Holiday Facial ~ Osmosis Medi-Infusion

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Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN
Give your stomach a break this holiday season and give your skin a feast with the Osmosis Medi-Infusion, for normal, aging, hormonal, or dry skin.  Your dermis will be nourished from all the benefits the unique Facial Infusion offers and by adding the Hydrating Herb Mask your epidermis will feel rejuvenated. 

Passion flower calms while adding essential fatty acids to your epidermis for a healthy barrier.  Sage and meadowsweet tone and detox while honey provides gentle antibacterial protection and reduces epidermal water loss.  Hydrate, heal, and provide anti-aging benefits with ivy, chapparal, olive, manuka, comfrey and yarrow.  This unique combination will make your skin feel ready to take on the holiday season without any downtime!

To read the full protocol, please visit our Professional Resource Center or to find a retailer near you, visit our store locator.


Radiant Holiday Eyes

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by Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director
Add a splash of color to your eyes this holiday season by including the new Water Color eye shadows in your beauty routine.  Wear them individually and sweep all over the eyelid for a subtler look.  Using the Age Defying Treatment Concealer, apply to lids as an eye shadow base.  Pick your favorite Water Color shade and apply a gradient of color starting darker at the lash line and becoming lighter as you get into the brow area.  Finish the look with the new Liquid Eye Definer and the Lengthening Mascara to enhance lashes.
For a more dramatic holiday look, use all three Water Color shades at once.  Begin by applying Onyx at the end of the eye to enhance the outer lashes.  Using Topaz as your contour color, apply across the brow bone.  For brightness and drench of luminosity, add Amethyst to the center of the eye, blending them all together.
Radiance is in for the Holidays so don't be afraid to shine!


Dr Johnson's Corner - Happy Holidays

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Thank you for being a part of the Osmosis journey this year towards improved wellness from the inside out. We've enjoyed our partnership together and look forward to our continued success as we grow with innovative products to keep you at the top. During this busy time, remember to create some space for
yourself to relax and rejuvenate with
Relax and Rejuvenate Mind and Body Harmonized H20

(add some to your tea!). These waters will both calm and revive your spirit to help you survive the hustle and bustle of the Holidays.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful  Holiday Season.


It's Fall - Time to Exfoliate ... Or Maybe Not

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It’s Fall ~ The time of year we are told that now is the time to supercharge your skincare routine through exfoliation.  Never before have there been more serums, acids, peels and technologies for keeping the skin looking young.  However, this approach is doomed to backfire over time.  It’s time for a new paradigm in skincare.

There is no question that forced exfoliation does speed up epidermal turnover.  However, it does so by creating holes in the epidermal barrier forcing the epidermis to go into survival mode.  Unfortunately, many skincare professionals just look at the end result.  They mistakenly assume that the increased cellular turnover means the skin is healthier, when in fact the reason the epidermis is speeding up its cycle is really an emergency-repair response.  The skin responds to trauma by sending support from the bottom up, diverting collagen, antioxidants and crucial nutrients from the dermis in an attempt to repair the damage to the epidermis, thereby creating a nutritional deficit at the underlying layers of the skin.   This combined with the increased inflammation and micro-scarring caused by the harsh exfoliation and the resulting stress to the immune system creates a stage for pre-mature aging, an increase in free-radicals, dryness, irritation and redness, increased sun sensitivity and melanin activity.

However, you can get the benefits of exfoliation without harming your skin.  Used properly, mild exfoliation can result in younger, refreshed skin.   It helps clear clogged pores, smoothes skin and softens lines.   In order to help the skin achieve the balance it needs, we must work with the skin and avoid creating inflammation. 
The 4 Steps for Success:
  • Use a gentle, non-inflammatory exfoliator.
  • Any exfoliation should not be done daily.
  • Always wear sun protection - 365 days a year - to keep sun sensitivity to a minimum.
  • Eat a healthy diet and take internal supplements as needed to help the skin correct any imbalances.

So before you reach for that product or schedule that appointment for a deep exfoliation on the promise of glowing, renewed skin, stop and take a moment to listen to your skin.  Work with your skin from the inside-out and have a long-term vision on where you want your skin to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years.   Your skin will thank you for it. 


POLISH - Enzyme/Firming Mask
For gentle, yet effective exfoliation without inflammation, we recommend Polish, our delicious cranberry enzyme-smoothing, peptide-firming, antioxidant mask.  It is a mild, exfoliating mask that gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance with each application through the use of cranberry enzymes with small amounts of L-lactic acid.  It contains 1% of the potent antioxidant CoQ10 that leaves your skin protected and radiant.  Using fruit and other gentle enzymes, Polish is designed to remove only the dead skin cells while minimizing lipid removal, keeping the skin soft and healthy.  In addition, Polish provides a gentle firming effect and a radiant glow that lasts for many hours leaving your skin firm, smooth, and beautiful!


Restore & Revive ~ Fall Skincare

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It is that time of year again, when the crisp autumn chill beckons us into her comforting yet moisture-robbing arms. As we start to brush the sand off our clothes and leave the sunny days of summer behind us, one thing remains to remind us of the extreme environmental factors that ultimately wreak havoc on our skin. Especially now, it is of utmost importance that we pay extra special attention to our daily routine in order to better recover from these previous aggressors, and allow our skin to emerge restored, revived, nourished, and fully prepped for the harsher climates to come. Key measures must be utilized to correct damage, increase proper moisture and hydration levels, gently encourage cellular turnover, feed the skin with anti-oxidants needed to repair and defend against further assault, and effectively restore our vital and protective barrier.


Our arsenal of skin friendly, nutritive, and highly effective ingredients are tailored specifically to target the extra demands needed to face the elemental extremes of changing seasons. As always, just as we feed the skin from the outside, we must do the same from the inside. Focus on an increase of water consumption, omega rich fatty acids, seasonal fruits, and brightly colored vegetables rich in immune boosting antioxidants.


Key Products for Fall include:



Professional accounts:  Log in to our Resource Center to read the new Osmosis Restore & Revive Fall Facial protocol. 


Osmosis in the Spotlight ~ Sweetpeas and Blueberries

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Helping Cancer Patients with their Skin

For many patients, losing their hair is a visible sign of their fight with cancer, but many also see other significant changes to their body including their skin.  Sweetpeas and Blueberries, a new spa opening in Hawaii, is dedicated to helping those who need that extra caring touch using Osmosis products.

Check out this inspiring story featured on KITV news in Hawaii.


To learn more about Oncology Esthetics, visit their website at
For more information on Osmosis Skincare, our product line and
our unique approach to skincare, beauty and wellness,
please visit our website at



End of Summer Facial

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by Jamie Palmer, Corporate Educator

Hope everyone had a fun and fruitful summer, but if you're anything like me, I'm approaching those back to school days with a little more sun damage than I'd like to admit.  Fight the free radical back-up in your skin to help repair damage from UV radiation with an antioxidant rich cooling Osmosis Medi-Facial.  With the perfect blend of 3 varieties of summer berries, green tea, Vitamin E, and CoQ10, you'll load the skin with the support it needs to repair and heal.  Target DNA and hyperpigmentation by adding one of our award-winning Catalyst serums which will also increase collagen and elastin production while healing the damage from the long summer days.

Professionals - Log In to our Professional Resource Center to get all the details of this fabulous end of summer facial!


Dr Johnson's Corner - The State of Skincare

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I couldn't be more excited to tell you that the trend towards non-inflammatory skincare is picking up steam. Throughout social media and trade shows, it is clear that skincare is shifting to more intuitive and supportive treatments. Devices like micro-current and LED are becoming the preferred option over lasers. Even those who promote peels and acids are telling our story of treating the skin from the inside-out. It's extremely important to be aware of and take care of your skin by keeping it healthy from the inside-out without causing inflammation or damage to have long term anti-aging, beautiful skin. Congratulations to all of you early adopters! You are the leaders of the revolution, stand proud and stay confident that your clients are receiving the most complete skincare strategy in the world. Please remember that Osmosis is partnering with your skin and we are your partner in business as well, so reach out to us for help whenever you need it.      




Providing Relief :: Calm & Soothe

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Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN
According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the US affecting 7.5 million Americans. Psoriasis affects the immune system causing the cell growth cycle of the skin to speed up. This results in itchy, red, thick flaky lesions on the skin. Most topical treatments for psoriasis help to slow down the over production of cells and reduce inflammation. Psoriasis is commonly treated by a physician but if you find a client on your treatment table be sure to not apply facial treatments to a psoriasis lesion. Below is a salve you can use to soothe and protect those areas from facial products. It will hydrate and calm inflammation with soothing aloe, fatty acids and willow herb. To help provide long term relief of psoriasis Digestive Health and Anti-Pathogen Harmonized H20 twice daily can slowly help correct imbalances affecting the immune system.
Psoriasis Salve - For Professional Use Only
(Professional sizes): Mix 1-pump Immerse, 1-pump Quench, 1/2-pump Shade, 1-pump Clear, 1-scoop Calming Powder Blend, 1-scoop Hyaluronic Acid Powder Active until well blended, gently apply to lesion being sure to use good sanitation practices with this fragile skin. No need to remove from skin.
RESULTS: Daily use of Anti-Pathogen & Digestive Health


Dr Johnson's Corner :: Treating Psoriasis

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As any of you know, Osmosis guarantees that we will treat any form of psoriasis better than any other treatment out there.  In many cases, it will be a cure for the condition.  Feel confident in offering this holistic approach to your clients.  Current prescriptions for psoriasis will destroy the skin's integrity (topical steroids) or shorten the lifespan of the person.  More importantly, those medications only provide modest relief in most cases.  Anti-Pathogen Harmonized H20, Digestive Health Harmonized H20, and Restore are remarkably healing and have no side effects.  Take the time to explore an option that can forever change the lives of those suffering from psoriasis.




10 Tips for Skin of Color

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As featured in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa ~ July 2013

10 Makeup Pointers for Skin of Color From a Pro
by Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director for Osmosis Skincare

  1. Use good skin care to keep the skin hydrated; it will help prevent an ashy or gray appearance.
  2. Use a sun protection product, especially on the forehead area so that it does not become darker than the rest of the face.
  3. Reiterate the importance of not picking at acne breakouts.  They can scar and become difficult to camouflage.
  4. Encourage the use of eye creams to keep the area under the eyes from becoming dryer or darker.  There will be less to conceal when applying makeup.
  5. Select a foundation that will work well with the skin type.
  6. Find foundation with warm undertones for those skins with a bronze or terracotta tone.
  7. Use bright colors for eye shadows to make the eyes stand out.
  8. Fill in brows to frame the eye shape.
  9. Find blushes with deep, rich colors.  These colors blend better and appear more natural on skin of color.
  10. Bright or deep lip colors with some rich or metallic glosses can help make skin of color look fresh and pretty, especially if natural makeup is used on the eyes.


Shade Yourself :: Colour Minerals

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By Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director / Corporate Educator

Extra, extra … Read all about it!  Add additional UV protection by using Osmosis Colour Mineral Makeup.


Osmosis Colour offers 7.5% Zinc Oxide and 14% Titanium Dioxide which delivers complete UV protection.  Minerals reflect most light waves away from your skin to defend against UV exposure.  This helps to prevent damage to all skin tones and prevents stubborn sunspots from getting any darker.  Osmosis Colour Pressed Base foundation applied evenly all over the skin will provide an SPF of 27+.  Since they offer more opacity from our Zinc Oxide, you can receive amazing coverage allowing your skin to breathe.  During the day, you can blot perspiration or excess oil and continue to have a beautiful finish without disturbing your coverage. It will never clog your pores or enhance fine lines or wrinkles, separate or look heavy because it does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride. 


Educate yourself on the excellent benefit of using mineral makeup as a natural UV protector and be sure to apply it following facial treatments for extra protection.


Dr Johnson's Corner :: Skincare Independence

7/22/2013 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

Dr Ben Johnson, MD

Be independent with your skincare and take control of your daily regimen inside and out or topically and internally. During this time of year it can be difficult to stick with a daily skincare and wellness routine due to summer traveling, camping and activities that throw us off of our norm. With Osmosis skincare beauty and wellness products you can stay strong and healthy all summer long. Osmosis provides everything you need from Elevate to sustain natural energy, UV Harmonized H20 for internal sun protection (with a Mosquito water coming soon to help deter those pesky bugs!), Shade for topical sun protection, Catalyst with Zinc Finger Technology that provides damaged DNA repair and even a level of UV protection, as well as Mineral Makeup that can give you additional UV protection and that summer glow you’ve always deserved!


Getting Infused for Summer

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By Jamie Palmer, Corporate Educator


Warm weather and sun rays are upon us, and ‘peel’ lovers need an alternative for the summer months.  Invite them in for a non-chemical peel like no other, the Facial Infusion. With no downtime involved, this dermal therapy peel will nourish the skin while bringing results, allowing your 'peel' clients the ability to get right back out into the sun (with sun protection, of course!).  Customize each treatment to meet your client’s needs for that added personal touch.



Have hyperpigmentation with a little acne?

Add the Lightening Powder Blend, L-Mandelic Acid Powder Active, and Vitamin C Powder Blend to clear spots both dark and red. Finish off the treatment with a Soothing Gel Mask to brighten skin and leave your client glowing (add serums to customize as well - try mixing Enlighten with Restore Topical to blast those age spots!).



Important things to remember about the Facial Infusion:


Best results are achieved when someone has been using a Treatment A Serum at home for a few weeks


This stimulating product doesn't need any boosters for the first treatment as it's packed full of active ingredients


Clear is your friend when massaging the Facial Infusion into the skin


Skip this treatment for those individuals who have inflamed skin as it might over stimulate them



Do you ever feel like you can't massage the Facial Infusion in all the way and your clients are leaving a little yellow?

If so, take a warm towel to remove any excess so your client can leave with healthy looking skin.



Facial Infusion Tip:

"Don't forget the hands of your client as this is where most women have age spots from years of sun damage. Half a syringe should do the trick and can be repeated every 3-4 weeks to bring back even skin tone. When ready to boost correction add Catalyst or
Catalyst Plus."


Frank Duran, Midwest Account Manager



Visit our website at or view the Osmosis Manual for full protocol details.


Dr Johnson's Corner :: Employee and Client Wellness

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Ben Johnson, MD
Wellness is inseparable from skin health.  Occasionally I hear about skin reactions by employees or clients to products that had otherwise been well tolerated.  Most of the time, these temporary flare-ups are directly related to imbalances within the system, not allergies to ingredients as is often assumed.  Toxin overload, dehydration, and high stress can all reduce the skin’s ability to respond to immune enhancers.  This can also create intolerances in the skin in which you would want less stimulation topically and internally as to not overwhelm your skin’s immune system.  Osmosis’ commitment to internal health will allow you to stay healthy this summer, whether you are at the beach, hiking the mountains, or camping in the woods.

Osmosis encourages its employees and clients to use Elevate ATP to help sustain natural energy, Environmental Protection and Breathe to help eliminate toxins and clear allergies, and even Hangover Harmonized H20 for the occasional indulgence.  All of these internal immune boosters will help build strength in the skin and body creating health from the inside out so that you stay well and beautiful throughout the summer months and beyond.




Employee Wellness ~ Staying Healthy

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, preventable lifestyle-related chronic diseases drive 75 percent of health care spending, with only five percent of those costs used for prevention.

Creating and encouraging a healthy environment allows employees to strive for empowered transformations, resulting in a community of strengths that work in harmony as a team.  For many companies encouraging a healthy life style is just the beginning of having long-term, committed and happy employees.

Take steps to protect your health by looking at your work environment.  Some people spend up to 12 hours by their treatment table or at their desk and good ergonomics can mean the difference between a healthy work posture and stresses on the body that can lead to injury.  Prevention is the best medicine ~ just like with our skin!


2000 Facebook Fans ~ Thank You!

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We are pretty excited at Osmosis Skincare today and it's all thanks to our Facebook Fans.  Thank you to all of you that take the time to visit our Facebook fan page, recommend us to your clients, family, and friends, and share this journey with us.  We owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for spreading awareness of Osmosis and our unique philosophy every day. 


And most of all, we love making connections with all of you! 

 Thank You!

~ The Osmosis Team



Make it Special! Pampering Tips for your Facials

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It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to treat your clients to a pampering facial.  Add
these tips to any facial to make it a treatment to remember.


Begin with a dose of Relax Harmonized H20 added into an herbal tea.


Provide a warm neck wrap for extra relaxation.


Once in the treatment room begin the facial using one of our protocols that best fits the client’s skin.


Add an extra delicious neck and shoulder massage using a mixture of Immerse and the delightful chocolate scented Repair Mask.


Make mom's facial extra special by using Maxine's "Most delicious, beyond hydrating, wrinkle erasing treatment!" Combine Hydrating Herb Mask, 2 pumps Immerse, and 2 scoops Hyaluronic Acid. Mix well in bowl, warm it up in your hand and apply as a mask for 5-10 minutes. Remove with warm towel and proceed with facial.


End the treatment with a makeover using Colour Mineral Powder to match, a dust of South Beach Bronzer for glow, and a splash of grapefruit scented Lip Gloss to send your client on their way looking and feeling radiant!


Oncology Esthetics :: Fighting Cancer Together

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Osmosis has partnered with Oncology Esthetics® to help provide skincare products and protocols that can be used on the sensitive skin of Oncology patients. Oncology Esthetics is an extensive training program designed to teach essential skills necessary to make adjustments, perform safe spa treatments and to help enhance quality of life for Oncology patients. Trainings are facilitated by a medical professional specializing in Oncology, and Becky Kuehn, the US Director/National Educator for Oncology Esthetics/Evergreen Skincare Solutions. Supervised theory and hands-on learning encompass the following:

  • Oncology Esthetics and the psychological benefit to the client, their family, caregivers and the spa professional.
  • Risk management and the necessity for credible training.
  • Cancer, cancer treatment and side effects that require personalized spa treatments based on clients medical history.
  • Body systems that necessitate understanding in order to make adjustments.
  • Select skin care and cosmetic products for use with those experiencing compromised skin.
  • How to share the news about your new certification.

Interested in becoming a certified Oncology Esthetician?

Please visit or look for upcoming classes on our website.

Products that Osmosis supplies for Oncology patients are Purify, Quench, Quench Plus+ and Shade.


Keep Your Skin Healthy

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Probiotic Skin Products


It was once thought that all bacteria were harmful.  With modern science, we now know better and most of us take our probiotics to help maintain healthy gut flora which improves our immunity.  What about our skin though? 


Chlorella Vulgaris
People go to great lengths to ride their skin of bacteria with anti-bacterial face soaps, peroxide based solutions, and even prescriptive antibiotics.  There are estimated to be around 1,000 different types of bacteria on our skin.  Some of them can be harmful to us by causing an infection but most are beneficial and help improve our immune system.


Chlorella Vulgaris, green algae, is a probiotic that maintains the good bacteria helping keep balanced and healthy skin.  We use Chlorella Vulgaris throughout the Osmosis line not only for its promotion of healthy bacteria but also for its antioxidant and collagen production abilities.  It can be found in our Treatment A Serums, Replenish, Repair, and Facial Infusion Dermal Therapy.  We also use Lactic Acid at gentle doses that encourage a healthy pH for good bacteria to thrive.  Get healthier skin by encouraging the presence of good bacteria which strengthens and protects the skin.