Shade Yourself :: Colour Minerals

8/19/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

By Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director / Corporate Educator

Extra, extra … Read all about it!  Add additional UV protection by using Osmosis Colour Mineral Makeup.


Osmosis Colour offers 7.5% Zinc Oxide and 14% Titanium Dioxide which delivers complete UV protection.  Minerals reflect most light waves away from your skin to defend against UV exposure.  This helps to prevent damage to all skin tones and prevents stubborn sunspots from getting any darker.  Osmosis Colour Pressed Base foundation applied evenly all over the skin will provide an SPF of 27+.  Since they offer more opacity from our Zinc Oxide, you can receive amazing coverage allowing your skin to breathe.  During the day, you can blot perspiration or excess oil and continue to have a beautiful finish without disturbing your coverage. It will never clog your pores or enhance fine lines or wrinkles, separate or look heavy because it does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride. 


Educate yourself on the excellent benefit of using mineral makeup as a natural UV protector and be sure to apply it following facial treatments for extra protection.

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