The Perfect Eye Shadows for Your Eye Color

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It is so common to gravitate toward golds, browns, and neutrals when it comes to eye shadow. These trusty-dusty shades are safe and reliable for anyone's makeup routine, right? Not so much. What most of us don't realize, is that the shadow shades you use should complement your unique skin tone and eye color. Depending on your complexion, neutral shadows could be the complete wrong look for you! Don't be intimidated by colors. This includes liner! Black liner is classic and timeless, but accentuating your eye look with a different shade of eyeliner such as navy or plum is a fun way to bring out the sparkle in your eyes. The more you play around and experiment with different looks, shades, and hues, the more confident you'll become with your makeup, finding the perfect Shadows resulting in a more powerful and flawless shade of YOU!
Check out the chart below to discover which shades complement your eye color! Then shop your unique look here.


Osmosis ABC's: Vitamins

10/24/2017 Osmosis Skincare 3 Comments

We're getting back to basics this month with our Osmosis ABC's and talking about vitamins A, B, C, and E, essentials in any skincare routine. We are in an exciting era of vitamin accessibility, especially when it comes to your skin. Let's explore the top vitamins for your skin, each of their different benefits, and which Osmosis products contain their power.


Vitamin A can come in multiple different forms and is the ultimate tool for age reversal. Here at Osmosis, we believe the most effective yet gentle form of Vitamin A is Retinaldehyde, which is the superstar of many of our top-selling serums. Read more on Retinaldehyde here!

Which products can deliver?:
All Vitamin A Serums
Facial Infusion


The most commonly used form of a vitamin B in skincare is actually vitamin B3, or niacinamide. It is effective in all aspects of the skin restoration process by increasing nutrients in the skin. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for ultimate skin renewal.

Osmosis boasts B in:
Niacinamide Powder Active & Powder Blend
Facial Infusion
Refresh & Refresh PM
All Vitamin A Serums


Vitamin C is an immunity booster no matter where on (or in) your body you put it! When applied topically, it helps protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals that cause wrinkles and lines. It also improves collagen production and can help decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation!

Get a dose with:
Vitamin C Powder Blend
Catalyst AC-11
Catalyst Plus+


Vitamin E is famous for its antioxidants for the body and skin! It is found naturally in our skin but can deplete over time as a result of overexposure to the sun. Tocopherol is the form of vitamin E used in various Osmosis products, many of which are in the Colour Line! Meaning your makeup works to nourish the skin, instead of clogging pores or intoxicating it.

Find it in:
Pressed Base
Eye Shadow Trios & Eye Shadow Duos
Age-Defying Treatment Concealer

Experience the benefits of all these vitamins for your skin, then let us know your favorite in the comments below!


Your Healthy Halloween Makeup Kit

10/19/2017 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Halloween is right around the corner! As we carve our jack-o-lanterns, disguise ourselves in our spookiest attire, and prepare for an overload of candy, take a second to scan the ingredients of your Halloween makeup. Halloween is the night where boys, girls, young, and old break out the makeup bag in attempt to create the scariest look to complete their costume. But, beware! Some of the toxic ingredients in commercial Halloween makeup can be just as terrifying as the night itself! We are revealing several tricks with Osmosis makeup that will give your skin a treat as you dress up for Halloween night!

Frightening Foundation.
Choose a Base 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone to achieve a pale-faced, ghostly look perfect for a zombie or skeleton! Our Pressed Bases are formulated with Zinc Oxide, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and our unique Goji Berry Blend that will nourish your skin all throughout the night while giving you a ghostly look!
BONUS TIP: Apply a generous amount of your favorite moisturizer to your face before applying the Base color to help enhance the makeup.

Batty for Blush.
Add a pop of color to your look with some Mineral Blush! We offer a variety of 9 different shades, each of which is formulated with natural ingredients, so you are sure to find the perfect color for your costume that will help scare your friends, not your skin! Peony will help pull together a whimsical fairy look, while Tulip can bring life to a creepy clown or doll!

Eerie Eyes.
Express your costume through the eyes with our array of Eye Shadow Trios. With 10 color pallets to choose from, you can go bright and radiant for a galactic warrior princess with Bronzed Cocoa or acheive a bone-chilling, ghoulish look for a ghost or a witch with Impulse and Aubergine.
Our Liquid Eye Definer is another healthy Halloween bag must-have to help pull together your costume. It's precise felt tip will help make drawing detailed shapes on your skin effortless!
BONUS TIP: Draw a lightning bolt on the forehead to recreate a wizardly Harry Potter look-alike or dare to add details around the eyes for a wildly realistic lion, cat, or giraffe!

Moonlight Lips.
Lip color is the cherry on top of any look, especially on Halloween! What's even better, is you can utilize Osmosis Lipstick, Lip Glaze, and Lip Gloss anywhere on your face to help add drama and intensity to your costume.
BONUS TIP: use Lust Lip Glaze to mimic blood for an extra spooky element! Unlike fake blood you can get at the Halloween store, it will feed your skin with nutrients instead of harm it with toxic chemicals!

Melt-Away like Magic.
Once the night is over, instead of reaching for chemical-filled makeup wipes or soap and water, grab Osmosis Melt Away Gelee! Dip a cotton swab into the jar and apply generously to the makeup, then wipe away with a soft towel. This is a great first step in the double cleansing process to ensure complete removal of all that spooky makeup!

Skip commercial Halloween makeup this year, and create your own healthy Halloween makeup kit here. Your skin will thank you!


Green Your Routine

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Now, more than ever is the time to act, do your part, and research ways you can help our planet. Are you looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint, but are not totally sure how? Take a peek inside your beauty bag! There are so many ways that you can help support a healthy environment by taking small steps with your beauty routine that turn into larger scale results for our planet! Here's how you can help:

Choose products with eco-friendly packaging.
Think about all the makeup and skincare you go through in your lifetime. You use a cleanser until it's gone, and then toss it in the trash without a second thought. Osmosis uses recyclable packaging and materials as well as BPA and BPS free bottles. We also prioritize our design to have minimal packaging so as to maximize the bottle usage for limited waste. Use it up, recycle the rest, save the earth!

Choose products with eco-friendly ingredients.
The old saying "beauty is pain" should not apply to the earth (or your skin for that matter!). There are many beauty brands use ingredients that compromise our eco-system. Here at Osmosis, we pride ourselves in using all-natural or eco-certified ingredients in our products! We are compliant with California Prop 65 as well as the California Air Resource Board with each and every ounce that goes into a bottle. We also use sustainable palm oil in all of our skincare products so you can feel good about what you are putting on your skin.

Choose products that are not tested on animals.
Animals are an essential piece of the ecosystem puzzle. Testing products on animals can disturb their natural habitat and lifestyle and can often harm them or inflict long-term negative effects. Osmosis respects animal life, we proudly do not test any of our products on animals nor do we endorse such practices.

You can make a difference! Your small steps will turn into big change. Shop for Osmosis' sustainable packaging and ingredients here and feel great about what's in your beauty bag.


The Secret to Shrinking Pores

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Pores, though they may be pesky, do serve a purpose in your skin. They are homes to tiny, yet essential, hair follicles (or "peach fuzz") and sebaceous glands that help nourish and condition the skin and hair with natural oil. Our pores also serve as the medium to release sweat if necessary. But, sometimes our pores seem large and noticeable which can put a damper on your everyday look and beauty routine! Explore with us what causes enlarged pores, why they can be so stubborn to treat, and learn holistic solutions to minimizing them with Osmosis products!

What causes the appearance of large pores?
Large pores are primarily a form of aging in the skin. As the layers of the skin start to thin over time, the follicle is more prominently exposed as the pore around it begins to expand with the subtle collapse of skin around it. Another reason pores can appear large and noticeable is if the skin is producing excess oil, causing the pore to clog. Pores will then expand in an effort to help the oil flow more freely. We recommend seeking expert advice from a Skincare Professional to help pin-point the source of your enlarged pores for the most effective products and protocol when treating this condition.

Your Holistic Protocol.
Treating this stubborn condition requires repair of the dermal-epidermal junction as well as the overall structure of the skin. Enter Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum! This is our number one recommendation when treating enlarged pores as it will give your skin the tools it needs to rebuild and repair. Another key component in the protocol is a Vitamin A Serum. The formulation of our vitamin A's creates an ideal environment in the skin to remodel itself through a boost of collagen and elastin production while feeding it with nutrients. This combination of products will significantly transform the texture and thickness of the skin, allowing it to build back up around the follicle, reducing the size of the pore.
Catalyst AC-11 is a great addition to the protocol as an extra boost of DNA repair. The ingredients in this technologically advanced serum activate the skin's natural zinc finger remodeling process for total renewal and rejuvenation. Goodbye pesky pores!
Always remember to be diligent with your skincare regimen, starting with a cleanser and topping off the routine with an Activating Mist of your choice for optimal product penetration and results.

Enlarged pores can be a stubborn skin condition to treat, so it requires consistency and patience as the products go to work with your skin in a safe and healthy way!

BONUS TIP! Try our Pore Minimizing Clay Mask one to two times a week to help boost results with this non-drying mask that will aid in detoxing the skin and balancing oil levels without disrupting its natural oil and moisture content!

Shop for the full protocol here.