The Gut Health-Mental Health Connection You Need To Know

12/06/2018 Osmosis Skincare 4 Comments

With the holidays in full force, it's common to see a spike in stress, anxiety, and depression. But there is more and more research unfolding about the very real connection between the health of your gut and mind (you may have heard it called the gut-brain axis). Our digestive tracts contain billions of microscopic bugs and bacteria that play heavily into what makes the system "tick". But, when these get out of whack, the next to fall short is the health of our brains resulting in inflammation that causes brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, etc. Next time you start to feel... "bleh", take a look inside your pantry before your medicine cabinet in an effort to heal the mind and the gut, putting a pep back in your step.

Tell Me More.

As we indulge in a few extra holiday sweets, treats, and libations, your digestion can take a serious hit this time of year, and this could be the cause of the fogginess and fatigue you're feeling. Most of our serotonin production (95%, in fact) happens in the gastrointestinal tract. This is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happiness, love, and joy; so, when your gut is overwhelmed or bogged down and not able to produce the body's necessary amount of serotonin, this is when we start to feel the "slump" - even when you may not be showing signs of digestive distress!

What Can We Do About It?

Listen to your body. While it's easy to get carried away with all the rich, yummy food everywhere you turn during the holiday season, don't throw discretion to the way-side. Balance those sweets with nourishing greens, and give your gut some back-up with Digestive Enzymes and Herbal Colonics. We love starting our day with a warm cup of water with lemon to detox the intestines, kick-start our metabolism for the day, and even give our skin an alluring glow! 

Discover ways to detox and enhance proper digestion with our gut-healing supplements here.

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