Hygge Season

Winter is swiftly approaching, and as the weather cools off, Netflix and In-Bed-By-Nine sounds a lot more appealing than a night out. Transform your night in with the widely trending Danish practice, hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"), which is a word used to describe a feeling of warmth and ultimate comfort and coziness, recognizing the moment as special and charming to promote contentment and well-being. Sign us up! We're taking a clue from some of the happiest people in the world, and listing 5 ways to snuggle up and implement this cozy, cure-all method to your winter routine.

1. Snuggle Up.

Getting snug is the essence of hygge and all that it represents. Surround yourself and your space with blankets, throw on your comfy clothes, and nestle into your favorite "spot" (everyone has one). We're loving this chunky DIY blanket trend as a calming craft activity!

2. Warm Beverage.

Soothe your insides by sipping something warm! Break out your favorite cashew milk latte or matcha tea and feel the serenity of the moment. Get creative with your drink of choice by getting some serious inspo with these Hygge-Perfect Hot Drinks!

3. A Good Book or TV Show.

There is just nothing quite like snuggling up with a good book on a cold day. This idea is hygge practice in full force! This could also be achieved with your favorite TV show! Anything that helps you escape reality and fully immerse yourself in your fantasy world for the moment.

4. Add Warmth.

Cozy most always means warm. If you have a fireplace, have it going in your space to add to your own little ambiance and provide additional warmth! Don't have a fireplace? Candles will do the trick too! Multiple candles are best, and it's a bonus if you have the kind that crackle. The soothing sound of a fire in any form within your means creates a hygge dream space.

5. Your Favorite Slow Jams.

Since hygge is all about whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and relaxed, turning on your favorite soft songs is a great way to put your mind at ease and enjoy the tunes! Music is scientifically proven to stimulate emotion; so, soothing songs with positive vibes help to enhance your hygge-night-in experience!

Shop a holistic hygge addition here to enhance your relaxation!

Taking Mindful Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, reminders to be thankful surround us. It's easy to say "thank you" this time every year! But all too often, once Thanksgiving is over, we plunge into the hustle and bustle of the holidays and our mindset switches abruptly to shopping, eating, presents, while losing sight of our gratitude becomes easier and easier.

Expressing gratitude is such a vital component contributing to our overall well-being, and should be included in our everyday actions and habits to boost joy, mental clarity, fulfillment, and even improve relationships and physical health! We want to share a few tips to integrating gratitude into your daily life all year long.


This is one of our favorite ways to connect and experience mindfulness through our gratitude practice, as the mind is so powerful. Sit in a quiet place for one minute or ten minutes, it's completely up to you, and think of who and what you are thankful for in that moment. Try not to strain or pressure yourself, but sit quietly and listen to your own heart. Let your thoughts flow freely.


For some, it might be more impactful to speak their graciousness aloud. This is great to do first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Set your intention for the day by saying good morning to the world and vocally expressing that which you are thankful for this day. In doing this before your feet even hit the floor, you will set the tone for the day in powerful positivity.
Bonus Tip: Try this to help redirect your negative thoughts to positive energies!


Journaling your thoughts is an incredible way to get started on your gratitude journey. We recommend starting small and jotting down one thing you are thankful for that day. Whether it be on your laptop or piece of paper, in the morning or at night before bed, this will ignite a healthy habit for your mind. Then grow from here! When you are comfortable, maybe begin to write more than one thing, or expand on the thoughts - why is this meaningful and important to your life? What actions can you take to reciprocate the love?

Be Present.

This applies to any and every situation life hands you. Being fully present in every moment connects you and grows you to give you the awareness to be grateful in that moment. You are alive, you are enough, and you are powerful!

There is no right or wrong way to practice gratitude and it has the same power when practiced silently in your heart or out loud. Choose a way method that works for you, or switch it up day-to-day! Then notice your enhanced connection with the world around you!

Have a favorite way to express gratitude? We'd love to hear! Post your unique strategies in the comments below!

Men's Beard Facial Protocol

Happy Movember! Tame the man mane as he grows out that beard and stache with a luxurious, beard-conditioning treatment facial.

Always be sure to assess the skin using the Osmosis Face Mapping technique before performing the facial to identify any presenting conditions. The protocol may be customized depending on varying conditions and skin type.

Step 1. Cleanse skin with Deep Clean to rid the skin of excess dirt and oil. Lather the product in your hands and apply to skin, then remove gently with a warm towel or sponges.

Step 2. Give the skin a second cleanse with Purify to prepare the skin for gentle exfoliation. Gently lay a hot towel, being careful not to press into the skin, and remove when it becomes lukewarm in temperature, removing any remaining product with it. The hot towels warm the skin and help loosen debris in the pores.

Step 3. Gently exfoliate with a mixture of 1/2 pump of Polish, our enzyme firming mask, and 1/2 pump of Repair to improve immunity and rebuild the barrier. Massage into the skin for 2 to 3 minutes, until no more slip. Then, gently place a hot towel on the skin, removing it when it becomes lukewarm in temperature. Massage another minute, and remove any remaining product if necessary.

*Extractions may be done in this step. Spray Clear to entire face to provide healing and antibacterial benefits.

Step 4. In your hand, mix a dime to nickel size of Orange Zest Mask with 2 pumps of Resuce, giving the skin a boost of vitamin C and toxin-neutralizing epidermal repair qualities. Apply and massage until there's no more slip. Then, gently lay a hot towel, being careful to not push into the skin. The hot towel will increase circulation and facilitate absorption. Remove towel and any remaining product when it becomes lukewarm in temperature.

Step 5. Spray the face with Clear, containing anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial frequencies to soothe and activate repair.

Step 6. Cocktail 1 pump of Replenish with 1 pump of Catalyst AC-11 as a preventative measure against free-radicals as well as encouragement for the skin to increase collagen and elastin production.

Step 7. Apply 1 pump of Clear (or Clear Plus+) to assist the delivery of your serums, and massage until no more slip.
Step 8. Apply 1 pump of Immerse to the face and beard. This rich, emu oil based moisturizer, will hydrate and condition the beard with raspberry oil, vitamin E, and calendula. Thoroughly massage into the skin and beard for a glowing complexion.

Step 9. Top off the facial with Protect. This every day wear, ultra-sheer spf 30 sunscreen will keep skin healthy and protected from UVA/UVB damage.

Help male clients support a healthy, smooth beard this month as they participate in No-Shave November!

*We ask that you don’t shave 24 hours before your treatment.*

How To Conquer Oily Skin For Good

We all experience a breakout every once in a while that always seemingly comes at the worst possible time (date night, picture day, you get it...). But, if you consider your skin to be oily or blemish-prone, and struggle with these pesky breakouts frequently, you may need to take a look internally to find out what's causing this purging from your skin! Here at Osmosis, we know that our skin is speaking directly to us, telling us exactly what's going on inside our bodies. And when we try to combat oily skin and blemishes with harsh alcohols and astringents, we are only making matters worse. Let's learn how to work with our skin and body, instead of fighting against it, to promote total wellness from the inside out, encouraging flawless, radiant skin.

What causes excess oil?

Oily skin could be the result of a testosterone imbalance (yes, women, this can happen to you too!) and frequent breakouts are our bodies' way of removing internal toxins from poor diet, candida overgrowth in the gut, hormones, stress, etc., better out than in, right?

Unfortunately, the natural response from most people is to counteract the oil and breakouts with harsh alcohols, stripping the skin and lipid barrier from any oil whatsoever. This actually harms your skin more! When these intensely drying products are used on the skin continuously, it is actually stripping the skin of its healthy fats, causing it to be dehydrated. Dehydrated skin reacts by producing...you guessed it, more oil! It can turn into a vicious cycle if you aren't careful. Osmosis believes in bringing the skin and body into harmony with one another, and harsh irritants will not achieve the balance necessary for thriving health inside and out.

Luckily, we have just the protocol you need to holistically combat oily, blemish-prone skin by combining internal solutions with advanced skincare to help reinforce and encourage the skin to heal itself and reduce oil and breakouts for good!

Holistic Healing.

This Harmonized Water targets internal causes of blemishes and breakouts to help balance skin inflammation we see during breakouts by harmonizing internal digestion through specialized frequencies.

Offer the skin a deep, thorough cleanser to help lift and remove deep impurities while remaining gentle on the skin, without stripping it of its essential fats and oils.

This powerful Vitamin A Serum clears blemishes and normalizes oil production while calming inflammation and increasing immunity of the skin for ultimate healing. Its liposomal delivery systems promote deep penetration and absorption for true skin transformation.

This potent epidermal repair serum contains a revolutionary, patented ingredient that works to restore the epidermal barrier to its healthiest state so that the skin does not have the need to over-produce oil. It offers toxin-neutralizing and inflammation-soothing components while activating the skin's natural wound-repairing capabilities for permanent healing!

Top off your routine with an Activating Mist to assist in the delivery of the products deep into the dermal layer of the skin for optimal results. It also contains antibacterial frequencies to neutralize the toxins coming through the skin promoting clear, smooth skin.

Shop the full protocol here and experience permanent skin transformation!

Let it Grow: Movember Tips for Your Best Beard

Men everywhere, it's time to put those razors down for the month! No-shave November, or Movember, has a much more significant meaning than just growing out that beard or mustache for kicks and giggles. Participating in this widely popular tradition by growing out facial hair is helping to bring awareness to men's health! According to the No-Shave November Foundation, the idea is for men to take the money they're saving from the barber or store-bought razors and donating it to men's health research and to help aid those battling. So, cancel your trips to the barber, we want to see that stache! And as it grows in, might as well make it look great too! We have just the tools you need to help you channel your inner DiCaprio and bring in a dapper beard that will stay in tip-top shape all month long.

Groom & Wash.

If you're new to the facial hair world, you may not know that it needs some love too. To let your beard grow without grooming could result in course, unruly hair. be sure to keep it clean by lathering with a natural cleanser, like Deep Clean (or Purify for a little extra exfoliating power), in the shower and give it a good scrub to rid it of excess oil and keep it free of dirt and debris from the day.

Gently Exfoliate.

This step is especially important when the facial hair is first coming in. Often times, stubble can lead to ingrown hairs that leave the skin itchy and irritated. Polish is a gentle, cranberry enzyme mask that rids the surrounding follicles of dead skin, promoting a healthy, smooth, itch-free feel and appearance!

Immerse with Conditioner.

The final step to keeping your beard or mustache soft and touchable (key for Movember, right?) is to treat it with a conditioning oil. This will help tame the mane keeping it hydrated and smooth. Immerse is a rich, oil-based moisturizer that will both hydrate and condition while providing a splash of vitamins and antioxidants.

Embrace your manliness this November, go forth with gusto and bring on that beard like a boss! Knowing that you're doing it for a great cause can be your driving force, then back it up with the supplies needed to tame the man mane.

Find a Skincare Professional near you to receive the full protocol of the ultimate beard-grooming experience.

The Perfect Eye Shadows for Your Eye Color

It is so common to gravitate toward golds, browns, and neutrals when it comes to eye shadow. These trusty-dusty shades are safe and reliable for anyone's makeup routine, right? So very wrong. What most of us don't realize, is that the shadow shades you use should complement your unique skin tone and eye color. Depending on your complexion, neutral shadows could be the complete wrong look for you! Don't be intimidated by colors. This includes liner! Black liner is classic and timeless, but accentuating your eye look with a different shade of eyeliner such as navy or plum is a fun way to bring out the sparkle in your eyes. The more you play around and experiment with different looks, shades, and hues, the more confident you'll become with your makeup, finding the perfect Shadows resulting in a more powerful and flawless shade of YOU!
Check out the chart below to discover which shades complement your eye color! Then shop your unique look here.

Osmosis ABC's: Vitamins

We're getting back to basics this month with our Osmosis ABC's and talking about vitamins A, B, C, and E, essentials in any skincare routine. We are in an exciting era of vitamin accessibility, especially when it comes to your skin. Let's explore the top vitamins for your skin, each of their different benefits, and which Osmosis products contain their power.


Vitamin A can come in multiple different forms and is the ultimate tool for age reversal. Here at Osmosis, we believe the most effective yet gentle form of Vitamin A is Retinaldehyde, which is the superstar of many of our top-selling serums. Read more on Retinaldehyde here!

Which products can deliver?:
All Vitamin A Serums
Facial Infusion


The most commonly used form of a vitamin B in skincare is actually vitamin B3, or niacinamide. It is effective in all aspects of the skin restoration process by increasing nutrients in the skin. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for ultimate skin renewal.

Osmosis boasts B in:
Niacinamide Powder Active & Powder Blend
Facial Infusion
Refresh & Refresh PM
All Vitamin A Serums


Vitamin C is an immunity booster no matter where on (or in) your body you put it! When applied topically, it helps protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals that cause wrinkles and lines. It also improves collagen production and can help decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation!

Get a dose with:
Vitamin C Powder Blend
Catalyst AC-11
Catalyst Plus+


Vitamin E is famous for its antioxidants for the body and skin! It is found naturally in our skin but can deplete over time as a result of overexposure to the sun. Tocopherol is the form of vitamin E used in various Osmosis products, many of which are in the Colour Line! Meaning your makeup works to nourish the skin, instead of clogging pores or intoxicating it.

Find it in:
Pressed Base
Eye Shadow Trios & Eye Shadow Duos
Age-Defying Treatment Concealer

Experience the benefits of all these vitamins for your skin, then let us know your favorite in the comments below!