Makeup: Get Lippy!

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We are so excited to introduce to you our new, retractable Lip Pencils in 6 irresistible shades. Theses 6 liners can transform any lipstick, gloss, or glaze in a snap. Fill in your lips completely or line and define for that perfect pop, these Pencils allow you to get creative with your look.  From natural nudes to brilliant bold, check out the Color Guide below to see how to pair these new gems with our favorite Osmosis lip products!

No matter what combo you choose, there is one thing we know for certain, these hydrating and ultra convenient lip pencils will surely be the perfect addition to your makeup bag!

Learn where to shop for these perfect pairs here.


Special Edition: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration featuring Dr. Ben Johnson

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In celebration of 10 years of Osmosis, we first want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the love and support you show to this company. We wouldn't be where we are today without you! To help commemorate our journey, we created a fun timeline showcasing the history of our brand and the evolution of holistic skincare, wellness, and makeup. We have also included a letter from Dr. Ben Johnson expressing his gratitude for all of you and emphasizing our philosophy and mission for empowering beautiful skin from within! Thank you for choosing Osmosis, we love each and every one of you and are thrilled at the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with everyone! Be you. Be beautiful!

Dear Clients,

At the ten year mark I feel tremendous gratitude for you and for what we have accomplished. Together we are changing the direction of skincare to a more holistic, permanent approach. Our success in the face of headwinds from those resistant to change speaks for itself. I am inspired every day by your stories and your passion to make the beauty industry and the world a better, more beautiful place. We will continue to strive for truth and for the solutions to the most challenging conditions. I hope you feel as I do that we are a family, united in a mission to serve others as confidants, skin experts, and guides through the often confusing world of beauty. 


Get the Look: 5 Products, 1 Look, Under 5 Minutes!

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It's summer, it's hot, and gosh-darn it, putting on a full face of makeup in high heat sometimes just isn't fun. We love quick and effortless beauty, and we love any beauty routine that utilizes less time AND minimal products. We have created a glowing, down-to-earth look that you can apply in less than 5 minutes, with only 5 products! Tune in below to get the look!

This simple look used the following products:
CC Cream
Pressed Base
South Beach Bronzer
Curling Mascara
Aura Lip Gloss

Learn where to shop this look here.


Traveling Well: Top 5 Wellness Items to Take with You

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Traveling is one of the most common hobbies people share. We are certainly no stranger to hopping on a plane and embarking on an adventure. Often times, we hit the tarmac and our normal, daily wellness habits stay on the ground as we leave. It is easier than you think to stay well while you travel. Follow our tips to learn how to take those wellness habits with you so you can stay healthy no matter where you go!

1. Keep your gut in check. With traveling comes adventurous eating... or over-indulging! We always keep a Digestive Mini Water with us at all times. Not only is it TSA friendly, it is gut friendly. Pair it with Complete to keep your gut in check and help decrease discomfort and bloating while you're on your adventure.

2. Keep breathing. Depending on where you are traveling to, you may need some help adjusting to the altitude. Keep your Altitude Water with you to help you breathe easy while you adjust (don't forget to drink plenty of water when you are at altitude)!

3. Don't let a hangover get you down. Whether you are partaking in a tropical beverage or saying cheers with a pint, Hangover Water should always be in your carry on! Simply take a dose after you imbibe, then another dose upon waking the next morning. Pair it with our morning yoga routine to sweat out any extra alcohol so you can start the day fresh and ready for your next adventure!

4. Keep your immunity in check! We never go anywhere without our internal wellness powerhouse, Restore. It is travel-friendly and the perfect companion for any getaway. Take Restore daily to keep your immune system strong and invincible to any new germs and environmental disruptions that may be unique to your destination.

5. Be the energizer bunny! No matter where you plan to travel this season, you need your energy to be equivalent to that of wonder woman. Energize Me Water Mini is perfect to keep you on your toes and ready for action. Take a dose in the morning upon waking and a dose in the afternoon after lunch to beat any slump!

We hope that wherever you find yourself this summer that you stay well! These products will keep you healthy and ready for anything. Learn where to shop for your travel wellness here.


Osmosis ABC's: Retinaldehyde

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We've finally made it to letter R and are so excited to delve into one of our very favorite, "can't-live-without-it", all-star skincare ingredients, Retinaldehyde! Here at Osmosis, we believe vitamin A plays an important role in your routine no matter your skin type, and of all the different forms, we firmly believe in the powers of Retinaldehyde because of its therapeutic qualities. Unlike retinol or retinoic acid, it is non sun-sensitizing as well as anti-bacterial. Because Retinaldehyde is the most active form of vitamin A, you can achieve fast results with a low dosage which helps prevent irritation or overstimulation of the skin. We are breaking it down and listing the top benefits of this powerhouse ingredient and which Osmosis must-haves claim its magic.

1. Age Reversal. The most popular quality of Retinaldehyde is its skin-firming, age-defying components. It works by implementing cellular turnover, repairing connective tissue, boosting collagen synthesis, and increasing elasticity. Basically, this super-ingredient tightens and plumps skin that naturally loses elasticity over time. The ultimate skin time machine.

2. Restoration. Aside from the fact that this powerhouse ingredient helps you achieve that "10 years younger" affect we're all striving for, it also delivers nutrients keeping the skin nice and healthy. This is what gives you a rejuvenated glow. Healthy skin is happy skin, happy skin is a beautiful you!

3. Our Specialized Liposomal Delivery System. Retinaldehyde is great on its own, but what makes Osmosis different is our unique delivery method to help your skin soak up the most out of your vitamin A products. Our vitamin A's are coated in phosphatidylcholine (pst...we learned about it last month, peep that blog here if you missed it) which is an ingredient the skin easily recognizes allowing for optimal penetration deep into the dermal layer of the skin. This is what really packs the punch for visible results!

4. Osmosis Retinaldehyde Super-Stars. Our lineup of vitamin A serums offer accessible Retinaldehyde, all of which deliver adequate results at a comfortable percentage for your unique skin. This empowering active ingredient can sometimes cause stimulation to sensitive skin. To combat this, our vitamin A Serum line ranges in different intensities to accommodate sensitive to resilient skin types. Explore these super serums here to find out which one is right for you!


Your Go-To Festival Look

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Attention all glitter goddesses and free spirit fairies! Festival season is here and it’s your time to shine, literally! We have come up with a glimmering festival look that will withstand sweat, sunshine, and unlimited dancing. So channel that inner flower child and let the music take you away while we share the latest inspiration for your look this season. Take our staple steps and run with it, here’s your chance to unleash your makeup creativity:

1. Sculpt that face. Using the Bronzer from Osmosis Contour Duo, create a “3” shape along the temples, cheekbones, and jawline, adding an additional touch of color along the sides of the bridge of the nose. Then take the highlighter from the Duo to accentuate your best features! It’s festival season, so don’t be shy with this step. Generously apply to the tops of the cheekbones sweeping up to the temples, on the tip of the nose, and wherever else you want to rock some shine!

2. Splash with color. Pick an Osmosis Water Color Eye Shadow of choice (we went with Pink Champagne) and apply to the lid. Then take the deep purple shade from the Augbergine Trio (or your favorite purple shadow) and apply to the crease, pulling it out into a wing for drama. BONUS TIP: Mimic the crease by using an angle brush to create a winged look along the lash line for intensity.

3. Add some glam. With Osmosis Curling Mascara, liberally apply from the base of the lashes to the ends, creating a dramatic curl that will add intensity and glamour. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so it'll stay put all day or night, even if you’re jamming in the rain (which is more fun anyway, right?).

4. Pucker up. No festival look is complete without a bold, statement lip! We chose our high-sheen Lip Glaze in Flirt to tie in the theme of our shadow, but feel free to get creative with this step and go crazy with colors! To create a pout that will last through the night, line the lips with liner, followed by a matte lipstick that compliments your Gloss or Glaze of choice. Finally top it off with that statement highlighter to ensure long-lasting wear and an irresistible shine.

5. Go Glitter. Last, but certainly not least, the Body Shimmer. Now, this is the fun part! Using Osmosis Body Shimmer in Opal, apply this “fairy dust” all over! For a more natural luminescence, lightly dust on the cheeks, chest, and tops of shoulders. But, again, this festival look has plenty of room for you to play. Get glitzy!!

Now that you have the basic steps and tools to create this fun, adventurous look, add some of your own personality and flavor to stand out! Then rock out all weekend with confidence! Shop the Colour products in this look here.


Newness: Pathway - Herbal Colonic

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Holistic wellness from the inside out is the name of our game, and we are firm believers that gut health plays a key role in our overall wellness and immunity. An inefficient digestive system can trigger a domino affect of multiple health issues and skin frustrations. While it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, we get it, sometimes it's much easier said than done. So, we formulated an all-natural herbal colonic to help flush the digestive tract toxin build-up and bacteria to improve overall gut function to help you look and feel brand new! We're breaking down Pathway's incredible ingredients and the benefits you'll see in your skin and body from taking it for just 10 days!

Mullein Leaf Powder. A plant-derived medicinal herb known for its ability to soothe inflammation. Mullein leaves also contain expectorant properties that help to break up mucus, relieving build-up and congestion that can cause fatigue to the digestive tract.

Plantain Leaf. A natural ingredient with the powerful ability to draw out toxins while soothing and healing digestive disturbances. Think of this mighty green leaf as the "Dawn Dish Soap" of nature. Tough on toxins, gentle on the body.

Lobelia Herb Powder. This flowering herb works in a way similar to the Mullein Leaf in that it possesses natural expectorant (mucus-clearing) and healing qualities. It also can act as a relaxant in the presence of pain, helping to calm and soothe irritations in digestion caused by mucus build-up while the other ingredients work to clear it out.

Give your gut a break and help clear out harmful toxins by taking the recommended dosage for just 10 days. The results will show in increased energy, functional digestion, and radiant, glowing skin! Beautiful skin starts within! Learn where to get your wellness wizard here.