Healing the Gut for Healthy Skin

12/24/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

No one likes talking about their digestive issues... sometimes it's even tough telling our doctor about what goes on in the bathroom and hey, we get it. BUT most people don't attribute skin conditions to digestion issues. Science is still quite recently making the connection between the two and we are excited to be riding the cutting edge of research. Bloating, irregularity, cramps, IBS, acid reflux; these are all things we think about when we consider the ol' digestive situation. But did you know acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and even gum disease can be exacerbated by poor digestion? Don't worry, we won't lecture you on clean eating... in this post at least, but it is of course important! But seriously, eat your veggies, eat clean, drink water, and find the perfect supplement for digestive health. Why not knock out two of those steps in one? Once in the morning, and once in the evening add 5 pumps of our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to (you guessed it) your water. Drink up!

Our Digestive Health Harmonized Water creates balance and healing of the gut. You will be truly amazed at what your skin can do once your insides experience harmony. When our digestion is in balance, our bodies are able to excrete toxins properly, whether that is through sweat, number 1's and 2's, or our fabulous lymphatic system, the elimination of toxins aids in the health of our skin. Balance is what your body craves and Digestive Health Harmonized Water is a great supplement to aid in getting your insides healthy. When your insides are at their optimal health, inflammation (a huge cause of many skin issues), is calmed which means bloating, redness, and flare ups of many skin conditions are lessened, and regularity is, well... regular. Now is the perfect time to make resolutions for the New Year, and resolving to get your digestion on track is a really easy one to stick to. All you have to do is drink water, and add our Digestive Health Harmonized Water to your hydrating routine. EASY huh?!?

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