New Year's Look Featuring Pantone's Colors of the Year

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By the time December hits, all we can think about (aside from the holidays) is what the color of the year is going to be! When Pantone started releasing what the hottest color would be for the year ahead, makeup lines, fashion lines and many more started to listen, including us! 2016 is bringing a little bit of a curve ball with TWO colors! We know...exciting! Fashion week predicted the color picks for 2016, showing soft pastels and light as air textures. 2016 will give us a break from bold colors and let us relax in soft shades of Serenity and Rose Quartz. These wispy, soothing shades are oh-so-inviting and make for the perfect makeup trend. Soft pinks and blues on eyes, cheeks and lips will give you an ethereal feel, how could you not feel relaxed when you wear a shade called Serenity?

We have two perfect shades that fall right in line with the 2016 trend. Our Water Color Eye Shadows in Pink Champagne and Azure are sheer, soft and just sparkly enough to work with all eye shapes and skin tones. Not sure how to work a soft blue eye shadow into your New Years look? Read on for our easy steps to achieve the perfect New Years Look with the Pantone Colors of the year!

Step 1. Start with an even, clean lid. We LOVE using the lightest shade from the Impulse Trio from Lash line to Brow Bone.
Step 2. Using the Oval Shadow Brush apply the pink shade from the Midnight Jade Trio from Lash line to Crease.
Step 3. Apply Truffle from the Matte Collection to your Crease using the Blender Brush.
Step 4. Gently tap Pink Champagne Water Color Eyeshadow to the ball of your Lid with the Blender Brush, or your finger.
Step 5. Line your upper Lash Line with the Liquid Eye Definer.
Step 6. Using the Eye Liner Brow Brush, line your Lower Lash Line with Azure Water Color Eye Shadow.

Finish the look with Curling Mascara and Brow Gel in your matching shade.

BOOM! You are ready to ring in the New Year on trend with Rose Quartz and Serenity! Happy New Year Osmosis Beauties!

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Healing the Gut for Healthy Skin

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No one likes talking about their digestive issues... sometimes it's even tough telling our doctor about what goes on in the bathroom and hey, we get it. BUT most people don't attribute skin conditions to digestion issues. Science is still quite recently making the connection between the two and we are excited to be riding the cutting edge of research. Bloating, irregularity, cramps, IBS, acid reflux; these are all things we think about when we consider the ol' digestive situation. But did you know acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and even gum disease can be exacerbated by poor digestion? Don't worry, we won't lecture you on clean eating... in this post at least, but it is of course important! But seriously, eat your veggies, eat clean, drink water, and find the perfect supplement for digestive health. Why not knock out two of those steps in one? Once in the morning, and once in the evening add 5 pumps of our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to (you guessed it) your water. Drink up!

Our Digestive Health Harmonized Water creates balance and healing of the gut. You will be truly amazed at what your skin can do once your insides experience harmony. When our digestion is in balance, our bodies are able to excrete toxins properly, whether that is through sweat, number 1's and 2's, or our fabulous lymphatic system, the elimination of toxins aids in the health of our skin. Balance is what your body craves and Digestive Health Harmonized Water is a great supplement to aid in getting your insides healthy. When your insides are at their optimal health, inflammation (a huge cause of many skin issues), is calmed which means bloating, redness, and flare ups of many skin conditions are lessened, and regularity is, well... regular. Now is the perfect time to make resolutions for the New Year, and resolving to get your digestion on track is a really easy one to stick to. All you have to do is drink water, and add our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to your hydrating routine. EASY huh?!?

Click here to learn more about Digestive Health Harmonized Water. Shop this post.


Your New Year's Resolution? Remove your Makeup EVERY Night!

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It's midnight, you've just binged watched a whole season of Gilmore Girls and you're ready for bed. You are so, so sleepy. The thought of hitting the pillow without washing your face tempts you, and you give in. You can wash your face in the morning, it's no big deal right? WRONG! So many women get in the habit of sleeping with their makeup on and it simply needs to stop. Not only does this create a flurry of bacteria on your skin, it gets on your pillow case, and in your pillow... causing even more germs to transfer back onto your skin. Next thing you know you have a giant honking zit on your face AND fine lines! We know many of you practice this habit, so we thought it would be nice of us to make a New Years Resolution for you this year. We are resolving that ALL of our Osmosis beauties will wash their face EVERY night before they catch zzz's. It is easy to create a simple, 4 step routine that takes mere minutes to complete. All you need is:

1. Melt Away Gelee Makeup Remover - Scoop a little out and warm up between your ring finger and thumb. Gently massage onto eyes to remove makeup, wipe with cotton round.
2. Deep Clean - Remove makeup and debris from the day.
3. Clear - Spritz onto your skin and press in with your fingers.
4. Treat with Replenish - a heavy dose of antioxidants to revive stressed skin while you sleep.

EASY! 4 steps, each taking less than 30 seconds. Washing your face each night allows your skin to breathe, repair, and rest. Sleeping with makeup on causes breakouts, early aging, dehydration and well... it's just gross, so stop it! We hope you take our resolution to heart and wash those faces!!

See you next year (hardy-had-har)!

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Healthy Skin with the Osmosis Winter Facial

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Ahhhhhh Winter. It's here, and we don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. This season can be pretty tough on your skin, dryness sets in and your glow slightly fades. Sometimes getting in for a professional facial is just too much with holiday stress, icy roads, lacing up winter boots (the worst!) We want to make your winter skin care routine a little easier with a winter ritual you can treat yourself to once a week. So make yourself a hot cup of tea... or coffee, and set aside 30 minutes of pure, uninterrupted you time.

Step 1. Look in the mirror and say "Hey, good looking!"
Step 2. Give your senses a ZING with Cleanse, our pepperminty cleanser to draw out and remove impurities. Rinse with warm water.
Step 3. Apply in circular motions Purify, an enzymatic power house cleanser to remove deep impurities. Let it sit on the skin, uninterrupted for 3 minutes. Then remove with a warm wash cloth.
Step 4. Give your skin a firm up with Polish. Our cranberry enzyme scrub to gently remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. Rinse with warm water.
Step 5. Slay bacteria and heal your skin with a lemony dose of Clear Plus. Spritz on your skin and gently press it in with your finger tips.
Step 6. Massage one pump of Stem Factor with one spray of Clear Plus and a generous amount of Hydralift Firming Gel Mask onto your face, neck and decollete. Allow it to sit on your skin for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.
Step 7. Using one pump of Catalyst AC-11 (our anti-aging all star), massage your skin starting from your forehead, working your way gently down to your neck using soft, light touches.
Step 8. Drench your skin with hydration and moisture with Quench. Don't forget your neck, ears and chest!
Step 9. Say, Ahhhhhhhhh while breathing deeply.
Step 10. If you treat yourself to this ritual in the morning, add protection to your skin with our Pressed Base and a swipe of our perfect, smoothing Lip Gloss in Bare.

We know it takes a little effort to give yourself 1 minute of time let alone 30, but trust us. Your skin (the largest organ of your body that also happens to protect your other organs) will be grateful, and so will your spirit!

Now go get your winter facial on!

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Gift Guide: For the Jet Setter

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Urban Dictionary defines a Jet Setter as such: A person who travels to numerous places around the world, to places others always want to go but never do. We define a Jet Setter as a savvy, gate making expert. But rushing from connection to connection in crowded airports with multiple variables thrown  your way can be stressful on your skin, not to mention the dry air and lack of oxygen once you are "wheels up." Being prepared when you travel is something a jet setter is all too familiar with and we have the best products to gift the travel expert this holiday season.

Osmosis has the perfect TSA friendly products to make sure that your jet setter's skin gets the extra TLC it needs after a stressful travel day.

1. Purify Travel Tube - Keeping your skin clean and free of airborne junk.
2. Stemfactor Travel Tube - Nourish and repair your skin while it acclimates to it's new environment.
3. Correct Travel Tube - Keep your skin strong and ready to take on the world of free radicals by restoring it's epidermal barrier.
4. Clear - Keep your pores clear and bacteria at bay with this purse size mist.
5. Shade Travel Tube- The most important part of any skincare ritual is protection! Keep your traveling skin safe from UV rays with this natural broad spectrum sunscreen.

Our tubes and kits and minis make for the perfect gift for the jet setter and they look pretty stinking cute in a stocking! Get yours now for the perfect gift!

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Gift Guide: For the Luxury Lover!

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Plush fabrics, Soft woolen texture, rose gold... Diamonds (of course) these are just a few things that define luxury. We all have that one person in our lives who LOVES the luxe life and while we here at Osmosis may not have diamonds to dole out, we do have some excellent luxury products that will make for a great gift for the lover of luxe!

Osmosis brushes are the perfect gift for those who love the finer things in life! These plush, dense, synthetic and real hair brushes apply makeup perfectly to the face all while feeling like you are rubbing clouds and kittens on your skin (in other words, super soft). It is important for a brush to feel good and apply makeup well, and ours do just that. Check out our top 5 luxury brushes, the perfect gift for the luxury lover!

1. Small Accent Brush - This jack-of-all trades brush is made from high quality synthetic hair AND real hair, providing the ultimate airbrushed finish! To top it off, this brush can be used with powders, creams, and liquids on the face and eyes. 
2. Full Face Brush - If ever there was a brush of all brushes... this one is it! It feels like heaven on the skin and can be used for post application blending, bronzers, and powders. You can also give it a spritz with our Mineral Hydration Mist and stipple it onto any dry patches for a smoother makeup finish. 
3. Concealer Brush - This multi-tasker works great in small areas. The high quality synthetic bristles won't absorb product and blends like a dream! 
4. & 5. Medium and Large Accent Brush - If you don't have an airbrush machine at home (really... who does?), these two will certainly take its place. Use either one of these luxe blending brushes to apply liquid foundation for an incredible airbrushed finish. Our tip, mist the brush with the Mineral Hydration Mist, then dip the bristles in a pea size amount of our Long wear Liquid Foundation. Gently buff it onto the skin for smooth, perfect complexion. 

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Go From Day to Night in Five Minutes Flat!

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Can you feel it? It's 4pm, you are wrapping up your emails and projects for the day... waiting for 5pm to approach, then BAM! It's time for happy hour with the girls. But wait, you have "office" written all over your face. This must be remedied. Don't fret, we have some quick and easy tips to take your daytime office look into night in five minutes! (was that an intense story or what!?!) 
You started your day like this...

This day look features: 
Pressed Base - Quick coverage with benefits!
Age Defying Concealer - Hydrating, illuminating and amazing
Sugar Plum Eye Shadow - A trio for any and all skin tones. Perfect for a unique look for day or night. 
Volumizing Mascara - Non-flakey, inky black coverage. 
Peony Blush - a fresh pop of color.
Flirt Lip Glaze - Quench dry lips with a fun flush of color. 
Now lets bump it up to this!
Without further adieu, your quick and easy steps to get your night look:
Step 1. Add the deep purple shade for Sugar Plum Eye Shadow Trio onto your outer corner of your eyelid, gently smoking it into the lash line. 
Step 2. Swipe an Eye Pencil in Black onto your upper and lower lash line and smudge with your smudge brush. 
Step 3. Touch up your lashes with a coat of Volumizing Mascara
Step 4. Add little sultry touch to your look with Forget Me Not Lipstick. 
Step 5. Take a look in the mirror and say, "Hello gorgeous!" 
There you have it! Your no-fuss steps to bump up your day look to a night look that will last until you take it off! 
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Taking Skincare to the Next Level: Meet Catalyst AC-11

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We recently completed a clinical study on Catalyst AC-11®, one in a series of three DNA Repair Serums. This is very exciting for Osmosis because the results are amazing! This study shows improvement in the appearance of actinic keratosis, capillary visibility, as well as the firming and elasticity of the skin, and more!

How is Catalyst AC-11® doing this? We utilize Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid which is essential in forming proteins in the skin. We then take alpha ketoglutarate, a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle, to enhance the activity of L-ascorbic acid for even more protein production. By adding amino acids we also provide the skin with building blocks to create protein. This isn't your normal Vitamin C Serum though. The main focus: to repair damage in our DNA.

DNA is the essential communicator within our cells, instructing each cell how to function. With extensive damage that comes from normal aging processes, environmental exposures, and lifestyle, our cells perform less efficiently. Repairing that damage is essential to healthier, younger functioning skin.

Catalyst AC-11® taps into an innate repair mechanism called Zinc Fingers and a clinically proven DNA repair ingredient extracted from nature, AC-11™. Zinc Fingers are created by combining Vitamin C, amino acids, copper, and zinc. In our skin the repair DNA damage as well as cellular division and differentiation. AC-11™, on the other hand, is an extract from Cat's Claw that has powerful DNA repair ability and is clinically proven to correct and prevent the formation of Thymine-Thymine Dimers, a mutation in our DNA that occurs from UV exposure. It also decreases erythema, or redness, from excess sun exposure and improves immunity in our skin. These two repair mechanisms that are taking skincare to the next level are why Catalyst AC-11® is so good at repairing wounds, decreasing the appearance of capillaries and precancerous lesions along with improving firmness and elasticity.

With a cellular focus, we see results that far surpass other products on the market. We are now creating younger skin with permanent results.


Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

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Stockings tend to be stuffed with candy, gum, knick-knacks, and well...more candy. We think it's time to add some balance to your stocking stuffing game! Why not add a few holistic items and primping basics to offset those candy canes? We have all you need to stuff those stockings with care, love, and balance.

Harmonized Water Mini Kit - Boost your cells into action with these adorable minis! Perfect to introduce your loved ones to the benefits of Harmonized Waters and wellness.

Lip Gloss - Aura - Perfect for all skin tones for a natural, glossy pucker!

Polish Enzyme Firming Mask - The holidays are not the holidays without cranberry! Treat your loved ones and clients to some butt-kicking results utilizing Cranberry Enzymes. This potent mask will be the perfect holiday treat!

Water Color Eye Shadows - Metallic, soft, easy to use shades that are perfect for any and all skin tones! These little gems will add some sparkle to any stocking!

Now get out there and Stuff. Those. Stockings! Check with your Osmosis  provider to purchase these perfect additions to your holiday gifting, or go here to find a retailer near you!