Dr Johnson's Corner :: A Special Note

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Dr. Ben Johnson, MD
If you have ever spoken with me in person, you know that I am full of endless energy and a positive attitude which inspires me to be so optimistic for 2013.  Osmosis is a leader in the next evolution of skincare practices, healing the body from the inside-out.  I continuously strive to get permament results for the majority of skin conditions and health issues.  I hope our products have had a positive impact on your health and beauty as well as on your business.  We will continue to support you with more remarkable innovations in the months and years to come.

Remember, We Guarantee Everything!  Thank you for supporting Osmosis, we appreciate your loyalty.

Best Regards,


Tips & Tricks: Camouflaging with Colour

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By Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director

Cover up with excessive redness, visible capillaries and other skin imperfections with these easy to follow tips to even out pigmentation and achieve that beautiful complexion.

Products Used:

  • Pressed Base
  •  Dome Powder Brush
  •  Age Defying Treatment Concealer
  • Sheer Tint Primer

Application Technique:

Find the right shade of Foundation Color.

Apply Sheer Tint Primer in appropriate shade to even out redness on the skin.

Use Concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to neutralize any redness and/or darkness.

Apply Pressed Base evenly on top of Sheer Tint Primer application with Dome Powder Brush to add coverage and even out any redness.

Apply Blush and Eye Shadow colors according to look desired.


The Power of Touch :: Healing with Quench

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Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN
Director of Education
We often forget the powerful healing properties of touch.  Ongoing health issues and treatments can be invasive and uncomfortable for patients.  Help them experience a different kind of treatment by providing a relaxing medi-facial.

The nerves in our skin are a direct link to our brain where hormones are released like adrenaline or serotonin relative to a strong or soft touch.  A gentle facial massage can lower cortisol which causes stress, increase the "feel good" hormone dopamine, boost immunity and increase circulation.

Long term effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation leave the skin dry and often sensitive.  Special care needs to be taken when performing a facial for these individuals.  The Healing Touch Medi-Facial will help you to safely provide a facial treatment while incorporating the benefits of facial massage.  At the end of the treatment, be sure to moisturize their skin to help combat the dicomforts and appearance of dry skin.  The perfect choice for hydration is Quench.

Quench is a moisturizing formula that feels light on the skin while providing healing benefits.  It uses moisturizing factors and lipids naturally found in the skin that hydrate, protect and activate skin repair.  By restoring the epidermal barrier, Quench makes the skin healthier and better able to protect against UV radiation.  The organic shea butter used in Quench is a combination of essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.  Squalane, a lipid with antibacterial properties, also helps to fortify the lipid barrier.  Quench is not only an amazing moisturizer that uses line and lemon essential oils for a nice citrus scent but has anti-aging benefits with the peptide Chronoline.

Help provide a different form of treatment for your clients that have been undergoing care for cancer or other serious health issues.  You'll allow them some much needed "me" time, a break away from stress, nourishment of their skin and a "feel good" chemical release from their brain.  As a skin care professional, ou can do more than help a patient with their skin ... you can help provide the healing power of touch.

For details on our Healing Touch Medi-Facial, visit our website.  The written protocol can be found in our Resource Center under protocols and there is a webinar available in our archive demonstrating the Healing Touch Medi-Facial.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that some countries have used shea butter (found in Quench) to help aid in pain management?

"I love Quench and Shelter and recommend them to all my clients.  Quench really helps bring hydration and comfort back into dry, compromised skin and Shelter is a "must have" for every client.  I work with cancer patients and love having products that can be used safely on all types of compromised skin conditions."
 ~ Becky Kuehn, LE, COE 


Fact or Fiction :: Is Mineral Oil Bad For Your Skin?

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Mineral oil is a commonly used ingredient in skin care products, but it often gets a bad rap.  Separate fact from fiction with a little help from our Educator and Artistic Direction, Alejandro Falcon.


Fact or Fiction:   Mineral Oil causes acne.
Answer:  FICTION

Slathering a heavy mineral oil all over the face may exacerbate the condition for some acne-prone individuals.  However, most people will not experience any problems.  In fact, a 2005 study reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that the type of highly refined and purified Mineral Oil found in cosmetic and skincare products is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores which can lead to blackheads and acne.

Fact or Fiction:  Mineral Oil causes cancer.
Answer:  FICTION

A highly refined and purified form of Mineral Oil is used for Cosmetic products. Its purity is regulated by the United States FDA and other international regulatory agencies. There is also absolutely no evidence that cosmetic grade Mineral Oil causes cancer and there has been plenty of testing done to ensure that fact. There are no published reports in any of the dermatological or medical journals indicating a link between Mineral Oil and any forms of cancer.

Fact or Fiction:  Mineral Oil is a skin irritant.

It is the unrefined and less expensive formulas, which in the past several decades, were used in cosmetics and led to some irritations. That is because they were not purified so they contained other irritating ingredients that caused issues on the skin. Purified Mineral Oil will not cause any irritation on the skin. The nature of Mineral Oil, topically, is to lubricate and prevent moisture loss. Molecularly it is too big in size to penetrate or be absorbed by the skin.

Mineral Oil History

Most often, Mineral Oil is a liquid by-product of the distillation of Petroleum. Petroleum, a natural ingredient that comes from the Earth, is a naturally occurring flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds that are found in geological formations beneath the Earth’s surface. It is formed when large quantities of dead organisms, usually zooplankton and algae, that are buried underneath sedimentary rock, undergo intense heat and pressure. When the first oil rigs were used to extract Petroleum from the ground, workers disliked the paraffin-like material forming on rigs because it caused them to malfunction but they noticed that, when used on cuts and burns, it hastened healing.  It also prevented the skin on their hands from cracking.  As we now know that algae is full of antioxidants and healing properties. It was one of the reasons the workers cuts were healing so rapidly.

A young chemist by the name of Robert Chesebrough took the unrefined black "rod wax", as the drillers called it, back to his laboratory to refine it and explore potential uses. Chesebrough, traveled around New York demonstrating the product to encourage sales by burning his skin with acid or an open flame, then spreading the ointment on his injuries and showing how his past injuries healed, he claimed, by his miracle product. He patented this product and opened a store in 1870 using the name Vaseline. After petroleum jelly became a medicine-chest staple, consumers began to use it for myriad ailments and cosmetic purposes, including chapped hands and lips, toenail fungus.  Swimmers used it all over their bodies to keep warm in the water and maintain buoyancy when training, doing channel crossings and long, ocean swims.


What exactly IS Mineral Oil?

When distilling Petroleum, we can obtain Mineral Oil. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid that has hydrophobic qualities much like many other hydrocarbons derived from crude oil. Mineral Oil is mostly found in ointments, baby skin products and creams for cosmetic uses. It’s most well known as baby oil that is used by many mothers to treat diaper rashes. Extremely pure Mineral Oil is also often used in cellular applications such as In Vitro Fertilization, where it can be used to suspend several oocytes and embryos on a single Petri dish while still being able to be worked on and observed separately. It is also used on burn victims to prevent their skins from cracking and promote healing.

The denser form of Mineral Oil we know as Paraffin Wax.  It helps to seal moisture on the skin and is used in Pedicure and Manicuring treatments to lock in moisturizers or serums.

Little Known Fact

Food-grade paraffin wax (a denser form of Mineral Oil) is used in the following items:

·         Any Shiny coating used in candy-making; although edible, it is nondigestible, passing right through the body without being broken down
·         Coating for many kinds of hard cheeses, like Edam cheese
·         Ice cream topping
·         Sealant for jars, cans, and bottles
·         Chewing gum additive
We actually ingest more Mineral Oil, in its many forms, daily then the products we apply on our skins. Since many natural ingredients are purified and processed to be safe for skincare products. We have to keep in mind that Mineral Oil is “Natural”. It is pulled right out of Mother Earth and purified for use in Cosmetics. There is no synthetic process, just simple distillation of naturally occurring oil. Even an ingredient like Panthenol requires some chemical modification. For Mineral Oil, it is just natural purification.


At Osmosis use the highest grade and purified ingredients available in our products.  While we do not use Mineral Oil in most of our products, Mineral Oil is used in our number one selling Colour item, Age Defying Treatment Concealer.  It is used in the color component of the concealer to provide emollience for the pigments to cover evenly and completely when used for camouflaging. Many of you have told us how much you love how this Concealer covers so well and does not look caked or heavy under the eyes to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.  This is due, in part, to the mineral oil used in the concealer.  Even though mineral oil is listed in the top 5 ingredients of the concealer, the amount used is a very small ratio within the formula. We hope this article helps you feel safe using our most popular Colour product, the Age DefyingTreatment Concealer.



Ask Osmosis :: Harmonized Water Dose, Accutane, & Galvanic

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You Asked.  We Answer.

Q:  Do the dosing instructions for Harmonized Water change for people over 200 pounds or under 75 pounds?

A:  In general, a person over 200 pounds should be given 2.5 mls per dose, whereas someone under 75 pounds should take 1.5 mls.

Q:  How long does someone need to be off Accutane before switching to Osmosis products?

A:  Accutane will stay in the system for 1-3 years ... sadly.  That means that inflammatory procedures should be avoided.  However, Osmosis does not cause inflammation and should be well tolerated at any stage of Accutane use.

Q:  Which Osmosis products can be used with galvanic?

A:  All Osmosis Skincare products can be used with galvanic current or high frequency except Immerse which is oil based.


Ask Osmosis :: Do Your Bottles Contain Bisphenol-A?

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Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a controversial chemical that is used to enhance the durability of some plastic products.  BPA is sometimes found in polycaronate plastics with the identification code of 3 or 7.  The use of BPA has recently been the subject of much discussion and research as some studies indicate it may be associated with negative health effects. 

While experts have been unable to come to agreement on "safe" levels for consumer products, The European Union, Canada and the United States have banned BPA use in baby bottles.  At Osmosis, we have chosen not to use BPA.  Most of our bottles are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin which is plastic code #1 and is BPA free.  A small number of our bottles are made from plastic code #6, also BPA free. 

Click here to learn more about PET resin.


Viva La Summer

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Be Daring with this Summer Look!

Summer isn't over yet and it's all about looking and feeling fresh!  Light color tones and a healthy radiant glo on your skin scream "Summer Fresh".

Start by using the Osmosis Colour Pressed Base all over for UV sun protection.  Add a touch of bronzer for a sun-kissed look without the damage.

Next, add Age Defying Treatment Concealer to refresh and even out the under-eye areas (TIP:  Applying concealer to the lid will act as an eye shadow base for extra hold!)

Enhance the yelids with a light-to-medium shimmery eye shadow.  All Osmosis Colour Eye Shadow Trios provide a lighter shade to be used as a highlighter.  Accent with the bronzer in the crease of the eye.

Eyeliner is optional but mascara is a must!  Lightly fill in brows to further enhance eye shadow, creating fresh and younger looking eyes.

Gloss!  Gloss!  Gloss! 

Use one or combine two.  Nothing says summer like a juicy lip color. 

Alejandro's Picks:  Aura and Pink Sapphire mixed together for a golden-pink splash!


Take Shelter from UV Rays with Red Algae

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by Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN

Red Algae
Porphyra Umbilicalis, or Red Algae, is a simple organism that is exposed to large amounts of UV radiation over its life span.  It is the only living organism that can absorb harmful UV radiation protecting the skin.  You might recognize it as nori when eating sushi but as it matures, it turns from green to a reddish or purple color.  For such a simple organism, it provides a very important function for our skin.  Not only does it have antioxidant properties, this form of algae has a specific amino acid that can filter UVA rays.

UVA rays are the form of ultraviolet radiation that are responsible for causing damage to our skin, forming free radicals, and causing our skin to age with exposure.  Most commercial chemical sunscreens offer limited UVA coverage and protect the skin from UVB rays.  Spending large amounts of time in the sun with a UVB sunscreen makes you feel like you are protecting your skin, but in actuality, you are only protecting your skin from getting a sunburn - aging is still occurring. 

In our physical sunscreen, Shelter, we use Red Algae along with micronized Zinc Oxide to help filter UVA and UVB rays.  Red algae has better SPF boosting capabilities, is safer for your skin and provides long-lasting coverage.  Red Algae is also better at preventing the formation of free radicals from sun exposure protecting our cells and DNA from damage.  When Red Algae was incorporated into products, it was shown to not only provide better UVA protection than chemical sun filters on the market, it also made peoples' skin appear firmer and smoother.  The use of Shelter both prevents and reverses the signs of aging.  If you think that Shelter is only vital for when you are in the sun, think again.  Glass only cuts the amount of UVA when indoors by 60%, still exposing your skin to 40% UVA.  Regardless of your activity or the time of year, protecting your skin from UVA is essential to the fight against aging skin.

With the combination of Red Algae and 13.5% Zinc Oxide to provide broad spectrum ultraviolet protection, hydrating Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Kukui Seed Oil, Shelter should be your moisturizer of choice for the daytime.


Staying Beautiful and Protected from the Sun

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UV Benefits from Mineral Makeup

Robin McGee
It takes 7 minutes for UV rays to penetrate the dermis creating skin damage and premature aging.  To help protect yourself from this unfortunate reality, we highly recommend one of the best UV protections made with natural ingredients, Osmosis Colour mineral makeup.  Our mineral formulation, through it's triple milling process offers the highest level of protection by reflecting the harmful UV rays instead of absorbing them.  This significantly decreases UV damage while leaving you with flawless, beautiful skin.

Minerals have a unique ability to adhere to the skin.  Once a full layer of minerals is applied, UV rays cannot penetrate the skin and cause damage.  Additionally, one of the best benefits is that minerals remain protective until they are removed from the skin. 
Therefore, your protection stays in place without multiple applications.

Whether you are in the sun enjoying the garden, beach, sports or sharing time with friends, applying mineral powder can be the best age prevention form of sunscreen for you. Be sure to share them with your family... great for women, men, adults, and children. Dust before you head out and be naturally protected all day.