Pantone Trending Shades for the New Year

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Ah, Pantone trends, we meet again. This is one of our favorite times of year when we get to celebrate colors and incorporating the latest trends with our makeup! Check out this year's top shades and how you can rock them in 2018 with your Osmosis favorites!

You can never go wrong with a bold red lip! Mimic the trending Cherry Tomato color with our Cinnamon Kiss Lip Gloss to create a vibrant, kissable pout any time of year!

Pink Lavender serves as a great complimentary shadow shade, especially if you've got blue or green eyes! Add a little dimension to the style with Mystic Mulberry Shadow Duo for a fun-loving, flirty flare!

We're obsessing over Chili Oil for 2018! Its deep, romantic hue can be recreated with Vintage Lipstick for a sultry, irresistible lip look.

We'll take any excuse to flaunt a Water Color Shadow! Arcadia closely resembles Azure which is a feature color in our Midnight Glitz Look and we have all the heart eyes.

Chocolate liner is making a fierce statement in 2018 and our creamy Eyeliner formulas will deliver just the alluring smoke you're looking for. Emperador can be found in many of our Colour products but we cannot wait to sport our Brown liner this year (especially with its water-resistant and long-wearing qualities)!

Blooming Dahlia has us swooning. To us, this shade is the perfect pop of flirt for any look! We'll all be pretty in pink this season with Peony Mineral Blush formulated with vitamin E and zinc oxide for nourishment and sass!

Let us know your favorite Pantone shade in the comments below!


How To Set Intentions for the New Year

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As each year comes to a close and we reflect back, we also want to start shifting our thoughts forward on the year to come. Set your sights and intentions on 2018 and all that you want to manifest. It's always great to have goals, but intentions speak deeper and help drive to those goals. Let's learn exactly how to set these intentions so that they may come to fruition, highlighting our highest, most authentic self!

1. Create a safe space to clear your mind.

Setting intentions should come from the heart space. It is important your mind and heart are surrounded by positivity and that you are in a safe place to uncover that which you wish to manifest. Turn on some music that inspires you or sparks the creative side of your brain. Positive vibes are key here! We want to set intentions of growth, positivity, and love, so be sure your space represents that when brainstorming.
TIP: It may help to hold some crystals, or place them in your room to stimulate your thoughts and set the tone.

2. Harness the power of writing.

Writing down your thoughts as they come to you is a great place to start to really channel your heart's deepest desires. Get out of your own way, no rules, just write. Don't worry about punctuation or if what you're writing makes sense. Let the words flow onto the page and discover what your heart feels and wants when you read it back to yourself! This practice is truly magical and will help you conquer the roadblocks your brain puts in the way when trying to set your intentions for the new year.

3. Look inward.

Setting intentions different from setting goals. Intentions cannot be forced and must come from a heartfelt place as a way of living and being, as opposed to an action you would like to take. Though goals are extremely important and we should all have them, they tend to overwhelm us especially when the pressure of a new year comes around. Look inward to align your intentions with your heart's purpose and how you can use these intentions to pave the course of your life and your relationships with yourself and others.

4. Let your truest authenticity flow.

Osmosis President Robin McGee says, "We have all we need to achieve our desires within our own self," we just have to awaken it! Dig deep to bring your intentions to life. There are many practices that help you get in tune with your intuition and develop a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself. Whether it be yoga, meditation, journaling, or any other form of self-care, do some research to find a practice that resonates with you and start exercising your intuition muscles! This will play a large role in unveiling your hearts desires and intentions. Osmosis President, Robin McGee says, "It is empowering to know that your desires are under construction and it is the ultimate success to have them occur.".

We are so excited to begin the journey through a new year with you! Keep us posted with your intentions, progress, and practices to help you reach your goals and manifest those desires. Let your authentic self shine through!


Post-Holiday Skin Refresh

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Whew! We made it through the holidays and now it's time to refuel. Our bodies endure a lot during this time of year. Stress, digestive strain, fatigue, you name it and you've probably felt it these past few weeks. All of the symptoms that weigh on your body, also directly impact your skin. So, we're hitting the refresh button and coming clean from the inside out as we move past the holiday season and into 2018! Read on to discover how to restore your radiance after the holidays with a holistic skin-refreshing treatment.

1. Skin Perfection
Boost your skin-refresh results by targeting the internal source! Skin Perfection is treated with frequencies to reduce skin inflammation caused by digestive imbalances from all those holiday treats! The secret is starting within to reclaim your glow.

2. Hydralift Firming Gel Mask
This soothing and firming mask provides the ultimate skin-renewal for post-holiday stress. It contains calming cucumber extract to enhance relaxation while Aloe Vera promotes healing and soothes irritation and dryness. Plus, its plumping and firming components will leave your skin looking revived and rejuvenated! Kick-back, relax, and treat yourself to this pampering mask!

3. Immerse
Cold weather means dry skin. Combat the effects of winter with Immerse Moisture Booster. This hydrating oil helps to calm and soothe irritation caused by dryness while promoting wound healing for a soft, supple glow! It also contains a high dosage of antioxidants from raspberry oil, vitamin E, and calendula. A total must-have in your winter routine!
TIP: Cocktail Immerse with Hydralift Mask for a luxuriously hydrating experience.

4. Refresh PM
An Eye Serum for the ages! This powerful little bottle packs a serious punch when it comes to skin-
recovery. Its intensely-moisturizing formula will restore a healthy barrier around the eye while plumping fine-lines and offering protection to that delicate skin.
TIP: Apply Refresh PM to chapped lips,
too and watch them plump and recover with
every use!

5. Clear Plus+
You didn't think we could share a protocol
of any kind without an Activating Mist,
did you? Clear Plus+ is our saving grace when
it comes to all things skin. Use it to top off
your twice-daily routine, or just keep it in your
bag and spritz anytime you feel you need
a nice, mid-day refresher! Its antibacterial components will help heal the skin, plus it will work to firm, hydrate, and soothe.

These top 5 picks will leave you looking and feeling brand new after the holiday season! Treat yourself to an at-home spa night, or find a Skincare Professional near you for a little extra pampering. Your skin will thank you!


Identifying Perioral Dermatitis & Healing from Within

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With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, our seasonal eating habits can be pretty harsh on our digestive system. We are surrounded by baked goods and cookie decorating, heavy meals rich with butter and salt, and not to mention the surge in seasonal cocktails. This can result in a purging of toxins visible on the face. We're breaking down perioral dermatitis, one of the most common skin conditions caused by digestive stress, and why it seems to spike this time of year, so let's dive in!

Perioral Dermatitis is a condition in which inflammation appears around the mouth and chin in the form of small red bumps, often accompanied by mild peeling and flaking. According to our Face Mapping guide, breakouts around the mouth indicate various imbalances in our digestive tract. PD, specifically, is usually the result of food toxins, stress-induced digestive troubles, and possibly mouth toxicity from fluoride. While your instinct may be to counteract this rash-like breakout with harsh exfoliants or astringents, fast and visible results will come with a much more gentle approach on the skin with some internal reinforcement. Here's what we recommend:

Topical Solutions


This revolutionary epidermal repair serum contains powerful healing properties through our patented ingredient, Trioxolane. It works to neutralize toxins in the skin, calm inflammation, activate wound repair, and empower the skin with the tools needed to transform appearance and texture for permanent results! Talk about a super-serum, this one does it all!

Activating Mist

A staple in any protocol. Always be sure to top of your serums with Clear or Clear Plus+ to ensure optimal product penetration and absorption. Bonus! It is treated with frequencies to help stabilize bacteria levels and empower rejuvenation. Get to spritzing!

Internal Solutions

Skin Perfection

This Water is treated with frequencies that assist in harmonizing digestion imbalances that affect the skin's appearance. It also works to balance inflammation in the skin, which is a primary symptom of perioral dermatitis. This is the perfect addition to boost results from your routine.


This supplement matches our own pancreatic enzymes, making it easily recognizable by the body and enhancing its effectiveness to break down the food we eat (yes, even all that pumpkin pie and eggnog). This internal approach to assisting your body in absorbing nutrients and releasing toxins from food targets perioral dermatitis at its source so you can see results faster.

Empower your skin and body to achieve the magical radiance you deserve. Shop the full protocol here.


These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things!

12/06/2017 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

The holidays are here and we all love to indulge in a few of our favorite things that may be extra special to us this time of year! We're giving you an insider's look at what Osmosis' fearless leaders, Dr. Ben Johnson and Robin McGee, can't go a day without this season. Let's take a peek!

Osmosis Founder, CEO, and Skincare and Wellness Formulator, Dr. Ben Johnson, may not need brown paper packages tied up with string, but here are a few of his favorite things:

1. Dr. Ben prioritizes hydration year-round, but especially during the holiday season. VitaJuwel is his go-to bottle that infuses the water with energy from crystals, giving him a boost of internal wellness and high vibes with every sip!

2. He calls Renew his must-have for "astonishing radiance and youthfulness" during dry, winter months. Its ability to heal stressed, dehydrated skin is unmatched!

3. Rescue and repair damage and reduce winter redness with a potent serum containing one of Ben's favorite patented ingredients, Trioxolane. He says this "changes the game" for his skin this time of year.

4. Ben's sweet tooth is not to be underestimated! He relies heavily on Sugar Detox Water over the holidays to help curb that candy craving & harmonize sugar's negative effects on the body.

Osmosis President and Colour Formulator, Robin McGee, simply remembers these favorite things during the holiday season to keep her looking and feeling fabulous!

1. Age-Defying Treatment Concealer is her "can't leave the house without it" item for the holidays. She loves how convenient it is for touch-ups & covering dark circles to keep her looking fresh all season long!

2. Sassy Lipstick is her holiday lip staple. Its water-resistant, smudge-proof, and bold, highly pigmented formula keeps her lip game strong no matter what the occasion.

3. 'Tis the season for festivities! Robin keeps a bottle of Hangover Water in her bag so she can enjoy those holiday cocktails with the reassurance of balance and restoration after a little extra holiday cheer!

4. Robin is a dedicated yogi, and that does not change during the holiday season. Her yoga mat stays in her car so she can be ready to get her namaste on in the morning on the way to the office or on the way home without skipping a beat. It is essential for her to re-center, especially this time of year, and yoga is the perfect practice to help her to rebalance, reset, and restore.