Osmosis ABC's C: Calendula

5/15/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

We're back with another ABC's of Osmosis! This month we are talking all about C's... one of our favorite ingredients is none other than Calendula! Let's break down this little miracle.

Calendula is native to the Mediterranean and has a pretty cool blooming schedule. It gets its name from the word calendar, blooming once a month, often with the full moon lunar cycle.  Calendula is part of the marigold family, but don't confuse it with the common garden variety. Let's take a closer look as all the holistic benefits of this blooming beauty:

So where can you find Calendula in Osmosis products?

Immerse: Drench your skin in healing moisture. Immerse works wonders for those with chapped, dry skin... if you happen to live in a location with high altitude, this is your go-to product for soft, smooth, flake-free skin.

Shade: How perfect that this wonder ingredient is in one of our favorite SPF products? Shade will not only provide your skin with a protective shield against UV rays, but the calendula will help keep your skin healthy and balanced.

Apple Organic Mask (professional only) This mask helps soothe, calm and treat irritated and inflamed skin. This makes for the perfect treatment for even the most sensitive skin types.

Tune in next month for another look at some of our favorite ingredients!

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  1. Oh I din't know that calendula is having such a great benefit for our skin. Its good to see its various use to beautify ourself. I am surely going you try it anytime soon.

    1. Great! We are so glad you found this post useful! :)