Multi-Masking With Osmosis Skincare

9/22/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Why tackle one skin issue when you can tackle them all at the same time, and look like a warrior princess while doing it!


The Pore Minimizing Clay Mask is the perfect tool to use for a combination/oily t-zone area. It is a non-drying clay based mask which balances and detoxifies the skin. Using ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite Clay to help refine the skin’s texture and smooth out larger pores. The Pore Minimizing Clay Mask also contains Argan Oil which is a sebum regulating oil perfect for controlling oil in this area of the face.


The forehead and cheeks are an area of the face that can be most affected by the damaging rays of the sun and free radicals. Try the delicious Revitalizing Orange Zest Mask to provide firming, brightening, nourishing and collagen stimulation. The high vitamin C content in this mask will help to protect the skin from damaging free radicals while brightening the overall tone and wrinkle prevention for smoother, more even skin.


The lips are an area most often neglected when it comes to skincare. Don’t leave them out! Give Tropical Mango Barrier Recovery Mask a try for dry, dehydrated and damaged lips. With a combination of nut and fruit butters as well as oils this mask will nourish, hydrate, calm down inflammation and restore even the most damaged of lips. With a heavenly scent of Mango and a rich luxurious feel your lips will thank you without even having to make a sound.


The neck can unfortunately be one of the most obvious indicators of age. Counter this by giving your neck all of the loving care it needs with a different kind of anti-aging mask. The Hydralift Firming Gel Mask encourages hydrating and firming in the skin while providing soothing and calming benefits as well from ingredients like cucumber and aloe the skin is plumped refreshed and has a more youthful appearance.


What are Oleosomes and why do I have them in my sunscreen?

9/08/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Osmosis has launched it’s new SPF, Protect. This formula is a welcome addition to the line of sun protection and has a very sheer finish. What makes this formula unique is that oleosomes are utilized to encapsulate the zinc oxide. This encapsulation protects the zinc oxide, delivers it to the skin, allows for a more even application and has moisturizing properties. This technology is 100% plant based. It is a droplet of plant oils and natural vitamin E surrounded by a phosolipid bilayer and encapsulated with a plant based protein. It even has a natural time release ability to allow sun protection to be delivered continuously instead of all at once for a limited time. Oleosomes act as emulisfiers which is common in most skincare products to combine ingredients. What is special here is that less ingredients are needed to create a formulation which means less sunscreen ingredients are needed to provide protection. We are able to use 13% zinc oxide to achieve an SPF 30 which results in a very light and sheer formula.

What does this mean for you when you use ProtectNo white residue, no heavy feel, light moisturization and great spreadability!

When a product is tested for its SPF level, a certain amount is applied to the skin to determine results. The general public usually applies half that amount. This is often due to application issues. With a formula that has spreadability taken into account, you are more likely to apply a nice even layer of the product to achieve the full protection the product can offer.

Protect was made with just this in mind. All skin types, skin tones and ages can use Protect for great broad spectrum sun protection. Oleosomes are made from natural oils that are non-occlusive moisturizers and even help improve barrier health. Protect is harnessing these natural ingredients to improve performance for great spreadability, feel and lasting sun protection.