Make it Special! Pampering Tips for your Facials

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It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to treat your clients to a pampering facial.  Add
these tips to any facial to make it a treatment to remember.


Begin with a dose of Relax Harmonized H20 added into an herbal tea.


Provide a warm neck wrap for extra relaxation.


Once in the treatment room begin the facial using one of our protocols that best fits the client’s skin.


Add an extra delicious neck and shoulder massage using a mixture of Immerse and the delightful chocolate scented Repair Mask.


Make mom's facial extra special by using Maxine's "Most delicious, beyond hydrating, wrinkle erasing treatment!" Combine Hydrating Herb Mask, 2 pumps Immerse, and 2 scoops Hyaluronic Acid. Mix well in bowl, warm it up in your hand and apply as a mask for 5-10 minutes. Remove with warm towel and proceed with facial.


End the treatment with a makeover using Colour Mineral Powder to match, a dust of South Beach Bronzer for glow, and a splash of grapefruit scented Lip Gloss to send your client on their way looking and feeling radiant!


Oncology Esthetics :: Fighting Cancer Together

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Osmosis has partnered with Oncology Esthetics® to help provide skincare products and protocols that can be used on the sensitive skin of Oncology patients. Oncology Esthetics is an extensive training program designed to teach essential skills necessary to make adjustments, perform safe spa treatments and to help enhance quality of life for Oncology patients. Trainings are facilitated by a medical professional specializing in Oncology, and Becky Kuehn, the US Director/National Educator for Oncology Esthetics/Evergreen Skincare Solutions. Supervised theory and hands-on learning encompass the following:

  • Oncology Esthetics and the psychological benefit to the client, their family, caregivers and the spa professional.
  • Risk management and the necessity for credible training.
  • Cancer, cancer treatment and side effects that require personalized spa treatments based on clients medical history.
  • Body systems that necessitate understanding in order to make adjustments.
  • Select skin care and cosmetic products for use with those experiencing compromised skin.
  • How to share the news about your new certification.

Interested in becoming a certified Oncology Esthetician?

Please visit or look for upcoming classes on our website.

Products that Osmosis supplies for Oncology patients are Purify, Quench, Quench Plus+ and Shade.


Keep Your Skin Healthy

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Probiotic Skin Products


It was once thought that all bacteria were harmful.  With modern science, we now know better and most of us take our probiotics to help maintain healthy gut flora which improves our immunity.  What about our skin though? 


Chlorella Vulgaris
People go to great lengths to ride their skin of bacteria with anti-bacterial face soaps, peroxide based solutions, and even prescriptive antibiotics.  There are estimated to be around 1,000 different types of bacteria on our skin.  Some of them can be harmful to us by causing an infection but most are beneficial and help improve our immune system.


Chlorella Vulgaris, green algae, is a probiotic that maintains the good bacteria helping keep balanced and healthy skin.  We use Chlorella Vulgaris throughout the Osmosis line not only for its promotion of healthy bacteria but also for its antioxidant and collagen production abilities.  It can be found in our Treatment A Serums, Replenish, Repair, and Facial Infusion Dermal Therapy.  We also use Lactic Acid at gentle doses that encourage a healthy pH for good bacteria to thrive.  Get healthier skin by encouraging the presence of good bacteria which strengthens and protects the skin.


Know Your ABCs...

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by Jamie Palmer, Corporate Educator


As a professional, you are in the unique position to recognize early signs in your clients for skin cancer.  Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin due to DNA damage.  Skin cancer is most often caused by UV radiation and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is the most prevalent form of cancer in the US affecting 2 million American each year.


Remember your ABCs and now D&Es to help detect early signs of skin cancer.



Border (irregular)

Color (more than 1 color)

Diameter (greater than 6mm)

Evolving and Elevated


One of the best ways to prevent skin cancer is sun protection.  Physical blocks are the healthiest way to provide this protection.  Shade Sunscreen Moisturizer and our Mineral Powder Foundations provide reflective properties and sit on the surface of the skin providing a physical barrier offering UV protection in two ways.




Osmosis Events - New Jersey May 2013

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Please join us for two events on Monday, May 13th and learn how to enhance the skin’s beauty by focusing on balanced healthy skin from the inside-out.

Our skincare class will provide you with the fundamental concepts and techniques using our unique innovative skincare line.

We have also added another event, separate from the skincare class with a little more “Colour”.  You will learn how to color match with our stay true color mineral makeup which will give you long lasting performance with a natural feel.  Join us for appetizers and cocktails at our exclusive “Colour Cocktail Party.”

Osmosis Skin Clinic and Training

~ Osmosis Philosophy and the Science
~ DNA Repair & Growth Factors
~ Osmosis Product Knowledge
~ How to Grow Your Business
~ Demo:  Facial Infusion
Monday, May 13th
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Class Fee:
$85 ($25 credit towards product purchase)
Fee includes:  Lunch, Osmosis Training Manual and exclusive product discounts!
Colour Cocktail Party

~ Artistic Director, Alejandro Falcon
~ How to Dress Yourself with Colour
~ Demo:  Applications & Makeovers
Monday, May 13th
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Class Fee:
$25 plus a FREE gift!  Enjoy exclusive product discounts!
Cocktails and Appetizers will be served.

Get Registered!
Space is limited.
Join us for both events or just one!  Your Choice!
*If you are coming from New York, you can take a 5 minute ferry from the terminal next to the Javitz Center to the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel!

Sheraton Lincoln Harbor
500 Harbor Blvd
Weehawken, NJ  07086
ph:  201.617.5600
Please contact Ashley Maron at 877.777.2305 to register.


Tame the Rose ~ Reduce Redness for a Night Out!

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Ready for a night out, but haven’t had time to let your redness calm down?  Use these great application tips to even out your skin tone.


Application Technique

Choose the correct shade of foundation.

Apply Sheer Tint Primer in appropriate shade to even out redness on the skin.

Use the Age Defying Treatment Concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to neutralize any redness and/or darkness. 

Apply Pressed Base Powder evenly on top using Dome Powder Brush to add coverage and even out any redness.

Apply Blush and Eye Shadow colors to achieve desired look.



Products Used

Pressed Base – Beige

Sheer Tint Primer – Natural

Eye Shadow Trio – Bronzed Cocoa

Eye Liner – Black

Brow Gel – Taupe

Lip Gloss – Pink Sapphire

MineralHydration Mist (to set minerals and give dewy finish)


Dr Johnson's Corner :: Strengthening Your Skin

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As skin cancer continues to be a growing problem, the importance of maintaining a healthy barrier, strengthening the skin's immune system and providing key tools in the repair process of DNA and sun damage cannot be over-stated. Our internal/topical sun protection is ideal for sun exposure. Know that you and your clients have the best protocol in the world for protecting against uv damage and aging by using our internal UV Protection Harmonized H20. You deserve to be protected.

To learn more about UV Protection Harmonized H20 and how it works, click here to read the usage guide

Best Regards,