Osmosis ABC's: Sythne-6

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Welcome back for another dosage of your monthly Osmosis ABC's! This month, for the letter S, we are excited to talk about one of our favorite cutting-edge ingredients, Synthe-6, also known as Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38. This technologically advanced ingredient utilizes amino acids to plump the skin, fill wrinkles, and restore health and function of the Dermal Epidermal Junction (the area of tissue that joins the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, a.k.a. DEJ). Meet your scientific skin time machine! Read on as we uncover the multi-benefits it offers, how it works, and which Osmosis products flaunt the secret ingredient to promote ultimate age reversal.

Young, undamaged skin is rich in skin matrix components like Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, fibronectin, and laminin, keeping the skin hydrated, fuller, and with more youthful bounce. However, as we age, natural production of these begin to decrease in our bodies, resulting in visual signs of aging such as the all too familiar sagging, thinning, dryness, and wrinkles. Enter Sythne-6! One of the reasons sythne-6 is so powerful in age reversal is because of its ability to penetrate the dermal layer and work with the skin's natural functions. This incredible ingredient works by stimulating the synthesis of these multiple major components of the skin matrix and DEJ like collagen, fibronectin, laminin, and hyaluronic acid to restore elasticity and texture while nourishing for a healthy, rejuvenated complexion you'll love.

So, which Osmosis products can you turn to?

  • Our Vitamins A Serums, Calm, Correct, and Renew, feature this wrinkle-reducing superstar. Paired with our exclusive liposomal delivery system, your skin will receive the most advanced form of product penetration for visible results fast!
Pro Tip: Top these Vitamins A's off with an Activating Mist as an extra boost of penetration and moisture for even more optimized results.

  • Replenish Antioxidant Serum utilizes sythne-6 to help prevent free-radical damage and deliver age reversal benefits through a splash of skin-nourishing antioxidants.

  • Refresh Eye Serum is an all-encompassing eye treatment that not only fades dark circles, but also reduces the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eye. Guess who's responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles? You got it! Sythne-6 hard at work again.

Get your hands on these Sythne-6 superstars here!


6 Ways to Balance Your Body's pH

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There are many trending diets, habits, and exercises that come in waves across the internet. Some are merely fads while others hold merit; but what it all boils down to, is the attempt to keep your body as healthy as possible from the inside out. One of the best ways to do this is to optimize your body's internal functionality by maintaining its prime pH level. When you indulge in highly acidic foods and drinks, it spikes your pH level into acidic territory which creates an environment in your body that can invite long-term illness, inflammation, and can negatively affect cellular function. Our goal should be to keep our body in the alkaline state, boosting immunity, energy, internal balance, and overall wellness! So, what are the steps we should take toward alkalizing our body so we can feel our best and ward off disease? Check out this list of food, drink, and lifestyle habits that contribute to a healthy, balanced body.

1. Greens. Making dark, leafy greens a staple in your diet will dramatically impact the alkalinity in your body. Kale, spinach, collards, and broccoli are all excellent examples of cruciferous vegetables that will not only help balance your pH levels, but in doing so, can reduce your risk of various cancers. Popeye had it right all along!
PRO TIP: If you're not a veggie eater, Environmental Detox features DIM, an ingredient derived from cruciferous vegetables and delivers the same benefits!

2. Nix Processed Foods. Don't let those packaged, processed, and frozen meals fool you. Though they claim to be healthy, the preservatives and processing of these foods can be harmful to your body. When in doubt, fresh is best. A good rule-of-thumb is to try to shop on the outer parameter of your grocery store. This is where most of the fresh items are, whereas the canned goods, frozen meals, and processed treats tend to tempt us in the aisles in the middle.

3. Lots of Water. You would be amazed at how much water intake really is enough for your body! It is essential to your overall health to consume enough water, as it promotes proper cell function, balances the body's natural pH level, assists the organs for optimal functionality, and promotes healthy digestion! Hydration is key.

4. Keep it Moving! Get your body in action to help break up acidic toxins and waste and move them along through your body. If you are tilting toward the acid side of the spectrum internally, go for a quick swim, play a round of tennis, or bust out the yoga mat to promote a healthy flow and rebalance your pH levels to a healthier state.

5. Citrus. Believe it or not, even though citrus fruits are acidic in nature, once metabolized and processed into the body, they actually encourage alkalinity within! Grapefruits, lemons, pineapples, are all excellent alkaline-producing foods! Try swapping out your morning coffee for a warm cup of water with lemon to kick-start your day and balance your gut's pH first thing in the morning.

6. Wellness Supplements. The Osmosis Wellness Line contains many all-natural products and supplements that aid in the optimal function of cells in your body, ultimately balancing your pH to it's ideal state for your unique body. Complete is an all-natural digestive enzyme that helps break down food for proper digestion, as well as increases nutrient absorption of those alkaline-producing foods to help you feel more energized and healthy!

The bottom line is to strive for a healthy balance internally through what you are putting inside your body and choosing healthy lifestyle habits. Take your health into your own hands!


The Perfect Eye Look for your Zodiac Sign

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We've all heard the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul". Well, we're taking that idea to the next level. As we begin the transition from summer to fall, what better time to renew your look, taking your eye makeup to a whole new level of personalization by channeling your astrological sign! Check out which look is unique to you and bring those bright eyes to life!

Aries is adventurous, energetic, and quick-witted. The thrill-seeker of the zodiac! So your makeup look is just that! Push the boundaries with fiery hues and a daring winged liner.

Taurus is reliable, yet self-indulgent. You seek to live the luxe life and don't stop until you get there, but your warm-hearted disposition balances these desires. Your makeup is soft and trustworthy, but oh-so-glamorous.

Gemini, you can be lively and social making you the life of the party and so much fun to be around! But since you tend to have two sides to your personality, your makeup showcases your intellect and cunning wit with an intriguing brow while complimenting your socialite ways with fun golds.

Cancer is loving and nurturing, always striving to serve and please those they love. This compassion can come in strides with a little moodiness...Cancer's, you know what we mean. So your makeup is deep and smokey to resemble your emotion and caress.

Leo. The brave, the bold, and the fearless. You live to be the center of attention, and your charisma and enthusiasm keep you there. Your makeup look is bold just like your spirit with a thick liner and heavy-handed highlighter to resemble that spotlight you chase.

Virgo is modest and responsible with a tendency to be quite meticulous. Your makeup is down-to-earth and precise with with a thin, subtle liner flick and matte shadows. Don't be afraid to cut that crease! Sharp angles are what adds to the lure of your look.

Libras are known for their strategic charm. You are very sociable and diplomatic in your ways, which can cause you to be indecisive at times. Your eyes flaunt flirty shadow colors and curled lashes to portray the fun-loving, social adaptability you possess.

Scorpio, you are mysteriously magnetic and live life in an intense, passionate manor. Your eye look is dramatic and sultry with romantic lashes that reach new heights. You also rock smokey shades of red to exhibit your passion.

Sagittarius, you're the free spirits of the zodiac. Slightly careless and somewhat restless at times, you are always looking for the next adventure! You are good-humored, but never beat around the bush. Your look strays outside of the lines with shimmery purples and unique lower liner. Rock it!

Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined, you live your life in a very traditional way and rarely stray. Sport natural shadow shades with dimension that overachieves most looks. You reach for the stars with your makeup just like you do with your success!

Aquarius shows affection freely. You are a humanitarian at heart and strive to make the world a better place for all people. In showcasing your peace-maker personality, blues are the star of your eye makeup show. Don't be afraid to get a little eccentric with the usage of this color, it suits you perfectly.

Pisces, you live to escape reality. Your are unapologetically sympathetic, creative, and intuitive. Your makeup reveals the mystical, fantasy world you live in with a blend of pastel colors and, of course, a subtle glittery essence. You flaunt this fairy tale look effortlessly.

Shop the items to recreate your unique, astrological look from our Colour Collection here.


A Holistic Protocol for Dark Circles and Puffiness

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Back-to-school season is upon us which means early alarm clocks, fast-paced mornings, and long, jam-packed days. We live for the hustle too, but sometimes the delicate skin under our eyes just can't keep up (we're all guilty of rocking the "indoor sunglasses" look). Luckily, we have just the tools you need to combat those dark circles and puffy eyes! Read on to discover the causes behind your "raccoon eyes" and which Osmosis products can help you can tackle mornings like a boss and go confidently without those shades all day long.

There are many more causes of dark circles and puffiness than just lack of sleep, and contrary to what you may think, excess caffeine can actually make it worse! So even though you may need multiple cups of coffee to make you feel more awake, it won't necessarily make you look as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This common skin condition can also be caused by kidney strain, use of NSAIDs (a.k.a. aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), anxiety, or heavy stress. So how in the world do we get rid of these pesky "bags"? Our super-simple protocol will do the trick!

Choose a Vitamin A Serum for your skin type.
Vitamin A will help firm and tighten loose or "puffy" skin and is gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around your eye. It increases nutrients, collagen production, and elasticity for overall healthier skin.

Reinforce with a specialty Eye Serum.
Refresh or Refresh PM will serve as back-up to your vitamin A, helping to firm and effectively reduce puffiness, lines, and dark circles. Refresh PM provides an intensely-moisturizing affect to help restore a healthy barrier to the skin around the eye.

Go Internal.
The next step to gaining long-term results and change with your dark circles and puffy eyes is to target the internal source. Inner Harmony helps to harmonize toxins in the organs, such as the kidneys, as well as brings balance to your overall internal functionality. Restore is another excellent tool targeting internal wellness that will repair and replace lost oxygen over time which contributes to those pesky dark circles and other signs of aging in the skin.

Pair these products with a mega increase in your water intake and watch those dark circles fade and the puff deflate! Shop your protocol here.


8 Steps to Creating a Healthy Home

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Our homes should be our safe zone. Our place of re-energizing and unwinding, dancing while no one's watching, and binge-watching TV shows. It is essential to our mental clarity that we create a healthy home environment for ourselves utilizing positive energies and strategic methods from feng shui to harness balance, joy, and inspiration from your surroundings. You will be astounded at the apparent connection between life and space when your efforts are put into making this change! While there are endless amounts of feng shui tips out there (you can break down the bagua map here), we have come up with eight must-have items and tips that you can implement at any stage of your feng shui journey to help contribute to a healthy, happy, peaceful living space.

1. Candles. Who doesn't love a good candle? There are multiple benefits to placing candles around your living space. They ignite passion and warm the energy in your home, plus the pleasant scents soothe and improve your chi! The most ideal places for candles are in your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. To avoid indoor pollution and inhaling toxins, check out these non-toxic options. 

2. Eliminating Clutter. This could be one of the most important tips to improving the energy of your space and achieving peace and stability in the home. Even if you're not a "clean-freak", it's important to rid your space of unnecessary clutter to gain happiness and to be able to ease the subconscious mind for ultimate relaxation and zen.

3. Plants. It is in our human nature to be attracted to that of the earth. Connecting nature and outdoors to our human nature within is referred to as finding "Tao". Implementing plants and greenery to your home decor will invite nature's radiant energy into your space and improve your mood, mental clarity, and harmonize the area you live. Hello Tao! Check out this list of plants that help purify indoor air!
Bonus Tip! Be sure to tend to your living plants if you have them. If a plant dies, immediately discard it to keep your home a place of life!

4. Mirrors. Having mirrors in your home is an old feng shui staple, but it is important that they are strategically placed. In feng shui, mirrors are thought to magnify, energize, and can drastically alter a space. Hang a mirror in a small room to simulate expansion, but be mindful that too many mirrors can have a reverse, negative effect. Living rooms, hall ways, and dining areas are traditionally ideal homes for mirrors.

5. Fix what's broken. Broken items can interrupt positive vibrations in a space. Within reason, try not to ignore broken items such as light fixtures or burnt-out bulbs, chipped or scratched furniture (unless, of course, it is intentional style), or machinery and electronics that no longer work. Replace them or discard if they cannot be fixed.

6. Lighting is everything! When possible, let that natural sunlight shine into your home. It does wonders for the energy of the home and helps contribute to that Tao we mentioned earlier! For the night time, warm-lighted lamps and light fixtures should be placed strategically in corners of "high traffic" regions to contribute to a cozy space (if it can dim, that's a plus!). Avoid florescent lighting as much as possible as it carries negative energies and takes away from the comfort of the room.

7. Breathe in freshness. Purifying the air you breathe in your home is essential to your health and longevity. There are many options of air purifiers, but keeping it natural is key! We love Himalayan Salt Lamps, which work by attracting water molecules and absorbing their toxins or foreign particles, then releasing the purified molecule back into the air. Plus! They are a great conversation piece and contribute to earthy decor. Essential Oil Diffusers are another great option for purifying the air, and with the plethora of natural oils out there, you can customize your scent with additional elements that benefit not just your home, but your body as well!

8. Colors! Color choices in the home can be one of the most powerful tools used in feng shui. Think about how much difference it makes when you paint a room a different color or get a new bed spread. Colors play a much bigger role in our subconscious than you might think, so be sure to do your due diligence when deciding on that statement piece, a new area rug, or what color to paint the bedroom!

No matter how much or how little time you spend in your home, be sure to prioritize creating a space that contributes to your subconscious health and happiness. True beauty starts within!


Osmosis Answers: What Are Environmental Toxins?

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We talk a lot about environmental toxins and how we are constantly at bat with them. We create supplements, Harmonized Waters, and plenty of skincare products to balance these toxins that enter our bodies or come in contact with our skin. So, what exactly are these environmental toxins and where in the world do they come from? Well, you are in the right place! Welcome to education station, we are here to answer these questions for you so that you have a better understanding of why it's so important to keep them at bay and which Osmosis products can help do just that!

Q: What are they?

A: Dr. Ben Johnson defines environmental toxins as follows, "We ingest, inhale, and rub on many chemicals and natural substances everyday. They are either beneficial to the body, don’t have a positive or negative effect (neutral), or they cause some type of interference in normal physiologic function. Environmental Toxins include everything that we are exposed to that causes harm or in some way interferes with the healthy operations within the body.".

Q: Where do they come from?

A: Environmental Toxins can come from various substances, from particles in the air, to chemicals in everyday products that you are putting in or on your body such as food, hair product, or skin care products. We are exposed to these toxins every day, so it is important we know how to encourage our body to fight against them.

Q: How do they effect our body?

A: There are many different ways that environmental toxins can effect our bodies based on where the toxin came from. But all-in-all, these toxins negatively affect the normal physiological function of your body, and the symptoms you feel is your body doing its best to fight back in an effort to return to normal processes. This may show up in the form of allergies or sickness if the toxins enters into your body, or multiple signs and symptoms that you see on your skin or hair if accumulated through toxic ingredients applied to the outside of the body. Pay attention to these signs and assist the body in the recovery process by simple, healthy choices!

Q: How do we avoid them?

A: While it can be hard to completely avoid toxins in the air, we can back up our immune system to have a better chance of warding them off without the negative affects. We can, however, avoid harsh chemicals or ingredients that do not benefit the skin and hair. Key words to look out for on the ingredient deck of your hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, and facial products are parabens, D&C (followed by colors), fragrances, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), propylene glycol, and PABA or benzophenone found in many commercial sunscreens. These are just to name a few, be sure to do your research before you invest! Know what you are putting in your body and on your skin.

Q: Which Osmosis product can help?

A: All Osmosis products will put your mind at ease that you are not putting any foreign chemicals in or onto your body and skin. Our holistic approach to skincare, makeup, and wellness ensures only the most quality, natural ingredients for the healthiest you! But we do have specific products that help provide the body an extra boost of defenses against environmental toxins we come in contact with every day.
1. Environmental Detox is a supplement formulated specifically to ward off these toxins and bring balance to your skin and body (read more about this super-supplement here).
2. Restore is another internal wellness product made with medicinal herbs combined with modern technology to enhance your body's overall immunity against toxic attacks.
3. Environmental Protection, one of our Harmonized Waters, contains frequencies that balance or neutralize these negative energies that affect the body.
4. Rescue serves as a powerful topical agent to defend against environmental toxins that we accumulate on our skin throughout the day. Makeup, dirt, allergens, and other particles are removed from the surface of the skin while this potent serum goes to work repairing any damage that they may have caused.
5. Replenish, another topical defense, offers a splash of nourishing antioxidants and can be used in any regimen as a preventative measure against free-radical damage caused by toxins in the air around us.

Shop for your environmental defenses here.


Skin Condition: Moles & Skin Tags

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So many of us have that one embarrassing mole or start to notice a pesky little skin tag around the neck or chest area. Both are very common, and usually minor and harmless...aside from just being annoying. Osmosis believes that skin tags typically come from a virus and moles are usually caused by a fungus. Whether it be from exposure to bacteria on a necklace or simply a virus inside of the body purging itself through the skin, various environmental causes can result in moles and skin tags. So, what do we do about it? We have just the products you need to make conquering moles and skin tags quick and effortless in just two easy steps!

Step 1: Repair. The most effective way to tackle a virus, which is, in essence, an infection to the DNA, is to combat it with a DNA Repair Serum. Osmosis to the rescue! Our patented, clinically-proven DNA Repair Serum, Catalyst AC-11, serves as the perfect defense against these unwanted spots and tags. Apply the technologically advanced serum twice a day to the specific area, and as the serum goes to work to penetrate into the skin and disinfect the DNA in that area, moles start to fade and skin tags fall right off. Like magic! Only....science!

Step 2: Activate. Top off Catalyst with Clear Plus+ Activating Mist to bring the protocol full circle. This refreshing Mist helps to drive the serum deep into the dermal layer of the skin, boosting results for visible change. It also contains active ingredients to help firm, soothe, nourish, and add a splash of hydration for an all-encompassing skin-renewal process!

This super simple, two-step protocol is quick, easy, and clinically-proven to work so you can flaunt beautiful, flawless skin with confidence! For more information on Osmosis' philosophy behind moles and skin tags and how to effectively treat them, tune in with Dr. Ben Johnson here.