Osmosis ABC's: I - Iron Oxide

11/10/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! We have loved breaking down ingredients with you in this column and we are ready to tackle another ingredient that may sound like a scary one, but is in fact a very important ingredient for all of you makeup addicts out there!

This month we are looking at Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide is mainly seen on the ingredient list of makeup products, towards the bottom of the ingredient deck. Did you know that all of the ingredients at the bottom of your label are colorants? Essentially anything following the title May or May Not Contain  +/- on your ingredient label is indeed, a colorant (cue "the more you know" theme music)!

Iron Oxide is one of the best, happiest, safest (and natural) cosmetic dyes out there and its has some surprising skincare benefits as well... let's take a look!

Now that we know why our colour needs these rich, protecting pigments let's take a gander at what products this surprising superstar is in!

Iron Oxide is used widely in our color line which means not only are you getting high action pigments, you are also getting extra protection! Find this gem of an ingredient in the following products:

Age Defying Treatment Concealer
Loose Base
Pressed Base
Mascara (both formulas)
Lip Gloss
Lip Glaze
Lip Pencil
Eye Pencil
Liquid Eye Definer
Water Color Eye Shadows
Eye Shadow Trios
Eye Shadow Duos

Learn where to shop for these all stars here.

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