Traveling Well: Top 5 Wellness Items to Take with You

7/24/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Traveling is one of the most common hobbies people share. We are certainly no stranger to hopping on a plane and embarking on an adventure. Often times, we hit the tarmac and our normal, daily wellness habits stay on the ground as we leave. It is easier than you think to stay well while you travel. Follow our tips to learn how to take those wellness habits with you so you can stay healthy no matter where you go!

1. Keep your gut in check. With traveling comes adventurous eating... or over-indulging! We always keep a Digestive Mini Water with us at all times. Not only is it TSA friendly, it is gut friendly. Pair it with Complete to keep your gut in check and help decrease discomfort and bloating while you're on your adventure.

2. Keep breathing. Depending on where you are traveling to, you may need some help adjusting to the altitude. Keep your Altitude Water with you to help you breathe easy while you adjust (don't forget to drink plenty of water when you are at altitude)!

3. Don't let a hangover get you down. Whether you are partaking in a tropical beverage or saying cheers with a pint, Hangover Water should always be in your carry on! Simply take a dose after you imbibe, then another dose upon waking the next morning. Pair it with our morning yoga routine to sweat out any extra alcohol so you can start the day fresh and ready for your next adventure!

4. Keep your immunity in check! We never go anywhere without our internal wellness powerhouse, Restore. It is travel-friendly and the perfect companion for any getaway. Take Restore daily to keep your immune system strong and invincible to any new germs and environmental disruptions that may be unique to your destination.

5. Be the energizer bunny! No matter where you plan to travel this season, you need your energy to be equivalent to that of wonder woman. Energize Me Water Mini is perfect to keep you on your toes and ready for action. Take a dose in the morning upon waking and a dose in the afternoon after lunch to beat any slump!

We hope that wherever you find yourself this summer that you stay well! These products will keep you healthy and ready for anything. Learn where to shop for your travel wellness here.

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