due to the down time involved with traditional treatments, some of my clients opt to have no treatment at all because they can not have time off work while being treated. Therefore, in May 2014, we started using Catalyst AC-11 as an alternative to traditional treatment.

Catalyst AC-11 brings the damage (obvious and under the surface) to the surface gradually with very impressive results. Treatment is non-invasive and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Whilst it may take longer than traditional treatments, there is no down time, and as a bonus, the skin looks much healthier and younger post-treatment. I am using this product myself and I am delighted with the results."

Please visit our website for more information on how Catalyst AC-11 can help you.


One Step to Change Your Makeup Look

1/08/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Are you feeling a little dull? A little...meh? Maybe a little trapped in your daily beauty routine? It is SO easy to get stuck in a makeup rut, and we tend to forget that our makeup routine is an expression of who we are, and how we are feeling, but we have a solution to get you back on track and feeling bold, happy, mysterious... or how ever you want to feel.  There is one easy shift you can make in your makeup routine to really switch it up and feel like new. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a whole new makeup look or learn how to perfect a cat eye, you just need to change your lipstick!

It is easy to change our look just by changing the color of our lips. That doesn't mean buying the same shade you always wear or going straight to a nude lip shade. It means stepping outside your comfort zone and really listening to how you want to feel. There are no rules now-a-days about when to wear a bold lip or a natural lip, you can simply wear what ever makes you feel good... and if that is a bright red lip at 9am DO IT! We LOVE our Lipsticks, their creamy, rich colors keep lips hydrated and last all day. They all come in wearable shades that can transform a drab feeling look into a glam bomb look! We like to select our lipsticks to reflect our mood, it's an easy way to show the world who you are, AND it adds a quick update to your daily look. Here are our suggestions for choosing a lip color based on how you want to feel. Doing this will update your day to day makeup look in a snap!

  So get on with your bad self and put your pucker on the front line!

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Wellness Wednesday - Elevate Your Health

1/06/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Unless you live under a rock, we are sure that all you've heard this week is "New Year, New You" "Time to join a gym" "Time to eat more veggies," so on and so forth. Yes, the new year is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your lifestyle, choices, and goals, but resolutions can be a bit daunting and intimidating. We tend to make huge resolutions that fizzle within the first month of the year. We all want to lose weight, work out more, start a new career, become a better person, learn a new skill etc. and these are BIG goals that take time, strategy and commitment that won't accomplish themselves over night. Personal wellness is a goal we all strive for and there is no shortage of ways to achieve it. We want to help you on your wellness journey, so today marks the first post of our new blog column Wellness Wednesday. Each week we will provide you with tips and information to better your holistic lifestyle and all around health. This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on a perfect New Years "New You" conduit. Elevate.
Our Elevate supplement is the perfect tool to aid in your 2016 wellness goals. From weight loss to immune deficiencies and hormone health, this little gem of a pill helps boost your ATP and DNA repair abilities making your body a well oiled machine, capable of anything! Cat's Claw, Amino Acids, and B Vitamins boost your body's immunity and cell repair. Pyruvate and Ganoderma detox the body and aid in converting fat into energy. CoQ10 aids in protection against free radicals to better protect your body while you work towards your wellness goals. Elevate is the perfect addition to your daily health routine. Combined with clean eating and proper hydration, Elevate can help you loose weight, obtain more energy, AND most important, regulate better sleep! Elevate helps harmonize a number of different symptoms our bodies face in the way of hormonal and adrenal health. When your adrenal glands are balanced, your body can better regulate hormone production and snuff symptoms that come from adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance thus aiding in a better metabolism, higher energy, and an end to brain fog.

We all know that every New Year brings a flurry of resolutions and goals. Most of them tend to be body focused. Elevate is a wonderful supplement to help you meet those goals. More important, Elevate will help you feel balance. When our hormones are in balance, the task of self improvement is more manageable.

The journey to wellness doesn't have to be a long hard path. It can be enjoyable, rewarding work. Elevate is a great place to start your wellness journey.

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**Always consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen**