New Year's Look Featuring Pantone's Colors of the Year

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By the time December hits, all we can think about (aside from the holidays) is what the color of the year is going to be! When Pantone started releasing what the hottest color would be for the year ahead, makeup lines, fashion lines and many more started to listen, including us! 2016 is bringing a little bit of a curve ball with TWO colors! We know...exciting! Fashion week predicted the color picks for 2016, showing soft pastels and light as air textures. 2016 will give us a break from bold colors and let us relax in soft shades of Serenity and Rose Quartz. These wispy, soothing shades are oh-so-inviting and make for the perfect makeup trend. Soft pinks and blues on eyes, cheeks and lips will give you an ethereal feel, how could you not feel relaxed when you wear a shade called Serenity?

We have two perfect shades that fall right in line with the 2016 trend. Our Water Color Eye Shadows in Pink Champagne and Azure are sheer, soft and just sparkly enough to work with all eye shapes and skin tones. Not sure how to work a soft blue eye shadow into your New Years look? Read on for our easy steps to achieve the perfect New Years Look with the Pantone Colors of the year!

Step 1. Start with an even, clean lid. We LOVE using the lightest shade from the Impulse Trio from Lash line to Brow Bone.
Step 2. Using the Oval Shadow Brush apply the pink shade from the Midnight Jade Trio from Lash line to Crease.
Step 3. Apply Truffle from the Matte Collection to your Crease using the Blender Brush.
Step 4. Gently tap Pink Champagne Water Color Eyeshadow to the ball of your Lid with the Blender Brush, or your finger.
Step 5. Line your upper Lash Line with the Liquid Eye Definer.
Step 6. Using the Eye Liner Brow Brush, line your Lower Lash Line with Azure Water Color Eye Shadow.

Finish the look with Curling Mascara and Brow Gel in your matching shade.

BOOM! You are ready to ring in the New Year on trend with Rose Quartz and Serenity! Happy New Year Osmosis Beauties!

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Healing the Gut for Healthy Skin

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No one likes talking about their digestive issues... sometimes it's even tough telling our doctor about what goes on in the bathroom and hey, we get it. BUT most people don't attribute skin conditions to digestion issues. Science is still quite recently making the connection between the two and we are excited to be riding the cutting edge of research. Bloating, irregularity, cramps, IBS, acid reflux; these are all things we think about when we consider the ol' digestive situation. But did you know acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and even gum disease can be exacerbated by poor digestion? Don't worry, we won't lecture you on clean eating... in this post at least, but it is of course important! But seriously, eat your veggies, eat clean, drink water, and find the perfect supplement for digestive health. Why not knock out two of those steps in one? Once in the morning, and once in the evening add 5 pumps of our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to (you guessed it) your water. Drink up!

Our Digestive Health Harmonized Water creates balance and healing of the gut. You will be truly amazed at what your skin can do once your insides experience harmony. When our digestion is in balance, our bodies are able to excrete toxins properly, whether that is through sweat, number 1's and 2's, or our fabulous lymphatic system, the elimination of toxins aids in the health of our skin. Balance is what your body craves and Digestive Health Harmonized Water is a great supplement to aid in getting your insides healthy. When your insides are at their optimal health, inflammation (a huge cause of many skin issues), is calmed which means bloating, redness, and flare ups of many skin conditions are lessened, and regularity is, well... regular. Now is the perfect time to make resolutions for the New Year, and resolving to get your digestion on track is a really easy one to stick to. All you have to do is drink water, and add our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to your hydrating routine. EASY huh?!?

Click here to learn more about Digestive Health Harmonized Water. Shop this post.


Your New Year's Resolution? Remove your Makeup EVERY Night!

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It's midnight, you've just binged watched a whole season of Gilmore Girls and you're ready for bed. You are so, so sleepy. The thought of hitting the pillow without washing your face tempts you, and you give in. You can wash your face in the morning, it's no big deal right? WRONG! So many women get in the habit of sleeping with their makeup on and it simply needs to stop. Not only does this create a flurry of bacteria on your skin, it gets on your pillow case, and in your pillow... causing even more germs to transfer back onto your skin. Next thing you know you have a giant honking zit on your face AND fine lines! We know many of you practice this habit, so we thought it would be nice of us to make a New Years Resolution for you this year. We are resolving that ALL of our Osmosis beauties will wash their face EVERY night before they catch zzz's. It is easy to create a simple, 4 step routine that takes mere minutes to complete. All you need is:

1. Melt Away Gelee Makeup Remover - Scoop a little out and warm up between your ring finger and thumb. Gently massage onto eyes to remove makeup, wipe with cotton round.
2. Deep Clean - Remove makeup and debris from the day.
3. Clear - Spritz onto your skin and press in with your fingers.
4. Treat with Replenish - a heavy dose of antioxidants to revive stressed skin while you sleep.

EASY! 4 steps, each taking less than 30 seconds. Washing your face each night allows your skin to breathe, repair, and rest. Sleeping with makeup on causes breakouts, early aging, dehydration and well... it's just gross, so stop it! We hope you take our resolution to heart and wash those faces!!

See you next year (hardy-had-har)!

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Healthy Skin with the Osmosis Winter Facial

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Ahhhhhh Winter. It's here, and we don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. This season can be pretty tough on your skin, dryness sets in and your glow slightly fades. Sometimes getting in for a professional facial is just too much with holiday stress, icy roads, lacing up winter boots (the worst!) We want to make your winter skin care routine a little easier with a winter ritual you can treat yourself to once a week. So make yourself a hot cup of tea... or coffee, and set aside 30 minutes of pure, uninterrupted you time.

Step 1. Look in the mirror and say "Hey, good looking!"
Step 2. Give your senses a ZING with Cleanse, our pepperminty cleanser to draw out and remove impurities. Rinse with warm water.
Step 3. Apply in circular motions Purify, an enzymatic power house cleanser to remove deep impurities. Let it sit on the skin, uninterrupted for 3 minutes. Then remove with a warm wash cloth.
Step 4. Give your skin a firm up with Polish. Our cranberry enzyme scrub to gently remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. Rinse with warm water.
Step 5. Slay bacteria and heal your skin with a lemony dose of Clear Plus. Spritz on your skin and gently press it in with your finger tips.
Step 6. Massage one pump of Stem Factor with one spray of Clear Plus and a generous amount of Hydralift Firming Gel Mask onto your face, neck and decollete. Allow it to sit on your skin for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.
Step 7. Using one pump of Catalyst AC-11 (our anti-aging all star), massage your skin starting from your forehead, working your way gently down to your neck using soft, light touches.
Step 8. Drench your skin with hydration and moisture with Quench. Don't forget your neck, ears and chest!
Step 9. Say, Ahhhhhhhhh while breathing deeply.
Step 10. If you treat yourself to this ritual in the morning, add protection to your skin with our Pressed Base and a swipe of our perfect, smoothing Lip Gloss in Bare.

We know it takes a little effort to give yourself 1 minute of time let alone 30, but trust us. Your skin (the largest organ of your body that also happens to protect your other organs) will be grateful, and so will your spirit!

Now go get your winter facial on!

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Gift Guide: For the Jet Setter

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Urban Dictionary defines a Jet Setter as such: A person who travels to numerous places around the world, to places others always want to go but never do. We define a Jet Setter as a savvy, gate making expert. But rushing from connection to connection in crowded airports with multiple variables thrown  your way can be stressful on your skin, not to mention the dry air and lack of oxygen once you are "wheels up." Being prepared when you travel is something a jet setter is all too familiar with and we have the best products to gift the travel expert this holiday season.

Osmosis has the perfect TSA friendly products to make sure that your jet setter's skin gets the extra TLC it needs after a stressful travel day.

1. Purify Travel Tube - Keeping your skin clean and free of airborne junk.
2. Stemfactor Travel Tube - Nourish and repair your skin while it acclimates to it's new environment.
3. Correct Travel Tube - Keep your skin strong and ready to take on the world of free radicals by restoring it's epidermal barrier.
4. Clear - Keep your pores clear and bacteria at bay with this purse size mist.
5. Shade Travel Tube- The most important part of any skincare ritual is protection! Keep your traveling skin safe from UV rays with this natural broad spectrum sunscreen.

Our tubes and kits and minis make for the perfect gift for the jet setter and they look pretty stinking cute in a stocking! Get yours now for the perfect gift!

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Gift Guide: For the Luxury Lover!

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Plush fabrics, Soft woolen texture, rose gold... Diamonds (of course) these are just a few things that define luxury. We all have that one person in our lives who LOVES the luxe life and while we here at Osmosis may not have diamonds to dole out, we do have some excellent luxury products that will make for a great gift for the lover of luxe!

Osmosis brushes are the perfect gift for those who love the finer things in life! These plush, dense, synthetic and real hair brushes apply makeup perfectly to the face all while feeling like you are rubbing clouds and kittens on your skin (in other words, super soft). It is important for a brush to feel good and apply makeup well, and ours do just that. Check out our top 5 luxury brushes, the perfect gift for the luxury lover!

1. Small Accent Brush - This jack-of-all trades brush is made from high quality synthetic hair AND real hair, providing the ultimate airbrushed finish! To top it off, this brush can be used with powders, creams, and liquids on the face and eyes. 
2. Full Face Brush - If ever there was a brush of all brushes... this one is it! It feels like heaven on the skin and can be used for post application blending, bronzers, and powders. You can also give it a spritz with our Mineral Hydration Mist and stipple it onto any dry patches for a smoother makeup finish. 
3. Concealer Brush - This multi-tasker works great in small areas. The high quality synthetic bristles won't absorb product and blends like a dream! 
4. & 5. Medium and Large Accent Brush - If you don't have an airbrush machine at home (really... who does?), these two will certainly take its place. Use either one of these luxe blending brushes to apply liquid foundation for an incredible airbrushed finish. Our tip, mist the brush with the Mineral Hydration Mist, then dip the bristles in a pea size amount of our Long wear Liquid Foundation. Gently buff it onto the skin for smooth, perfect complexion. 

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Go From Day to Night in Five Minutes Flat!

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Can you feel it? It's 4pm, you are wrapping up your emails and projects for the day... waiting for 5pm to approach, then BAM! It's time for happy hour with the girls. But wait, you have "office" written all over your face. This must be remedied. Don't fret, we have some quick and easy tips to take your daytime office look into night in five minutes! (was that an intense story or what!?!) 
You started your day like this...

This day look features: 
Pressed Base - Quick coverage with benefits!
Age Defying Concealer - Hydrating, illuminating and amazing
Sugar Plum Eye Shadow - A trio for any and all skin tones. Perfect for a unique look for day or night. 
Volumizing Mascara - Non-flakey, inky black coverage. 
Peony Blush - a fresh pop of color.
Flirt Lip Glaze - Quench dry lips with a fun flush of color. 
Now lets bump it up to this!
Without further adieu, your quick and easy steps to get your night look:
Step 1. Add the deep purple shade for Sugar Plum Eye Shadow Trio onto your outer corner of your eyelid, gently smoking it into the lash line. 
Step 2. Swipe an Eye Pencil in Black onto your upper and lower lash line and smudge with your smudge brush. 
Step 3. Touch up your lashes with a coat of Volumizing Mascara
Step 4. Add little sultry touch to your look with Forget Me Not Lipstick. 
Step 5. Take a look in the mirror and say, "Hello gorgeous!" 
There you have it! Your no-fuss steps to bump up your day look to a night look that will last until you take it off! 
Find a store near you to get this easy look here!


Taking Skincare to the Next Level: Meet Catalyst AC-11

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We recently completed a clinical study on Catalyst AC-11®, one in a series of three DNA Repair Serums. This is very exciting for Osmosis because the results are amazing! This study shows improvement in the appearance of actinic keratosis, capillary visibility, as well as the firming and elasticity of the skin, and more!

How is Catalyst AC-11® doing this? We utilize Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid which is essential in forming proteins in the skin. We then take alpha ketoglutarate, a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle, to enhance the activity of L-ascorbic acid for even more protein production. By adding amino acids we also provide the skin with building blocks to create protein. This isn't your normal Vitamin C Serum though. The main focus: to repair damage in our DNA.

DNA is the essential communicator within our cells, instructing each cell how to function. With extensive damage that comes from normal aging processes, environmental exposures, and lifestyle, our cells perform less efficiently. Repairing that damage is essential to healthier, younger functioning skin.

Catalyst AC-11® taps into an innate repair mechanism called Zinc Fingers and a clinically proven DNA repair ingredient extracted from nature, AC-11™. Zinc Fingers are created by combining Vitamin C, amino acids, copper, and zinc. In our skin the repair DNA damage as well as cellular division and differentiation. AC-11™, on the other hand, is an extract from Cat's Claw that has powerful DNA repair ability and is clinically proven to correct and prevent the formation of Thymine-Thymine Dimers, a mutation in our DNA that occurs from UV exposure. It also decreases erythema, or redness, from excess sun exposure and improves immunity in our skin. These two repair mechanisms that are taking skincare to the next level are why Catalyst AC-11® is so good at repairing wounds, decreasing the appearance of capillaries and precancerous lesions along with improving firmness and elasticity.

With a cellular focus, we see results that far surpass other products on the market. We are now creating younger skin with permanent results.


Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

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Stockings tend to be stuffed with candy, gum, knick-knacks, and well...more candy. We think it's time to add some balance to your stocking stuffing game! Why not add a few holistic items and primping basics to offset those candy canes? We have all you need to stuff those stockings with care, love, and balance.

Harmonized Water Mini Kit - Boost your cells into action with these adorable minis! Perfect to introduce your loved ones to the benefits of Harmonized Waters and wellness.

Lip Gloss - Aura - Perfect for all skin tones for a natural, glossy pucker!

Polish Enzyme Firming Mask - The holidays are not the holidays without cranberry! Treat your loved ones and clients to some butt-kicking results utilizing Cranberry Enzymes. This potent mask will be the perfect holiday treat!

Water Color Eye Shadows - Metallic, soft, easy to use shades that are perfect for any and all skin tones! These little gems will add some sparkle to any stocking!

Now get out there and Stuff. Those. Stockings! Check with your Osmosis  provider to purchase these perfect additions to your holiday gifting, or go here to find a retailer near you!


4 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

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Morning is the best time of day, a new beginning. The only thing keeping us from taking it on is our morning routine. If you're anxious to get out the door or if you have trouble waking up to your alarm, these tips will help you speed up your morning routine so you can get to your day and accomplish your goals faster.

Keep Your Products Organized 
Every second counts when you're in a hurry. If you find yourself shuffling product around to find your serum or moisturizer, you're wasting precious morning time! Organizing your products means you'll know exactly where to find them. Try placing them in the order you use them, then you'll know exactly where to reach for your serum instead of doing the shuffle. This can become a little unorganized after a couple of mornings, especially when every second counts. Not to worry, a little reorganization during your evening routine will make sure you're prepared for the next morning!

Cocktailing Your Serums
This is a great way to get your full skincare routine in less time. Your Osmosis Vitamin A Serum can be cocktailed with a DNA Repair Serum and Rescue. Pump your serums into your hand and massage into the skin. Don't forget to spray Clear (or Clear Plus) for added penetration once the skin becomes tacky.

If your morning routine includes StemFactor, you'll want to use that first and separate from your other serums. Applying other serums first, whether cocktailed or not, decreases the amount of penetration StemFactor will achieve.

P.S. This really goes for any serum! You'll want to apply the serum that is most relevant to the condition you're looking to target first so it gets the most penetration.

Add a Moisturizer to your Loose Base 
Need a quick tinted moisturizer? Pump your Osmosis Moisturizer into your palm, sprinkle your Osmosis Colour Loose Base on top, mix, and apply!

Create a Morning Playlist
You typically know how long it takes you to get ready and music is a great and energizing way to help you keep yourself on track. Create a playlist of your favorite morning tunes to listen to while you get ready, keeping in mind that the length of your playlist should match the time it takes you to get out the door in the morning. Singing along is encouraged!

Keep these tips in mind while you're getting ready and you'll find you're able to tackle your day a lot faster!


Dr. Johnson's Corner - November 2015

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Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I want to take this time to remind you to find joy in what you do and to let it be contagious. Remember that through Osmosis we are not just wanting to make people look more beautiful, but also to feel better and to ultimately make their lives better in many ways. Approach each day with a full, grateful heart and lofty goals and watch how many lives you can change in the process. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with you and for your help in spreading joy across the country and across the world.


The Perfect Holiday Look in 7 Easy Steps

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It's November and the holidays are quickly approaching! We are all hustling to plan gifts, gatherings, outfits and so much more. In the blink of an eye, December will be here and we'll be scrambling for last minute presents and rushing out the door for another holiday party. This year's Colour Holiday Kit makes it easy. Whether you're shopping for the beauties in your life or looking for that spark behind your style, this kit has you covered!

This Winter the look is all about smoky eyes and bold lips. See Corporate Educator, Alejandro Falcon's step-by-step on how to create this coveted look.

1. Apply Black Eye Liner around the lash line of the eyes from top to bottom. Smudge lightly with a brush (our Smudge Brush works great here!) to steam up those eyes.

2. Use a small amount of Onyx Water Color all over the eyelids, blending on top of eyeliner application for a smoldering finish for the eyes.

3. Add a highlighter below the brows for a more defined contrast (try Pink Champagne!).

4. Complete the smoky eye with our new Curling Mascara that will reshape your lashes enhancing their length and thickness.

5. Sweep a small amount of blush on to cheeks for a soft, flushed appearance. (We suggest Peony.)

Now paint the town red with those lips...

6. Line lips fully with the Sangria Lip Liner to deepen and frame your lips.

7. Fill in with our NEW Lust Lip Glaze for that luscious lacquered finish that will be the envy of all around you.

This step-by-step can also be found in the kit so if it's going in a box with a bow or in your makeup bag, you'll be ready!


Last Minute Halloween Look!

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1. Using the Full Face Brush, prep the skin with a pressed powder that's a few shades lighter
than the skin tone to create the perfect Halloween pale complexion. 

2.  Take it a shade paler with the white highlighter shade from the Aubergine Eye Shadow Trio.
Use the Blender Brush to blend the white shadow with the pressed base all over the face
bringing it down to the jaw line.

3. Fill in the eyelid with the blue shadow from the Misty Blue Eye Shadow Trio, sweeping it up to
the brow bringing it down to the bottom of the eye socket. Continue until you've achieved the
desired intensity. Try the Oval Shadow Brush for this step!

4. Line the eyes with Osmosis Colour's Black Eye Pencil and using that same liner (or try the
Liquid Eye Definer), make small dots around the outside of the blue shadow.

5. Deepen the lashes with Volumizing or Curling Mascara.

6. Add a pop of color to your Day of the Dead look using the Sangria Lip Liner. Outline your
desired design on your chin with the liner and then fill in with Sassy Lip Stick.

7. To create the lip stitching, use the Liquid Eye Definer on the lips, bringing it out towards the

8.  Finish off the look using the Liquid Eye Definer  to create your perfect Day of the Dead look.
Designs on the forehead and jaw line are popular and accessible areas to flaunt your creativity!   

Don't forget your Melt Away Gelee at the end of the night for easy and fast removal!


Your Skin Deserves The Best!

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Osmosis is excited to announce its official 8-week clinical study on Catalyst AC-11!
Just a few of the amazing study tested results:
Stay tuned as we continue to share the many other
incredible measured results!


Multi-Mask..... Your Body!

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Why just use one mask when you can create a beautiful collage of treatments on your skin? Today’s latest craze in skincare is something called multi-masking. The idea is simply this: most people have more than one skin issue or condition occurring simultaneously. For example, you may have incredibly dry skin on your cheeks but a very oily t-zone area. Shockingly, this very same issue can also be reflected on different areas of the body. Below are different ways to use our masks for different skin issues related to the body, these can be used either for home care or in a treatment room so get your mask brush in hand!


Our hands and arms are a large part of what we do, and unfortunately can be very mistreated on a daily basis causing dry skin, sun damage and ultimately premature aging. These areas are almost impossible to hide and are some of the most prominent features when it comes to visible signs of aging. Osmosis masks to the rescue! Try the gently hydrating and firming Hydralift Firming Gel Mask which promotes cooling, healing, plumping and firming and immediate hydration. This is the perfect anti-aging treatment for the hands and arms. Need even more moisture? Mix in a bit of Immerse, a beautiful compilation of oils to help soothe very dry skin and promote wound healing.


Our feet serve so many purposes, they take us where we need to go, they ground us and can even be beautiful by themselves. Sadly they also carry quite a bit of weight, that is, all of our weight on a daily basis. So how can we smooth, calm and hydrate the rough skin of our feet? With our deliciously chocolate scented Repair Mask! With a combination of healing, calming and repair promoting ingredients this mask will calm down those tootsies and help them to look their best.

Are your joints reminiscent of sand paper? Knees and elbows can be particularly dry in the fall and winter months which can sometimes create discomfort. Begin with the Polish Enzyme Firming Mask to gently lift off any dead skin cell, smooth the skin and lightly hydrate the area. This heavenly smelling cranberry mask also provides antioxidant and peptide firming benefits. Upon removal, apply the Tropical Mango Mask to these areas for extreme hydration and barrier repair.


Much like the face, the décolleté and shoulders can also be subject to more sun exposure than the rest of the body. The Orange Zest Revitalizing Mask has skin firming, collagen stimulating and nourishing properties but will also brighten the skin with its high vitamin C content. The Soothing Gel Mask is another great tool for this area, with brightening ingredients like lemon peel extract this mask will assist in hydrating, treating and brightening sun damaged shoulders.


Although we see it the least the back can also be a hot bed for skin issues and back facials have become increasingly popular due to a rise in back acne. Our Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask is a wonderful treatment mask. It is a non-drying clay mask with ingredients like bentonite and kaolin to help clear up acne and argan oil which is a sebum regulator.

Have you gotten your multi-mask on? We’d love to see the photos! Please tag us on facebook or on Instagram . 


Is Your Skin Trying to Tell You Something?

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Sometimes "Pretty in Pink" is not a good thing, especially when it comes to our skin.  Excess pink or redness means it is being stressed or something is irritating it.

Sensitive or Allergic?  How can we tell which is which?

Sensitive skin that flares up when the skin is rubbed, scratched or stimulated and gets flushed or pink means that it is probably sensitive to those situations and especially climate changes.  When using cosmetics, it can get flushed but if the products are beneficial, eventually the flushing will subside.  Prickling or the feeling of tiny ants running all over your skin means collagen and cell turnover are being enhanced.

An allergy is when the skin comes into contact with a particular ingredient or product and flares up, hives are formed and the skin can feel like it is burning.  Once the ingredient or product is removed, the symptoms go away.  It is important to know the difference because many of us feel we are sensitive from past experiences with harmful or irritating cosmetics that at one time made us react.  That usually means that they were not good for the skin because the skin could not work with them and was suffering.

Osmosis Skincare products offer formulas that your skin cannot only recognize but really work with the skin to correct sensitivity.  However, we do have several products that are stimulating but they are offered in various levels of activity to allow most skin types and conditions time to heal and adapt.

Our skin has its own personality and functions very similar to our body.  Give it ingredients or products that it does not find comfortable and it will react.  Just like we become uncomfortable when we eat something that doesn't agree with us. 

Once your skin is using Osmosis products, it is like comfort food.  It begins to relax and feel content.  Once the skin is no longer stressed from irritating products, the "Pink" color subsides.  So give the "Pink Slip" to those cosmetic products from the past and find comfort and performance in Osmosis Skincare. 


Fall Trends

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Summer has come to a close but don’t fret. There is lots of excitement to look forward to this fall.
Fall represents many things. It means back to school, changing leaves, and colder weather. As we move from flip flops to boots, here are a few ways to enhance our fall skin care and makeup regimen.

Start using a more “clever” cleanser

Why just cleanse your skin when you can cleanse your skin with a product that has added benefits  and won’t strip the skin’s natural moisture content? PURIFY, our enzyme cleanser is this and so much more! None of the Osmosis cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfates and instead use a kiwi kumquat surfactant that is gentle and won’t strip the skin’s natural barrier. In addition to this,  Purify contains bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) and papain (an enzyme that comes from papaya) to gently lift off any dead skin cells leaving the skin more receptive to the key ingredients applied afterward. Not to mention its heavenly citrus scent.

Hydrate both inside and out for glowing skin

As the weather starts to turn colder the importance of both drinking more water and applying more hydrating products becomes key. REPLENISH, our antioxidant repair serum is the answer to the dull, dry skin of fall. It contains over 17 different antioxidants to boost support against free radical damage and hydrating ingredients like Vitamin B. The addition of Replenish to any skin care regimen will leave the skin looking luminous and hydrated.

Tackle former summer sun damage

...with your arsenal of CATALYST AC-11 and RESCUE. It’s no surprise that the hours spent in the sun over summer vacation may have really increased the amount of sun damage in your skin. What to do? Calm down any excess inflammation with Rescue, the epidermal repair serum. This potent serum is a go to when it comes to calming down redness and activating wound repair. Pair it with Catalyst AC-11 our level 3 DNA repair serum which activates your body’s own zinc finger remodeling process. This wonder serum will encourage an increase in collagen and elastin production, wound healing, and provides sun protection. These are the perfect tools to fix damaged post-summer skin.

Embrace your natural brow

Make sure your brows are on point! One of the main trends in makeup this fall is natural shapely brows. Gone are the days of overdrawn, overfilled in brows of yesterday. Instead use a product like Osmosis BROW GEL to lightly fill in and give the brows a hint of color without overwhelming the face. The exciting thing about this product is that the Brow Gel is also a water resistant and smudge proof formula that won’t move until you want it to.

Introduce a brighter complexion

Need to bump up your treatment room regimen as we move into fall? Give the ORANGE ZEST REVITALIZING MASK a try! With a high Vitamin C content this mask will aid in brightening hyperpigmentation accumulated during the summertime and boost the skin with collagen enhancing ingredients. For firmer, smoother more hydrated skin this mask is your answer.


Multi-Masking With Osmosis Skincare

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Why tackle one skin issue when you can tackle them all at the same time, and look like a warrior princess while doing it!


The Pore Minimizing Clay Mask is the perfect tool to use for a combination/oily t-zone area. It is a non-drying clay based mask which balances and detoxifies the skin. Using ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite Clay to help refine the skin’s texture and smooth out larger pores. The Pore Minimizing Clay Mask also contains Argan Oil which is a sebum regulating oil perfect for controlling oil in this area of the face.


The forehead and cheeks are an area of the face that can be most affected by the damaging rays of the sun and free radicals. Try the delicious Revitalizing Orange Zest Mask to provide firming, brightening, nourishing and collagen stimulation. The high vitamin C content in this mask will help to protect the skin from damaging free radicals while brightening the overall tone and wrinkle prevention for smoother, more even skin.


The lips are an area most often neglected when it comes to skincare. Don’t leave them out! Give Tropical Mango Barrier Recovery Mask a try for dry, dehydrated and damaged lips. With a combination of nut and fruit butters as well as oils this mask will nourish, hydrate, calm down inflammation and restore even the most damaged of lips. With a heavenly scent of Mango and a rich luxurious feel your lips will thank you without even having to make a sound.


The neck can unfortunately be one of the most obvious indicators of age. Counter this by giving your neck all of the loving care it needs with a different kind of anti-aging mask. The Hydralift Firming Gel Mask encourages hydrating and firming in the skin while providing soothing and calming benefits as well from ingredients like cucumber and aloe the skin is plumped refreshed and has a more youthful appearance.


What are Oleosomes and why do I have them in my sunscreen?

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Osmosis has launched it’s new SPF, Protect. This formula is a welcome addition to the line of sun protection and has a very sheer finish. What makes this formula unique is that oleosomes are utilized to encapsulate the zinc oxide. This encapsulation protects the zinc oxide, delivers it to the skin, allows for a more even application and has moisturizing properties. This technology is 100% plant based. It is a droplet of plant oils and natural vitamin E surrounded by a phosolipid bilayer and encapsulated with a plant based protein. It even has a natural time release ability to allow sun protection to be delivered continuously instead of all at once for a limited time. Oleosomes act as emulisfiers which is common in most skincare products to combine ingredients. What is special here is that less ingredients are needed to create a formulation which means less sunscreen ingredients are needed to provide protection. We are able to use 13% zinc oxide to achieve an SPF 30 which results in a very light and sheer formula.

What does this mean for you when you use ProtectNo white residue, no heavy feel, light moisturization and great spreadability!

When a product is tested for its SPF level, a certain amount is applied to the skin to determine results. The general public usually applies half that amount. This is often due to application issues. With a formula that has spreadability taken into account, you are more likely to apply a nice even layer of the product to achieve the full protection the product can offer.

Protect was made with just this in mind. All skin types, skin tones and ages can use Protect for great broad spectrum sun protection. Oleosomes are made from natural oils that are non-occlusive moisturizers and even help improve barrier health. Protect is harnessing these natural ingredients to improve performance for great spreadability, feel and lasting sun protection.


Is your skin AGE-ing?

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by Corporate Educator, Jamie Palmer

Unfortunately, yes. All of us are experiencing the effects of aging skin from advanced glycation end
products (AGEs). This results from excess sugar in our blood stream attaching to collagen making it tough and aging it before its time which leads to wrinkles. The sugar-protein bonds form new molecules called AGEs. Over time they become more permanent and affect the ability of our fibroblasts to create collagen and they also produce free radicals increasing the aging process even more.

To help combat AGE-ing one should look to their diet and their skin care regimen. By maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and taking Elevate, excess blood sugar will stay low leaving less available to affect our skin. The food industry has also added AGEs to our diet by adding sugar to food and processing them at high heat. We are introducing the end product into our bodies by consuming things like french fries (yes they add sugar to them to make them tasty), barbequed meats and soda. AGE-ing occurs in our bodies just as it does in our skin and can lead to damaged DNA and disease processes. Elevate contains niacin and AC-11. These two ingredients will help prevent and diminish the damage that can occur from AGEs while reducing excess sugar in the body by fueling energy production. So there is less sugar available to cause damage and ingredients that repair and prevent the damage from AGEs.

Topically certain ingredients can help prevent AGE-ing when used daily. Vitamin B3, niacinamide, has been shown to decrease glycation and thus the advanced glycation end products that wreak havoc in our skin. Many of the Osmosis serums contain niacinamide because it is an important ingredient to support skin health and maintain youthful function.

So help stop AGE-ing in its tracks by taking Elevate and using Osmosis Vitamin A Serums daily. Your skin and body will thank you!


Bridal Beauty

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by Ami Shvartzman, Director of Education

June has come, gone and July is in full swing! For those of us in the beauty industry this means one thing… bridal season. Weekends filled with updos, party prep facials, and glamorous makeup applications galore! This year though has been very unique for me. Instead of being the practitioner guiding my clients through what it takes to look their best on their big day, I have been busy planning my own. Here are some things I’ve learned for being on the other side.

Home care really is key.

You may know this as a skincare professional but it is so important that your clients understand as well. Unless your bride is using quality products at home she is not likely to see the result that she wants in her skin. I recommend giving clients the dentist analogy: if you visit your dentist twice per year and don’t regularly brush your teeth at home are you going to avoid cavities and tooth decay? Likely not. The same goes for a skin care regimen. Daily use of good product is so important in keeping the skin healthy by maintaining the skin’s  barrier function and cell turnover.

That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be paying their esthetician a periodic visit

It’s also very important that a bride get regular treatments leading up to the big day as well! By checking in regularly with a skin care professional a bride is able to get regular advice, home care product and the professional can better access her skin needs. Offer a series of Facial Infusions, for increased fibroblast and collagen activity, dermal thickening, this will also aid in lifting hyperpigmentation and increasing nutrition to the skin. Begin these treatments starting 6 months in advance of the wedding, she will love the changes she’ll see in her skin and it will make the makeup application process much easier.

Try a Device

Looking for something to set you apart in your wedding prep process for brides? Try introducing a
device into the mix. Osmosis now offers two devices: Tama Blue Onyx and Rezenerate which will
enhance the bridal prep experience.

Trials are everything

For Bridal makeup, ensure that you hold a trial application with the bride. This can be several weeks or even months before the wedding. During the trial have your bride bring inspiration photos to create a common understanding of the type of look she’d like to see, I recommend the artist have an inspiration book as well. This will encourage conversation and give the makeup artist a good starting place. Do a full application on the bride including any additional false lashes or add-ons this will give her a full picture view of what she will look like on her wedding day.

Use a line that lasts

With water resistant and water proof formulations Osmosis Colour is not only a healthy line for the skin but a safe one for wedding makeup. These beautiful formulations will offer antioxidant and sun
protection support as well as stay on the face and look beautiful all day.

Listen To Your Client

I can’t stress this enough! During the trial be sure to listen to the bride to fully understand what her
views and needs are. This will ensure that she is pleased with the end result and books you for her big
day. So that if a bride says I’d like to have a natural glam look, the artist won’t give her a black smokey eye! Disastrous.

Include Touch Up Products as Part of your service

The easiest way to sell makeup retail product? Include touch up products in with your application
service. It’s likely that at some point throughout the evening after kissing, eating and drinking the night away she may need a lip touch up. Include one of Osmosis Colour’s long wear lipcolors or glosses for that extra fresh step at the end of the night. This is also a way for the bride to sample the product, and fall in love with it (after all isn’t that what a wedding is all about) encouraging a purchase later on.

Happy wedding Season!
Remember that we are always here to help!


Beach Season - Weight Loss Protocol

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Weight loss is achieved in different ways. Most weight loss that is slow and
steady is done through caloric restriction and is permanent in nature until eating excess calories again. The weight loss associated with carb restrictions in which someone is still eating high calorie foods is primarily water loss. However, many carb restricted diets have low calorie levels and those will show more rapid weight loss initially but result in real weight loss over time.  Most dietary supplements tend to work by increasing metabolism and/or causing diuresis (the release of fluids).  They tend to be temporary fixes because the body compensates for these two changes and the weight often will return.  Our protocol is unique in that the weight stays off because the body is not forced into an unhealthy state. 

Elevate increases cellular ATP production which increases metabolism, but on the body’s schedule, not forced. The clinical trial shows it burned about 1.65lbs of fat a month continuously.  It is healthy for the body so the body does not compensate for the changes and the weight stays off.  It also helps build lean muscle and accelerates fat burning during exercise both of which help the weight loss goal. 

Environmental Protection Harmonized Water uses frequencies to cancel out toxins in the body. This allows the body to excrete these toxins and the fluid that surrounded them. So, in this case, the fluid loss is not dehydrating, it was the fluid retained by the cell to protect it from the toxin. This fluid will not return over time since the toxin is eliminated in the process. People usually see about 5lbs of weight come off the first month. We have had reports of as much as 30lbs, but that is highly unusual.

For best results, take 2-3 Elevate capsules 2-3 times a day and 5-7 pumps of Environmental Protection 2 times a day.


Summer Sun Care

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Remember to protect your skin during your summer activities.
Osmosis offers several options including:

Shade: A broad-spectrum sunscreen  
protects against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. Shade is a high-performance sun-protecting moisturizer for the face and body.

Pressed Base Mineral Powders: Perfect for everyday sun protection that provides a natural broad-spectrum UV protection shields skin from UVA and UVB rays, helping to
prevent premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

sneak peek
COMING SOON... Protect: The newest addition to the sun protection family. This zinc based sunscreen offers sheer, long lasting coverage that’s great for all Fitzpatrick’s and ages. Go out in the sun confident that you’ll be protected and looking fabulous with this sheer hydrating formula. This new sunscreen is expected to be available in July!


Simplifying StemFactor - Dr Johnson's Corner

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Simplifying StemFactor

Are you hooked on the advanced formula for StemFactor yet? If not, it’s time to get on board! This incredible formulation performs above any other growth factor serum out there. Utilizing the exosome technology, StemFactor can provide better penetration and more activity for stunning results.

So what is an exosome and why is it so important?

Exosomes maintain the health of stem cells and protect and deliver the vital molecules that stem cells make such as growth factors, proteins and cytokines. This protective shield around the growth factors have receptor arms on the outside to activate cells and improve penetration. The receptor arms are what make the growth factors easily accepted into our skin and connect to our cell walls; therefore making it more stable and significantly more potent than any liposomal or unprotected growth factor serum. Growth factors occur naturally in the body and regulate the division and reproduction of cells. Each growth factor has receptors that communicate different “instructions” for each cell. Some “instructions” may include stimulating collagen, protein, blood vessel formation, fibrolasts, immune repair and new cell production. All of these, plus another 150 growth factors are found in StemFactor. The use of exosomes to encapsulate growth factors results in unparalleled performance. Healing of damaged, hyperpigmented, rosacea and aged skin is encouraged, creating healthy, younger, beautiful skin.


Maximize Your Skin's Potential

After age 30, the amount of growth factors in your skin progressively declines impacting your skin's ability to heal itself. Using advanced technologies and a balanced approach, Osmosis Skincare's StemFactor replenishes the growth factor activity in your skin in a safe and effective way.

Licensed Professional? Check out the exosome study in the Science Center under Published Research - Exosomes. *Requires professional log-in to view.