Osmosis ABC's: Sythne-6

8/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Welcome back for another dosage of your monthly Osmosis ABC's! This month, for the letter S, we are excited to talk about one of our favorite cutting-edge ingredients, Synthe-6, also known as Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38. This technologically advanced ingredient utilizes amino acids to plump the skin, fill wrinkles, and restore health and function of the Dermal Epidermal Junction (the area of tissue that joins the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, a.k.a. DEJ). Meet your scientific skin time machine! Read on as we uncover the multi-benefits it offers, how it works, and which Osmosis products flaunt the secret ingredient to promote ultimate age reversal.

Young, undamaged skin is rich in skin matrix components like Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, fibronectin, and laminin, keeping the skin hydrated, fuller, and with more youthful bounce. However, as we age, natural production of these begin to decrease in our bodies, resulting in visual signs of aging such as the all too familiar sagging, thinning, dryness, and wrinkles. Enter Sythne-6! One of the reasons sythne-6 is so powerful in age reversal is because of its ability to penetrate the dermal layer and work with the skin's natural functions. This incredible ingredient works by stimulating the synthesis of these multiple major components of the skin matrix and DEJ like collagen, fibronectin, laminin, and hyaluronic acid to restore elasticity and texture while nourishing for a healthy, rejuvenated complexion you'll love.

So, which Osmosis products can you turn to?

  • Our Vitamins A Serums, Calm, Correct, and Renew, feature this wrinkle-reducing superstar. Paired with our exclusive liposomal delivery system, your skin will receive the most advanced form of product penetration for visible results fast!
Pro Tip: Top these Vitamins A's off with an Activating Mist as an extra boost of penetration and moisture for even more optimized results.

  • Replenish Antioxidant Serum utilizes sythne-6 to help prevent free-radical damage and deliver age reversal benefits through a splash of skin-nourishing antioxidants.

  • Refresh Eye Serum is an all-encompassing eye treatment that not only fades dark circles, but also reduces the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eye. Guess who's responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles? You got it! Sythne-6 hard at work again.

Get your hands on these Sythne-6 superstars here!

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