Ask Osmosis :: Harmonized Water Dose, Accutane, & Galvanic

9/27/2012 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

You Asked.  We Answer.

Q:  Do the dosing instructions for Harmonized Water change for people over 200 pounds or under 75 pounds?

A:  In general, a person over 200 pounds should be given 2.5 mls per dose, whereas someone under 75 pounds should take 1.5 mls.

Q:  How long does someone need to be off Accutane before switching to Osmosis products?

A:  Accutane will stay in the system for 1-3 years ... sadly.  That means that inflammatory procedures should be avoided.  However, Osmosis does not cause inflammation and should be well tolerated at any stage of Accutane use.

Q:  Which Osmosis products can be used with galvanic?

A:  All Osmosis Skincare products can be used with galvanic current or high frequency except Immerse which is oil based.