8 Steps to Creating a Healthy Home

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Our homes should be our safe zone. Our place of re-energizing and unwinding, dancing while no one's watching, and binge-watching TV shows. It is essential to our mental clarity that we create a healthy home environment for ourselves utilizing positive energies and strategic methods from feng shui to harness balance, joy, and inspiration from your surroundings. You will be astounded at the apparent connection between life and space when your efforts are put into making this change! While there are endless amounts of feng shui tips out there (you can break down the bagua map here), we have come up with eight must-have items and tips that you can implement at any stage of your feng shui journey to help contribute to a healthy, happy, peaceful living space.

1. Candles. Who doesn't love a good candle? There are multiple benefits to placing candles around your living space. They ignite passion and warm the energy in your home, plus the pleasant scents soothe and improve your chi! The most ideal places for candles are in your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. To avoid indoor pollution and inhaling toxins, check out these non-toxic options. 

2. Eliminating Clutter. This could be one of the most important tips to improving the energy of your space and achieving peace and stability in the home. Even if you're not a "clean-freak", it's important to rid your space of unnecessary clutter to gain happiness and to be able to ease the subconscious mind for ultimate relaxation and zen.

3. Plants. It is in our human nature to be attracted to that of the earth. Connecting nature and outdoors to our human nature within is referred to as finding "Tao". Implementing plants and greenery to your home decor will invite nature's radiant energy into your space and improve your mood, mental clarity, and harmonize the area you live. Hello Tao! Check out this list of plants that help purify indoor air!
Bonus Tip! Be sure to tend to your living plants if you have them. If a plant dies, immediately discard it to keep your home a place of life!

4. Mirrors. Having mirrors in your home is an old feng shui staple, but it is important that they are strategically placed. In feng shui, mirrors are thought to magnify, energize, and can drastically alter a space. Hang a mirror in a small room to simulate expansion, but be mindful that too many mirrors can have a reverse, negative effect. Living rooms, hall ways, and dining areas are traditionally ideal homes for mirrors.

5. Fix what's broken. Broken items can interrupt positive vibrations in a space. Within reason, try not to ignore broken items such as light fixtures or burnt-out bulbs, chipped or scratched furniture (unless, of course, it is intentional style), or machinery and electronics that no longer work. Replace them or discard if they cannot be fixed.

6. Lighting is everything! When possible, let that natural sunlight shine into your home. It does wonders for the energy of the home and helps contribute to that Tao we mentioned earlier! For the night time, warm-lighted lamps and light fixtures should be placed strategically in corners of "high traffic" regions to contribute to a cozy space (if it can dim, that's a plus!). Avoid florescent lighting as much as possible as it carries negative energies and takes away from the comfort of the room.

7. Breathe in freshness. Purifying the air you breathe in your home is essential to your health and longevity. There are many options of air purifiers, but keeping it natural is key! We love Himalayan Salt Lamps, which work by attracting water molecules and absorbing their toxins or foreign particles, then releasing the purified molecule back into the air. Plus! They are a great conversation piece and contribute to earthy decor. Essential Oil Diffusers are another great option for purifying the air, and with the plethora of natural oils out there, you can customize your scent with additional elements that benefit not just your home, but your body as well!

8. Colors! Color choices in the home can be one of the most powerful tools used in feng shui. Think about how much difference it makes when you paint a room a different color or get a new bed spread. Colors play a much bigger role in our subconscious than you might think, so be sure to do your due diligence when deciding on that statement piece, a new area rug, or what color to paint the bedroom!

No matter how much or how little time you spend in your home, be sure to prioritize creating a space that contributes to your subconscious health and happiness. True beauty starts within!

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