Healthy Living in a World of Environmental Toxins

3/02/2018 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Environmental Toxins are just about everywhere - from the air we breathe to the food we eat, and even in your own home! Though this may sound pessimistic and daunting, the good news is, with subtle lifestyle adjustments and a holistic-wellness approach, it's easy to detox on the daily and provide your body with the tools it needs to ward them off on its own! The first step to decreasing impact from these toxins is by increasing your awareness, which will, in turn, help you know how to avoid overexposure and fuel your body in a way that will help combat its effects. Here are a few tips to maintaining your healthiest self in a world filled with toxins.

1. Do your research.

Harmful toxins can be found in places that you least expect. It's worth it to do your research to find out which toxins you are most exposed to on a daily basis based on the location of your home, the quality of the food you eat, and the activities you partake in.

2. Choose Your Food Wisely.

We all know we're supposed to eat healthy, but are we really aware of the impact of the food we eat and how it directly affects our body? Try to eat as organically as possible to reduce the amount of artificial additives you are consuming. Steer-clear of highly processed meals, low-quality fish (contaminated with high levels of mercury and PCBs), and artificial sweeteners.
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3. Go Green with Your Beauty Routine.

Many toxins hide in the names we can't pronounce on the labels of our cosmetics. Dodge these dangerous ingredients all together and choose clean beauty products that nourish your skin, hair, and body sans harmful chemicals. Osmosis offers a wide array of beauty products you can feel great about! Read about our philosophy of treating the whole body from the inside out here.

4. Avoid harsh cleaning supplies.

Thankfully, we live in a generation where bleach and windex are not our only hope for effectively sanitizing the kitchen or bathroom. Such products are chock-full of extremely harmful chemicals that emit toxic fumes into your home and/or lungs if you breathe it in! Reach for the cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly next time you're at the store. 

5. Give your Body a Boost with Supplements.

Along with clean skincare and makeup, Osmosis offers all-natural, holistic supplements that help fuel your body and provide it with the tools needed to detox and heal. Some of our supplements that are all-stars when it comes to toxin removal are Environmental Detox to remove toxins from the gut and cells, Melt to detox fat cells, Pathway to detox the digestive tract and colon, and Elevate to detox the body while repairing DNA! Shop your super-supplements here.

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