10 Ways to Prep your Spirit for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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You're a mean one Mr. (or Mrs.) Grinch. That's how a lot of us may feel when the holidays roll around. The stress and to-do lists seem never-ending and by the time the actual celebration arrives, it's almost (almost) too difficult to enjoy it. Don't worry though, we've devised a plan to keep you sane and calm this entire holiday season. Without further adieu (we know there is no time to waste), here is our top 10 things to do to prep yourself for the holidays!

1. Be a list diva! Make detailed lists that are broken down into 3 subjects:
    Your List: Make a list that gives you tasks that will treat your spirit. Schedule a manicure, a massage and facial, and schedule some quiet time for you to read, journal, or just sit in calm silence.
    Shopping List: Make an all inclusive shopping list that details what you need in regards to your holiday food shopping, gift shopping (broken down by person and budget per person), and
    Task List: Write down your tasks (even the most mundane ones) like wrapping gifts, going to the post office, and cleaning duties you may have to prep for holiday hosting.

2. Ask for help. Don't be afraid to turn any task into a group activity with your family and friends. Helping each other out not only puts you in the holiday spirit, BUT you are also able to pull a Mary Poppins and make all jobs a fun game!

3. Say No! We all tend to over-schedule ourselves during the months of November and December. With holiday parties and people in town visiting, it is important to prioritize the events that will bring joy to your life. The one's that don't can be ditched. Saying no is easier than you think, so don't sweat making the choice to do it!

4. SLEEP. Schedule sleep for yourself (seriously). Put it in your calendar and note what time you want to be in bed every night. We suggest a 10 PM bedtime every night so you can ensure that you can grab a full 8 hours of sleep.

5. Treat your skin like you always do, with love. In other words, don't skimp on your skincare just because you are busier than normal. Use our National Healthy Skin Month routine for easy and quick steps that won't steal time away from your schedule.

6. Take your supplements. Don't forget to take your DIM, Complete and Elevate to keep your mind, body, and metabolism firing on all cylinders. Also take some time to utilize Energize Me Harmonized Water in the morning and Relax Harmonized Water in the evening for some balance.

7. Take a whiff. Have your favorite calming essential oil on hand everyday to take a quick aromatherapy break when you need it. We love to take a moment to smell some Lavender and Sandalwood.

8. Work out. Give yourself 30 minutes every morning to get your blood flowing. Keeping your heart healthy and your body moving will reduce stress immediately!

9. Create a competitive analysis to get your money's worth. Once you have your gift list complete, hop online and give yourself 2 hours to find the best deal on the items you want to gift. Often times we end up spending more than we needed to, so do your due diligence to keep your budget in tact.

10. Glam it up! You know the saying Look Good, Feel Better? It's true! Put on a glamorous face to boost your confidence and give you the feeling that you are invincible. Try our holiday look featuring our holiday color kit!

Use these steps to keep yourself calm, cool, and collected this holiday season. Completing these tasks will make you feel productive, accomplished and above all else... AWESOME!

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Makeup: Get Glowing for the Holidays!

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There is nothing better than a holiday party! The champagne, the food, the company! Our favorite part of course, is the glamorous holiday looks! This season we launched some great holiday kits that make for the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself), one of which is the perfect set to create the most timeless holiday looks. Let's take a quick look at these holiday gems before we get to our holiday Crimson Cream makeup look.

Skincare Power Kit: This kit has everything you need to gift your skin with the perfect holiday glow. Full size StemFactor and Quench Plus couple beautifully with the travel size Purify and Polish. Rejuvenate your skin this season and give the gift of soft, supple skin to your loved ones.

Indulgence Recovery Kit: Take care of your holiday indulgences with this perfect kit to kick the aftermath of eggnog (and...eh-hem bourbon) right outta your bod! This kit includes samples of our metabolism busting Elevate, Hangover, Relax and Digestive Health Harmonized Water. Gift this kit to your holiday party host, he or she will love you for it!

Anytime Makeup Kit: Woah baby! This is one perfect makeup kit. This limited edition palette is equipped with everything you need to create any look your heart can dream up. Choose from Gingersnap and Spice Berry Trios or Chocolate Brûlée and Crimson Cream Eye Shadow Duos. You can use the darker shades to line, smoke, or define and the lighter shades to lift, highlight, and glow. Also included is the perfect tools for a scarlet lip. Sangria Lip Pencil, the perfect warm red pairs perfectly with Berry Frost Lip Gloss, a cooler gem tone that creates the perfect holiday lip!

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Follow along with our holiday look and show up to your holiday parties looking timeless, elegant, and most important, beautifully you!

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Get Glowing: Your Thanksgiving Facial!

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Thanksgiving can be a bit of a stressful time. Let's face it, once November 1st hits, the holiday season is officially here and it gets real! Our skin takes a big beating when we are stressed, so we wanted to gift you with a Thanksgiving Facial you can do at home to keep your skin glowing and healthy for turkey day!

Once your turkey prep is done the night before Thanksgiving, take 30 minutes for yourself and do the following:

Pre-Step 1: Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite mocktail to enjoy while you give yourself a little glow.

Step 1. Gently massage some water onto your skin and follow with massaging a pump of Cleanse into your skin. Use your fingers in a circular motion to lift dirt and debris from the skin and rinse.

Step 2. Double cleanse with Deep Clean. Let Deep Clean sit on your skin in a rich lather for 60 seconds before rinsing. Rinse skin and pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 3. Give your skin a pre-holiday treat with our cranberry enzyme Polish mask. Apply to your skin then massage with a spritz of Clear Plus. Let the mask sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Step 4. Apply one pump or Catalyst AC-11 mixed with one pump of Calm (or your favorite Vitamin A Serum) and massage into skin with Clear Plus. 

Step 5. Apply a bountiful amount Hydralift Firming Mask to your face, neck, and décolleté. Allow to sit on the skin for 10 minutes, then rinse and pat skin dry.

Step 6. Apply 2 pumps Replenish mixed with one drop of Immerse all over face, neck, and decollété. Finish by spraying 2-3 pumps of Clear Plus onto skin and massage the serums in gentle, sweeping motions.

Step 7. Pat yourself on the back for being awesome! Now, get some pretty, glowing sleep before the madness hits!

When you wake up the next morning, give your skin a light cleanse and reapply one pump of Replenish followed by a pump of Quench for a hydrated, dewy finish.

We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

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Let's Get Real: Body Talk

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How many negative thoughts do you have a day? How many self-judging thoughts do you have a day? We know that positive thinking is much harder and takes more effort to obtain than negative thinking. Negative thinking is easy, judging yourself rather than complimenting yourself is also WAY too easy. We currently live in a world, with all of its beauty and wonder, that prompts us to be unhealthily hard on ourselves. We see what we think we are supposed to be on a daily basis whether it be in the media, heard on the radio, or told to us by those around us. We forget oh-so-often to explore and be curious about what we want to be. After all, being open to yourself is the most vulnerable position to be in, and it's scary.

From work stress, relationship stress, and social stress, it is incredibly hard to cut yourself some slack. Instead we tend to tell ourselves, we can't do things because we are not thin enough, smart enough, strong enough, organized enough, healthy enough... you know, that list is endless but Osmosis is saying enough with feeling like not enough!  Negative thoughts have quite an effect on our bodies. Acne, anxiety, hair loss, rosacea and a slew of other symptoms can be linked to negative thinking which in turn, causes stress on the body. So let's remove that word [enough] from our vocabulary for one month, and see how we feel? That's a good start to positive thinking and we now have another tool to guide you on your way to a positive spirit, a healthy mind, and a confident heart.

We couldn't be more proud to introduce our newest member of the Harmonized Water Family, Body Talk. We have utilized our frequency cancellation tool to effectively and gently aid your mind into canceling the negative effects that negative thoughts have on your body. The benefits of digesting Body Talk may range from a temporary emotional detox to improvements in conditions that are affected by negative thought patterns. Let Body Talk help you conquer your thoughts of fear, anger, and sadness. Let Osmosis, guide you through a Be Kind to Yourself Meditation that practicing in conjunction with taking Body Talk will set you on a path to healing.

We want to challenge you to complete our Body Talk, Body Love Meditation. Feeling positive about your body and wellness is important to us. Follow along and enjoy the benefits of positivity. For an extra grounding, take three deep breaths while smelling some Sandalwood essential oil before starting your meditation.

*Sit high on your seat, pushing your tailbone into the ground beneath you.

*Cross your legs and rest your hands, palms up on your knees.

*Close your eyes, take one deep breath and push all the air out through your mouth.

*Take 7 staccato breaths in through your nose. Hold your breath for 7 counts and release your breath in staccato counts of 7 through your mouth, releasing all of the air on your 7th exhale. Repeat this process for 10 minutes.

*While breathing, tune into the the parts of your body and mind that cause you discomfort.

*Replace any negative thoughts towards those areas with positive, grounding words that give you insight to your personal strength. For example, if you don’t like your legs, remind yourself of their strength, power, and ability to carry you. If you struggle with depression, remind yourself just how special and deep your brain is.

Do this meditation daily, focusing on different parts of your body and mind each time. Once you are done with your meditation, take 5 pumps of Body Talk. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and stay open on your journey to wellness.

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Osmosis ABC's: I - Iron Oxide

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Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! We have loved breaking down ingredients with you in this column and we are ready to tackle another ingredient that may sound like a scary one, but is in fact a very important ingredient for all of you makeup addicts out there!

This month we are looking at Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide is mainly seen on the ingredient list of makeup products, towards the bottom of the ingredient deck. Did you know that all of the ingredients at the bottom of your label are colorants? Essentially anything following the title May or May Not Contain  +/- on your ingredient label is indeed, a colorant (cue "the more you know" theme music)!

Iron Oxide is one of the best, happiest, safest (and natural) cosmetic dyes out there and its has some surprising skincare benefits as well... let's take a look!

Now that we know why our colour needs these rich, protecting pigments let's take a gander at what products this surprising superstar is in!

Iron Oxide is used widely in our color line which means not only are you getting high action pigments, you are also getting extra protection! Find this gem of an ingredient in the following products:

Age Defying Treatment Concealer
Loose Base
Pressed Base
Mascara (both formulas)
Lip Gloss
Lip Glaze
Lip Pencil
Eye Pencil
Liquid Eye Definer
Water Color Eye Shadows
Eye Shadow Trios
Eye Shadow Duos

Learn where to shop for these all stars here.


Keratosis Pilaris: How to Get Rid of it for Good!

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How annoying are those little red bumps that hang out on your arms, thighs, and bum? We know, they are a simple nuisance that tend to ignore any treatment you've tried to get rid of them. Well, we know that dealing with KP (Keratosis Pilaris) can be incredibly tough, especially when you don't see the results you want. Luckily for you we have the perfect prescription to treat your KP right at the source and get rid of it for good!

We love that we are able to provide you with treatments that target your every skincare concern and Keratosis Pilaris is one of them. Let's first get a quick lesson on what KP is. Keratosis Pilaris, while harmless is caused by keratin buildup. Keratin is a protein we all have which aids in protecting our skin from infections. Once the build up starts to get overbearing, our hair follicles become plugged causing small, dry bumps. That is KP on the surface. Internally, yeast buildup is the root that causes the keratin buildup on the outside thus, the life cycle of KP. In order to really treat this issue you must start from the inside. Here is our Keratosis Pilaris protocol:

On the Inside: Start with Skin Perfection Harmonized Water. The frequencies in this water will target gut issues like candida and harmonize the overproduction all while giving skin an overall, internal health check.

On the Outside: Treat bumps with a pump or two of Rescue. This epidermal repair serum will help treat the inflamed bumps, calm redness and kill toxins within the bumps. Give a deeper activation of Rescue with Clear Plus+. After applying Rescue to the needed area, spray the affected area with 2-4 spritzes of Clear Plus+ and massage into your skin.

KP takes time to clear, but it is possible! This trifecta of inner and outer treatments will send you on your way to smooth, bump-free skin. For further detoxing of yeast and sugar (which can help speed up the results) check out our favorite fall detox methods!

Learn where to shop to treat KP here.


National Healthy Skin Month!

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November is upon us, this means we have a full month to really tune in to what makes us grateful, happy, and grounded. November is the host not only to Thanksgiving, but it is also the host to National Healthy Skin Month. Obviously we love any month that highlights the skin (in our minds that is EVERY month, day, moment of the year), so we wanted to take a little time to share with you our favorite daily products that we can not live without and share what we are thankful for this year. After all, a healthy spirit makes for a healthy body which makes for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it takes a punch daily. Having a regimented morning and evening routine will help keep your skin healthy and happy. Here is our Healthy Skin morning and evening routine.

* Wake and stretch
* Cleanse your body with a cup of room temperature lemon water
* Cleanse your skin with Purify cleanser. Use your fingers to gently push cleanser in circular, upward motion to clear congestion and impurities.
* Give your eyes a boost with Refresh. Refresh helps hydrate, fight dark circles and puffy inflammation.
* Power up your skin with a pump of StemFactor Serum. This all-in-one serum fights damage, reverses the signs of aging, and protects your skin from the daily elements.
* Activate StemFactor with a few spritzes of Clear Plus. Massage gently into your skin.
* Protect your skin with our favorite SPF! This non-chemical Zinc formula offers sun protection and helps heal the skin from past sun damage.
* Take five pumps of Skin Perfection Harmonized Water.

* Take five pumps of Skin Perfection Harmonized Water.
* Cleanse the day away with Deep Clean Cleanser. Allow the lather to sit on your skin for 30 seconds before rinsing to get a deeper clean.
* Give your eyes a night time treat with Refresh PM. For an extra boost of moisture, apply Refresh PM to your lips as well.
* Treat your skincare concerns with a serum of your choice. We LOVE our Vitamin A Serums, find the right level for you here.
*Give the gift of moisture with Quench Plus followed by an activating mist of Clear Plus.
* Try to get 8 hours of sleep each night. The results of a good night's rest show through your skin!

We are so thankful that we have tapped into a holistic approach to achieving not only healthy looking skin, but to achieving truly healthy skin from the inside out. We are thankful for you, our loyal skincare lovers for joining us in the journey of holistic wellness which is all encompassing to our overall health. We LOVE taking care of your needs and we love knowing that our products provide you with clean, healthy solutions to your skincare, wellness, and beauty needs.

This month, and every month we take great pleasure knowing that we have built an incredible group of people with a common thread. We all want clear healthy skin and clear healthy spirits. We all understand that that starts from the inside and we love that you share our approach to holistic wellness. We look forward to continuing our journey with all of you Osmosis loving ladies and gentleman. Happy National Healthy Skin Month, and have a happy month of thankfulness.

Learn where to shop for your healthy skin here.


Newness: Melt Launch!

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If you haven't noticed, holistic wellness is one of our favorite things! Osmosis loves treating your skin from all angles which includes your spirit and health. That is why, after a lot of work, we are pleased to introduce a newcomer to our wellness line: Melt! Melt is our newest tool to aid you in your health journey AND prolonging your life as well as brightening your spirit and confidence.

Our weight plays an important role in our health and when it comes right down to it, no body is created equal. Our bodies are quite incredible in what they do for us and we each have unique genes and DNA that lead our bodies to find their optimal health.

Melt is a great tool to help your body find its way to optimal health and preform at its peak. Let's take a closer look at what Melt can do for you.

Melt is a holistic approach to fat loss. This fat detox supplement works to shrink the size of fat cells, boost metabolism, and utilizes your excess fat to help you achieve results. Your body needs fat to function, Melt helps your body put unused fat storage to use by burning calories with a holistic approach. Natural, low-impact stimulants and antioxidants from green, black, and white tea gently coach your body into burning fat in a slow, gentle manner.

We can't wait to hear about your results from using Melt! Take 3 pills twice daily and don't forget to utilize Elevate for faster results. Remember, you are already a perfect vessel and your health is yours to improve for your own reasons! Be kind and gentle with your weight loss process and most important, keep confident!

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