Staying Beautiful and Protected from the Sun

7/26/2012 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

UV Benefits from Mineral Makeup

Robin McGee
It takes 7 minutes for UV rays to penetrate the dermis creating skin damage and premature aging.  To help protect yourself from this unfortunate reality, we highly recommend one of the best UV protections made with natural ingredients, Osmosis Colour mineral makeup.  Our mineral formulation, through it's triple milling process offers the highest level of protection by reflecting the harmful UV rays instead of absorbing them.  This significantly decreases UV damage while leaving you with flawless, beautiful skin.

Minerals have a unique ability to adhere to the skin.  Once a full layer of minerals is applied, UV rays cannot penetrate the skin and cause damage.  Additionally, one of the best benefits is that minerals remain protective until they are removed from the skin. 
Therefore, your protection stays in place without multiple applications.

Whether you are in the sun enjoying the garden, beach, sports or sharing time with friends, applying mineral powder can be the best age prevention form of sunscreen for you. Be sure to share them with your family... great for women, men, adults, and children. Dust before you head out and be naturally protected all day.

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