Makeup: 5 Minutes to a Perfect Pantone Look

Waiting for Pantone to announce their color of the year is a favorite pastime of ours. It's always so inspiring to see all the different colors that we draw energy from and Pantone makes trend-worthy picks every year. Another favorite pastime of ours is getting out of the house on time (we know it's not always an easy task)! We wanted to show you a quick makeup routine that will not only have you on trend, but will have you ready in 5 minutes! YES, 5 minutes to swoon-worthy glam every day! Here we go:

Products used: 
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Top 10: Skincare Products!

We obviously love all of our products with our whole hearts! But there are a few all-stars that really stand out that we should all utilize in our daily routines. We wanted to shine some light on our top-ten Skincare products so you don't miss out on these oh-so-good power-houses! Keep reading to check out our top-ten highlights to start your year off with a big ol' bang!

Catalyst AC-11 - This anti-aging, DNA repairing wizard is quite the unique, results-driven serum. What does it do you may wonder? This patented formula activates your natural Zinc Finger which is a very important part of DNA repair. Catalyst AC-11 helps increase DNA repair by 33% AND aids in elastin and collagen production. You will see results in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin tags, broken capillaries, and more! Whoa, that's a lot of benefits in one little bottle.


StemFactor - With over 150 skin growth factors, this serum is your go-to damage reversal serum. StemFactor treats new and old damage, aging, and overall appearance and texture of the skin. The best part about this product is that it does all of the mentioned wonderful things without irritating the skin. This gentle giant is a genie in a bottle. 

Correct - Protect your skin from new damage, reverse signs of environmental damage, and rejuvenate the skin. This Vitamin A serum does exactly what it is named for, corrects skin concerns. Vitamin A is a vital step in your skincare routine and Correct should have a permanent place in your bathroom. Get ready to say goodbye to acne, fine lines, and pigmentation!

Polish - This cranberry enzyme mask is your weekly treat. Polish is our most popular mask that provides gentle exfoliation without the downtime. Enzymes gently remove dead skin from the surface without damaging the deeper levels of skin. Use Polish once a week to reveal glowing, youthful skin. 

Quench - Your dry skin's savior! Quench delivers intense moisture that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin moisturized without a greasy finish. Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin while peptides aid in rejuvenation of skin cells. This is a can't-miss moisturizer you won't be sorry you tried.

Clear Plus + - Firm, hydrate, and soothe skin with this lightly citrus scented mist. Clear Plus+ aids in serum activation and adds an extra hydration boost. Use Clear Plus+ after your serum application to activate all the goodness on your skin. 

Purify - Cleanse your skin like a pro. Purify is our gentle, effective enzyme cleanser. Orange and Pink Grapefruit essential oils leave your skin clean and invigorate the senses. This SLS-Free cleanser is right out of nature, and ready to give you naturally clean, nourished skin. 

Replenish - Your antioxidant power lifter! Replenish is beneficial for all skin types and can be used twice daily to boost your skin's immunity to free-radical damage. Replenish and Protect make a great couple in protecting your skin from sun and environmental damage. 

- The humble miracle worker. Rescue may look small, but it's stature is quite mighty! This patented serum holds the power of Trioxolane, a revolutionary ingredient found in ancient Oriental medicine. Rescue improves the overall health of your skin aiding in healing acne, inflammation, scars, and larger skin discomforts like eczema and psoriasis. Rescue helps neutralize daily toxins that find their way into our skin making this the ultimate must-have with incredible results. 

- What is a skincare routine without protection from the sun? Protect SPF 30 is a gentle, mineral based sun shield that nourishes your skin while keeping the sun's harmful rays away from your precious skin. This winner is chemical and fragrance-free. Protect is great for all Fitzpatrick's, ages, and skin types with it's sheer finish and lovely natural scent, this SPF will become your skincare BFF. 

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Vitamin A: Features, Benefits, and Why You Need it!

You've heard it one thousand times by now, Vitamin A is the yin to your yang, the chocolate to your peanut butter, the milk to your cookie, the pea to your pod, the wand to your wizard...Vitamin A really is a must-have in your daily skincare regimen. Seriously. We have done a little tweaking to our Vitamin A formulas to better provide your skin with incredible results and keep the largest organ of your body happy, healthy, and youthful but, do you know why our Vitamin A Serums are the absolute bee's knees? Retinaldehyde-liposome (say that 5 times fast)! Let's take a closer look at this patented Vitamin A delivery system.

In the body, we convert Beta Carotene into Retinol, Retinol into Retinaldehyde, and Retinaldehyde into Retinoic Acid, a very detailed process! All of these Vitamin A derivatives serve an important job to the skin but the strongest, most active form is Retinoic Acid. Retinoic Acid is the only ingredient that requires a prescription even though Retinaldehyde has a similar activity level. Both Retinaldehyde and Retinoic acid are 500 times more active than their Vitamin A counterparts! This means we can use smaller amounts in our formulas, but still see BIG results without irritating the skin!

The advantage of using Retinaldehyde, or Retinoic Acid, is that smaller amounts (with much higher activity levels) can be used very effectively when incorporated into a liposome. By doing this, we enhance its penetration (an important factor in the use of Retinols because of their size) and help prevent its oxidation which also occurs with all Retinols. What does this mean for your skin?

This means, your skin's absorption rate is increased by a clinically proven 600%! What?!? 600%... you heard right! Now with our adjusted levels of Vitamin A, coupled with our powerful liposome delivery, your skin will be the belle of any ball (or just the belle of your living room... bathroom... or bedroom, you choose)! Here is a break down of our new Vitamin A's:

Calm: Calm is our level 2 serum, now with a lower percentage of Retinaldehyde to better suit the ultra sensitive. You can still get the wonderful cell turnover benefits of Vitamin A without any irritation!

Correct: Now with a larger percentage of Retinaldehyde, Correct will do exactly what it is named to do, correct aging, uneven skin tone, and reverse environmental damage.

Clarify: Kick acne's butt with this clearing, anti-aging, healing serum. The perfect balance of Vitamin A to scare acne right off your face all while keeping your youthful, healthy glow.

Renew: The "Thor" of our Vitamin A line up. Renew now has extra Retinaldehyde strength for the ultimate anti-aging, skin reviving treatment. Renew is ideal for those who have treatment resilient skin, with the liposome delivery, Renew is capable of penetrating even the most stubborn of skin.

Vitamin A is the one item that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON needs in their skincare arsenal. This is the one ingredient that treats a wide range of skin concerns and keeps your skin in tip-top shape.  With out unique formulations, your results will surpass your expectations!

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Osmosis ABC's: Kaolin Clay

It's that time again! Osmosis ABC's is back, hitting you with the letter K! This month we wanted to explore a skin detoxing favorite, Kaolin Clay. This white, earthy mineral has been used in cosmetics for an incredibly long time, while many cultures have been using the benefits of this clay for centuries! Let's take a peek at why this is a must-have ingredient for your routine!

Now that we know the details of this fantastic ingredient, let's take a look at which Osmosis products contain its power!

CC Cream: This makes for the perfect, oil controlling primer! Use our CC Cream with its smart shade technology under your pressed or loose base for the perfect finish!

Pore Minimizing Purifying Mask: This baby is the perfect weekly detox mask. Great for acne, and oily skin-types, this mask will smooth pores, aid in healing blemishes and help stop new breakouts! Use this mask once a week and enjoy the beautiful benefits!

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Eczema and Psoriasis: Your Protocol!

Waking up to a dry, itchy and sometimes painful, scaly rash is not a great way to start the morning... right?!? But for some of us out there, Eczema and Psoriasis strike when we least expect it, and tend to put quite the damper on our daily lives. We take great care to research and find permanent results to squash things like pesky eczema and psoriasis, and boy do we have a lineup for you and your skin! Let's first take a look at these two common, but treatable, skin conditions.

Eczema: While this condition is more common in babies and infants, a whopping 3% of adults worldwide suffer from its symptoms. Dry, itchy skin found on the face, back of the knees, wrists, hands, and feet pop up when allergies, internal disruptions, and stress are high. As the condition worsens, the rash can become thick, scaly and oh-so uncomfortable.

Psoriasis: Characterized by skin cells that multiply 10-times faster than normal, psoriasis causes a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. These plaques, normally covered in white scales are discomforting to say the least. Itching, bleeding, and major inflammation occur during a breakout which you normally don't get a warning for. Psoriasis is found primarily on the scalp, elbows, knees, torso and palms and has been linked to internal inflammation and disruption.  It's safe to say that Kim Kardashian's public battle with this condition hits the nail on the head when it comes to how dramatic the pain can be.

Lucky for you, dear readers, we have the perfect protocol to kick these two skin conditions right in the bum!

Skin Perfection: Yes! Our deeply loved, wonderfully effective Skin Perfection Harmonized Water helps soothe inflammation in the gut and our other organs, treating the root of the problem. Check out our clinical study to see how others have benefited from the results of this magic bullet.

Restore: Another internal supplement to treat these conditions, Restore strengthens your immune system with our patented oxygen molecule, that has proven remarkable benefits throughout the body. The body utilizes this oxygen to fight off viruses and other infections to repair oxidative damage which helps soothe inflammation both internally and on the skin.

Rescue: The topical version of Restore, Rescue helps neutralize toxins, activates epidermal wound repair, and calms inflammation. This revolutionary serum is the perfect daily treatment for Eczema and Psoriasis before, during, and after a break out.

With these three products combined, you have a champion protocol to eradicate your symptoms. Find out where to shop here, and tell us about your results here!

Stay Warm Cider: A Holistic Treat!

The weather outside is officially cold, and we just want something warm, healthy, and down-right tasty! When a sweet craving hits,  we make our wellness cider! Homemade cider is a perfect pick for curbing your sweet tooth and will keep your health in peak shape. Here is our go-to, healthy cider recipe.

Apples - Full of fiber and antioxidants, this sweet fruit is a perfect co-pilot to your daily fruit intake needs. Apples also help lower your cholesterol and are a heart healthy fruit.

Cloves - These spicy little treats pack a powerful punch. Packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese, cloves provide the body with the tools it needs to detox daily pollutants plus they perk up the immune system! 

Cinnamon - This metabolism boosting spice not only adds great flavor to this cider, but it also has anti-microbial properties and helps control blood sugar.

Cardamom - This naturally detoxifying herb helps jump-start your digestive system. This is the perfect, sweet and spicy herb to use in the morning to wake up your body.

Tarragon - This wonderful herb is a powerhouse. It's light licorice taste will not only add a subtle something special to this recipe, it will also help your body fight free radicals with it's high antioxidant properties. This herb also helps soothe mouth pain, anxiety, and supports cardiovascular health. Rich in vitamin A, C and B-6, your body will be thanking you for adding this to your daily intake.

Ginger - This stomach soother adds a spicy freshness to any beverage or meal. This root provides the body with cancer fighting properties, soothes inflammation, and helps boost your immune system.

Lemon and Orange - High in Vitamin C, these citrus fruits give your body the power it needs to fight free radicals.

4 cups freshly made apple juice (for a tart taste use granny smith, for a sweeter taste use gala). Keep the pulp from the juicer for the cider.
5 whole cloves
4 cinnamon sticks
4 whole cardamom pods
2 sprigs of tarragon
1-inch piece of fresh ginger
½ teaspoon fresh lemon zest
½ orange, thinly sliced

Juice apples setting juice and pulp in a medium sauce pan. On medium-low heat warm juice, adding the cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, tarragon, ginger, and lemon zest.

Cover and let warm for 20 minutes. Add orange slices near the end. Strain and serve immediately. Sip and enjoy!

New Year Flush: Your Detox Jump Start!

We've nogged, binged, celebrated, and eaten way more sugar and junk than we probably wanted to for the holiday season (totally worth it), so now that we have renewed energy and a new year to look forward to, we want to give our bodies a little nudge in a healthy direction and let our organs and spirit recuperate from the holidays. Jump starting your New Year Detox is easy and you'll love the results.

1. Say bye bye to sugar! Start taking your Sugar Detox Harmonized Water to help your pancreas re-balance and your liver get to removing excess sugar from your body.

2. Melt toxins AND fat! Our newest trendsetter to our wellness line, Melt will not only help slim you down, but it helps release toxins that store in your fat cells. Using Melt with these mentioned supplements will do way more than just shrink your waste line!

3. Elevate your life. If you haven't heard, taking our star-supplement Elevate does more for your body, wellness, and metabolism than you could possibly imagine! Learn all about this miracle worker here.

4. Complete your Digestion! Ahhhhh, how did we live without Complete? This digestive enzyme matches our own pancreatic enzymes which effectively breaks down food easing digestion, improving mood, and increasing nutrition for a healthier you. Think of Complete as your detox referee!

Use these supplements daily in conjunction with our favorite detox. Take this detox easy, treat yourself kindly, and be ready to feel empowered and ready to take on 2017 without toxins weighing you down!

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