Barefaced and Fancy Free!

5/20/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like to go out with not a stitch of makeup on? It is, quite freeing... REALLY!

We know that the thought of going completely barefaced can be an intimidating thought, but we believe not only in our skincare and supplements to create beautiful skin, we believe we have created a holy-grail look to create the illusion of clear, flawless skin using only a few skincare products! Buckle up, this could change your 'getting ready' routine drastically!

Step 1. Cleanse with your favorite Osmosis Cleanser
Step 2. Reveal brighter, smoother skin with Polish.

Step 3. Apply Refresh to your eye area.
Step 4. Add a pump or two of Replenish to your face and neck.
Step 4. Moisturize and shield with Protect.
Step 5. Use Immerse as your highlighter and brow and lash groomer. Pat on a small amount to your cheek bones, brow bone, tip of chin and cupid's bow. Then lightly sweep what ever product is leftover on your brows and lashes.
Step 6. Give your cheeks a pinch to bring some blood flow up for a subtle blushing effect.
Step 7. Admire your naturally beautiful self in the mirror... we won't judge if you give yourself a little smooch!

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  1. Sounds good! I love flaunting my skin. Although my skin is beautiful since I'm using cream by lifecell but love to try these. Hope me too looks flawless.

  2. As a skin care specialist who wants people to get accurate information on skin care products I have to reply to Melissa's comment:

    Here is a review of LifeCell on Amazon:
    "They provide a very long list of ingredients. They give a great "pitch". However, I had a horrible reaction and with a little research I learned a great deal about this company, it's hyped claims, it's numerous negative reports and it's false reports and "studies". They're a scam simply put."
    --By Vikki Allen on January 10, 2015

    Osmosis products actually work. I have been in Skin Care/Dermatology for 15+ yrs and hands down Osmosis products are the best out there. Not only do they work, they use safe ingredients.