Beach Season - Weight Loss Protocol

6/18/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Weight loss is achieved in different ways. Most weight loss that is slow and
steady is done through caloric restriction and is permanent in nature until eating excess calories again. The weight loss associated with carb restrictions in which someone is still eating high calorie foods is primarily water loss. However, many carb restricted diets have low calorie levels and those will show more rapid weight loss initially but result in real weight loss over time.  Most dietary supplements tend to work by increasing metabolism and/or causing diuresis (the release of fluids).  They tend to be temporary fixes because the body compensates for these two changes and the weight often will return.  Our protocol is unique in that the weight stays off because the body is not forced into an unhealthy state. 

Elevate increases cellular ATP production which increases metabolism, but on the body’s schedule, not forced. The clinical trial shows it burned about 1.65lbs of fat a month continuously.  It is healthy for the body so the body does not compensate for the changes and the weight stays off.  It also helps build lean muscle and accelerates fat burning during exercise both of which help the weight loss goal. 

Environmental Protection Harmonized Water uses frequencies to cancel out toxins in the body. This allows the body to excrete these toxins and the fluid that surrounded them. So, in this case, the fluid loss is not dehydrating, it was the fluid retained by the cell to protect it from the toxin. This fluid will not return over time since the toxin is eliminated in the process. People usually see about 5lbs of weight come off the first month. We have had reports of as much as 30lbs, but that is highly unusual.

For best results, take 2-3 Elevate capsules 2-3 times a day and 5-7 pumps of Environmental Protection 2 times a day.

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