Retail Therapy: Feng Shui Your Space

7/08/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Setting up your retail space to sell effectively can be a tough job. Most of your clients will be looking to do some good ol' retail therapy after their treatment. In honor of Retail Awareness Month we have put together some great tips and examples of how to Feng Shui your space for the perfect shopping experience. Check out how Osmosis Retailer, Habitual Salon sets up their stock!


*Keep skincare in a visible, cool, dry place. It's most effective when sitting nearest your treatment room.
*Set your top sellers in the center of its shelf or display, the eye naturally goes towards the center when looking at a display, so keep your all-stars front and center.
*Keep testers in the front of your retail. Keep disposables and tissues close by so everything is ready to try, touch, and feel.
*Place shelf talkers in bathrooms, treatment rooms, and front windows to generate curiosity. Make the most out of your marketing material to raise awareness and open a dialogue about your products.
*Place up-sells near the register. Clear, Clear + and Refresh Eye Serum are great, small ways to boost sales.


* Keep makeup near a large window that provides plenty of natural light. If you don't have great natural light, set up a makeup lamp with a tungsten bulb that mimics sunlight for the best application results.
*Keep your makeup display clean and sanitary. No one wants to touch dusty, dirty looking testers.
*Keep disposables and Marketing Material near the station.
*Walk your client to the makeup station and suggest extra coverage by applying a Pressed Base post treatment.
*Inspire confidence. Decorate your makeup space with graphically designed positive quotes from inspiring women. Make this place feel inviting and safe.
*Keep Lip Gloss or Lip Glaze near the register for an easy up-sell.


*Keep wellness near the front display.
*Make sure to utilize Marketing Material to point your client in the direction towards wellness.
*Provide small drinking cups and fresh water near your Harmonized Water Bar to invite people to test.
*Know your facts inside and out. Be ready to answer any questions your client has regarding Osmosis Wellness Products. Utilize our online resource center to sharpen your knowledge.
*Make the space interactive - Provide images, items, and tools that help explain the products. For example, measuring tape could help open up a dialogue for Elevate. Tasteful fake broccoli to help talk about DIM, or a test tube filled with water to touch on the Harmonized Water Line.
*Get creative about how you present the wellness line. Place testers or top sellers in a vintage, glass cake stand or display the items with complimentary apples or other fruits available to you.

Creating an inviting place for your clients to shop is vital for providing them with the highest quality, effective wellness, skincare and makeup products. Makeup tends to do best when placed on the left-hand side of the entrance, Skincare on the right (or where ever is closest to your treatment rooms), and wellness near the front-center of your space.

Check out some of our retailers rocking their stellar spaces here. 

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