Spring Fling: Your Blooming Spring Look!

Ahhhhh spring! We can almost smell the flowers, see the sunshine and feel your warmth. We love taking spring as the perfect opportunity to spruce up our makeup routine. We also LOVE that the color of the year is Greenery. This perky shade makes for the perfect eye look for spring, tune in below to see our Evergreen Trio and Midnight Jade Trio  provide the perfect, bloom-worthy look that will definitely put a spring (see what we did there) in your step!

 Other Products Used:

Black Eye Pencil
Curling Mascara
Brow Gel
Tulip Blush
Show Stopper Lipstick
Bare Lip Gloss

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Makeup: A look at the History of Beauty

Do you ever wonder just how old makeup is? No, not your expiration date, the actual use of and art of makeup? It's literally ancient! In honor of National Women's History Month, we thought it would be fun to teach a little "her-story" lesson in makeup through the ages and honor those who brought this revolutionary tool of women (and men's) confidence to the forefront of our time.

In the ancient Egyption ages, both men and women would protect their skin from the scorching sun by using oils, homemade ointments and the now-known Kohl which was made up from burnt almonds, oxidized copper, different colored coppers ores, lead, ash, and ochre. This is the first known use of 'cosmetics.' Kohl later became not only a representation of looks (it was quite desirable to have almond-shaped eyes) and a protection ritual from evil. From that point forward, oils, plant pigments and fruit pigments became a popular use to signify class, status, and ritual uses around the globe.

Moving forward in time to the Elizabethan Era when lead, arsenic, and egg whites were utilized to maintain a pale complexion, which let others know your status (the paler you were, the less time you spent outside, hence the opulence of being wealthy enough to own a roof!) and the egg whites were applied on top of the skin to give a glossy, tight look. Beets and other red fruits were used to stain the lips and cheeks and lead or ochre to line the eyes. With time, it became apparent that their use of these cosmetics were indeed leading to poison and even death... Death by liner anyone?!? The use of makeup grew rapidly between men and women of stature.

The Victorian age experienced a decline in the use of makeup as it was not deemed a suitable form to present yourself, unless...of course you were a woman of the night. The most that a woman or man would do is apply one drop of lemon juice in their eyes with the belief that they would appear bright and awake (ouch)! This is the era that cheek-pinching became popular as well. In private (of course) women would pinch their cheeks in order to bring blood to the surface for a natural, reddish glow.

It wasn't until the early 1900's that makeup started to resurface as acceptable and boy-oh-boy this is the time that history-makers emerged. Helena Rubenstien, Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor came to the scene around 1914, bringing fresh products (without poison) to the scene. Let's also not forget that 1914 also saw its first mascara ad, the mascara aptly named Mable, after the sister of its inventor which later became known as Maybelline. Helena Rubenstien was really the first female cosmetic entrepreneur showing the importance of skincare and makeup to men and women in Europe and the US. This is where commercial beauty as we know it today was born!

Moving forward through time, the 1920's is a pivotal moment in makeup history as it now was widely available to women of all statures and it was more commonly used to express one's self. Painted nails, smokey eyes, thin brows and dark, vampy lips made their appearance to the beauty stage and luckily (aside from the thin brows) have yet to make their exit! This brief history lesson brings us to today!

We are incredibly fortunate to have skincare and makeup at our disposal, in forms that we can afford and learn to use via YouTube and other technologies. We bet Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstien would be dancing through the streets if they could see just how far their quaint passion all those years ago has grown. Now living in an age where makeup continues to better itself, becoming safer, cleaner and greener (thank goodness we don't use arsenic anymore), we have to say that we are honored to be apart of an industry that cares about your skin, your feelings, and your confidence. Take a look at looks from the past, add a little modern flare (and personal style) to them, and go out and thank the ladies of the past for having the know-how and gumption to put their best face forward!

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Skincare: Repair your Skin's DNA

Our bodies may seem calm and steady on the surface, but did you know that at our cellular level, our DNA works tirelessly around the clock to repair itself? Yes, DNA repair occurs in our bodies roughly 100 TRILLION times a day! Holy smokes that's a lot of work. DNA repair is vital to our bodies' health (skin included) and our overall well-being. You all know that we love providing cutting-edge, healthy, clean, and holistic skincare that works at a cellular level, and we must say that we love to toot our own horn when it comes to DNA repair... toot, toot!

DNA repair needs to happen on the inside and out in order for our health and our skin's health to remain in-tact and happy. We boast a patented, technology that boosts DNA repair on both the inside and outside of our bodies. We have two wonderful topical serums to choose from as well as one of our top 5 wellness products that aid in repair on the inside, let's take a closer look:

Catalyst Plus+ - This DNA repair serum is perfect for sensitive skin or those just starting out on their results-driven skincare journey. This patented formula hosts a lot of incredible technology! Catalyst Plus+ is full of Vitamin C, amino acids and minerals that target our skin's cell turnover and creates a harmonious effect on calming and age-reversal. Ideal for even the most sensitive of skin, Catalyst Plus+ will help soothe wounds, boost sun protection, and reduce the sings of fine lines, skin tags, broken capillaries, and hyperpigmentation...that is a lot of action from one little serum!

Catalyst AC-11 - The Big-Kahuna of DNA repair and age reversal, Catalyst AC-11 has proven itself as a skin health all star! AC-11, our patented technology which activates your natural zinc finger remodeling process, which is vital to DNA repair, aids in repairing all of your skin-sins. From sun damage to aging, scars to pigmentation, Catalyst AC-11 has been clinically proven to increase skin's elasticity and firmness and decrease signs of aging and sun damage. Catalyst AC-11 is ideal for all normal to mature skin types. If there is one item you need in your skincare regimen, this is it. It's your do-all, heal-all DNA repairing machine!

Elevate - This internal supplement contains our AC-11 ingredient which aids in DNA repair on the inside. When our DNA repairs itself, our immune system get a healthy boost, our internal symptoms of sun and free-radical damage reduce drastically helping our organs work better. It is vital that we treat our immune system just as good as we treat our skin. Our immunity protects us from disease, cancers, pathogens and, well, all of the bad things out there that can alter our health. Elevate is a key supplement to take in order to keep your DNA damage at a minimum AND keep it working 100 TRILLION times a day.

The science behind DNA repair is still relatively new, and we couldn't be more excited to be o the forefront of its development. AC-11 has been shown in human, animal, and in-vitro studies to increase DNA repair by up to 40%. FORTY PERCENT! That is an incredible result. AC-11 is a pure form of wizardry, the process in which we obtain it is quite fascinating. Imagine you are making a cake and you need to sieve your dry ingredients together in order to remove any bulky or larger lumps of salt, sugar, and flour so you get the smoothest cake possible (mmmmm cake). AC-11 goes through a similar process, removing any heavy materials (like tannins and alkaloids) which in turn, allows for a shockingly pure form of awesome that absorbs easier for the ultimate therapeutic benefit to your body and skin.

Adding one of our DNA Repair Serums and Elevate to your daily wellness routine is bound to shock and amaze you with its jaw-dropping results. Want to learn more about our technology? Check out our studies and patents to lean all about our unique approach to skincare and health.

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Detox: Swimsuit Countdown is On!

It's that time of year where we start to come out of our winter hibernation and realize that maybe it's time to get our ticker in shape and tone up or bods just a bit, right in time for swimsuit season. We know, just as well as you do, that getting into shape can be a daunting task, but did you know that it actually doesn't have to be? Getting healthy can be easy if you take it a day at a time and gift yourself with a positive outlook and a pinch of patience. Here are our favorite tips to tone up, get healthy, and wow yourself (and others) at the beach this summer.

1. Adopt the Prince, Popper, Peasant technique. Consuming the bulk of your calories before 3pm is an easy way to streamline your caloric intake and let your body do its job in a timely and comfortable manner. We love to eat our largest meal at breakfast, lunch is a medium meal and dinner is small. Hence eating like a Prince in the morning, a Popper in the afternoon, and a Peasant in the evening. Start your day with a big ol' heaping bowl of oats with fruit and peanut butter or eggs with a green smoothie and a flax waffle. Lunch can be chicken or tofu with brown rice and steamed veggies while dinner can be a small salad with a cup of bone broth soup. Giving your body ample time to digest at night is vital to weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

2. Supplement: Utilize holistic supplements that kick start your metabolism, sharpen your brain, and keep your spirit up! We have seen some amazing results from the coupled use of Melt and Elevate. Melt provides you with natural stimulants and natural fat-burning properties to facilitate the detoxing of your fat cells. Detoxing those cells allows your fat cells to shrink and become easier to burn. Your metabolism also gets an opportunity to speed up and do its thing when toxins are not as prevalent in the body. Elevate, as you may already know, keeps your energy up, kicks your metabolism into high gear and helps keep you mentally sharp, which is important when you are focusing on boosting your health.

3. Remove disruptions from your body for a better work out, stronger immune system and healthy tomorrow. Drink a dose of Disruptor water to start your spring and summer detox off right. Removing pathogens and viruses will help you keep your body in shape and allow you to plow through workouts and meal prepping with flying colors!

4. Meal Prep and Work out Prep: Come Sunday, plan out your meals for the week, cut those veggies, cook that chicken and organic tofu and make a big batch of brown rice so you wont find yourself starving, with nothing to grab. Lay out your workout clothes and pick the best time for you to gift yourself with 30 minutes to go for a run, walk or jog. Clear your head and focus on your body while you do your cardio. Use this time to connect to yourself, and love that you are capable of anything.

5. Shots, shots, shots! Take a shot of wheat-grass or ginger (at your nearest juice shop) to boost your health and treat yourself to some liquid goodness. Your body will thank you, and so will your skin.

6. Be kind to yourself! Take a read of our Self-Love tips, and remember that toning up, and getting in shape is about YOU, and no-one else. Health is an investment and a gift that you can give yourself. We want you to look in the mirror every morning during your detox and tell yourself that you "love you!" 

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Top 10: Makeup Products

There is nothing better than the spring season, it's so close we can taste it! One thing we love about spring is the opportunity to update our makeup look and we have the perfect guide for you to do that! Our top 10 makeup products are in and they are perfect for your upcoming seasonal update, let's take a peak at your fave top 10's and get your style on trend!

1. Age Defying Treatment Concealer: This creamy, highly pigmented concealer does so much more than just cover. It's dual-use everything balm end supplies your eyes, lips, and even your cuticles with the perfect hydrating, dose of argan, and apricot oil to soften fine lines, plump skin, and prep the sensitive under eye area for the perfect makeup application. The balm also makes for a perfect guard for fall out when you are applying a smokey eye!

2. CC Cream: Our unique, true-tone technology formula adjusts to your skin to make for the perfect match, every time. Providing you with sheer coverage, light lifting technology (hello ageless beauty!), and extra sun protection, this hydrating cover cream is perfect alone or used as a primer to your fuller coverage foundations.

3. Melt Away Gelee: We can't get enough of our makeup remover. Melt Away makes for the perfect long-wear makeup remover that leaves the skin supple, soft, and hydrated. We love using this as an all over pre-cleanse to remove makeup and surface impurities before we cleanse with Purify. The avocado and jojoba oils leave your skin feeling pampered and never parched!

4. Pressed Base: It is no surprise that our beloved pressed base has ranking in the top 5 of the top 10! Our pressed base provides you with buildable coverage, protection, and a silky, lived-in-skin finish. We love using our Base Brush for the perfect medium - full coverage look. The best part of our Pressed Base is that it leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy even after you take it off, thanks to it's Goji Berry, Honeysuckle, and Green Tea Extracts.

5. Lip Gloss: Mmmmmmm lip gloss! If there is one item every beauty maven needs in her kit, it's lip gloss. Our richly pigmented glosses, not only provide your lips with on-trend color, but also deep hydrating properties, that keep your lips lush and kissable all day long. With 6 shades to choose from, you have fun, confidence-building colors that can carry you through every day of the week.

6. Mineral Hydration: Mineral makeup loves hydration! Our Mineral Hydration is your perfect pick-me-up, makeup setting, skin-hydrating refresher that you can use throughout the day. Equipped with green tea and vitamin B-5, this mist is all you need to keep your look fresh and your skin happy.

7. Bronzer: Look like you've been on a permanent vacation... all the time. Our bronzer adds the perfect touch of sun-kissed warmth to your face and body. We love using this to warm up our cheeks, shoulder,s and collar bones for the perfect just-got-back-from-the-beach look.

8. Curling Mascara: Keep your lashes on the up and up without the damage of a curler. Our Curling Mascara is perfect to lift and plump dull lashes. You will look and feel awake and ready to take on the world with just one swipe!

9. Brow Gel: Bulk up and shape brows in just a few quick swipes of our Brow Gel. This thick, long-wear gel adds dimension, definition, and volume to your brows so they will always be on fleek. Choose from 4 shades to perfectly match your color!

10. Eye Shadow Trios: Why choose one shadow color when you can have three? Our trios were expertly crafted to provide you with multiple looks, all wrapped up in a neat little package. With rich pigments and satiny-soft finishes these shadows provide you with endless fun. From natural to dramatic, we have you covered from brow bone to lash line.

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Skincare: Multi-Masking to Target your Skincare Needs!

Ever wonder how celebrities get their glowing, even skin? Multi-Masking is a lasting trend with incredible benefits. Gone are the days of only using one mask to treat a single skin concern, now you can double or triple up on masks to treat different areas and different skincare needs, all in one swoop! We love that all of our masks provide gentle, yet effective results without disrupting the skin's natural healing process. Let's dive deeper to find out which masks are right for you!

Hydralift Firming Gel Mask: This hydration-boosting, skin-plumping mask is perfect for those wanting to treat dry, dull skin and for those looking for a little something extra in their age-reversal routine. Hydralift is packed with soothing, hydrating ingredients like aloe and cucumber which aid in immediate hydration and smoothing of the skin. Aloe also helps speed up cell renewal. This mask is great to place on the outside portion of your face and your lip and jaw area.

Polish: One of our favorite mask treatments, Polish is packed with cranberry enzymes to gently eat away at dead skin, without removing the vital lipid barrier. With 1% CoQ10 and Lactic Acid, this mask is the perfect alternative to an invasive peel. Polish also helps with smoothing out fine lines and brightening hyperpigmentation. Use this power player on your forehead and cheeks for a glowing, even skin tone.

Repair: Gently help the skin heal with our soothing, non-irritating Repair Mask. Boasting high amounts of Niacinamide and Cocoa extract, this mask helps kick-start the healing process and is great to use as a spot treatment on acne (great for those pickers out there... you know who you are), or any post procedure areas. Repair is also great to slather on after sun exposure to minimize burns. Use Repair in your multi-mask routine to spot treat any areas in desperate need of healing.

Pore Minimizing Clay Mask: Whoa baby, this mask hits the pore-cleaning mother-load! Kaolin, Bentonite clay, and Charcoal take this mask and your skin to another level of clear! The powerful combination of these mineral-rich, earthy clay's gently remove deep impurities from the pore. When using this mask in conjunction with Rescue, your pores will literally shrink! Who else can give you that result?!? We love using this on our t-zone and chin in our multi-masking routine.

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Osmosis ABC's: Lonicera Caprifolium

Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! This month we are exploring an ingredient in the 'L' family, Lonicera Caprifolium... AKA Honeysuckle Extract! Honeysuckle isn't just a sweet-smelling, beautiful flower, it is also has medicinal properties that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Let's take a look at why Honeysuckle is one of our favorite ingredients to use in our skincare and makeup.

Vitamin A Serums:  Kick butt with Vitamin A AND Honeysuckle with Calm, Clarify and Correct. Each Vitamin A serum has different levels of intensity to fit all skin types. Honeysuckle will help balance the skin while the Vitamin A does it's work!

Enlighten: Brighten the skin and soothe it with our top lightening product.

Replenish: Treat your skin with a veil of antioxidants and, you guessed it, our all-star Honeysuckle. 

DNA Repair: Both Catalyst Plus+ and Catalyst AC-11 products contain this magical ingredient. Not only can you get permanent results to your ageless skincare routine, you can keep your skin clean and healthy.

At the Spa: Check out an Osmosis Spa near you to take advantage of our wonder ingredient featured in our Facial Infusion and Soothing Gel Herbal Mask. Go here to find out where to find a specialist.

Check out these color products that won't only highten your beauty routine, buy they will treat you skin all day! Talk about multi-tasking makeup:

Pressed Base, Finishing Powder, Watercolor Eye Shadows, all Eye Shadow Duos and Trios, Loose Base, Blush, Contour Duo and Lipgloss. 

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