Let's Get Real: Body Talk

11/16/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

How many negative thoughts do you have a day? How many self-judging thoughts do you have a day? We know that positive thinking is much harder and takes more effort to obtain than negative thinking. Negative thinking is easy, judging yourself rather than complimenting yourself is also WAY too easy. We currently live in a world, with all of its beauty and wonder, that prompts us to be unhealthily hard on ourselves. We see what we think we are supposed to be on a daily basis whether it be in the media, heard on the radio, or told to us by those around us. We forget oh-so-often to explore and be curious about what we want to be. After all, being open to yourself is the most vulnerable position to be in, and it's scary.

From work stress, relationship stress, and social stress, it is incredibly hard to cut yourself some slack. Instead we tend to tell ourselves, we can't do things because we are not thin enough, smart enough, strong enough, organized enough, healthy enough... you know, that list is endless but Osmosis is saying enough with feeling like not enough!  Negative thoughts have quite an effect on our bodies. Acne, anxiety, hair loss, rosacea and a slew of other symptoms can be linked to negative thinking which in turn, causes stress on the body. So let's remove that word [enough] from our vocabulary for one month, and see how we feel? That's a good start to positive thinking and we now have another tool to guide you on your way to a positive spirit, a healthy mind, and a confident heart.

We couldn't be more proud to introduce our newest member of the Harmonized Water Family, Body Talk. We have utilized our frequency cancellation tool to effectively and gently aid your mind into canceling the negative effects that negative thoughts have on your body. The benefits of digesting Body Talk may range from a temporary emotional detox to improvements in conditions that are affected by negative thought patterns. Let Body Talk help you conquer your thoughts of fear, anger, and sadness. Let Osmosis, guide you through a Be Kind to Yourself Meditation that practicing in conjunction with taking Body Talk will set you on a path to healing.

We want to challenge you to complete our Body Talk, Body Love Meditation. Feeling positive about your body and wellness is important to us. Follow along and enjoy the benefits of positivity. For an extra grounding, take three deep breaths while smelling some Sandalwood essential oil before starting your meditation.

*Sit high on your seat, pushing your tailbone into the ground beneath you.

*Cross your legs and rest your hands, palms up on your knees.

*Close your eyes, take one deep breath and push all the air out through your mouth.

*Take 7 staccato breaths in through your nose. Hold your breath for 7 counts and release your breath in staccato counts of 7 through your mouth, releasing all of the air on your 7th exhale. Repeat this process for 10 minutes.

*While breathing, tune into the the parts of your body and mind that cause you discomfort.

*Replace any negative thoughts towards those areas with positive, grounding words that give you insight to your personal strength. For example, if you don’t like your legs, remind yourself of their strength, power, and ability to carry you. If you struggle with depression, remind yourself just how special and deep your brain is.

Do this meditation daily, focusing on different parts of your body and mind each time. Once you are done with your meditation, take 5 pumps of Body Talk. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and stay open on your journey to wellness.

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