How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle After Summer Ends

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Summer fitness is easy. We work hard all summer long to look good in that swimsuit, and then as soon as fall comes, we throw our sweatpants on, toss our workout routine out the window, and hunker down until next summer when we send our bodies into hyperdrive once again. But why would we throw our physical health and wellness to the wayside for over half the year? We believe in total body wellness year-round! Learn how to start within to maintain your summer momentum and keep to your fitness goals with some of our favorite methods as fall and winter settle in.

1. Go in the morning or straight from work!
This is rule number one and totally key to keeping up with your workouts during the fall and winter months. It is much harder to get back out once you go home - your couch and sweatpants are way too close! Start your day with an early morning workout or pack your activewear with you to work so you can ride your momentum from the day and head straight to the gym when you get off!

2. Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is great in-and-of itself any time of the year. But there's just something about an invigorating sweat in a 98-degree room when there's a brisk chill outside! It will feel so great on your muscles that can tighten up as the weather gets colder and once you get nice and sweaty from the class, the crisp outside air feels amazing when you leave!

3. Create a Fall-Fitness Challenge with a Pal.
Working out with others is easier than doing it alone. Get creative with your friends on how to hold each other accountable all season long! This will promote motivation and encouragement to prioritize your fitness and heart health throughout the fall and winter.

4. Hit the Trails.
The outdoors are mesmerizing this time of year! Put on a light jacket and some ear warmers and hop on your bike or hit the trails by foot! Relish that crisp, cool air and head out amongst the autumn leaves! Even just a short walk will get your blood pumping and metabolism moving, plus you'll get to enjoy a beautiful view of the trees and have some one-on-one time with nature! Always good for the soul. Find a trail near you!

5. Get Moving During Commercial Breaks.
Your fall fitness routine does not have to be running a marathon. Keep yourself active in your own home with small challenges such as jumping jacks during commercial breaks until the show comes back on, or 10 push-ups before you hop in the shower. Keep it simple and attainable and you will be more likely to follow through!

6. Osmosis +Sculpt.
Struggling to tighten and tone those stubborn areas? Osmosis +Sculpt is a safe and holistic way to target those difficult areas of the body by detoxing the fat cells while exercising the muscle! Advanced technology utilizes nano-currents to target specific areas that you want to slim and shrinks the fat cells by releasing their toxins. Contact us to find an Osmosis +Sculpt Professional near you!

Keeping up with your healthy lifestyle in the fall is totally doable if you tackle it the right way! You can also check out our Wellness Line for an extra boost to add to your routine.

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