Last Minute Halloween Look!

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1. Using the Full Face Brush, prep the skin with a pressed powder that's a few shades lighter
than the skin tone to create the perfect Halloween pale complexion. 

2.  Take it a shade paler with the white highlighter shade from the Aubergine Eye Shadow Trio.
Use the Blender Brush to blend the white shadow with the pressed base all over the face
bringing it down to the jaw line.

3. Fill in the eyelid with the blue shadow from the Misty Blue Eye Shadow Trio, sweeping it up to
the brow bringing it down to the bottom of the eye socket. Continue until you've achieved the
desired intensity. Try the Oval Shadow Brush for this step!

4. Line the eyes with Osmosis Colour's Black Eye Pencil and using that same liner (or try the
Liquid Eye Definer), make small dots around the outside of the blue shadow.

5. Deepen the lashes with Volumizing or Curling Mascara.

6. Add a pop of color to your Day of the Dead look using the Sangria Lip Liner. Outline your
desired design on your chin with the liner and then fill in with Sassy Lip Stick.

7. To create the lip stitching, use the Liquid Eye Definer on the lips, bringing it out towards the

8.  Finish off the look using the Liquid Eye Definer  to create your perfect Day of the Dead look.
Designs on the forehead and jaw line are popular and accessible areas to flaunt your creativity!   

Don't forget your Melt Away Gelee at the end of the night for easy and fast removal!


Your Skin Deserves The Best!

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Osmosis is excited to announce its official 8-week clinical study on Catalyst AC-11!
Just a few of the amazing study tested results:
Stay tuned as we continue to share the many other
incredible measured results!


Multi-Mask..... Your Body!

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Why just use one mask when you can create a beautiful collage of treatments on your skin? Today’s latest craze in skincare is something called multi-masking. The idea is simply this: most people have more than one skin issue or condition occurring simultaneously. For example, you may have incredibly dry skin on your cheeks but a very oily t-zone area. Shockingly, this very same issue can also be reflected on different areas of the body. Below are different ways to use our masks for different skin issues related to the body, these can be used either for home care or in a treatment room so get your mask brush in hand!


Our hands and arms are a large part of what we do, and unfortunately can be very mistreated on a daily basis causing dry skin, sun damage and ultimately premature aging. These areas are almost impossible to hide and are some of the most prominent features when it comes to visible signs of aging. Osmosis masks to the rescue! Try the gently hydrating and firming Hydralift Firming Gel Mask which promotes cooling, healing, plumping and firming and immediate hydration. This is the perfect anti-aging treatment for the hands and arms. Need even more moisture? Mix in a bit of Immerse, a beautiful compilation of oils to help soothe very dry skin and promote wound healing.


Our feet serve so many purposes, they take us where we need to go, they ground us and can even be beautiful by themselves. Sadly they also carry quite a bit of weight, that is, all of our weight on a daily basis. So how can we smooth, calm and hydrate the rough skin of our feet? With our deliciously chocolate scented Repair Mask! With a combination of healing, calming and repair promoting ingredients this mask will calm down those tootsies and help them to look their best.

Are your joints reminiscent of sand paper? Knees and elbows can be particularly dry in the fall and winter months which can sometimes create discomfort. Begin with the Polish Enzyme Firming Mask to gently lift off any dead skin cell, smooth the skin and lightly hydrate the area. This heavenly smelling cranberry mask also provides antioxidant and peptide firming benefits. Upon removal, apply the Tropical Mango Mask to these areas for extreme hydration and barrier repair.


Much like the face, the décolleté and shoulders can also be subject to more sun exposure than the rest of the body. The Orange Zest Revitalizing Mask has skin firming, collagen stimulating and nourishing properties but will also brighten the skin with its high vitamin C content. The Soothing Gel Mask is another great tool for this area, with brightening ingredients like lemon peel extract this mask will assist in hydrating, treating and brightening sun damaged shoulders.


Although we see it the least the back can also be a hot bed for skin issues and back facials have become increasingly popular due to a rise in back acne. Our Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask is a wonderful treatment mask. It is a non-drying clay mask with ingredients like bentonite and kaolin to help clear up acne and argan oil which is a sebum regulator.

Have you gotten your multi-mask on? We’d love to see the photos! Please tag us on facebook or on Instagram . 


Is Your Skin Trying to Tell You Something?

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Sometimes "Pretty in Pink" is not a good thing, especially when it comes to our skin.  Excess pink or redness means it is being stressed or something is irritating it.

Sensitive or Allergic?  How can we tell which is which?

Sensitive skin that flares up when the skin is rubbed, scratched or stimulated and gets flushed or pink means that it is probably sensitive to those situations and especially climate changes.  When using cosmetics, it can get flushed but if the products are beneficial, eventually the flushing will subside.  Prickling or the feeling of tiny ants running all over your skin means collagen and cell turnover are being enhanced.

An allergy is when the skin comes into contact with a particular ingredient or product and flares up, hives are formed and the skin can feel like it is burning.  Once the ingredient or product is removed, the symptoms go away.  It is important to know the difference because many of us feel we are sensitive from past experiences with harmful or irritating cosmetics that at one time made us react.  That usually means that they were not good for the skin because the skin could not work with them and was suffering.

Osmosis Skincare products offer formulas that your skin cannot only recognize but really work with the skin to correct sensitivity.  However, we do have several products that are stimulating but they are offered in various levels of activity to allow most skin types and conditions time to heal and adapt.

Our skin has its own personality and functions very similar to our body.  Give it ingredients or products that it does not find comfortable and it will react.  Just like we become uncomfortable when we eat something that doesn't agree with us. 

Once your skin is using Osmosis products, it is like comfort food.  It begins to relax and feel content.  Once the skin is no longer stressed from irritating products, the "Pink" color subsides.  So give the "Pink Slip" to those cosmetic products from the past and find comfort and performance in Osmosis Skincare. 


Fall Trends

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Summer has come to a close but don’t fret. There is lots of excitement to look forward to this fall.
Fall represents many things. It means back to school, changing leaves, and colder weather. As we move from flip flops to boots, here are a few ways to enhance our fall skin care and makeup regimen.

Start using a more “clever” cleanser

Why just cleanse your skin when you can cleanse your skin with a product that has added benefits  and won’t strip the skin’s natural moisture content? PURIFY, our enzyme cleanser is this and so much more! None of the Osmosis cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfates and instead use a kiwi kumquat surfactant that is gentle and won’t strip the skin’s natural barrier. In addition to this,  Purify contains bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) and papain (an enzyme that comes from papaya) to gently lift off any dead skin cells leaving the skin more receptive to the key ingredients applied afterward. Not to mention its heavenly citrus scent.

Hydrate both inside and out for glowing skin

As the weather starts to turn colder the importance of both drinking more water and applying more hydrating products becomes key. REPLENISH, our antioxidant repair serum is the answer to the dull, dry skin of fall. It contains over 17 different antioxidants to boost support against free radical damage and hydrating ingredients like Vitamin B. The addition of Replenish to any skin care regimen will leave the skin looking luminous and hydrated.

Tackle former summer sun damage

...with your arsenal of CATALYST AC-11 and RESCUE. It’s no surprise that the hours spent in the sun over summer vacation may have really increased the amount of sun damage in your skin. What to do? Calm down any excess inflammation with Rescue, the epidermal repair serum. This potent serum is a go to when it comes to calming down redness and activating wound repair. Pair it with Catalyst AC-11 our level 3 DNA repair serum which activates your body’s own zinc finger remodeling process. This wonder serum will encourage an increase in collagen and elastin production, wound healing, and provides sun protection. These are the perfect tools to fix damaged post-summer skin.

Embrace your natural brow

Make sure your brows are on point! One of the main trends in makeup this fall is natural shapely brows. Gone are the days of overdrawn, overfilled in brows of yesterday. Instead use a product like Osmosis BROW GEL to lightly fill in and give the brows a hint of color without overwhelming the face. The exciting thing about this product is that the Brow Gel is also a water resistant and smudge proof formula that won’t move until you want it to.

Introduce a brighter complexion

Need to bump up your treatment room regimen as we move into fall? Give the ORANGE ZEST REVITALIZING MASK a try! With a high Vitamin C content this mask will aid in brightening hyperpigmentation accumulated during the summertime and boost the skin with collagen enhancing ingredients. For firmer, smoother more hydrated skin this mask is your answer.