5 Tips to Spring Clean your Makeup

4/30/2015 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

  1. Clean all your brushes, eyelash curlers and pencil sharpeners.
  2. Clean your makeup bag.
  3. Toss out old products – check the PAO (period after opening). All Osmosis Colour products have a PAO of 24 months J
  4. If a product doesn’t look or smell right throw it out.
  5.  Simplify, if you’ve been holding on to unopened products for a while, toss ‘em, it’s good feng shui.


Simplifying Serums - Dr Johnson's Corner

4/01/2015 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

Dr Johnson's Corner - April 2015

Simplifying Serums

The Osmosis Vitamin A Serums are the most powerful age reversing serums available. They allow the skin to help remodel itself through increased nutrition, immune repair and collagen and elasticity production.

We use Retinaldehyde which is the only Vitamin A that is proven to stimulate collagen as well as Retin A, works on rosacea, does not cause inflammation or skin sensitivity and is completely stable.

Our Vitamin A Serums are designed by the level of active and corrective ingredients to align with skin tolerance. Below is a guide to help understand our levels:


The strongest age reversing serum in the world, plain and simple (0.1% Retinal).


The second strongest, same active ingredients as Renew, but with less Retinaldehyde (.05% Retinal).


Focuses on redness in the skin; has the same amount of Retinadelyde as Correct but there is less niacinamide and more anti-inflammatories than both Correct and Renew.


Focuses on redness and has the same active ingredients as Calm but with less Retinaldehyde (.025% Retinal).


Focuses on blemished skin and has more acne related ingredients than age reversing ingredients; has the same amount of Retnaldehyde as Calm and Correct (.05% Retinal).
Some of the key ingredients you will find in our Vitamin A Serums include: Retinaldehyde, 1,3 Beta Gluca, Niaciniaminde, Willow Herb, Chlorella Vulgaris and Phosphatidylcholine.

Make the best of your Vitamin A Serums!

To use these incredible age-reversing serums we always recommend pairing them with the Clear or Clear Plus+ Harmonized Water spray to help provide you with even better penetration and a smoother feel.

To read more about the science behind Retinaldehyde and why we chose it, read this article by Dr Johnson. Afterwards, mosey on over to the Science Center where you can find published articles on our ingredients as well as research summaries for your expanded knowledge!