Your Go-To Festival Look

7/14/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Attention all glitter goddesses and free spirit fairies! Festival season is here and it’s your time to shine, literally! We have come up with a glimmering festival look that will withstand sweat, sunshine, and unlimited dancing. So channel that inner flower child and let the music take you away while we share the latest inspiration for your look this season. Take our staple steps and run with it, here’s your chance to unleash your makeup creativity:

1. Sculpt that face. Using the Bronzer from Osmosis Contour Duo, create a “3” shape along the temples, cheekbones, and jawline, adding an additional touch of color along the sides of the bridge of the nose. Then take the highlighter from the Duo to accentuate your best features! It’s festival season, so don’t be shy with this step. Generously apply to the tops of the cheekbones sweeping up to the temples, on the tip of the nose, and wherever else you want to rock some shine!

2. Splash with color. Pick an Osmosis Water Color Eye Shadow of choice (we went with Pink Champagne) and apply to the lid. Then take the deep purple shade from the Augbergine Trio (or your favorite purple shadow) and apply to the crease, pulling it out into a wing for drama. BONUS TIP: Mimic the crease by using an angle brush to create a winged look along the lash line for intensity.

3. Add some glam. With Osmosis Curling Mascara, liberally apply from the base of the lashes to the ends, creating a dramatic curl that will add intensity and glamour. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so it'll stay put all day or night, even if you’re jamming in the rain (which is more fun anyway, right?).

4. Pucker up. No festival look is complete without a bold, statement lip! We chose our high-sheen Lip Glaze in Flirt to tie in the theme of our shadow, but feel free to get creative with this step and go crazy with colors! To create a pout that will last through the night, line the lips with liner, followed by a matte lipstick that compliments your Gloss or Glaze of choice. Finally top it off with that statement highlighter to ensure long-lasting wear and an irresistible shine.

5. Go Glitter. Last, but certainly not least, the Body Shimmer. Now, this is the fun part! Using Osmosis Body Shimmer in Opal, apply this “fairy dust” all over! For a more natural luminescence, lightly dust on the cheeks, chest, and tops of shoulders. But, again, this festival look has plenty of room for you to play. Get glitzy!!

Now that you have the basic steps and tools to create this fun, adventurous look, add some of your own personality and flavor to stand out! Then rock out all weekend with confidence! Shop the Colour products in this look here.

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