Osmosis: Back to School Beauty

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It's nearly that time of year we equally dread and love at the same time… Back to School! This time of year always tends to be a time for transformation. You get your back to school wardrobe, new school items (who doesn't love a good trip to the office supply store)! And you feel refreshed from your summer vacation and ready to take learning to a new level. But what about your skincaremakeup and wellness routine? It's the perfect time to update, restock, or change your daily beauty habits to better adjust to the back to school flow and we have the perfect look to accompany you to your first day back as well as some excellent suggestions for tools to keep in your pencil bag!

This look is made up of:

Pressed Base - Use the Base Brush to apply from forehead to neck

Age Defying Treatment Concealer - Apply to your under eye and lid with the Concealer Brush

Spice Berry Eyeshadow Trio - Apply the lightest shade all over your lid, using the Contour Shadow Brush, apply the plum shade to your crease. Blend with the Blender Brush and the spice shade from your lash line, into your crease

Plum Eye Pencil - Line your upper lash line, keep is thin and close to your lash base.

Crushed Coral Blush - Using the Angled Blush Brush and apply Crushed Coral to the apples of your cheeks.

Innocent Lip Glaze - Load up your lips with this hydrating, glossy nude.

Check out the full look:

What else should you keep in your bag while you transition back to school? We're glad you asked!

Elevate: Keep your body well and strong all while keeping your mind sharp and focused. Take Elevate with breakfast every morning to ensure you stay on your A game!

Energize Me: Start your day off right with a dose of natural, caffeine free energy. Energize Me Harmonized Water will give you the boost you need to stay focused.

Pressed Base: Coverage and protection in one! This is your makeup staple to keep in your school bag to keep your skin looking fresh, and keeping it protected from the sun. Use Pressed Base as your SPF re-apply.

Eye Pencil: Give your peepers definition and the appearance that you are wide awake! We can't wait to see how our new packaging looks in your pencil bag!

Restore: Starting school also means being around new germs. Restore will keep your immune system rocking so you can stay focused on text books and papers instead of viruses and colds. Take Restore twice a day to power up your immune system.

Polish: Regenerate your skin twice a week with Polish. Let our enzymatic mask reveal fresh, clean, clear skin. Take a deep breath and enjoy the invigorating scent of cranberry!

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Osmosis Makeup: Lovely Lips

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Our lips give us our voice. How do you want to be heard? Lip color is the easiest way to wear your heart and mood on your sleeve... (or face).  We love that we can offer you strong sassy ladies with 4 different formulas to express your personality AND change your personality whenever you see fit. Let's take a peek at what formula may work best for you and your voice.

Lip Pencil: These richly pigmented, long wear lip pencils provide definition and depth to your lips. Give sharp, defined shape or use as a stain topped with your favorite Osmosis Lip Gloss. We know no matter how you use any three shades, you will look fabulous.

Lipstick: Give your lips a full coverage, rich swipe of color. With eight deeply pigmented shades to choose from, you can show the world your personality in an instant, all while giving your lips hydration and love.

Lip Gloss: Our never sticky, grapefruit scented glosses take accenting your lips to a whole new level. Rich, glossy shades with hydrating Sunflower Seed Oil give you a perfect, colorful glossy pout.

Lip Glaze: Give your lips a highly glosses, lacquered look with rich, opaque pigment. Mix these shades together or wear as is for a high fashion lip look.

Take your pick of any of our lip products to wear your voice, loud and proud. Take a peek at our quick lip tutorial to learn how to use all 4 products!

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Wellness: Gain Energy the Natural Way

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Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone BEFORE your morning cup of coffee? It never turns out too well does it? Energy seems to be a luxury now-a-days. It's tough to feel awake and ready to take on the day after a long day of work and binge watching Netflix at night. While we are all about that morning cup of coffee, continuing to indulge throughout the day can really throw a wrench in your circadian rhythm causing you to have sleep disruptions and feel groggy upon waking instead of feeling well rested and ready to go. Osmosis knows it's not easy to say no to the mid afternoon caffeine trip, but we do have 5 easy solutions for you to gain energy in a more natural way.

* Sleep! Getting the right amount of sleep is not only vital to having sustained energy throughout the day, it's vital to your overall health and wellness. Relax Harmonized Water helps promote sounder sleep and helps reduce stress. It's so hard to turn off our minds at night. Try taking five pumps of Relax 30 minutes before you want to hit the hay, then meditate for 20 minutes. Focus on breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Tell each body part to rest, starting with your feet. Once you get to your head, focus on clearing your mind and give yourself permission to put your daily stressors away for the night.

* Wake up and WORK OUT! Working out in the morning has been proven to kick-start energy and sustain it throughout the day. Try yoga, cardio, or a fun barre class to get your heart, body, and spirit moving. Check out our tips for your pre-workout fuel here.

* Energize Me Harmonized Water. Once you hit that mid morning slump (around 11 AM), take 5 pumps of Energize Me. This frequency targets the body's natural energy sources, giving you a non-jittery bolt of "Let's do this!" Energize Me can be taken throughout the day (and before your workout) to better provide you with non-caffeinated energy.

*Rejuvenate Mind and Body Harmonized Water: The perfect addition to your lunch time routine! Rejuvenate helps tired muscles and organs (like your brain). These frequencies target mental sharpness, focus and serotonin (the hormone that helps us feel happy)! This is the perfect pick-me-up before you attack the second half of your day.

*Stretch. Halfway through your day, take a 10 minute break to go someplace relaxing and quiet to realign the body and mind. Stretch from head to toe and give your muscles a quick shake-out to wake them up from being at a desk. Practice deep breathing while you stretch to ensure your brain is getting a good dose of oxygen.

You CAN get through the day without that second cup of coffee or soda. Practice these five steps and start seeing boundless energy results within two weeks!

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Osmosis Skincare: Get Infused!

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Have you ever booked a facial treatment, then canceled because you were scared of what might happen? We know it can be a little nerve wracking to get a peel or laser treatment as you just never know how the skin will react. Osmosis believes that treatments should be non-invasive and gentle on the skin. What does that mean for you? Well peels, microderms, and lasers work by burning or wounding the skin and disrupting its natural healing process which in turn creates a quicker rejuvenation process by removing a top layer of skin, revealing new fresh skin. This can give the look of effective benefits, BUT it does not leave the skin in a prime position for long-lived health and wellness. Osmosis loves utilizing whole, holistic-based ingredients to nourish the skin helping it to stay youthful, healthy, and well. One of our favorite treatments is our Facial Infusion.  This treatment will speed up results from other medi-treatments and Osmosis Masks and Powder Blends. Facial Infusion works by increasing your collagen and penetrates powerful, nourishing ingredients into the dermis without disrupting or wounding the skin.

Let's take a peak at some of the wonderful ingredients in this miracle worker.

2.5% Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A) helps combat environmental damage and UV damage by naturally helping to heal the skin and overturn damaged cells.

Sea Buckthorn Extract (Hippophae Rhamnoides) has a high content of Omega 7 fatty acids, tocopherols, carotenoids and phytosterols; it enhances cell regeneration and promotes healing; kills Demodex mite which has been linked to Rosacea and is also a potent anti-inflammatory.

Niacinamide, which is a form of Niacin provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, all while improving epidermal barrier functions and inhibits skin pigmentation.

L-Lactic Acid (AHA) hydrates and gently resurfaces the skin reducing pigmentation, discolorations, and wrinkles.

Willow Herb (Epilobium Angustifolium) acts as an Anti-irritant, antibacterial, calming and anti-inflammatory agent; proven to be stronger than 1% Hydrocortisone

Many people have questioned whether a Facial Infusion Treatment is right for them and we can tell you that it holds many benefits for all skin types. From Acne, to Aging... Rosacea to Hyperpigmentation, your skin will see results from being infused. The professional can add a number of different active blends to Facial Infusion to direct the results that you want. Utilizing Facial Infusion once a month can drive powerful, long-lasting results that you and your skin will be grateful for. Check in with your Osmosis professional now to book your Facial Infusion series and start seeing results!


At Home: Wellness with Herbs

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Summer is a time for being active and surrounding yourself with growth. The best way to do that is to plant a simple garden and take in its beauty every day! Gardening can be a soothing and rewarding activity. But did you know that you can grow your own wellness right in your own backyard? Many seem to forget about starting an herb garden and go right for the flowers instead. Herbs play a key role in your health and most are very easy to grow and maintain. Here are our top 8 herbs to grow in your garden for the best health benefits for internal and external use!

Basil has long been used medicinally to treat inflammation and bacteria and it provides high doses of vitamins K, A, and C. This tasty powerhouse can be brewed into a facial toner, or tea and of course tastes great in any number of summertime dishes. To brew your own Basil toner, steep 12-15 stems and leaves in boiling water for 3 minutes. Pour "tea" into a heat safe bowl and allow to cool. Mix 3 tablespoons of basil water with 2 table spoons of which hazel and rub onto skin with a cotton ball. This mixture works great on acne prone skin.

Cilantro - This earthy herb aids in harmonizing digestion and relieving gastric upset. Its high concentrate of Vitamin C makes this herb a great antioxidant to put into any meal. Cilantro also promotes a healthy liver which can help promote balanced insulin production. Mix cilantro in rice dishes or top white fish with this fragrant herb.

Mint is the perfect addition to any garden. Not only does its scent deter spiders and other critters from getting into your garden, it provides a whole lot of internal well-being. Steep mint in hot water for two minutes, drink and find relief from menstrual cramping, stomach upset, headaches, and stress. Mint also makes for a great addition to your daily water intake. In a large pitcher, add water, mint, and lemon to create a great detoxifying water to enjoy every day. You can also add five pumps of your favorite Harmonized Water to this recipe for boosted results!

Thyme is an all star when it comes to killing bacteria in the body. Thyme is a great alternative to treat colds, coughs, and sore throats. Steep it as a tea or press the oils from its leaves to treat acne and eczema. You can also add it's oil to an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse to combat oily scalp and dandruff.  High in Vitamin A, this herb is great to treat your skin from the inside out.

Sage - This tasty herb helps balance symptoms caused by brain and nervous disorders. Feel relief from stress, anxiety, and depression by sipping on some sage tea. Sage also helps kill bacteria in the mouth and throat. Rub a sage leave on mouth sores to lessen the inflammation and pain. Sage makes for a great seasoning on many meat dishes. It also tastes great when browned in Ghee! Top your summer pasta with that mixture and get ready to rejoice in tasty goodness.
Lavender - Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs out there. Use it in baking or cooking for a unique layer of flavor! The best way to use lavender is to find relaxation and induce sleep. Trim a large amount of lavender from your garden and dry it out. Once its dry, place it in a small sachet  to place under your pillow to gain its benefits as you drift off to sleep.

Rosemary - This pungent herb helps deter pesky garden critters from entering your sanctuary, this includes mosquitoes! The heavenly scent can help clear the mind and help you feel grounded just by taking a whiff. It's oils can help treat hair loss, dandruff and irritated skin. You can also infuse your water with it for a tasty, anti-inflammation treatment.

Lemon Balm - Stay alert and clear your mind with lemon balm. This herb can be used to treat a wide variety of issues and daily disruptions. Lemon balm, when ingested, helps treat gas, cramping, and stomach upset. It also helps with muscle tension and inflammation. Used as a poultice, it can help induce faster healing and reduce swelling and inflammation caused from wounds. Add fresh lemon balm to salads or light fish meals to give a little citrus spice!

Get out and plant these herbs and get ready for some serious holistic healing. These herbs are easy to maintain with daily watering and proper trimming. How does your garden grow?


Osmosis ABC's: E - Epilobium Angustilfolium

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Many skincare and makeup ingredients can be rather confusing. Some ingredients come from the simplest place yet have the longest, most confusing name! Take Epilobium Angustilfolium for example. This weird name is none other than Willow Herb! Willow Herb grows primarily in cooler climates and produces beautiful, small pink flowers that resemble stock, which are also edible. It is an important skincare ingredient that contributes to the treatment of many skin-related worries and woes. Let's take a more in-depth look at this perfect perennial!

It's now no secret why Osmosis utilizes this ingredient in so many products. Take a look at all the wondrous items you can get that use Willow Herb and get to soothing, treating, and feeling rejuvenated!

* Vitamin A Serums - Willow Herb can be found in all of our Vitamin A Serums. Combining this soothing ingredient with Vitamin A makes for an effecting yet calming, active treatment for acne, rosacea, anti-aging, dull skin and so much more!

* Enlighten - Brighten your skin's appearance while protecting it from the sun's dangerous rays.

*Refresh - Help keep eye inflammation at bay with Refresh! It's packed full of Willow Herb!

* Pore Refining Clay Mask - This acne fighting mask will kick your acne and skin bacteria to the curb with it's Jet Li style ingredients. Willow Herb AND Bentonite Clay?!? This one is a no-brainer for those with acne.

* Repair Healing Mask - Dramatically reduce inflammation and induce skin healing at warp speed. This mask is ideal for those with Rosacea, Dermatitis, and Scarring.

* Facial Infusion (for Professionals Only) - Treat your clients' skin to rapid cell turnover and feed their skin with vital nutrients. This treatment is perfect for all clients and will leave them feeling rejuvenated, soothed, and ageless.

That is quite an all-star line up of products with one of our favorite ingredients in them. Learn where to shop HERE, and get a feel for Willow Herb and all it can do for you!


Makeup Spotlight: Osmosis Brushes and Tools

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Using the proper tools can make all the difference in your daily makeup application. Brushes are like earrings. You can buy the inexpensive ones, but you must be prepared for some unwanted side effects. With earrings you could have an allergic reaction to gold or silver plating. With brushes, you could experience shedding, lack of longevity and improper, 'smudgy' application. Osmosis Brushes were created with your health and confidence in mind. The right brushes can give you Harry Potter style powers with your makeup wizardry. They really are our magic wands. Makeup is your tool to apply added confidence and bring out your personality. Your tools are just as important as your product. The material of your tools also plays a huge role in their worth. Most important, there are no rules when it comes to using your brushes. Step outside the box to see which brush works best for you! Let's take a closer look into our fabulous, luxury brushes and all they can do for you!

Tools for the Face:

Full Face Brush: This over-sized, synthetic dome is perfect for light finishing, loose base application AND liquid application. The result will be light coverage with an airbrushed finish. 

Dome Powder Brush: Pony hair brush ideal for pressed base application and Loose Base Application. The Dome Brush will provide you with medium coverage. *TIP* This brush is also ideal for contouring, use it with the Contour Duo to give perfect shape to your beautiful face. 

Angled Blush Brush:  Soft goat hair provides a light application of blush and bronzer. This foolproof brush is perfect for those with a heavier hand, making blush applications balanced and not too heavy. 

Medium Accent Brush & Large Accent Brush: This blended brush of goat hair and synthetic bristles creates the ability to achieve an airbrushed look and effortless, smooth skin. Use with both liquid and powder foundation formulas. Utilize the Medium Accent Brush with blush or bronzer and the Large Accent Brush with Finishing Powder. 

Foundation Brush: A compact, synthetic brush that applies liquids and creams with medium or buildable coverage. *TIP* The Foundation Brush is also a great tool for applying moisturizers and serums. 

Base Brush: This dense, flat top, synthetic brush will give you full, smooth coverage. Our Base Brush has a short, user-friendly handle and can be used in stippling motions or soft, sweeping motions. Try sweeping Pressed Base or Long Wear Liquid Foundation onto the skin, then follow with a stippling (pressing or "stamping" into the skin) to gain extra coverage where needed! 

Kabuki Brush: The queen of full, HD-style coverage. This synthetic based brush is ideal for those looking for photo ready makeup. It's dense, short bristles make for a flawless application every time. This brush is ideal for special events, nights out, or those who love FULL coverage everyday. 

Tools for the Eyes:

Concealer Brush: Synthetic, compact bristles make this little gem great for ultimate under eye coverage. Use with our Age Defying Treatment Concealer for bright, happy eyes. *TIP* try mixing both balm treatment and concealer together for smooth, cake-free coverage.

Crease Brush: Contour and give shape to your eyes with this goat hair brush. Utilize the pointed tip of the brush to place color onto the crease, then blend using the full form of the brush for smooth, blended finish.

Blender Brush: Blend to your heart's content with this fluffy, goat hair, domed brush. Use without color for a balanced blend or use with an accent color to add drama and definition to any eye look. *TIP* This brush is perfect to use with our Finishing Powder to set under eye concealer and complete eye looks. Simply tap a small amount of Finishing Powder onto of your eye shadow and liner, then tap a liberal amount onto your under eye concealer for a look that will last all day and night.

Contour Shadow Brush: This soft, compact dome is made up of fluffy pony hair for effective detailing. Use this wizard to define and sharpen your crease, add detail with our Water Colors, or highlight the brow bone. This brush is your all around multi-takser.

Oval Shadow Brush: This rounded, flat pony hair brush is ideal for prepping your eye for application. Use this brush to pack on your base color to create a smooth canvas for your entire eye look.

Small Accent Brush: This blended synthetic and goat hair brush is ideal for detailing, blending and fixing makeup mishaps. Use clean to blend fallout or use with concealer to erase or shape the outer eye shadow shape. *TIP* This brush will give an airbrushed finish to under eye concealer or blemish coverage.

Eyeliner Brow Brush: This small, dense synthetic brush gives details definition for eye liner, brows or crease. Use to create a cut crease look, or fill in brows. Use wet with any of our eye shadows to create an eyeliner, get creative with this brush!

Smudge Brush: This dense, short pony hair smudge brush is perfect for creating a smokey liner look, and for applying brilliance with our Water Colors. Use to line upper and lower lash line or to add a pop of sparkle to your lid.

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Retail Therapy: Feng Shui Your Space

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Setting up your retail space to sell effectively can be a tough job. Most of your clients will be looking to do some good ol' retail therapy after their treatment. In honor of Retail Awareness Month we have put together some great tips and examples of how to Feng Shui your space for the perfect shopping experience. Check out how Osmosis Retailer, Habitual Salon sets up their stock!


*Keep skincare in a visible, cool, dry place. It's most effective when sitting nearest your treatment room.
*Set your top sellers in the center of its shelf or display, the eye naturally goes towards the center when looking at a display, so keep your all-stars front and center.
*Keep testers in the front of your retail. Keep disposables and tissues close by so everything is ready to try, touch, and feel.
*Place shelf talkers in bathrooms, treatment rooms, and front windows to generate curiosity. Make the most out of your marketing material to raise awareness and open a dialogue about your products.
*Place up-sells near the register. Clear, Clear + and Refresh Eye Serum are great, small ways to boost sales.


* Keep makeup near a large window that provides plenty of natural light. If you don't have great natural light, set up a makeup lamp with a tungsten bulb that mimics sunlight for the best application results.
*Keep your makeup display clean and sanitary. No one wants to touch dusty, dirty looking testers.
*Keep disposables and Marketing Material near the station.
*Walk your client to the makeup station and suggest extra coverage by applying a Pressed Base post treatment.
*Inspire confidence. Decorate your makeup space with graphically designed positive quotes from inspiring women. Make this place feel inviting and safe.
*Keep Lip Gloss or Lip Glaze near the register for an easy up-sell.


*Keep wellness near the front display.
*Make sure to utilize Marketing Material to point your client in the direction towards wellness.
*Provide small drinking cups and fresh water near your Harmonized Water Bar to invite people to test.
*Know your facts inside and out. Be ready to answer any questions your client has regarding Osmosis Wellness Products. Utilize our online resource center to sharpen your knowledge.
*Make the space interactive - Provide images, items, and tools that help explain the products. For example, measuring tape could help open up a dialogue for Elevate. Tasteful fake broccoli to help talk about DIM, or a test tube filled with water to touch on the Harmonized Water Line.
*Get creative about how you present the wellness line. Place testers or top sellers in a vintage, glass cake stand or display the items with complimentary apples or other fruits available to you.

Creating an inviting place for your clients to shop is vital for providing them with the highest quality, effective wellness, skincare and makeup products. Makeup tends to do best when placed on the left-hand side of the entrance, Skincare on the right (or where ever is closest to your treatment rooms), and wellness near the front-center of your space.

Check out some of our retailers rocking their stellar spaces here. 


SPF: Full Body Protection

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There’s no doubt about it, summer is here and that means sunburn season is here too. We have been focusing on sun protection since the inception of our line, we know how important it is to protect the largest exposed organ on your body and we want you to be just as diligent as we are about protecting the skin you're in. Tank tops, shorts, and flip flops are the uniform of the season, which is always quite stylish, but leaves your body less than protected. The question is what can you do to keep your skin youthful and safe without having to walk around in a snowsuit in the summer (that makes us start sweating just thinking about it!)?

Sun protection relies on more than just sunscreen. We want to share our top tips on full body protection from the inside out.

* SPF: Wear sunscreen from head to toe. Use Protect (now in a 200ml tube) as your first source of protection. Protect is sheer, lightly hydrating and smells simply divine. This SPF is perfect for the face and body. We like keeping a small tube in our cars to make sure we re-apply on our hands and arms while we are out and about.

* Harmonized Water: 20 minutes before leaving to go on your outdoor adventure (beach anyone?), take 5 pumps of your desired Harmonized Water UV Formula. For those with fair skin, stick with the No Tan frequency. For those with olive skin, go for the tan enhancing formula which will provide an even dose of color without the harmful side effects. Utilize these Harmonized Waters in your re-apply stage. Simply follow up with another 5 pumps 2 hours later for ongoing protection.

* Proper Clothing and Accessories: When you are venturing off to hit the waves or the trail, make sure you give your body some extra coverage. For the outdoor adventurers, utilize baseball caps and sunglasses for eye and face protection. Check out your local sporting goods store to find t-shirts, and lightweight pants that are made with UV protection in mind. Many companies are using fabrics that allow for breathability while blocking out UV rays completely. If you are heading to the beach or pool, make sure you have a caftan or long sleeved cover up to wear when you are not in the water. Wide brim sun hats and large sunglasses provide extra shade and protection from the sun.

* Re-apply Session: It’s no secret that re-applying your SPF is kind of a pain, especially if you already have makeup on. We have a solution for you! Our Pressed Base Compacts have mineral protection built right in. Zinc and Titanium Dioxide provide coverage insurance. Just pop some on after every 2 additional hours you are in the sun!

* Umbrellas: Nowadays there are a ton of cute, fashion-forward umbrellas out there so you can give yourself some protecting shade wherever you go! Keep one in your car and in your adventure bag so you always have a backup for UV protection.

* Don’t Forget: Many people seem to forget to provide coverage to the most exposed places. Both men and women need to use sunscreen on their scalps, hands, feet, lips, and ears. These places seem to be the forgotten few. Apply a small amount of Protect to your scalp or hair-part. Coat your ears from front to back and don’t forget about those tootsies and hands. Use an SPF lip balm, or mix a bit of Protect with Refresh PM for the perfect sun protecting, anti-aging lip treatment.

* Post Sun Exposure: Once you get home from all the outdoor activities take a quick, cool shower and drink plenty of water. It is important to cool your body down. Follow with 5 pumps of Inner Harmony Harmonized Water to calm your organs and spirit. Hydrate the body with your favorite moisturizer and give your entire body a spritz of Clear or Clear + to penetrate your moisturizer deeper. Your face will need some love as well, apply Catalyst AC-11 to regenerate cells and treat post sun damage.

There you have it! Our full body, total sun protection tips. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays while still being able to worship the sun during these warm summer months. Get out there and be active!

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