Gift Guide: For the Jet Setter

12/17/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Urban Dictionary defines a Jet Setter as such: A person who travels to numerous places around the world, to places others always want to go but never do. We define a Jet Setter as a savvy, gate making expert. But rushing from connection to connection in crowded airports with multiple variables thrown  your way can be stressful on your skin, not to mention the dry air and lack of oxygen once you are "wheels up." Being prepared when you travel is something a jet setter is all too familiar with and we have the best products to gift the travel expert this holiday season.

Osmosis has the perfect TSA friendly products to make sure that your jet setter's skin gets the extra TLC it needs after a stressful travel day.

1. Purify Travel Tube - Keeping your skin clean and free of airborne junk.
2. Stemfactor Travel Tube - Nourish and repair your skin while it acclimates to it's new environment.
3. Correct Travel Tube - Keep your skin strong and ready to take on the world of free radicals by restoring it's epidermal barrier.
4. Clear - Keep your pores clear and bacteria at bay with this purse size mist.
5. Shade Travel Tube- The most important part of any skincare ritual is protection! Keep your traveling skin safe from UV rays with this natural broad spectrum sunscreen.

Our tubes and kits and minis make for the perfect gift for the jet setter and they look pretty stinking cute in a stocking! Get yours now for the perfect gift!

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