Boho Bridal Look

5/31/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

We know it can be difficult to narrow down a makeup and hair look for your wedding, so we have created another wedding look that is natural with a punch of smokey drama. Check out our YouTube video to learn how to achieve this Boho Bridal Look.

Here are the products we used for this look:
* Age Defying Concealer
           - Small Accent Brush
* Eye Pencil - Charcoal
* Eyeshadow Trio - Bronzed Cocoa
        - Crease Brush
        - Blending Brush
        - Smudge Brush
* Water Color Eyeshadow - Topaz
        - Blending Brush
* Water Color Eyeshadow - Opal
        - Oval Shadow Brush
* Long Wear Liquid Foundation
         - Medium Accent Brush
* Brow Gel
* Curling Mascara
* Contour Duo
           - Dome Brush (Contour)
           - Base Brush (Highlight)
* Blush - Layer of Nude Bliss and Crushed Coral
            - Angled Blush Brush
* Lip Pencil - Delicate Rose
* Lip Stick - Forget Me Not
* Lip Gloss - Lilac
* Finishing Powder
            - Full Face Brush
* Mineral Hydration

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Time to Get Ageless!

5/26/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Ahhhhh aging, the single thing we can all relate to. At Osmosis we embrace aging and accept it as a gift. Each year we are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and obtain knowledge that only comes with the aging process. The other things that come with aging... like fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet...the dreaded underage bags are luckily all things that can be slowed and treated. This month we have created a simple, functional and EFFECTIVE ageless facial that you can treat yourself to at home.

Follow along below to give your skin the gift of health and ageless confidence.

Step 1. Steam your face! Boil 2 cups of water, carefully transferring boiling water to a heat safe bowl. Throw in some fresh lavender or eucalyptus for a sensory experience. Lean above the steaming bowl of water and cover your head with a towel. Breathe deep and relax until the water cools and steam dies down.

Step 2.  Remove debris, dirt, and oil. Use Deep Clean to reveal fresh skin.

Step 3. Treat with a quarter size dollop of Hydralift Firming Mask with two pumps of StemFactor. Apply all over, from forehead all the way down your neck. Massage into your skin with gentle tapping motions. Spritz with Clear + and let sit for 15 minutes. Use this time to look back at just how wonderful your life has been this far... (good and bad experiences included)!

Step 4. Use a soft, damp towel and remove mask.

Step 5. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and thank YOU for getting you this far!

Step 6. Tap a pea size amount of Refresh PM around your orbital and lip area.

Step 7. Massage 2 pumps of Catalyst AC-11 into your skin, neck, and chest.

Step 8. Spritz 2-3 pumps of Clear + all over and gently press into your skin.

Step 9. Give your skin an extra boost of hydration and moisture with Immerse. Hydrated skin will always look youthful!

Step 10. Do your favorite dance move from your youth... just to prove to yourself that you've still got it!

Step 11. Get some sleep! Sleep is the number one treatment to combat aging!

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Allergies be Gone!

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"Holy allergies Batman!" - say's pretty much everyone ever this time of year. Allergies are nature's tricksters. They can make you feel like you are coming down with a cold, vertigo, migraines, temporary blindness... (that one may be a bit dramatic), but really allergies are the worst!

Runny noses, itchy red eyes, foggy brains, and sleepiness are all symptoms of allergy sufferers. It seems like no matter what you try, success of squashing these symptoms proves to be quite difficult. Well have we got a solution for you! Close your eyes and imagine running in a cotton field without any problems! That's right, our Environmental Protection Harmonized Water can make it so!

This allergy season's got nothing on you when you are equipped with this little gem!

Environmental Protection kicks butt at harmonizing your immunity defense against environmental toxins... including, you guessed it, allergy inducing buggers. Our bodies are exposed daily to carbon monoxide, glucose, sulfites, nitrites, mercury, lead, arsenic, and more. This formula is specifically designed to balance the disharmonies associated with those toxins. If your immune system is running like a well-oiled machine and is not being weighed down by these toxins, it frees up more energy to squash allergens! Add this allergy crime-fighter to your daily routine this season and say goodbye to those pesky allergy symptoms! Heck, you could even roll around in a field of dandelions... just remember, they stain.

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Spread Awareness, Spread Support, Spark Change.

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On a gloomy Sunday afternoon in May, I was about to head down the road to Colorado Springs to the home of La Vonne and Chelsea. This mother daughter duo both suffer from Chronic Lyme and Co-Infections in relation to Lyme. The original plan was to film a 10 minute documentary on their struggles with this disease that still, in a world with limitless technology and knowledge, continues to stump medical professionals and have many organizations up in arms regarding treatment, coverage, diagnostics and support. It generally tends to fall way below the radar. Right as I was about to head out I got a message from Chelsea. She was in urgent care experiencing seizures and in dire pain. I immediately felt a hot poke in my heart and wondered what I could do to help ease her situation. I was struck with the thought that plans can never be set in stone when you have a disease like Lyme and symptoms can strike whenever they feel like, and often you don't get any sort of warning. It was an "ah-ha" moment and needed reminder to always be adaptable and ready to change plans quickly... that is life, after all. 

Chelsea and I agreed that a phone interview would be more probable and less anxiety-inducing. Why did I still push to do an interview you may be wondering? Well, after weeks of research on this phenomenon known as Lyme, I realized that Chelsea and her mother had a story that needs to be told. That is the only way to spread awareness, and the only way to open a healthy dialogue regarding the issues surrounding Lyme Disease. Personal stories trump statistics in my book, always. Before we get into the interview let's look at the basics of this disease.

*Lyme is generally contracted through a tick bite. More specifically a Deer Tick or Black Legged Tick. If a tick is infected with the Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacteria, it can transmit that bacteria into your blood stream while feeding.

*These ticks have a bacteria called spirochete—a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called Borrelia Burgdorferi. This corkscrew shaped bugger can 'dig' through any part of the body and enter your brain 24 hours after the initial tick bite.

*Lyme CAN be passed to unborn children during a mother's pregnancy.

*Lyme effects the nervous system, organs, and joints if left untreated.

*Lyme Disease can mimic over 300 different types of diseases and infections, many medical professionals believe that Lyme is the underlying and contributing factor to many of those diseases.

*Lyme is very difficult to diagnose, making treatment of early Lyme inefficient and treatment for chronic Lyme almost impossible.

*Treatment and diagnostics for Lyme are rarely, if at all, covered by insurance.

*According to the CDC 300,000 people were diagnosed with Lyme Disease last year. That does not account for the nearly 15% of people who get misdiagnosed.

Now for the interview: Meet Chelsea!

Osmosis: Hi Chelsea, let's jump right in. How did you contract Lyme Disease?

Chelsea: I was born with it. My mother was bitten by a tick when she was young. Her Lyme Disease went undetected and misdiagnosed for 22 years.

Osmosis: 22 years! That is unsettling. Being that you were born with it, how quickly were you diagnosed?

Chelsea: I was diagnosed properly in my late 20's. Before the Lyme diagnosis, I was told I had depression, anxiety, joint issues, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple other autoimmune diseases.

Osmosis: Do you still struggle with those issues today?

Chelsea: I do. Because of the Lyme Disease, I have an incredible amount of Co-Infections. I struggle with arthritis, COPD (I have never touched a cigarette), neurological issues and much more.  Had my Lyme been detected earlier, there is a great chance I would have gone into full remission.

Osmosis: After all those years, how were you finally diagnosed?

Chelsea: Well, there are only a few types of tests that can detect the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacterium. One test, the ELISA Test, which detects the BB Bacterium anti-bodies and the Western Blot Test which further tests those antibodies. At first, I did not "fill out" all the blots in the secondary test. I was also told by many doctors that Lyme does not exist in Colorado. My mind was a little blown, and it was not until I got secondary tests by a Doctor who specializes in Lyme in Orlando that I was properly diagnosed.

Osmosis: After all of those years, that had to have been frustrating to finally have an answer, but also know that your disease had progressed to the point that treatment would be extremely difficult.

Chelsea: YES! My daily treatment consists of this: (see image to right) It is so hard to keep track of my dosage and times to take my medications. Especially when most days I can't even walk to the bathroom, or I throw up the second I get out of bed, or I can't remember what I have and have not taken yet.

Osmosis: Is it safe to say that you are essentially stuck inside your home most of the time?

Chelsea: Absolutely. I never know how I will feel each day when I wake up. Not to mention that it takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to even wake my body up enough to get out of bed.

Osmosis: With that thought in mind, what does your daily routine look like?

Chelsea: There is no such thing as a daily routine. I can't book a morning coffee date with friends or make any concrete plans. My day consists of taking one med, then waiting two hours before I can eat. Taking another med, then waiting an hour to drink water. Taking one pump of a supplement then waiting 30 minutes to take something else. So, my day consists of trying to keep my treatments on track. After that, it is all about taking care of my three children. Luckily my husband is of great support.

Osmosis: WOW. That sounds incredibly tough. I don't think I realized how difficult this disease could be. What are some misconceptions you feel need to be cleared up regarding Lyme Disease?

Chelsea: I just want people to know that people (including myself) with Lyme and Chronic Lyme are not making up the discomfort, pain and downright awfulness that is Lyme Disease. I feel like because this disease has yet to be viewed as an epidemic and because it mimics so many other diseases and infections and causes so many co-infections, people assume that we are lying about it. BUT really? Why on earth would anyone lie about this type of pain? I take all my treatments, I am still in pain. If there were a miracle cure for Chronic Lyme I would be the first in line for it. I have to be in a wheelchair when I go grocery shopping for my family and I can feel the looks of judgment on me the whole time. It is hurtful, and I just want people to assume that kindness is the better reaction, not judgement. I often hear people say, "You don't look sick" or "Have you tried getting outside and forgetting about your 'issues'" and I just get tired of justifying that what I am experiencing is real. I may look fine on the outside, but until you are in my head and in my body you really have no idea what I am actually going through.

The most common cause of death of  Lyme Disease is suicide. Not being able to be properly diagnosed, having your brain play tricks on you, having your organs shut down on you with no explanation is the worst sensation. Then to find out that it was left untreated for so long that remission may not be possible; is in a sort, a death sentence and very hard to wrap your mind around.

Osmosis: Lacking knowledge, and not taking the time to learn about something like Lyme sounds like a horrible enemy.  What is the best way to spread awareness for Lyme Disease?

Chelsea: Just talk about it. Learn about it, even if you don't know anyone with Lyme Disease there is no reason you shouldn't be aware of it. There are some great resources out there for education. There just needs to be a consistent and open dialogue regarding Lyme Disease. The more people that are aware, the more organizations like the CDC or other medical institutions are inclined to hopefully take a closer look. Lyme is an epidemic. It is not just in the Northwest, it can be, and is everywhere.

Osmosis: Chelsea, thank you so much for breaking down this disease with us. Personal stories really do strike a chord with people.

Chelsea: Of course. It is nice to be able to speak to my struggles as a "normal person." I love that celebrities who suffer from Lyme speak out, but I feel like we miss a sliver of relate-ability. Celebrities have the power to help shine a light on things, but until you hear it from someone "just like you"... sometimes it doesn't seem real. I am happy to share my story in hopes that it helps others and brings about a better understanding to the disease.

Check out our Take a Bite Out of Lyme video and challenge here.

* For those struggling with Lyme Disease, consider talking to your Doctor about adding Restore into you treatment routine. Trioxolane (the main ingredient) is like a hyper oxygen molecule that goes right into your blood stream, helping oxygen get into the body. Those who have used Restore for additional treatment of Lyme have reported heavy die-off during their second week of use. If this occurs, lower your dosage to once a day until the die-off ends.*



Barefaced and Fancy Free!

5/20/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like to go out with not a stitch of makeup on? It is, quite freeing... REALLY!

We know that the thought of going completely barefaced can be an intimidating thought, but we believe not only in our skincare and supplements to create beautiful skin, we believe we have created a holy-grail look to create the illusion of clear, flawless skin using only a few skincare products! Buckle up, this could change your 'getting ready' routine drastically!

Step 1. Cleanse with your favorite Osmosis Cleanser
Step 2. Reveal brighter, smoother skin with Polish.

Step 3. Apply Refresh to your eye area.
Step 4. Add a pump or two of Replenish to your face and neck.
Step 4. Moisturize and shield with Protect.
Step 5. Use Immerse as your highlighter and brow and lash groomer. Pat on a small amount to your cheek bones, brow bone, tip of chin and cupid's bow. Then lightly sweep what ever product is leftover on your brows and lashes.
Step 6. Give your cheeks a pinch to bring some blood flow up for a subtle blushing effect.
Step 7. Admire your naturally beautiful self in the mirror... we won't judge if you give yourself a little smooch!

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Osmosis ABC's C: Calendula

5/15/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

We're back with another ABC's of Osmosis! This month we are talking all about C's... one of our favorite ingredients is none other than Calendula! Let's break down this little miracle.

Calendula is native to the Mediterranean and has a pretty cool blooming schedule. It gets its name from the word calendar, blooming once a month, often with the full moon lunar cycle.  Calendula is part of the marigold family, but don't confuse it with the common garden variety. Let's take a closer look as all the holistic benefits of this blooming beauty:

So where can you find Calendula in Osmosis products?

Immerse: Drench your skin in healing moisture. Immerse works wonders for those with chapped, dry skin... if you happen to live in a location with high altitude, this is your go-to product for soft, smooth, flake-free skin.

Shade: How perfect that this wonder ingredient is in one of our favorite SPF products? Shade will not only provide your skin with a protective shield against UV rays, but the calendula will help keep your skin healthy and balanced.

Apple Organic Mask (professional only) This mask helps soothe, calm and treat irritated and inflamed skin. This makes for the perfect treatment for even the most sensitive skin types.

Tune in next month for another look at some of our favorite ingredients!

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At Home: The Top 5 Air Purifying Plants to Have in Your Home

5/11/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Your health is just as important to us as it is to you. While we have all the internal wellness, skincare, and color to keep your organs and confidence in tip-top shape we also like to add some wellness to our homes. Where do we get these home wellness items? Straight outta nature of course! Keeping your home free of chemicals and dirty air can be tough, that's why we are giving you our top 5 plants for keeping the wellness of your home stellar!

Plants can work many wonders. Whether used in products or as is, they benefit you, your family, and your surroundings. Check out our favorite miracle workers, then head out to your nursery and grab yourself some fun, natural health! It doesn't hurt that it adds a pop of color to your home either!

1. Aloe: We all know the gel found in the aloe leaves can soothe burns, calm skin and moisturize. BUT did you know that Aloe is one of the best plants to have in your home? Aloe monitors your air purity. Using strong chemical cleaners in your home can do some damage to your respiratory system. That is when Aloe steps in with powers! These powerful leaves absorb chemical pollutants, you can even see brown spotting on the leaves the pollution leaves behind once it's been demolished! Talk about a multitasker! This plant loves sunlight and is easy to care for.

2. English Ivy: This NASA approved plant has been voted the best air filtering plant. It's ability to absorb and purify formaldehyde from your home is it's strongest feature. Be sure to keep this one away from your children and pets!

3. Peace Lily: This beautiful, low maintenance flower keeps your air clean. This lily removes daily toxins from your home and looks pretty while doing it!

4. Snake Plant: This butt-kicker is a great plant to keep in your bedroom! This tall drink of water is low maintenance in care. Why do you need it? This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night! It's the perfect breathe-better plant!

5. Spider Plant: The spider plant (don't worry... it's not made of spiders), fights pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene. It's the perfect all around air purifier.

There you have it! Our favorite, easy care house plants that provide inner wellness. Be sure to keep air purifying plants away from pets or curious youngsters. Since they absorb all the nasties from your air, you don't want kitty or puppy eating the leaves!

Get out there and get your home some air!


In the Spotlight: Pressed Base

5/09/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Hold on and take cover! Actually, just take cover... and by cover, we mean get ultimate coverage with our true blue, Pressed Base! This month we are shining the spotlight on this skin perfecting, semi-matte powder that happens to be perfect for all skin types and tones!

Our Pressed Base has been a hero of ours for a long time. It's true to tone, medium to full coverage is the perfect foundation that keeps your skin looking like skin. The bonus with this product is the base of Zinc and Titanium Dioxide which provide natural sun protection. So for anyone who isn't willing to remove their makeup mid-day to reapply their SPF, this little powder is the perfect skin protection insurance policy! Just dust a little more at midday for your SPF touch up.

Here are more reasons to add our Pressed Base to your makeup bag!

Honeysuckle Flower Extract: This little flower has some powerful holistic skin benefits. Not only is it a great antiseptic (great for keeping skin clear and clean) it has antioxidants AND anti-inflammatory benefits. This ingredient helps soothe skin and calm blemishes.

Green Tea Extract: It's no secret that green tea is a miracle worker for the body, it's also a powerful skin protector when used topically. This extract prevents collagen breakdown, protects skin from free-radicals, inflammation, AND kills bacteria!

Moringa Seed Oil: This plant has been dubbed the miracle tree. The oil extracted from it is rich in phytonutrients which provide some butt-kicking benefits for your skin. It's antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities help keep skin blemish free. It's powerful antioxidants protect skin by neutralizing pollutants and free-radicals. This miracle oil also slows the speed of premature aging!

Vitamins A, C and E: This multivitamin trifecta protects, soothes and hydrates skin. These three ingredients work incredibly well together with their antioxidant boost, brightening power, and damage reducing qualities.

WOW, what a powerhouse product! The spotlight will continue to shine on this superstar for years to come. You can easily build this product up for full coverage, we love using our Base Brush for that, or the Full Face Brush or Large Accent Brush for light to medium coverage. This baby is also sweat resistant, making it the perfect product for all seasons! Next time you need a new foundation, get your hands on this multitasking powder, you wont be sorry!

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The Low Down on SPF

5/05/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Now-a-days it’s no secret that SPF is an important, if not the most important step in your skincare routine; yet, there are people out there who still don’t wear it, who still don’t “click” with the reasons why you need to wear it, and those who just don’t take their skincare seriously. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. It is indeed so important to have an all-star SPF in your routine. If there could be one thing to change or add to your routine it would be sunscreen. Even if your skincare steps are only...ehem, one step (washing your face with bar soap...eeeekk the horror)! We must insist that you at least add sun protection to your daily routine. Why are there so many things we need to do to our skin you may find yourself asking… Well, to put it simply, our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it’s on the exterior! This means our skin is like a giant sponge absorbing elements around us that we cannot see. You can’t see UVA or UVB rays, you can’t see free radicals, and you can’t see airborne germs. BUT, just like you can’t see the air you breathe, you know you need it right? In turn, just because you can’t see the harmful elements doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. There is a pretty simple statistic that will hopefully give you an Oprah style “Ah-Ha” moment.

That is a huge range of prevention that is EASY to do!

First up is Shade SPF 30. This broad spectrum mineral SPF provides the ultimate protection utilizing both Zinc and Titanium Dioxide. The best part of Shade is that it is also a moisturizer. That means it’s perfect for those who don’t like a whole lotta fuss in their skincare routine. This will give you two steps in one! Arnica Extract, Goji Berry and Cranberry Extract AND Passion Fruit Oil protects your skin in the most luxurious way. Arnica helps heal the skin from bruising and current sun damage, while Goji Berry, Cranberry, and Passion Fruit Oil provide a whole variety of antioxidants, moisture, free radical protection, and antibacterial/microbial benefits (perfect for those who struggle with acne).

Second on base is Protect. This sheer SPF 30 is gluten-free and vegan giving you ultimate protection from Zinc Oxide. Witch Hazel, Sunflower Oil and Grapefruit Oil treat your skin to light hydration, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. This lightweight SPF wears beautifully under makeup and never feels greasy!

The best part about both of our SPF’s is that they don’t smell like an SPF! They smell quite divine, and never feel thick or goopy.

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Gifting: It's All About Mom!

5/03/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect gifts to tell her just how much you love her! Mothers do quite a lot for their children, it is, after-all a true full time job to be a mother and often times their needs get put last. This year for Mother's Day, pamper your mom with some products that will rejuvenate, relax, and inspire her. While you're at it, give her a handmade coupon that entitles her to a full hour of alone time, she will be grateful!

Gifts for Mom:

Polish: Revive mom's skin with this Cranberry Enzyme mask. The scent will leave her energized while her skin will be left with a healthy glow. Polish gently exfoliates the skin's surface, removing dead skin cells and revealing new bright, brilliant skin.

Protect: Just like mama bears, our moms protect us from all that she can! Return the favor by prolonging her skin's health with Protect. This sheer SPF blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin and provides a little extra hydration. It smells incredible and never feels goopy or greasy! Let mom know you care by offering her healthy skin!

Matte Collection: The perfect eye shadow set for the makeup loving mama! These shades provide natural color that will emphasize the eyes without being too dark or overbearing. Bonus! The darker shades can also be used to fill in brows!

Lipstick: How many of you look in your mom's purse and find 10 lipsticks? Add to her ever growing lipstick collection with Show Stopper! It's a great daily shade for the summer months. The coral undertone brightens teeth and your complexion!

CC Cream: For all the moms who are constantly on the go! Our CC Cream is a quick fix for those who don't have too much time to put on a full face of makeup. With color correcting micro-capsules , this cream provides light coverage and a lit-from-within glow.

These gift ideas are perfect for the mom who needs a little TLC. Bestow her with simple daily escapes that will give her glowing confidence and healthy skin. To all the moms out there, we love you and THANK YOU for all that you do to enrich our lives!

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