Strengthen Your Strands For Luscious Locks!

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Our hair is a big part of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. It's like a fashion statement we can switch up to match our mood, the cherry on top of our every day look! But just like our skin, our hair needs proper nourishment to shine-on and look its best. Here are our top three tips for promoting full, thick, flowing hair.

1. Hair Mask.

Hair masks are all-too-often an overlooked step in a beauty routine. Your hair is exposed to environmental toxins, climate-induced textures, chemicals from dyes, damage from hot tools, and more. It is important we provide reinforcement to these daily dealings. Tropical Mango Mask is a nutrient-rich mask that you can apply to your hair for a deeply nourishing treatment to help repair damage and restore shine!
PRO TIP: For an extra splash of hydration, mix a pump of Nourish into your Mask, apply the mixture, and sleep in it. Rinse it out in the morning and say hello to your best hair day yet.

2. Scalp Treatment.

From a healthy scalp grows luscious locks. Ensure it is getting the love it needs by vigorously massaging it every time you wash your hair. Just a couple minutes a few times a week will help increase blood circulation and stimulate growth by creating the ideal environment for hair to thrive.
PRO TIP: Boost antioxidant power for a healthy, flake-free noggin by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with Replenish for an amazing scalp treatment.

3. Fuel with Foods.

Whether it's your body, skin, or hair... start within. You know how we roll. Implementing leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and antioxidant-rich foods into your diet will directly impact the health of those strands, keeping them strong and shiny. Check out these Ayurvedic tricks for promoting your healthiest hair.
PRO TIP: If your body is hydrated, your skin and hair are more likely to be too. Just another reason to drink more than enough water every day to back your beauty! Sip on Hormone Water to help holistically balance and harmonize hair growth.

Utilize these habits and let it flow! Healthy hair is the perfect accessory to your beauty. Tell us your favorite healthy hair habits in the comments below!


Makeup Tips and Tricks for a Glowing Spring Brilliance

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The changing of the season paves the way for a refresh and renewal in all aspects of life, including your makeup bag! Say goodbye to warm and dark winter hues and hello to this season's hottest trends! Glowing skin is always in, but this spring it's making a bigger statement than ever. Check out our tips and tricks for brightening up your look!

1. Glowing Eyes.

Put the smokey eye on hold, right now it's all about a monochromatic glow! No need for a contour color, just dab a bit of highlighter or a soft, shimmery shade of Eye Shadow onto the center of the lid and blend into the ball of the eye, just under the brow, and down around the tear duct to create a bright, youthful radiance! Get the full step-by-step tutorial for the perfect glowing eyes here.

2. Bright Blush.

Go bold with Blush this spring! Adding a pop of color to the cheeks perfectly compliments the glow of the eyes and adds life to your look! Colors in the coral and orange family are hot right now! And you can never go wrong playing it safe with pinks.

3. Flaunt your Best Features.

Targeted highlighting that illuminates the entire face is absolutely stunning in the sunny season. Heavy-handedly sweep the highlighter from our Lustrous Contour Duo along the tops of the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose, and across the cupid's bow. Or go for an even stronger shine by utilizing our Opal Water Color and blending in for a magical luminosity.

4. High-Shine Lips.

Lips take the cake this season as the point of interest in your makeup look. Electrifying and glossy is the way to go! Choose a color that says "wow!", the bolder the better and then lay on the lacquer. Our Lip Glazes come in richly-pigmented, high-shine shades that will add the cherry on top of your spring glam.

This spring's trends are all about big color and knowing when to glow. Shop your seasonal beauty bag essentials here!


The Key to Protecting Your Skin's Barrier

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Your skin's job is to protect you. But sometimes, various factors can hinder it from performing at its maximum potential. That's where you come in! It is crucial that we are fueling our skin with the tools it needs to function properly as protectors of the body, and it all boils down to barrier health. We're exploring ways you can help your skin help you and build up its barrier to reinforce potential and give you healthy, glowing radiance year-round.

Your skin is comprised of three main layers: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. These layers are constantly hard at work! Then there's the barrier (the stratum corneum), the uppermost layer of the skin, that acts as a security guard for the layers beneath, ensuring nothing gets in there that could cause damage or problems such as environmental toxins, chemicals, and more. When this barrier starts to wear down and become weak, it cannot protect those lower layers, and this is when sensitivity occurs. This weakening can happen over time as you age or can be a result of harsh exfoliants or scrubs, and ultimately boils down to loss of hydration and elasticity. Thirty percent of the skin is made up of water, and the lipids and hydration are what allow the skin to function at its best! However, that's not to say there's nothing you can do about it. Let's dive in!

Why Do We Get Dry Skin?

1. Food and Drink Habits.
Diets high in caffeine, sugar, and alcohol can restrict nutrient delivery to the skin and cause dehydration. Try swapping out coffee for matcha, or integrating more "good fats" into your diet with avocados, salmon, almonds, or coconuts!

2. Inflammation.
If your skin is irritated, stressed, or overly inflamed, be it from rosacea, eczema, or even a sunburn, it requires more nutrients in an effort to calm that inflammation. But, this makes it difficult for the barrier to thrive and be healthy, causing further dehydration.

3. Over-Exfoliation.
Scrubs and harsh chemicals used as exfoliants may strip the lipid barrier, weakening its ability to protect the deeper layers of the skin, causing... you guessed it, dehydration. Choose natural enzyme exfoliants instead that gently eat away dead skin cells while still keeping the barrier intact.

4. Climate.
Cold, dry temperatures directly impact the skin. When the air surrounding us lacks water, our skin naturally loses moisture as well. And when temperatures are low, the cold air reduces blood flow to the skin. Combat less-than-ideal climates with nutrient-rich moisturizers like Nourish.

The Solution to Repair.

Meet the Osmosis Moisturizing Collection! All products in the line are rich in essential fatty acids, flavonoids, phytosterols, vitamins, and minerals to feed and nourish the skin back to health and restore the barrier's strength and integrity. Enrobe the skin with ingredients that heal damage to improve texture for a soft, supple radiance. Take care of your skin so your skin can take care of you!

Shop your Moisturizing Collection here and enjoy the benefits of a healthy barrier and a glowing radiance!


Spring into Beauty with these Must-Haves!

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Spring is right around the corner! And as the flowers bloom and the weather starts to warm, it is the perfect time to spruce-up your beauty routine. We're sharing our favorite spring must-haves to brighten your skin and makeup with the changing of the season!

1. Treat Those Eyes.

Spring usually means allergies, and allergies bring puffy, itchy, red eyes. Keep Refresh Eye Serum on deck for the next few months to reduce puffiness and keep eyes moisturized and refreshed!
PRO TIP: Run your finger under cold water, then apply. The coldness will help calm any swelling.

2. Pop of Peony.

As we transition out of winter, our skin is always a little paler than it is in the warmer months. Add some warmth and color to your face with a splash of Blush! We love Peony in the spring time!

3. Get to Spritzing.

Nothing is more refreshing than a spritzer in the spring, so why not deliver the same "ahh!" moment to your skin! Our Mineral Hydration Mist goes everywhere we go in the spring and summer. It's cooling splash of hydration helps set makeup for all-day wear, plus it wakes up your face for a rejuvenated glow!

4. Aloe-ha spring radiance!

Find A Skincare Professional near you for a facial that will put a pep in your step this spring and shake off those winter dryness blues. Our Soothing Gel Mask is formulated with aloe and herbs to calm any redness or irritation from cold, dry weather and deliver a spring-ready brightness to your complexion!

5. Gloss Game Strong.

Nothing makes you feel more put-together than a good Lip Gloss and Lilac is our favorite spring shade. We call it subtle with a shimmy! Plus, it's formulated with nourishing vitamins and minerals that will not only make your lips look on-point, but will have them feeling just as fab!

Shop these spring essentials and more here!


Better Together - Our Perfect Product Pairings

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Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin. Some things are just better together! Here are some of our favorite dynamic duos that give you more to love and enhance your routine.

Translucent Finishing Powder & Mineral Hydration Mist.

This classic pairing goes hand-in-hand and is a given in any makeup routine to create a flawless finish to last all day!

Restore & Rescue.

These two utilize the same powerful ingredient to repair damage and enhance immunity, one tackles the skin while the other does the job internally! For ultimate restoration inside and out, use them together in your routine!

Altitude Water & Protect.

Taking a weekend trip to the mountains? Harness the holistic powers of Altitude Water to harmonize cell function when you're way above sea level, then call on Protect to shield your skin from the harsh rays up there as well as deliver extra moisture when the dry air strikes.

Quench Plus+ & Loose Base.

Create your own Liquid Foundation by combining our organic, skin-plumping moisturizer with the luxury mineral Loose Base to create an irresistible, creamy formula with a customized texture just the way you like it!

Nourish  & Tropical Mango Mask.

Add a couple drops of Nourish to Tropical Mango Mask and apply as a sleep mask for intense moisture and barrier repair. These two compliment each other so well and will not only deliver a nourishing self-care treatment to your skin, but the light, refreshing aroma will serve as a sensory delight.

Let us know your favorite Osmosis product pairings in the comments below! 


Healthy Living in a World of Environmental Toxins

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Environmental Toxins are just about everywhere - from the air we breathe to the food we eat, and even in your own home! Though this may sound pessimistic and daunting, the good news is, with subtle lifestyle adjustments and a holistic-wellness approach, it's easy to detox on the daily and provide your body with the tools it needs to ward them off on its own! The first step to decreasing impact from these toxins is by increasing your awareness, which will, in turn, help you know how to avoid overexposure and fuel your body in a way that will help combat its effects. Here are a few tips to maintaining your healthiest self in a world filled with toxins.

1. Do your research.

Harmful toxins can be found in places that you least expect. It's worth it to do your research to find out which toxins you are most exposed to on a daily basis based on the location of your home, the quality of the food you eat, and the activities you partake in.

2. Choose Your Food Wisely.

We all know we're supposed to eat healthy, but are we really aware of the impact of the food we eat and how it directly affects our body? Try to eat as organically as possible to reduce the amount of artificial additives you are consuming. Steer-clear of highly processed meals, low-quality fish (contaminated with high levels of mercury and PCBs), and artificial sweeteners.
Pst... eating fresh, organic food doesn't have to be expensive! We love this online grocery store that delivers wholesome, yummy food for a steal of a deal!

3. Go Green with Your Beauty Routine.

Many toxins hide in the names we can't pronounce on the labels of our cosmetics. Dodge these dangerous ingredients all together and choose clean beauty products that nourish your skin, hair, and body sans harmful chemicals. Osmosis offers a wide array of beauty products you can feel great about! Read about our philosophy of treating the whole body from the inside out here.

4. Avoid harsh cleaning supplies.

Thankfully, we live in a generation where bleach and windex are not our only hope for effectively sanitizing the kitchen or bathroom. Such products are chock-full of extremely harmful chemicals that emit toxic fumes into your home and/or lungs if you breathe it in! Reach for the cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly next time you're at the store. 

5. Give your Body a Boost with Supplements.

Along with clean skincare and makeup, Osmosis offers all-natural, holistic supplements that help fuel your body and provide it with the tools needed to detox and heal. Some of our supplements that are all-stars when it comes to toxin removal are Environmental Detox to remove toxins from the gut and cells, Melt to detox fat cells, Pathway to detox the digestive tract and colon, and Elevate to detox the body while repairing DNA! Shop your super-supplements here.