At Home: The Top 5 Air Purifying Plants to Have in Your Home

5/11/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Your health is just as important to us as it is to you. While we have all the internal wellness, skincare, and color to keep your organs and confidence in tip-top shape we also like to add some wellness to our homes. Where do we get these home wellness items? Straight outta nature of course! Keeping your home free of chemicals and dirty air can be tough, that's why we are giving you our top 5 plants for keeping the wellness of your home stellar!

Plants can work many wonders. Whether used in products or as is, they benefit you, your family, and your surroundings. Check out our favorite miracle workers, then head out to your nursery and grab yourself some fun, natural health! It doesn't hurt that it adds a pop of color to your home either!

1. Aloe: We all know the gel found in the aloe leaves can soothe burns, calm skin and moisturize. BUT did you know that Aloe is one of the best plants to have in your home? Aloe monitors your air purity. Using strong chemical cleaners in your home can do some damage to your respiratory system. That is when Aloe steps in with powers! These powerful leaves absorb chemical pollutants, you can even see brown spotting on the leaves the pollution leaves behind once it's been demolished! Talk about a multitasker! This plant loves sunlight and is easy to care for.

2. English Ivy: This NASA approved plant has been voted the best air filtering plant. It's ability to absorb and purify formaldehyde from your home is it's strongest feature. Be sure to keep this one away from your children and pets!

3. Peace Lily: This beautiful, low maintenance flower keeps your air clean. This lily removes daily toxins from your home and looks pretty while doing it!

4. Snake Plant: This butt-kicker is a great plant to keep in your bedroom! This tall drink of water is low maintenance in care. Why do you need it? This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night! It's the perfect breathe-better plant!

5. Spider Plant: The spider plant (don't worry... it's not made of spiders), fights pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene. It's the perfect all around air purifier.

There you have it! Our favorite, easy care house plants that provide inner wellness. Be sure to keep air purifying plants away from pets or curious youngsters. Since they absorb all the nasties from your air, you don't want kitty or puppy eating the leaves!

Get out there and get your home some air!

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