Self Care Awareness Month

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September is Self Care Awareness Month and this is a topic we take very seriously here at Osmosis! So many of us live such busy lives, especially as summer's leisure ends and the hustle and bustle of the coming seasons quickly approach without warning, we can easily forget about our own health and wellness (and sanity). This month, we are going to challenge every one of you to take small moments each day to take care of YOU! Whether you take two minutes here and there throughout the day to breathe and be present, or a full hour once a day to focus your mind and energy on yourself, we want to help bring awareness to the importance of self care in the midst of a fast-paced life. Read on to discover 10 small steps you can take to empower your own self care and wellness.

1. Create a morning routine.
Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Take advantage of small moments to yourself at breakfast, in the shower, or two minutes on the porch to get your mind right and prepare your body, thoughts, and energies for the day ahead. Try these quick morning stretches and yoga poses to help get you up and at 'em!

2. Get lost in a book.
Reading not only helps exercise the mind, but it also serves as a simple activity that gives you some quiet time to spend with yourself. Diving into a good book offers a moment's escape from reality so you can recharge and temporarily withdraw into your own mind.

3. Cook a meal.
If you love to cook, it can serve as a creative outlet for you. If you're like some of us, who are on the "take-out is way easier" game plan, we encourage you to give it a shot! Follow a simple recipe like one of these, and challenge yourself in the kitchen to gain a sense of accomplishment and a tasty meal to enjoy!

4. Get serious about skincare.
Your skincare routine is important. You know that. But, when you prioritize this piece of your self-care regimen, you're actually doing more than just washing your face. Set this time aside to spend with yourself and make the most of it! Turn on your favorite jams, apply a mask, and treat yourself to a daily at-home spa. You and your skin put up with a lot, you deserve it.

5. Utilize your time in the car.
Whether you commute to work or have a quick five minute drive to drop the kids off at school, utilize your time alone in the car to decompress, breathe, and center yourself for just that moment, or rock out to your favorite songs!

6. Meditate.
Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting in silence and trying to focus for hours at time. Meditation is achieving mindfulness between the physical and the spiritual and allowing yourself to reboot mentally in small moments. Not sure how to start? Find a meditation method that's right for you.

7. Treat yourself once a week.
You deserve it. Life is short. Treat yo' self. What more reason do you need? We need to stop trying to convince ourselves that we don't have time, don't "need" it, or "probably shouldn't". Within reason, give yourself one treat a week to pamper and reward yourself! We love Jennifer Anniston's Sunday routine!

8. Make time for "me time".
Prioritize your me-time in any way you can. Take a moment to yourself to walk the dog, fold the laundry, or watch your favorite TV show. Me-time can be found in the simplest tasks and will do wonders for your self care and stamina.

9. Create an evening ritual.
Just as your morning routine kick-starts your day, it is essential to create a nighttime ritual to help wind down your mind and body to prepare it for adequate rest. Try a soothing, caffeine-free tea, lavender essential oils, or an evening meditation or prayer to soothe and settle.

10. Allow expression.
One of the most important self-care practices is to allow yourself to feel and express. Society teaches us to "be tough" and that emotions equal weakness. This could not be farther from the truth. Tend to your feelings and emotions, express them freely!

Start small, and start within. Take these steps one at a time where you can and build up to all ten! Don't overlook yourself and your needs, you're important and you're worth it!

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