To DIM or not to DIM?

6/30/2016 Osmosis Skincare 22 Comments

We're so excited to bring you this special post written by Director of Education, Jamie Palmer, to answer the question of: To DIM or not to DIM?
About two years ago I switched from oral birth control to an IUD and my skin wasn't happy. Huge cysts were popping up on my chest and back with occasional ones on my jaw line. Typical hormonal acne! Restore and Harmonized Water helped, but didn't clear it entirely. Enter DIM. Diindolymethane is an extract from cruciferous vegetables. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage are examples in this group of vegetables. The beauty of this ingredient is that it binds with estrogenic toxins and helps us to metabolize estrogen in our bodies. Most estrogenic toxins get stored in fat as they are not water soluble. DIM binds with these toxins and eliminates them through our urine. 

With exposure to a multitude of things like chlorine, plastics, and pesticides that form estrogenic toxins in our bodies, we need a little more help removing them. Both men and women are exposed to these chemicals and though we think of estrogen as only effecting women, men also have estrogen in their bodies. Men use aromatase to convert testosterone to estradiol (a form of estrogen). When there is too much estradiol and not enough testosterone, more aromatase activity can result. DIM will help metabolize some of this estrogen to help balance these levels. It will also help to reduce gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue) in men. DIM can be used by both men and women to help with environmental exposure, hormonal acne, mood stability, hair loss, and oily skin. Women can also take DIM for PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, and ovarian cysts. Some research on DIM has also shown DNA repair and anti-cancer benefits. 

Common Questions about DIM

Is DIM effective for hormonal acne when the client is currently taking birth control, IUD, etc.? 

Yes, DIM helps to metabolize estrogen into healthier forms (like 2-hydroxy estrogen) promoting normal levels of progesterone. This will help reduce symptoms related to PMS, like acne. 

How do you know when to recommend DIM and when to recommend Skin Perfection? Are they interchangeable? Can you take both at the same time? 

Skin Perfection Harmonized Water reduces purging of toxins while DIM binds toxins before they reach the skin so they are both beneficial to take for hormonal acne and can be taken together. 

Is DIM effective for males with acne? 

If a man is experiencing hormonal acne, blemishes along the jaw line or on the body, then yes, DIM will definitely help to regulate the hormones causing acne.

Does DIM interfere with Birth Control and if so, how? 

Hormonal birth control has either estrogen, progestin, or both. These hormones are used to affect the cycle of the body preventing pregnancy. DIM does not effect this cycle, but instead helps the body to manage the estrogen so it doesn't interfere with the efficacy of hormonal birth control. DIM binds estrogenic toxins and metabolizes estrogen into a healthier form for the body.

How long should you take DIM? Can you take it, then stop taking it, and restart it?

Take DIM as long as you need to keep symptoms at bay. Once that is achieved, you can discontinue. However, if symptoms return, you should continue using the supplement. It is safe to stop and start again with no adjustments to dosage.

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Makeup: Sultry Smokey Eye

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Summer time is for patios, sangria, and hot balmy nights. We know that wearing a ton of makeup in the summer is not ideal, so we created a sultry summer smokey eye look that is easy, minimal and simply... hot-to-trot! You can still add a little drama to your summer look without having to pile it on.
Create this look by following along with our video below and check out the products we used to create this simple, smokey eye!

CC Cream
Anti-Aging Treatment Concealer

Eye Pencil - Black
Water Colors - Amethyst & Opal
Matte Collection - Toasted Peach
Volumizing Mascara

Blush - Nude Bliss

Lip Glaze - Innocent

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Wellness Wednesday: Mosquito Help!

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Wellness in the summer time is pretty easy to do. You have a bounty of amazing fruits and veggies in season, you work out more to keep your bikini body in shape, and you probably get plenty of Vitamin D. There are of course, some unwanted results of summer. The main one we always think of is mosquito bites. Is there anything worse? With viruses being spread by these pesky buggers, it is vital to protect yourself from them. Are you that one person who attracts bug bites like Brad Pitt attracts everyone on the planet? Then we have what you need. Bugs, especially mosquitoes, are attracted to three core things: Heat - Mosquitoes can sense heat from a living being, which to the bug means FOOD. Perspiration - Sweat can put off scents of lactic acid and body odor which is a huge attractant to these little fools.  Standing Water - Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be sure to empty any buckets, barrels, or any other outdoor still-water source.

How can we help? Being that our own bodies attract the bite, we can alter the frequency of attraction. Mosquito Harmonized Water helps by creating a vibration on our skin which detracts them from landing and feeding. Of course, as with all mosquito prevention, there is always that one mosquito who lives on the edge, and may go for it anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for the adventurous one.

Take 5 pumps of water within the hour of venturing outside for your evening BBQ or party! Keep the water with you and re-dose every three hours while you are outside. This is the most natural and effective way to protect yourself without dowsing your body in harmful chemicals.

Keep perfumes and cologne at a minimum and wear a natural antiperspirant to fend them off. If you do get bit, keep some Environmental Protection Harmonized Water and Rescue on hand to treat the bite and harmonize your antihistamine reaction.

You don't have to stay inside all summer to avoid being a mosquito victim. Just utilize our Mosquito Harmonized Water and get out and enjoy your summer with wellness, health, and love!

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Internal Wellness: How to Beat Summer Bloat!

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There aren't too many bad things to say about summer... except that extreme heat can make you balloon up around your ankles, tummy, knees, and hands. Many of us take a beat from our Camel friends and retain water under extreme heat conditions. We've got some great tips on how to beat the bloat and still enjoy the heat!

* Hydrate first thing in the morning! Drink a room temperature glass of water with 1/2 - 1 full lemon squeezed in. The lemon will help alkalize the body and start it off right.

*Take five pumps of Digestive Health Harmonized Water. This water balances the frequencies that cause bloating, thus aiding in taking it down.

*Squeeze in a quick work out. Yoga poses like Child's Pose can help wake up the body and balance it's organs and is great for pushing air, toxins, and gunk out of your intestines.

*Stay hydrated ALL day!

*Once you get home and start to decompress from your day, if you're hanging out on your couch, elevate your legs at a 90 degree angle from your torso. This will kick up your circulation. Move your ankles and toes around while you are elevated.

*Take a cool shower. Cool your body down before you go to bed. Summer heat can stick with you long after you are out of it. Cool showers will calm you nerves and tell your organs that you are ready for sleep.

*Take five pumps of Digestive Health and Relax Harmonized Water.

*If bloating still continues, try sipping on a lightly steeped cup of Dandelion Root Tea. This root helps tremendously with water retention, just don't go over board as it can cause dehydration you if you overuse it!

There you have it! Quick tips to beat summer bloating! Get out there and enjoy the summer with out the puffy ankles!

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Osmosis ABC's: D - Dong Quai

6/20/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Do you ever wonder if there is one ingredient that can make dark under eye circles and allergy prone eye issues simply disappear? We have the answer for you, YES. The best way to lessen the appearance of under eye circles is to increase circulation, and decrease environmental allergy reaction. This is where we shine our Ingredient Spotlight on Dong Quai.

Dong Quai (otherwise known as Angelica Sinesis) is found in Asia. This root, that looks a lot like Celery, is a perennial that blooms in late August. It's root has been used in Chinese medicine for years as its benefits seem too good to be true. Dong Quai, when taken internally, has vast benefits for both male and female reproductive systems, helps treat anemia, and acts as a powerful blood tonic.
BUT when used topically, youth, circulation, and common skin conditions all see powerful benefits. Let's see just what this wonder ingredient can do for you!

Wondering which Osmosis product has this wizard ingredient? None other than
Refresh Eye Serum!

That's right, our Refresh Eye Serum is full of goodness including Dong Quai. Did you know that you can use Refresh on other parts of your face, not just your eyes? Treat dry lips, heal acne scars, and treat wounds with this little magic bottle.

Refresh will not only reduce the appearance of dark circles (by increasing circulation), it will reduce fine lines, combat red, puffy eyes, and treat extra dry skin! Get your hands on this Eye Serum now and start looking refreshed and feeling beautiful! Our skin's wellness relies on what we use and Refresh is the perfect outer wellness product to have in your skincare arsenal.

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Inflammation: The Best Foods to Fight it!

6/14/2016 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

Inflammation can be a fickle beast. If your organs are inflamed then chances are your skin is as well. If your skin is inflamed, you may not be feeling too happy. Did you know what we eat and put into our bodies has a HUGE effect on our overall wellness?  Foods with high fat, sugar, and salt can heighten inflammation as can heavy diets consisting of red meat and deli meats (which are heavily processed and extremely high in sodium). In order to bring our inflammation down we need to put alkalizing food into our system. When our bodies are low in acidity and high on alkaline, inflammation is diminished. There are some really great and tasty foods to incorporate into your daily diet to help keep your wellness in check. Let's take a deeper look into the Osmosis plan for anti-inflammation eating.

1. Whole Grain: Whole grains are high in fiber and low in sugar. They also help keep your bowel movements regular which is key to keeping your intestines healthy!

2. Dark Leafy Greens: It's no secret that dark leafy greens play a vital role in your wellness and health. Vitamin E rich greens play a key role in protecting the body from inflammation-causing proteins. The chlorophyl in leafy greens also contributes to beneficial detoxing and skin health.

3. Nuts: Nuts that are rich in omega-3, antioxidants, and healthy fats are vital to reducing inflammation. Adding nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, and Pecans can reduce inflammation in as little as six weeks time.

4. Bright colored veggies and spices: Ginger, Turmeric, Onion, and Garlic are perfect foods to add into any meal to help fight inflammation and toxins. Peppers, tomatoes, and beets also contribute to wellness with their antioxidant powers and protect the body from harmful chemicals. Juicing these healthful veggies in the morning with lemon and berries is a great way to start your day!

5. Olive Oil: This oil is high in good fats and aids in keeping the body lubricated, which aids in toxin and inflammation excretion. Olive Oil is a great substitute for butter and other saturated fats used to flavor and cook food.

6. Citrus: Orange, lemon, and lime are high in heart-healthy and immune-healthy Vitamin C. These fruits are highly alkalizing which contributes to low inflammation.

**Additional supplements to help fight inflammation include Complete and Inner Harmony. These two help with proper digestion and balance of the organs' main functions. Don't forget to take Complete after every meal to aid in enzymatic functions and Inner Harmony morning and night to balance your body's internal wellness.**

These six all-stars are foods that can easily fit into your daily diet and taste delicious. One of our favorite recipes to utilize these fabulous foods is Forbidden Kale Salad. See the recipe below and get to eating!

Forbidden Kale Salad:

Serves 2

1 1/2 Cups Cooked Black Rice (aka Forbidden Rice)
4 Cups Kale (torn into bite-sized pieces)
1 Large Beet (cooked and chopped)
1/2 Chopped Onion (red or white)


2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Crushed Almonds
1 Clove Garlic (diced)
1 Tablespoon Fresh, Organic Almond Butter
1 Juicy Lime
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
Fresh grated Ginger and Turmeric for garnish and flavor.

Combine all oil, almond butter, garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper and whisk together until all ingredients are emulsified.

In a large bowl combine rice, beets, onion, and kale.

Drizzle dressing onto the salad and toss until everything is well-coated.

Sprinkle almonds, ginger, and turmeric on top. Serve it up and eat it! This salad makes for a great lunch or dinner. You could even add a scrambled egg to it and down it for breakfast!

Our skincare is dependent on how we treat our bodies internally. When our bodies are balanced and low on inflammation our skin will glow with health. For an in-depth eating plan to help squash inflammation and detox like a pro, go here. 

Enjoy this recipe and enjoy treating your body right!

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Father's Day: Gifts for Better Health

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Ahhhhh, Father's Day, the hardest shopping day of the year! Why is it always so difficult to find the perfect gift for good ol' Dad? Well, Dads are pretty special, and they deserve as much love and gratitude we can give them. After a while cigars, Scotch, and Clint Eastwood movies become redundant for gifts. This year why not gift your father with wellness to let him know that you care about him and want him to stick around for a LONG time?

We have put together the perfect gift for Dad this year, ideal for a quick shave, skincare, and wellness routine.

Our top 4 picks for Dad:

* Deep Clean: Help Dad remove dirt, oil, and daily debris from his skin. This subtle scented face wash is quick and easy to use without an overpowering smell. Dad's love it!

* Immerse: This moisture booster just so happens to make the most perfect shave oil! This will effectively soften hair follicles making their removal all the less invasive and all the more gentle. It also leaves your skin feeling moisturized instead of dryer and stripped.

* DIM & Vigor: These two are like peas and carrots. Coupling these supplements together creates an internal Super Man ready to take on toxins, imbalanced hormones...(and Lex Luthor). DIM draws out estrogenic toxins (in men, these can cause male breasts, enlarged prostate, unwanted hair growth, and acne). DIM is the perfect supplement to add into Dad's routine to make sure his body is functioning like a well oiled machine. Pair DIM with Vigor, and Dad will be unstoppable. Vigor aids in balancing male hormones, targeting hair loss, muscle mass, and overall health. This power couple is the perfect gift to make sure your father sticks around for a long time!

Thanks to all the Father's out there!

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Vitamin A: How to Use it in the Summer Time

6/09/2016 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

It's no secret that dermatologists and estheticians everywhere agree, that Vitamin A (aka Retinol) is the best tool to combat aging, acne, skin discoloration, sun damage and a whole bag of skin issues. BUT, what you may not know (and definitely should know) is that Vitamin A makes the skin more sensitive to sun exposure. We get asked often if Osmosis Skincare lovers should stop using their Vitamin A serum in the summer. The answer is a simple, resounding... NO! Vitamin A is such a rock star when it comes to treating the skin, you want to make sure to utilize it even when the sun is out in full force. Here are some helpful tips to utilizing Vitamin A in the Summer!

* Let your Vitamin A Serum work for you while you sleep. Apply your Vitamin A at night, skipping the morning application. Instead try StemFactor or Catalyst AC-11!
SPF, SPF, SPF, SPF, SPF! Did you get that? Sun protection is vital EVERYDAY, especially in the summer time, and even more important when you are utilizing Vitamin A. Every morning, slather yourself with Protect and take 5 pumps of UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water. Because Vitamin A makes your skin more sensitive as it gently exfoliates dead skin, your skin is left with a mighty fresh layer that needs to be protected, even after you wash your Vitamin A off in the morning.

* Choose the right Vitamin A Serum for your face. Check out this post to learn which one is right for you!With 5 different Vitamin A's to choose from, there is no excuse not to take advantage of the one that fits best for you. Choose from: Calm, Clarify, Correct, Renew and Relieve.

* Exfoliate once a week to help your Vitamin A provide you with stronger results. We LOVE Polish, it's gentle, effective, and smells down-right delicious!

* Make sure to utilize your Vitamin A all over! Many people forget their lips, ears, neck and chest. All of these areas need some extra love. Just don't forget to protect those same places during the day.

Using your Vitamin A in the summer (and year round for that matter), is vital to keeping your skin healthy. It only takes a few small changes to make sure the summer heat and sun don't compromise your results. So get on the Vitamin A train and enjoy the ride to glowing, beautiful skin!

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Men's Health: Live with Vigor!

6/07/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Men's Health Month is upon us, and we want you to know that we've brought a new player to the wellness game just for you dapper dudes. Here at Osmosis, we like to provide the best in wellness, skincare, beauty and grooming. Men's Health, as you can guess, fits right into our desire to provide the best products to further your wellness journey. This month, in honor of all you men out there, we are shinning the spotlight on our Harmonized Water, Vigor.

Vigor should be a part of your daily wellness routine, especially for men over 30. We bet you are wondering why. Don't worry, we are about to tell you exactly why Vigor is the perfect addition for you and your overall wellness.

Considering that testosterone, muscle mass, skin elasticity, and hair follicles begin to go a little off the grid when you head into your 30's, you want to make sure you keep that hormonal disruption as balanced and pleasant as possible for your spirit and body. Let's take a closer look at how and why Vigor will help make those pesky hormones balanced and happy.

* Aids in rejuvenating the hair follicle, reducing hair loss.

* Improves testosterone activity - Vigor is not a hormone replacement, it simply utilizes the testosterone that already exists in your body, making it work more efficiently.

* Increases Libido (this benefits your significant other as well....*giggle*)

* Gives your muscles a more harmonized platform to rebuild and rejuvenate.

* Overall balance of your hormones. When your hormones are balanced, there is no stopping what you can do.

If you feel sluggish, foggy, and down-right low, Vigor could be the balancing act you need to straighten out your hormones and make them work for you!

Bet on yourself this month men!  Life without vigor, is just boring!

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Be Your Own Body Guard with Protect

6/02/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Protection is key for a safe and happy summer. As you know by now, your skin is quite delicate to the sun, and we want to make sure you are the Kevin Costner to your own Whitney Huston. The best way to be your own body guard is to use an effective SPF. That is why we LOVE Protect. This SPF is the best way to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, let's take a closer look at why Protect should be your go to body (and face) guard.

* Zinc - Zinc is a natural, mineral block that completely protects your skin from the sun's rays naturally and effectively.
*Safflower Oil - With natural amounts of Linoleic Acid, a great omega-6 fatty acid best known for its aid in healing, hydrating and plumping the skin, this oil is perfect for refining the skin's texture and also aids in reducing acne and mild rashes.
*Sunflower Seed Oil - Sunflower Seed Oil is known as the great barrier. It's strong binding action helps lock in moisture and protect the skin's natural barrier.
*Radish Root - This is a natural alternative to nasty preservatives like Parabens.  It also has strong anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which aids in keeping the skin clean and bacteria free.
*Grapefruit Peel Oil - Grapefruit Peel Oil is a wonderful treatment for sagging skin. This wonder oil aids in toning and tightening the skin giving you a healthy, natural glow.
*Witch Hazel - This ingredient has a multitude of skin benefits. Not only does it help treat acne, it also helps soothe redness, swelling, and inflammation. Witch Hazel is a great natural treatment for Eczema and Psoriasis making this SPF a great choice for even the most sensitive skin types.

There you have it, why you should choose to protect yourself with Protect. We now have a 200 mL tube that'll make going to the beach a whole lot easier!

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