The Perfectly Romantic Valentines Look

Whether you Valentine or Galentine, we know you'll fall head over heels for this earthy, smoked out eye paired with a romantic, soft pink lip no matter what your plans may be! Recreate the look with these Osmosis favorites:

Beautifully Bronzed Smokey Eye

Using Bronzed Cocoa, one of our top-selling Eye Shadow Trios, smudge out the lids and lower lash line for a deep, sultry shade that enhances every eye color.
Pro Tip: Lavish lashes complete any eye look and our Curling Mascara is designed to deliver a flirty finish with its unique, cobra head wand.

Compliment with Coral

Brown and coral go together like flowers and a box of chocolates. Apply Crushed Coral Blush to the apples of the cheeks delivering a pretty pop of color to compliment the eyes.

Pretty 'n Pink Pucker

No Valentine's look is complete without a perfect pout! Hopeful Lip Glaze is a soft and sheer pink with a subtle hint of coral to match the cheeks and tie together your look. Plus, our Lip Glazes are now formulated with a gentle plumping effect ensuring kissable lips all day long!

Create the perfect combination of seductive and sweet with these products and shades! Get the look by shopping from our Colour Collection here.

Valentine's Makeup Quick Tips

No need to start from scratch to achieve fresh and flawless Valentine's makeup. Take your look from office daytime to date night ready with these quick and simple tricks from our Colour experts!

Wake Up Your Makeup

Adding a touch of concealer to the corners and underneath your eyes awakens the entire complexion delivering a fresh-faced look and feel to "end-of-the-day" makeup.

Pucker Up

The addition of a bold lip will immediately add drama and elegance to your look in one easy step. Our Lip Intensives are richly pigmented for a fun, flirty way to enhance your pout!

Bring Your Look To Life

Use your lipstick as a creme blush to create a romantic monochromatic hue or add a touch of one of our eight stunning blush shades.

Go Glam

Add intensity to the eyes with one simple swipe of a deep shadow shade to the creases and bottom lash lines, effortlessly transforming your look from day to night.

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2019 Top Beauty Trends

2019 is all about self care and fresh-faced beauty. "Gone are the days of heavily-applied makeup. Extra full coverage foundations with loads of concealer and defined contour lines are becoming a trend of the past." says Ami Mallon. Stay in-the-know with this year's hottest skin and makeup looks with these five beauty routine must-haves.

Your Skin-Enhanced Makeup

Think CC Creams, dewy finishes, and shine-enhanced features. This year we're continuing to move away from heavy-handed makeup and letting our natural beauty shine through - and we are so here for it!
Achieve a brilliant glowing look by applying a Facial Oil underneath your makeup and topping it off with a Finishing Mist.

Non-Irritating Vitamin As

The beauty industry is finally starting to come around to the idea that you don't have to harm the skin to get youthful results (a philosophy we've been preaching for years). Retinaldehyde is a form of Vitamin A that is easily recognized, absorbed, and stored by the skin for long-lasting results without the irritation.
Pst... yes, you can apply our Vitamin As in the morning and go out in the sun (you can also use them during pregnancy!).


Treating skin conditions at the source is what we do best here at Osmosis and now it's all the rage! Instead of masking symptoms, dive inside the body with supplements that heal common skin concerns from the inside out. Check out how to target gut health and detox deeper here.

Plumped, Glossy Lips

There's always a time and place for bold lip colors, those may never go out of style. But to complement the glowy skin trend, juicy glosses are making a serious comeback. Our newly formulated Lip Glazes replaced rich pigments with sheer shine and deliver a natural plumping effect for a kissable finish.

Skincare Your Way

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all skincare products, as bespoke beauty is on the rise. Find an Osmosis Skincare Professional near you receive a custom treatment unique to your individual skin and body concerns.

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Manifesting Your Best Self in 2019

We have welcomed 2019 with open arms and open minds as we set our sights on the year ahead of us. And while we love the feeling of a fresh start to a new year, this blank canvas can present itself to us daily if we allow it! After all, big dreams manifest one day at a time. Mindfully set your intentions based on ideas of enhancing yourself, fulfilling your desires, and encouraging growth in all aspects of your life.


Find a quiet time and space, even if just for 5 minutes, and reflect on values, desires, and core intentions that are important to you. Then reflect on that which you would like to transition or change, and why.

Write It Out

Start writing words that come to you when you think about your intentions and desires. Words like authentic, kindness, power, healing, intuition, love, etc. Let your pen flow freely on the paper and see what comes out!

One Day at a Time

Each day, look back at your reflections and journal and make one small step towards your desires. Intentions run so much deeper than goals so it’s easier to take those steps a day at a time and bring to fruition your best self and life!

Our intention for 2019 is to connect, inspire, and empower through beauty and health! Join us on the journey to #inspirebeauty this year. 2019, we’re ready for ya.

3 Tips to Saving Tired Holiday Skin

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season impacts more than just our stress level. The skin can really suffer from the combination of irregular diets, cold and dry weather, and lack of sleep (holiday parties anyone?). Revive tired skin this season with these three fail-proof products that will bring the radiance back to your complexion.

Cranberry Enzyme Mask

All too often, the automatic reaction to dry, flaky skin is over-exfoliation. Not only can this further dry out the skin, it actually can cause even more long-term damage to the epidermis when practiced in excess. Polish harnesses the power of cranberry enzymes to gently eat away the dead skin cells and reveal a bright, youthful complexion.

Remedy Healing Balm

Infuse nutrients and moisture back into the skin with this rich, healing balm. Apply a thin layer underneath your makeup to enhance brilliance and tone or indulge the skin and the senses when used as a sleep mask and let the product do the work while you catch your Zs! Wake up to radiance and say goodbye to dull stressed skin no matter how many gatherings are on your agenda.

Refresh PM

An eye serum by design, but capable of so much more, Refresh PM is intensely-moisturizing proven to restore hydration and barrier health to the thin, delicate skin of both the eyes and lips. Formulated with liquid crystals, it delivers shine and nutrients to the epidermis resulting in a healthy glow and firmed fine lines.

Take small moments for you throughout the season to replenish nutrients and life back to your complexion! Shop more of our top-selling moisturizers here.

Haul out the Holiday Makeup!

Seasonal bliss is in the air and we want to put it in your makeup bag, too! Check out how to use our newest Colour items to enhance your look and get holiday-party ready in three simple steps.


Use the Eye & Lip Primer to set the stage for stunning shadow, then apply the bronze and gold shades of the Highlighting Quad to add shimmering depth and dimension to the lids, lower lash line, and brow bone.


In the same Highlighting Quad, take the rose shade and dust generously on the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow, and even the center of the lower lip to promote brilliance and enhance your favorite features!

 3. LIPS

Kiss Me Lip Intensive is the perfect shade of holiday red for a bold and creamy pucker that will last you all night long.
Pro Tip: Use this as a creme blush to deliver a cheery monochromatic finish!

Choose makeup that will stick with you as you get your jingle on and dance the night away! Shop your holiday beauty essentials here.

The Gut Health-Mental Health Connection You Need To Know

With the holidays in full force, it's common to see a spike in stress, anxiety, and depression. But there is more and more research unfolding about the very real connection between the health of your gut and mind (you may have heard it called the gut-brain axis). Our digestive tracts contain billions of microscopic bugs and bacteria that play heavily into what makes the system "tick". But, when these get out of whack, the next to fall short is the health of our brains resulting in inflammation that causes brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, etc. Next time you start to feel... "bleh", take a look inside your pantry before your medicine cabinet in an effort to heal the mind and the gut, putting a pep back in your step.

Tell Me More.

As we indulge in a few extra holiday sweets, treats, and libations, your digestion can take a serious hit this time of year, and this could be the cause of the fogginess and fatigue you're feeling. Most of our serotonin production (95%, in fact) happens in the gastrointestinal tract. This is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happiness, love, and joy; so, when your gut is overwhelmed or bogged down and not able to produce the body's necessary amount of serotonin, this is when we start to feel the "slump" - even when you may not be showing signs of digestive distress!

What Can We Do About It?

Listen to your body. While it's easy to get carried away with all the rich, yummy food everywhere you turn during the holiday season, don't throw discretion to the way-side. Balance those sweets with nourishing greens, and give your gut some back-up with Digestive Enzymes and Herbal Colonics. We love starting our day with a warm cup of water with lemon to detox the intestines, kick-start our metabolism for the day, and even give our skin an alluring glow! 

Discover ways to detox and enhance proper digestion with our gut-healing supplements here.