3 Tips to Saving Tired Holiday Skin

12/19/2018 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season impacts more than just our stress level. The skin can really suffer from the combination of irregular diets, cold and dry weather, and lack of sleep (holiday parties anyone?). Revive tired skin this season with these three fail-proof products that will bring the radiance back to your complexion.

Cranberry Enzyme Mask

All too often, the automatic reaction to dry, flaky skin is over-exfoliation. Not only can this further dry out the skin, it actually can cause even more long-term damage to the epidermis when practiced in excess. Polish harnesses the power of cranberry enzymes to gently eat away the dead skin cells and reveal a bright, youthful complexion.

Remedy Healing Balm

Infuse nutrients and moisture back into the skin with this rich, healing balm. Apply a thin layer underneath your makeup to enhance brilliance and tone or indulge the skin and the senses when used as a sleep mask and let the product do the work while you catch your Zs! Wake up to radiance and say goodbye to dull stressed skin no matter how many gatherings are on your agenda.

Refresh PM

An eye serum by design, but capable of so much more, Refresh PM is intensely-moisturizing proven to restore hydration and barrier health to the thin, delicate skin of both the eyes and lips. Formulated with liquid crystals, it delivers shine and nutrients to the epidermis resulting in a healthy glow and firmed fine lines.

Take small moments for you throughout the season to replenish nutrients and life back to your complexion! Shop more of our top-selling moisturizers here.

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