10 Ways to Prep your Spirit for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

11/28/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

You're a mean one Mr. (or Mrs.) Grinch. That's how a lot of us may feel when the holidays roll around. The stress and to-do lists seem never-ending and by the time the actual celebration arrives, it's almost (almost) too difficult to enjoy it. Don't worry though, we've devised a plan to keep you sane and calm this entire holiday season. Without further adieu (we know there is no time to waste), here is our top 10 things to do to prep yourself for the holidays!

1. Be a list diva! Make detailed lists that are broken down into 3 subjects:
    Your List: Make a list that gives you tasks that will treat your spirit. Schedule a manicure, a massage and facial, and schedule some quiet time for you to read, journal, or just sit in calm silence.
    Shopping List: Make an all inclusive shopping list that details what you need in regards to your holiday food shopping, gift shopping (broken down by person and budget per person), and
    Task List: Write down your tasks (even the most mundane ones) like wrapping gifts, going to the post office, and cleaning duties you may have to prep for holiday hosting.

2. Ask for help. Don't be afraid to turn any task into a group activity with your family and friends. Helping each other out not only puts you in the holiday spirit, BUT you are also able to pull a Mary Poppins and make all jobs a fun game!

3. Say No! We all tend to over-schedule ourselves during the months of November and December. With holiday parties and people in town visiting, it is important to prioritize the events that will bring joy to your life. The one's that don't can be ditched. Saying no is easier than you think, so don't sweat making the choice to do it!

4. SLEEP. Schedule sleep for yourself (seriously). Put it in your calendar and note what time you want to be in bed every night. We suggest a 10 PM bedtime every night so you can ensure that you can grab a full 8 hours of sleep.

5. Treat your skin like you always do, with love. In other words, don't skimp on your skincare just because you are busier than normal. Use our National Healthy Skin Month routine for easy and quick steps that won't steal time away from your schedule.

6. Take your supplements. Don't forget to take your DIM, Complete and Elevate to keep your mind, body, and metabolism firing on all cylinders. Also take some time to utilize Energize Me Harmonized Water in the morning and Relax Harmonized Water in the evening for some balance.

7. Take a whiff. Have your favorite calming essential oil on hand everyday to take a quick aromatherapy break when you need it. We love to take a moment to smell some Lavender and Sandalwood.

8. Work out. Give yourself 30 minutes every morning to get your blood flowing. Keeping your heart healthy and your body moving will reduce stress immediately!

9. Create a competitive analysis to get your money's worth. Once you have your gift list complete, hop online and give yourself 2 hours to find the best deal on the items you want to gift. Often times we end up spending more than we needed to, so do your due diligence to keep your budget in tact.

10. Glam it up! You know the saying Look Good, Feel Better? It's true! Put on a glamorous face to boost your confidence and give you the feeling that you are invincible. Try our holiday look featuring our holiday color kit!

Use these steps to keep yourself calm, cool, and collected this holiday season. Completing these tasks will make you feel productive, accomplished and above all else... AWESOME!

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