Makeup: the Bold and the Bronzed!

Have you guys heard that bronzer is like, a thing now? We suppose that bronzer has always been a thing but man-oh-man, has it ever evolved. With summer approaching, we wanted to show you our favorite bronze, bold summer look. Tune in below to learn about application techniques and how to pair bright summer colors with your new, faux bronze glow (don't forget your SPF)!

Products used:

Pink Champagne Water Color
Nude Bliss Blush 
Spring Crush Blush 
Brown Eye Pencil 
Volume Mascara
Brow Gel 
Topaz Water Color
Crushed Coral Blush 
Show Stopper Lip Stick

We love a good bronze look for the summer time, find out where to shop this look here. 

Osmosis ABC's: Olive Leaf Extract

Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! This month we are featuring the letter O! We can't wait to enlighten you on the wondrous Olive Leaf Extract. This ancient medicinal leaf packs a powerful healing punch in more ways than one. Olive Leaf Extract is an all-around treatment for internal and external health. Its anti-viral, microbial, and inflammation properties aid in healing the skin, the gut, and so much more! Let's take a closer look at this powerful ingredient.

So, which Osmosis products harbor this favorite ingredient?

Clarify: Our acne-busting, skin-healing vitamin A serum, Clarify, boasts this powerful plant ingredient which helps clear up skin and keep it clean and ageless.

Replenish: Due to Olive Leaf Extract's powerful punch of antioxidants, it's no surprise that Replenish antioxidant serum contains this miracle worker.

Soothing Gel Herbal Mask: Find a professional near you and get a calming, detoxing facial where Olive Leaf is the star! Let this mask soothe and clarify the skin in the most gentle of ways.

Melt: Yep, not only is Olive Leaf a great topical ingredient, it's an awesome internal treatment as well! Let the Olive Leaf Extract in Melt aid in detoxing fat cells all while providing your body with a great dose of antioxidants.

WOW! Olive Leaf Extract packs a serious punch of skin and body loving power! Learn where to get your dose here.

May Day: Spring into Floral Goodness!

We don't know about you, but when spring pops up, our little hearts begin to palpitate with joy. Flower blooms are, simply put, the best! There is nothing better then anchoring your home with gorgeous spring flowers which help brighten any mood and bring about a feeling of recharged energy. We wanted to take this opportunity on May Day (the celebration of spring) to give you a dose of flower power! Let's see which flowers are seasonally in bloom and just waiting to become fresh cuts in your home.

Ranunculus: These flowers not only have a funny name, they bring so much joy and beauty into your home. Their whimsical stems and bright, textured blooms make for a great stand-alone statement. Stick these beauties in different colored bud vases with a sprig of greenery to add a pop of color to any room in your home.

Peony: The queen of spring blooms! These flowers give you the feeling of bold beauty with their giant blooms and hearty green stems. Peonies bloom in an assortment of color, but if you ask us, it's the pink shades that ring supreme! Peonies don't need any accents, greenery, or stalks, just simply place them in a vase and enjoy the view. *FUN TIP* if you purchase peonies that are still in their pre-bloom ball, stick them in a cup of ice water and watch them open right up!

Anemone: These poppy look-a-likes come in the most pleasing colors! Their dainty stems and wide petals make for a whimsical look, perfect for any boho home!

Daffodils: You can't go through spring without seeing these joy-inducing, yellow cups of wonder. Add stems of daffodils to your home in bud vases or one giant vase. These babies don't need any filler as they stand alone perfectly! 

Hydrangeas: Oh man! These boisterous flowers add drama and beauty to any spring bouquet. Their large heads and strong stems make for a great arrangement! With a wide variety of unique colors, these flowers will make a statement on your counter.

Did you know that looking at pieces of nature (like flowers) increases the production of serotonin to the brain? Treat yourself this May Day and welcome spring and summer with in-season blooms! After all, you deserve to be surrounded by something as beautiful as you are!

Skincare: Melanoma Awareness Month

It's May! Which means a few things... flowers, warm weather, and plenty of sunshine! We all know that getting a dose of sun can be healthy for us, especially since Americans tend to be deficient in vitamin D, BUT, we also know that there is a fine balance between a healthy amount of sunshine and a dangerous amount. In honor of National Melanoma Awareness Month, we want to show you how to protect yourself and get your daily dose of vitamin D without risking damage to your skin and health.

Protection: Protecting your skin daily should be your top priority 24/7/365! We love using Protect SPF 30 to ensure our skin is protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Our mineral based, chemical-free SPF is gentle on the skin but tough on harmful rays. We also LOVE that it smells quite delicious, and treats the skin to some great hydration and antioxidants. Use Protect daily and always remember to re-apply if you plan on being exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

Accessorize: Yep, you can still be fashionable and protect your body while enjoying the warm weather. Be sure to invest in a good pair of sunglasses and a great hat to protect your scalp! If you are enjoying some pool or beach time, be sure to have a light tunic or kimono to provide an extra layer of protection while you are out of the water.

Post Sun Treatment: Keep your skin soothed and happy with a little post sun cocktail... for the skin that is. Combine a few pumps of Replenish and a few pumps of Rescue with some Aloe Vera for a wonderful antioxidant-heavy, hydrating treatment.

The Vitamin D Myth: We have all heard it before, expose yourself unprotected to the sun for twenty minutes a day to absorb Vitamin D, right?!? Studies are now showing that may not be completely true. Yes, while a little sun basking does provide you with a small amount of your daily D intake, you still need more for your body. We suggest taking a vitamin D supplement and keeping your diet rich in wild caught fish (like salmon or tuna). Most nutritionists would suggest obtaining your daily intake through food, but for those picky eaters out there, a supplement will work just fine.

The truth is, protection of your skin outweighs the benefits of 20 unprotected minutes in the sun, so stay sun-safe this summer with our holistic skincare solutions!

Learn where to shop for your protection here!

Treat it: Scarring!

Our skin is a wondrous organ. When it is introduced to trauma, it kicks into high gear in order to heal itself without any help from little ol' you. Our skin is smart! Sometimes though, when our skin is working hard to heal, scarring can happen. Whether you are troubled with acne scarring, post procedural scarring, or old scars from your past, treating scarring takes some time and patience! We have just what you need to start your scar treatment protocol.

Catalyst AC-11: Allowing your DNA to repair itself is vital to scar healing and Catalyst AC-11 is just what you need to help your skin diminish the appearance of scars. It's unique combination of Vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals encourages the skin to heal and boost its elastins, which in turn will help cell turnover in order to speed up the scar treatment. This DNA Repair master combines science and result-driven effectiveness for a smoother, scar-free complexion.

Rescue: Using Rescue twice daily can drastically increase the strength of your skin, while helping soothe inflammation and increase epidermal repair. This epidermal repair serum is your go-to for scar treatment whether they be old or new.

Clear Plus+: Our activating mist is the perfect catalyst (pun intended) to penetrate these two healers deep into the skin. Use Clear or Clear Plus+ with both Catalyst AC-11 and Rescue to gain powerful results.

These three products are ideal for a scar busting protocol. Use Catalyst AC-11 with Rescue twice daily, followed by a few spritz's of Clear or Clear Plus+ to keep your skin scar-free. These products are ideal for all scar types and work great as a post procedure treatment. You will also get the benefits of clear, healthy, ageless skin while you treat your scars! Who can beat that?

Learn where to shop for your scar protocol here.

Facial Protocol: Give your Skin a Spring in its Step!

It's finally time to strip away our base layers, put away our big sweaters, and turn off the heat! Spring is always a great time to renew, start fresh, and shed our winter skin. We have put together the perfect at-home spa facial that will not only reveal your spring skin, but give you some much deserved you time.  Put on some soothing tunes, grab a cup of tea... or glass of wine (hooray Rosé season)!

Step 1: Wash that pretty face of yours with Cleanse. Let this gentle cleanser lift impurities from the skin without causing irritation. Pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 2: Mix one pump of StemFactor with a dime size of Repair and apply to your face, neck and chest. Spritz with Clear Plus + and massage into the skin for 30 seconds. Once you have finished your mini massage, allow the product to sit on the skin for 10 minutes. Gently rinse and pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 3: Mix 2 pumps of Renew and a quarter size amount of Hydralift Firming Mask. Apply to face, neck and chest. Spritz with Clear Plus + and let the product sit for 15 minutes. Now would be a good time to jam out to some tunes and take a sip of your beverage. Once your 15 minutes are up, rinse well and pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 4: Apply one pump of Refresh PM to your eyes and lips (use any extra to pat onto your cuticles)!

Step 5: Apply two pumps of Replenish with two pumps of Quench Plus + to your face, neck, and chest. Spritz with Clear Plus+ and pat your skin gently to push and absorb all the goodness.

Step 6: Take another sip of your beverage and take a peak at your glowing, spring ready complexion in the mirror!

There you have it! A simple, hydrating, gentle exfoliating facial to do at home to help shed your winter skin and reveal your spring ready glow! We love gifting ourselves with a little facial love on Sunday nights, not only is it a great time to spend with yourself, it gets you ready for the week ahead! Give it a try and let us know how you glow here!!

Learn where to shop for your spring facial here.

Mothers Day: Gift Guide!

Mothers deserve an Oscar, or a Nobel Peace Prize, or an entire planet named in their honor! We at Osmosis LOVE our mama's to the moon and back (heck, some of us even work with our mothers right here in our corporate office)! I know (breaking the third wall) that my own mother is not only my best friend, but she is my emotional anchor, sounding board, cheerleader, and even let's me know when I am in the wrong. Overall, she's pretty darn perfect if you ask me! That's why we have put together some great gift ideas to bestow upon your mother in honor of Mother's Day.

1. Silhouette prints of your profile! We love custom printables and these are no different. Give your mother the gift of a unique, trendy silhouette. We love Lemonade Design Studio on Etsy.  All you need to do is send a profile image of your pretty lil' face, choose the style your mom would most love and harass your mail carrier until it arrives!

2. Words of Intent: These bracelets are so perfect for the down-to-earth, inspirational mama! Choose a word that you most associate with your mother, pick the bracelet and click order. She will be able to wear the way you see her everyday. That is a gift any mother will appreciate and take to heart.

3. Glam Mama: If your mother is a glam gal, she will love our Red Lip Kit. This kit is perfect for the mother who never leaves home without her lipstick. Equipped with our BRAND NEW Lip Brush, Sangria Lip Pencil, Sassy Lipstick, Lust Lip Glaze and our ever-so-popular Translucent Finishing Powder, this kit is all she needs to feel and stay glamorous!

4. DIY: Do It Yourself projects are becoming quite trendy and make for great thoughtful gifts for mom. Check out Good House Keeping's top 33 DIY projects for the perfect Mother's Day Gifts... How cute are those Tea Cup Candles??

5. Mama's Wellness Bundle: We love a good kit, bundle, or box filled with goodies and our mothers are no different. It's important to let your mother know how important she is to you, AND how important her health and longevity is to you (and her)! Put together a box full of her favorite scents or essential oils, Mini Harmonized Water Kit, a beautiful candle, and a soothing body scrub or bath soak. Maybe even throw in a bottle of her favorite wine or tea. Let her know that her well-being is just as important to you as yours is to her.

It should be pretty obvious by now that we love our mamas! This Mother's Day, gift her with all the love, caring, support and energy she deserves. Show some love for these incredible life-giving ladies!

Learn where to shop for mom here.