Systemic Balance: The Key to Wellness

6/11/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

One of the strengths that we at Osmosis have as a progressive skin care company, is our core philosophy of treating the body and skin as one cohesive unit. Respecting the link between what happens inside our body, and what is reflected on our skin. This evolution of understanding is what sets us apart from the entire industry as a whole. Our bodies maintain an intricate system designed to prevent imbalances that cause us harm and disease. The rub? This system can easily malfunction if we constantly abuse it; the unfortunate thing is we are doing just that on a daily basis, without fully realizing it. Most of the modern diseases that plague our society are not random occurrences, but are the emanation of what we do to our bodies every day. Science is indeed an evidence-based system, but also one based on common sense. Contrary to common assumptions, there is an abundant amount of evidence that the common sense approach of eating right, exercising, reducing toxic overload and maintaining a positive outlook has a direct implication in making us well. This is not a transformative breakthrough in science or medicine, but a return to the fundamental principles that modern medicine was founded on. The truth is that healthy behavioral patterns create an environment where we can shift the genetic code and expression in our favor. Research from the CDC has even proved that those who follow these common sense approaches to wellness, have the ability to curb disease expression, aging and premature death by as much as 50%! I get incredibly excited when I visit accounts across the country, that take the whole body approach to treating their clients. Giving them the tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle. While there is no magic pill or supplement that exists, the right combination of supplements that support the body’s inherent ability to heal, are the perfect adjunct to this type of wellness therapy.

Our collection of Harmonized Waters, Elevate and Restore, utilize technologies that tap into and support the natural function and design of body homeostasis. From energy regulation, to reduction in oxidative stress and powerful immune support, amassing the proper tools and mastering the ability to use them will give you and your clients the ultimate gift of health, longevity and wellness. This is not a select privilege for a few, but an undeniable right for all.  We not only have the power to make an impact on the skin, but lives as well. Care to join on the journey with us? J