Creating a Self-Care Ritual out of Your Makeup Routine

Women are inherently beautiful beings; and here at Osmosis, we believe in enhancing that beauty, not masking it. However, makeup can often be misconstrued as a superficial tool to hide or disguise true beauty. It's our mission to unite in beauty and use makeup to compliment our authentic radiance! Another important aspect of makeup is how it makes us feel on the inside because of its power on the outside. Though sometimes it can be hard to wake up in enough time to apply more than just a quick 2-minute makeup routine, if you create that time and space for yourself in the morning, it can be quite empowering! Here are a few ways to turn your rushed, 5-minute routine into a loving, self-care ritual every day.

1. Create an inviting space in your bathroom or vanity.

Don't underestimate the power of a simple candle, makeup caddy, or even lighting to set the tone for your morning routine and, in-turn, the rest of your day. Make the space your own! Organize your makeup so it's easily accessible, turn on your favorite tunes, and take the time to have those few moments to yourself to celebrate your beauty as you get ready!

2. Get Creative.

Have fun with it! Use your makeup as a creative outlet for the day. This will not only make it more fun, but will stimulate the artistic side of your brain and get those juices flowing and ready to take on your day! Let your makeup reflect your mood each day, play way different styles, colors, and products.

3. Embrace Your Features.

While you are putting your makeup on, notice each of your features and either mentally, or verbally, express gratitude to yourself. You can even practice different self-love mantras such as "I am beautiful.", "I love my brows.", etc. You will be amazed at how powerful this practice can be in transforming your mindset and sense of self-love and self-worth.

4. Choose Clean Beauty Products.

To further enhance your self-care routine, what better way to show love to yourself and your body than by fueling it with makeup that nourishes and promotes healthy skin! Our Mineral Makeup is rich with vitamins that work to protect your skin such as zinc oxide, moringa seed oil, and our unique goji berry blend - just to name a few! Feel good about the makeup you put on your skin.

Whether your morning routine is two minutes or 30 minutes long, there's always enough time to celebrate you! Let us know some of your favorite morning makeup rituals in the comments below.

Expert Travel Tips to Maintain Your Glow On-the-Go!

Summer is just around the corner which means it's time to pack your bags for the season of travel! While adventuring around the world and heading off to your favorite beach destination is what we look forward to year-round, it can often wreak havoc on our skin and bodies. Global Educator, Ami Mallon is always on-the-go so she has chipped in to share her favorite tips and products for maintaining radiance no matter where your travels may take you!


Rushing through airports and increased time in cars can mean a disruption to energy levels and sleep cycles causing superficially dry and lackluster skin. Being on the go can also mean less time devoted to your usual skincare regimen. Our Clear Plus+ Activating Mist is the perfect solution to this problem, with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Panthenol (B5), this Activating Mist will not only assist in activating and penetrating the Osmosis serums but will also re-energize the skin, offering antioxidant protection and providing a refreshing splash of moisture to revive you on those long days of travel.


Headed out for a scheduled vacay activity or a night out on the local town? Multi-tasking is the name of the game when it comes to being on the road. Lucky for you, Osmosis Colour has created multi-use products that are tailored specifically for this purpose! Try our dual-sided Age Defying Treatment Concealer. One side contains an emollient moisture stick rich with Argan oil, Apricot oil and Vitamin E to apply under the eyes before the concealer, while the other is a beautifully pigmented concealer, perfect for quick touchups throughout the day. This powerful little duo will awaken and revive your look (no matter how late you stayed up last night), and is an absolute must-have in your travel bag!


Nothing wreaks more havoc on your skin than traveling on an airplane. Factors like a change in climate and recycled air can disrupt the lipid barrier making skin look and feel dry and dull. Take advantage of the time without cell service to treat your skin! Applying Masks on planes has become the new norm. Remedy Healing Balm is formulated with intense hydrating and healing ingredients like Castor Seed Oil and Wild Cherry Bark Extract to enrobe the skin with moisture and promote restoration while alleviating any redness or distress. Gently massage into your skin and land at your scheduled destination revived, refreshed, and hydrated!

Enjoy your travel adventures, just don't leave your skincare behind! Quick and easy application helps keep dull skin at bay. For more tips and tricks on your wellness routine while traveling, discover how to wander-on without skipping a beat here!

Conquering Cystic Acne

As we are well aware by now, acne (and most every other skin condition) is your body's way of telling you, "hey, something's not right here!". It is our job to listen and educate ourselves on the most holistic path to healing so as to not counteract your body's efforts to combat imbalances and create further damage. Cystic acne is a big problem for many people. It's extremely painful and can take weeks to heal. Not to mention, they're usually big (and, well... embarrassing). We're getting down and dirty with cystic acne to help you tackle it in the healthiest way possible. Let's talk cysts!

Where is it coming from?

Cystic acne is not always linked to a specific cause, but as toxins leave the skin, cystic acne typically appears in a cluster that's purging those toxins causing that painful, swollen, bumps formed deep beneath the surface of the skin. What really determines the cause is where it is located on the face. Our Holistic Skin Mapping is an excellent tool to help identify the internal cause. Cystic acne is commonly seen along the lower cheeks, chin, and jawline which reveals estrogenic toxins and hormone imbalances! It is also common around the nose and forehead. This exposes some gut health issues that need to be addressed in order to create an environment of healing in the body which can then translate to the skin.

How to deal.

1. Target the internal source.
Once you've narrowed down the cause of the breakout based on facial analysis or with the help of a Skincare Professional, you can then choose holistic supplements accordingly. For those lower jaw areas, reach for Environmental Detox, and Hormone Water or Inner Harmony to balance estrogen and testosterone levels. Seeing bumps on the nose or forehead? Complete Digestive Enzyme paired with Digestive Water or Skin Perfection will harmonize irritations or struggles in the gut.
No matter what the cause, if you're experiencing frequent cystic acne, it is time to start evaluating your diet. Cut back on foods high in sugars and processed ingredients, then incorporate more fresh, organic leafy greens, antioxidants, and healthy fats!

2. Topical Solutions.
Give your skin a little extra TLC as it purges. Take the time for a mask treatment or possibly double up on your skincare regimen and add a few powerhouse serums to encourage your skin's repair. Give your skin a twice-daily, invigorating Deep Clean to keep out environmental toxins, makeup, and debris as your skin heals. Rescue works to calm the inflammation, neutralize toxins, and activate epidermal wound repair - like a message to your skin saying, "charge!". Clarify, (our Vitamin A Blemish Serum) increases the skin's immune support to back-up efforts from the serums, while also normalizing oil production to create a harmonized environment in the skin.

Lifestyle habits, food choices, and a consistent skincare regimen will help ward off these pesky pimples and keep them from making an appearance in the first place. Start within to empower your skin and body and keep it healthy and blemish-free! If cystic acne settles in on your skin, check out ways you can conceal and camouflage the redness and inflammation here.

Tips for Camouflaging and Color-Correcting

Osmosis is all about creating permanent change in the skin utilizing eastern medicine philosophies paired with advanced technology to repair and heal conditions at the source. While this permanent change is possible, no one is perfect, and blemishes, redness, and hyperpigmentation still exist and always seem to make their appearance at the most inconvenient times (though, we're not sure there's ever really a "convenient" time for a giant pimple). Luckily, there are some strategic ways to color correct and camouflage these imperfections in a pinch without looking thick or "cakey"!

Conceal. Don't Seal.

Camouflaging should be a gentle illusion that helps make the skin appear a more neutral and brightened tone. Less is more! Avoid layering multiple products thick onto the skin. Not only does this draw attention to the area you are trying to distract from, it looks very unnatural and can clog pores and irritate the skin further. Our Age-Defying Treatment Concealer is lightweight but richly pigmented to deliver natural-looking coverage without compromising performance.

Shades of Glory.

The shade of concealer you choose for color correcting or camouflaging is crucial to the result. When concealing dark circles under the eyes, go for a concealer that's a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. When covering redness or hyperpigmentation, choose a shade that best matches your skin's undertones and intensity to help blend effortlessly and create a flawless, airbrushed look. You can even dabble with colored concealers that work to accurately hide pesky pimples and blemishes by counteracting discoloration!

Application is Key.

There are many debates on how to properly apply your concealer (and all of your makeup for that matter). And while it really boils down to personal preference, we're big believers in using our own built-in application tools... our fingers! Your ring finger helps to delicately deliver product to your skin while promoting maximum coverage with a smooth, non-feathered finish. For best results, apply concealer after applying your foundation, then set with a Finishing Powder to keep it from separating or running.

No matter how diligent you are with your skincare regimen, chances are, you will need to lean on your concealer at times. Use these tools, tips, and tricks to achieve the most natural-looking coverage and put your best face forward every day! Shop your bases, foundations, and Finishing Mist here to complete the look.

Wine & Beauty: What You Really Need to Know About Your Night Cap

Calling all night-cappers and Wine-Wednesday extraordinaires! We hear buzz on the internet all the time about how a glass of wine can offer the same benefits as going to the gym. Or that, lucky for us, red wine has tremendous health benefits for our brains and hearts. And we all know that nothing feels better after a long day than a salt bath paired with a big glass, so it's got to be good for stress, right? Well, we're cracking the code and busting myths about our vino habits. Will a glass a day really keep the doctor away? And what does it do for our beauty routine? Let's find out!

Red Wine & Your Skin

The Good News: Red wine contains high levels of antioxidants, including flavonoids (ingredients found in our Moisturizing Collection), which can help restore collagen and elastin while protecting against cell damage. It has also been found to provide acne-clearing benefits when applied topically with a cotton ball or spray bottle because of its anti-inflammatory properties, giving you a smooth complexion and alluring glow!

What you need to know: While wine does contain ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, it also contains natural sugars from the grape which, when consumed in excess, can have adverse effects on the skin resulting in a purging of toxins in the form of acne or rosacea. Moderation is key!

Red Wine & Your Weight

The Good News: The resveratrol in red wine does contain heart-healthy aspects that can reduce "bad cholesterol" while increasing the "good cholesterol" to help maintain healthy fat cells while lowering the risk of blood clots.

What you need to know: There was an article released recently revealing that "a glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym", and if this seemed just a little too good to be true, that's because it was. Unfortunately, this is not true. The amount of resveratrol in wine is not nearly enough to deliver noticeable benefits. If you're looking for a boost of this "fat-burning" compound, reach for a handful of blueberries, grapes, or strawberries instead.

Red Wine & Your Health

The Good News: The health benefits of red wine typically outweigh most other alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor, or even white wine. It does contain heart-healthy components from the polyphenols that reduce inflammation and protect your cardiovascular system. It can encourage a healthy blood pressure and even promote brain health to a certain degree. And, as well all know, it can significantly reduce stress levels.

What you need to know: All of the health benefits that wine offers, can easily be counteracted when consumed in excess (aka, more than a glass or two). Too much of it can harm the liver and increase blood pressure, as well as increase risk of various cancers and diabetes. Enjoy your glass and then call it good.

The bottom line? Yes, your bath time companion does contain health benefits, but only when consumed in moderation. Raise a (single) glass to those antioxidants, then cork your bottle until the next night. Check out more ways to promote beauty from within with these foods!

Feed Your Skin: Foods that Heal Inside and Out

Proper skin care is not just about what products you put on your face, but also what you are putting in your body. Supplements and elixirs play a powerful role, but there's just nothing quite like the vitamins in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Plus, gut health and clear skin are directly correlated, so fueling your body with foods that empower your digestion will result in clear skin and a brilliant radiance. We're providing the ultimate guide to feeding your skin through your diet and which foods to reach for to achieve a healthy glow.

1. Healthy Fats

Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids such as avocados, olive oil, salmon, and nuts and seeds, work to maintain the skin's moisture content, keeping the barrier healthy and strong while also promoting natural elasticity (AKA, less wrinkles). These fatty acids are also, many times, anti-inflammatory to help slow the appearance of aging and reduce redness and irritation of the skin.
Topically: You can find these healthy fats in our new Moisturizing Collection to help boost results!

2. Antioxidants

There are many different types of antioxidants and they can be found in a variety of foods, particularly fruits and veggies! Antioxidants are commonly known for empowering the skin, as they limit free-radical production to keep it looking younger for longer! Antioxidant-rich foods include berries, dark chocolate, leafy greens, citrus, and more!
Topically: Our potent antioxidant concentrate, Replenish, delivers optimal doses of antioxidants directly into the skin every day!

3. Vitamin C

Aka - Vitamin 'Collagen', this power-packed ingredient has been proven to boost collagen production for supple skin, as well as aid in healing hyperpigmentation. Get your daily dose with fruits and veggies that flaunt vibrant colors like kiwi, bell peppers, citrus, and broccoli! Try this rainbow salad for the ultimate dose of vitamin C.
Topically: Our Catalyst Serums contain vitamin C combined with advanced technology to even skin tone, heal wounds, and increase DNA Repair by 33%.

4. Gut-Healing Probiotics

Foods that undergo the fermentation process can offer healing and restoration to the gut and digestive tract because of the amount of bioavailable nutrients they posses. Imbalances of the digestive system can cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema, so instead of approaching the concern with harsh chemicals and scrubs, start within by restoring the gut's microbiome levels and increasing absorption of minerals and nutrients. We love kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt!

5. Enzymes

Your body produces enzymes that help your digestive system break down the food you eat, absorb the nutrients, and remove the rest from the body. Certain raw foods contain powerful enzymes that assist your body in this process, increasing nutrient absorption and digestion efficacy, while preventing skin conditions caused by digestive distress. Implement foods like microgreens, papaya, pineapple, and figs into your diet to optimize gut function, in-turn promoting clearer, healthier skin!
Topically: Utilize the power of bromelain (the enzyme derived from pineapple) on your skin with Purify to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and debris!
PRO TIP: Does your digestion need a little extra back up? Try Complete Digestive Enzyme to assist with breaking down food, taking a little load off of your system!

Help your skin help you by fueling your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will promote a healthy gut on the inside, and a smooth, radiant, glow on the outside! For more information on the gut-skin connection, check out our Face Mapping Guide!

Your Complete Guide To Facial Oils

Osmosis Moisturizing Collection is luxuriously hydrating, healing, and rich in all the yummy goodness your skin needs to repair and improve its function and integrity. All four products in the collection provide unique benefits and play a significant roll in the restoration of your skin's barrier, so we're breaking down each product in detail over the next 4 months so you can absorb all the information you need and gain a better understanding of your skin's health and hydration! First up... Nourish! Let's take a peek.

Nourish is an organic facial oil comprised of frequency-enhanced, cold-pressed avocado oil to plump the skin and improve elasticity, restoring a youthful glow! The skin soaks up this quick-absorbing formula like a sponge, eliminating any oily residue and leaving you with a supple radiance.

Ingredients to Love:

- Seabuckthorn Oil: Utilizes its high fatty acid content, as well as natural sources of vitamins A and E to help with cellular regeneration, wound healing, and hydration levels of the epidermis.

- Raspberry Seed Oil: Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and irritation while promoting healing of the barrier. Being large part linoleic acid, it is great for acneic skin helping to moisturize and reduce water loss in the skin.

-Avocado Oil: The spotlight ingredient of this sumptuous facial oil! Cold-pressed and chock-full of vitamins, minerals, protein, lecithin, and fatty acids, this is best used for healing and regenerating.

Facial Oil vs. Cream Moisturizers:

Both oils and creams are highly beneficial in providing hydration, protection, and many other benefits to the skin. But, when do you choose a facial oil over a cream moisturizer and vice versa?

Oils are usually derived from plants, fruits, or botanicals, so if you're looking for simplistic, all-natural ingredients in your skincare, this is the way to go!

If your skin is compromised, the facial oil will gently help rebuild the barrier until it is in better condition as it is more soothing to the skin.

Moisturizers are more about replacing the loss of lipids on the epidermis and typically contain a higher dose of active ingredients.

Pro Tips:

- Mix Nourish with your favorite daily moisturizer or mask for a rich boost of hydration!

- Layer underneath your makeup for a dewy glow!

- Chapped lips? Combine Nourish with your favorite gloss for a plump pout!

Reach for Nourish when dryness and sensitivity strike to get a head start on healing, then be sure to evaluate your lifestyle to promote permanent healing from within!