Allergies be Gone!

5/25/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

"Holy allergies Batman!" - say's pretty much everyone ever this time of year. Allergies are nature's tricksters. They can make you feel like you are coming down with a cold, vertigo, migraines, temporary blindness... (that one may be a bit dramatic), but really allergies are the worst!

Runny noses, itchy red eyes, foggy brains, and sleepiness are all symptoms of allergy sufferers. It seems like no matter what you try, success of squashing these symptoms proves to be quite difficult. Well have we got a solution for you! Close your eyes and imagine running in a cotton field without any problems! That's right, our Environmental Protection Harmonized Water can make it so!

This allergy season's got nothing on you when you are equipped with this little gem!

Environmental Protection kicks butt at harmonizing your immunity defense against environmental toxins... including, you guessed it, allergy inducing buggers. Our bodies are exposed daily to carbon monoxide, glucose, sulfites, nitrites, mercury, lead, arsenic, and more. This formula is specifically designed to balance the disharmonies associated with those toxins. If your immune system is running like a well-oiled machine and is not being weighed down by these toxins, it frees up more energy to squash allergens! Add this allergy crime-fighter to your daily routine this season and say goodbye to those pesky allergy symptoms! Heck, you could even roll around in a field of dandelions... just remember, they stain.

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